Chilam Cheung and Anita Yuen to Play Tennis with Li Na in TV Show

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Chilam Cheung and Anita Yuen to Play Tennis with Li Na in TV Show

Since Chilam Cheung‘s (張智霖) participation in the Mainland Chinese reality television program, With You All The Way <一路上有你> with his wife, Anita Yuen (袁詠儀), the couple’s popularity has skyrocketed. The sincere and heartwarming love they display for each other on television has won them many fans. Chilam and Anita have reportedly been invited to participate in another Mainland Chinese reality television program, Come Champion <來吧冠軍>, where they will have the opportunity to play tennis with renowned tennis player Li Na (李娜) and her husband-coach, Jiang Shan (姜山).

In the reality television program produced by Zhejiang Television (浙江衞視), each episode will feature a prominent athlete from a different field, such as champion hurdler Liu Xiang (劉翔), badminton star Lin Dan (林丹), swimmer Sun Yang (孫楊), professional boxer Zou Shiming (鄒市明). Basketballer Yao Ming (姚明) will also serve as consultant for the television program. The production team has also attempted to invite David Beckham and Michael Jordan.

Chilam and Anita will be filming their episode in February. To prepare for the intense match, the couple has been engaged in regular tennis training and fitness workouts. In the episode, they will start with a friendly match against each other to warm up, and subsequently take part in an obstacle course, before finally meeting Li Na and Jiang Shan in a doubles match.

Chilam confirmed his participation in the new television show and expressed, “I’m really looking forward to it. I used to play tennis regularly. But this match will mainly be for the sake of entertainment. I’ve actually sparred with a professional tennis player before. I previously had the chance to play with Boris Becker.”

Looking forward to meeting Li Na, Chilam said, “We can be friends, and I can show her around Hong Kong. I can introduce all of Hong Kong’s good food, shopping and scenery to her. I’m well-versed in that area!”

Finally, Chilam said, “Apart from competing in a tennis match, there will be other elements to the show. I won’t be revealing too much, so that all the participants will be in for a big surprise!”


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6 comments to Chilam Cheung and Anita Yuen to Play Tennis with Li Na in TV Show

  1. happybi says:

    This is awesome! Anita will be able to pull off Li Na feisty personality on the screen!

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  2. aiya says:

    I am a bit tired of this middle-aged couple keep pimping themselves all over China just for a few bucks.

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    • replied:

      LOL u n I probably the only ones who feel that way?
      Haha most ppl love them, the long relationship n such n such. I find them both boring as heck. Lol
      N they prob hv no choice but pimping in china? Like they hv.. a huge market in HK esp her? She came back n did a drama or two, can’t even get thru them cuz it was a such mess well I thought so.. lol hes prob still in demand in a way but hes overrated.

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  3. aiya says:

    If I were Li Na, I would serve them with a few of her signature nasty back hands and let grandpa and grandma chase the ball down. Just make medical personnel is on the scene.

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  4. kaykay408 says:

    I love them both but do they really have to do this much to showcase their love? Feel a little bit commercial like to me. They weren’t like this before as I recall. As long as they don’t cheat on each other fans will be happy. What’s up with all these lame shows?

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    • funnlim replied:

      @kaykay408 power couple and earning income. Also spend time with one another.

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