Chilam Cheung Films Kissing Scenes With Annie Liu In “Natural Born Lovers”

Yesterday, Chilam Cheung (張智霖) and Annie Liu (劉心悠) filmed kissing scenes for Hong Kong movie, Natural Born Lovers <天生愛情狂>. Directed by Patrick Kong (葉念琛), the movie spoke about Annie’s obsessive love towards Chilam and the crazy antics her character committed due to winning his heart. Adhering to Patrick Kong’s trademark satirical humor and daring scenes, Chilam and Annie filmed through the morning.

Reunited with his former music video costar, Annie Liu, in Natural Born Lovers, Chilam Cheung explained that their kissing scenes were necessary to portray the love feeling between their characters in the movie. While he was happy to work with Annie again, Chilam jokingly complained that Patrick Kong had failed to deliver on the promise to prevent late night filming hours. To meet production schedule deadlines, the cast and crew have worked through the morning on several occasions.

It appeared that Chilam will be busily occupied in the months ahead, as he will be releasing a music album mid-year. Renown talent manager, Paco Wong (黄柏高), recently joined Chilam’s music company, Neway Star Music. Chilam expressed delight in working with Paco after a 10-year hiatus. “I trust Paco Wong very much. The most important thing is to have good songs, which is more important than winning awards!”

Annie Liu Still Single

Annie was asked how she felt while kissing Chilam in the elevator for a scene in Natural Born Lovers. Annie noted, “The feeling was quite good. We completed filming quickly.” The 30-year-old revealed that she was frequently drilled about her love life recently.When Chilam’s wife, Anita Yuen (袁詠儀), brought their son, Morton, to visit the set, Morton even vowed to be her matchmaker when he realized Annie was unmarried!

However, Annie did not appear to be in a rush to date for the sake of companionship, instead trusting fate to let her encounter the right person first. “My mother did not rush me. Women do not have to date and get married!” Annie professed that her introverted personality made it difficult to meet romantic prospects.

Image source: Oriental Daily

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Jayne: Filming for “Natural Born Lovers” should wrap up soon. Chilam will be seen in Wong Kar Wai’s upcoming “The Grandmaster” as well!

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  1. I wonder how chilam feel after kissing the younger and pretty annie lol when i believe chilam is always watched by his wife..

    1. I think he must have got aroused or turned on. Annie looks a lot hotter than his wife who is getting old and fat and out of shape…………I think any normal man would get hard if they kissed Annie really intimately……go for it Chilam……get in the sack with her……

      1. yuaida,

        Lmfao!! I don’t think Chilam will dare to get in action with pretty Annie since the wife is watching. He’s probably careful not to offend the wife’s feeling while doing kissin scene with annie with Anita watching closeby!.lol

      2. anita is quite scary. she likes to bring the son along and “watch” dad act lovey dovey with other girls.

    2. Definitely a good feeling after kissing with a pretty woman. I agree with you that his wife has this fierce character and like to control.

  2. Kissing scenes-not that big deal. Bed scenes, maybe. Nowadays I am watching TV series (not from HK) and on average, at least 2 kisses per series and each as passionate as the other. It is like a norm.

    Question now is can he kiss? Annie Liu is Taiwanese right? She can kiss. But Chilam, not sure. Will he kiss like he is sucking oxygen from her or beautifully? French or otherwise? I am kinda disillussioned with HK actors and their ability to kiss like they mean it.

    1. Yeah kissing scenes are the norm. Well done kissing scenes are rarer. If its a kiss… I’d prefer it be passionate rather than timid and lame. No need for too explicit bed scenes but tasteful allusion to it is better.

    2. Yea, Annie Liu is Taiwanese. I agree that kissing scenes are not a big deal since bed scenes are a bigger deal. I think Anita understands because she is an actress herself.

  3. I didnt know Chi Lam will be in The Grandmasters as well! Can’t wait for it to be out. Hasnt it been filming for the past ten years?

  4. I like Chilam! I think hes better looking than LF! Ahaha, cuter definitely!

    1. Who is LF? Lam Fong?
      Chilam is in his 40’s yet he look young and of course his clear dimples.
      I like guys with dimples.

    2. Well…I think both of them are handsome in their own way.LF with his dreamy eyes and cute face while Chilam with his dimple which has cool look and of course his baby face.

  5. This is the down side of it for married couples when your in this industry. If I am Anita I would feel like this is cheating. Yes, you may say this is only for a drama, it is his job. But you cannot denied the fact he did kiss another woman while knowing the fact you’re a married man. All for the purpose of making money, seriously you can betray anything just for the sack of MONEY and it is considered the new norm…I am a married woman and I will not accept my husband’s job required kissing other women so in return I would not do the same to him because it’s hurtful!

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