Chilam Cheung to Attend 2013 Astro On Demand Awards

Chilam Cheung (張智霖) will be attending the 2013 MY Astro on Demand Favourites Awards <MY AOD我的最愛頒獎典禮> on December 1 to compete for the TV King title.

An important precursor show, the AOD Awards is often seen as a credible predictor of the annual TVB Anniversary Awards. Since TVB has rejected popular voting this year, many believe that the company will once again bestow its top honors to its heavily-promoted artists. TVB-managed Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) are rumored to be the strongest contenders.

Despite not being a TVB managed artist, Chilam’s popular role in blockbuster hit Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II> earned him a spot in this year’s TV King battle. Although he recently chose to sign with Stephen Shiu Jr.’s (蕭定一) China 3D Digital Entertainment, Chilam seems intent on maintaining a positive relationship with TVB. The TV giant also recognizes Chilam’s public appeal, offering him top roles and projects to keep him in its lineups. Aside from reprising his role in the film version of Triumph in the Skies, Chilam is also in talks to film a new drama series. “We have discussed it somewhat. If everything goes well I will film a modern drama during the later half of next year”.

Favored by both TVB and the public, Chilam is likely a safe choice for TV King. Speaking about his chances, Chilam said, “When it comes to awards, the more the merrier! However I will keep a normal mind.” While he denied that TVB is trying to entice him with the Best Actor award, Chilam seems to enjoy the attention and sees the awards buzz as opportunity for career growth.

Also an audience favorite, Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) however did not receive an invitation to the Astro awards. Francis graciously sent Chilam his blessings, and feels doubtful about his own chances. “I don’t think I have a very good chance. No matter what, TVB is my ‘alma mater’. I will also return to film next year.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Hope chi lam wins TVB King! And for TVB Queen, I go for Tavia, she is WAYYYYY better than Linda. Linda is too dull and boring, always the same roles. Whereas Tavia has played a range of various roles that allow her to become reflexible.

    1. I also prefer tavia! I thought she did quite well in agwtc2 . But won’t mind if Linda wins.

      1. thank god. i thought it was only me who dislikes linda. she just keeps playing the same type of roles over and over. at least tavia is able to adapt to different roles…

    1. All along I’ve been rather neutral abt Linda till BK. While her earlier sweety girl scenes in BK are just ordinary, she stands out in the emotional scenes. I particularly like the hospital bed scene in ep 27. She was very natural and those tears which silently rolled down her face were enough to melt even a heart of stone; no hysterical crying here to be convey her sadness. As she gently caressed the remorseful Sam’s face, she showed that she had forgiven him without even uttering a word; i admit i cried with them which is something i don’t usually do when i watch sad scenes :'( I’ve said it before that she does the crying scenes most convincingly of all the fadans. I don’t agree that she can only act the crying scenes though. She acted well in Daddy Good Deeds as a somewhat bumbling cop and was a lot of fun to watch as she made some major boo-boos.

  2. linda best performance is that Ms Koo in yes sir no sir drama which she looks very depressive and cool due to her own depression state she encountered ..thats y she portrays it well… i have not notice linda can portray villain role convincingly..but no surprise if she wins best actress..still happy for her

  3. What a joke if acting as a playboy pilot can win Best Actor award. Is it a challenging role? Any character development for that role? What’s so difficult or challenging about that role? Just becos women swoon over a suave playboy pilot means he’s best actor??? Best actor should not equate with popular character. It should be about acting and NOT how many hearts it sets a-flutter.

    1. Really like what you said here. That’s why my choice of best actor/actress is always different from the majority, each year. Best actor, means actor with the better acting, not with the better given role.

    1. Why calling people shallow? There’s no need for that.
      Chilam is a great actor, his performance in Return of Cuckoo 13 years ago was brilliant yet he didn’t win any memorable award with that. In my opinion, the award should not be 100% based on a person’s acting ability! If so then it’d be the same person winning every year. A good role matters a lot.
      And since it’s the AOD award, it’s based on audience’s favourites, Captain Cool is definitely a likeable character isn’t it? I don’t see any wrong with him winning that and also My Favourite in TVB Award. I’m rooting for him for these 2, I don’t see any better nominee able to surpass Captain Cool this year as a favourite among audience

      1. Chilam shouldn’t win Best Actor, Ruco is the only deserving winner for that. Captain Cool isn’t that hard to act and Chilam didn’t perform that great. He should only win a Favourite award.

      2. Captain Cool is not easy to act as even if it looks effortless. Hard to make an unlikeable person likeable and seem more noble than the other supposedly noble character.

        Anyway Kenneth can win again if he has another “I will not pout but I had to because now my lips is quivering, camera very close to my face, tears falling as I held my wife who dies in my arms as I wail NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! DON’T DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” scene.

      3. See what i mean? I’m saying that people are shallow if they think that just becos the character’s likeable, he should win BA. Best actor should not be confused with most popular character. An actor may be popular for a particular role but that does not automatically make him a shoo-in to win BA. Like KM in On Call, his character was likeable and popular so people felt that he should win BA but in reality, his acting’s not up to BA level by a long mile.

  4. No invitation means no win? I hope I get tickets and I hope to see Ruco.

    1. Funn,
      Do update us if you get to attend the Astro Awards this year! Such a star-studded awards event. Ruco should be there and likely to get a Favorite Character award for “Brother’s Keeper”.

      1. I hope I can since I suspect Ruco will attend but I have a feeling this year I won’t be so lucky with the tickets.

      2. Hi Funn,

        Chilam, Ruco, Moses and Kenneth have confirmed attendance at Astro awards in that order. I saw Ruco posting in his weibo after Chilam confirmed.

        Nomination list released and voting starts today.

      3. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I suspected!!!!!!!!!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! I don’t have the luck this year!!!!!!!!!!!! Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!??! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! WHY NOT MEEEEEEEEEEEEE THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

      4. Wait! It means he will win something. Malaysia has often been weird in the voting front. I suspect he will win most favourite character.

      5. By the way, a bet. Tomorrow or later before last episode, an article about Brother’s Keeper with spoilers on the finale. Surprise me!

    2. I’m surprised! Wasn’t it you who said that he reminded you of a serial killer? Anyway, hope you get to see him, he’s even more gorgeous in person.

      1. Yes he does but some serial killers can also be good looking.

      2. I hope you’ll meet a good-looking serial killer one day 🙂

  5. i always thought that tvb will only gives the ba awards to their own biological actors,is this a sign that they are really willing to change their policy now? i read the news that even tommy leung wants a clear answer from the government for rejetion tv license to hktv. i hope chilam or ruco will win it.

  6. The highlight of this article for me is Francis saying, “I will also return to film next year.” Really?!?!?! I’ll be so so happy but why is he returning?? Isn’t he more towards movies??

    1. yea who cares about Astro awards .. Francis’s acting is brilliant and we all know that..doesnt really need an Astro / TVB BA to reacknowledge.
      Absolutely looking forward to his comeback!!!! 😀

  7. if tvb gives the award to chi lam its like a business deal for next year hoping chi lam will come again

  8. Francis is already a best actor in the film industry. He doesn’t need a drama award. Chilam hasn’t won any yet. Because his role is popular means he did a convincing job no matter if it’s a playboy role or a warrior.

    1. It is a fact that women are ruled by their hearts and not their heads.

  9. Awards… when they stop being fake, then I will start caring I guess.

  10. But I heard from a friend working there that there’s no longer aod awards this year? Heard there’s only tvb awards… Confused.

    1. There is a TVB Astro awards in place of AOD awards this year.

  11. The qualification to win BA is excelence in acting, isn’t it? But the way HK media put in prints is like BA title is depends on rating. TV King and Queen.

    1. Hahaha! TV King/Queen = excellence in acting??? That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

      Actually, there is no ‘qualification’ for the TV King/Queen award — it’s not based on acting, but rather on who TVB decides they want to give it to. Keep in mind that from the beginning, the TVB awards (both their TV and music awards) have always been a ‘closed-door game’ — everyone in the industry knows this and the artists themselves know as well…some decide to ‘play along’ despite not liking the ‘rules’ of the game, while others choose not to ‘play’ period. That’s why my advice has always been not to place too much emphasis on TVB’s awards — the awards lack credibility anyway, so definitely not worth getting upset or ‘worked up’ over them…

  12. If Chilam is attending the Astro Awards, there may be a good chance that he will get the Best Actor Award.

    Since he’s filming for TVB again next year, Chilam may win an award at the TVB Anniversary as well; will TVB give the Best Actor prize to Chilam or Kenneth? I felt that Kenneth’s buzz last year was higher due to “The Hippocratic Crush” while this year, “Triumph in the Skies 2” was the ratings winner and received 300 million hits online in mainland China.

    1. Wait! Kenneth is very popular. He could win 2nd time? Chilam one of the most favourite award?

    2. Both Chilam and Kenneth are attending. Moses and Ruco are too. Anyone of them can win now.

  13. First of all, I don’t think Astro is a good precursor for TVB’s awards. I don’t have the results memorized but I’m pretty confident in saying the awards don’t match up a majority of the time. Winning at Astro doesn’t really mean anything for TVB’s awards. Secondly, I would be quite upset if TVB decides to give it to Chilam. I have long accepted TVB’s award “policies” and if they are going to break it now, Francis should get it over Chilam. I seriously doubt TVB will give it to Chilam but it’s quite possible Chilam will end up with the favorite character award.

    1. Yes, Astro is not actually a good predictor for TVB Awards. It might be because Astro Awards are voted for by the audience and TVB’s awards are “judged”.

      I compiled the results are calculated the success rates before. It’s 55% for Best Series, 44% for Best Actor, 33% for Best Actress. You can see the full results here

      1. I am proud to say ASTRO AOD was the first to recognise Wayne Lai in Safe Guards and I am always sorta proud to also say ASTRO AOD has got a better grasp on the winners than TVB themselves. AOD tends to be quite weird in taste but in the end might prove more credible than TVB itself.

  14. It would be perfect if Francis gets Best Actor award and Chi lam gets My favorite actor award for this year.

  15. Ok I am dedicating certain sum to vote for Ruco. Even if I don’t like Brother’s Keeper, I am voting for him.

    1. Great! Please continue to vote Ruco all you can Funn so that Ruco can get the highest vote. I heard we can vote as much as we can. I don’t think Chilam deserves to win Best Actor.

  16. The AOD awards are a joke. Just saw the nomination list. How on earth do those dramas/actors/actresses/songs in them get nominated when the dramas haven’t even been shown?

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