Chin Ka Lok Trades In Sports Cars For Daughter’s Sake

Chin Ka Lok (錢嘉樂) has put his car racing days behind in favor of his new role as a cautious family man. The 48-year-old father only had his wife and daughter in mind when he recently decided to drop a big sum on a family-sized vehicle.

Ka Lok is well known for his love of cars and speed, and has been a frequent guest at celebrity car races. Since obtaining his driver’s license at age nineteen, he has spent much of his earnings purchasing sports cars and upgrading parts. He continued to indulge in his hobby throughout his entertainment career. His expertise was put into good use while he served as action choreographer for 2012’s Motorway <車手>, a film for which he took home the Best Action Choreography title at the prestigious Golden Horse Awards.

Although he was once the cool wild child, Ka Lok’s temperament gradually softened and he seems to have finally settled down after the birth of his daughter Alyssa (錢凱晴) in 2013. Recently seen on an outing with his wife Angela Tong (湯盈盈) and their baby daughter, Ka Lok was attentive to his family throughout the trip and looked happy and blissful. The three later left in his brand new car, a Mercedes-Benz station wagon that reportedly costs $800,000 HKD.

Different from his usual taste in motor vehicles, the new car comes with five doors, a spacious interior, and a cute sticker that reads “Baby In Car” displayed on the rear windshield. Ka Lok seems proud of his choice, telling reporters that the new car has plenty of space to hold items and supplies and believes that it will make road trips with his daughter much more efficient. Even though he is blissfully chauffeuring his new family, part of his heart still remains with his long-time love. “Honestly I love sports cars. I have kept two that I have purchased a long time ago so I can at least look at them as consolation.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. I remember when I gave up my beautiful 2-door coupe for a minivan… it was hard to see her go, but I’d do it again without thought. The minivan served its purpose well with young ones around. Once they are older and on their own, then I’ll revisit the idea of a nice 2 door again. 🙂

    1. I gave up my 2-door convertible when my kids came along too. I was so sad! It was like the carefree, youthful part of me was gone and in came motherhood, maturity and responsibility. But like you, I’ll give that up in a heartbeat if I have to do it again – just for my children.

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