China and USA to Co-Produce “Iron Man 3”!

In a groundbreaking move, it was announced that China’s DMG Entertainment will co-produce Iron Man 3 with Walt Disney Co. Robert Downey, Jr. will resume his role as the title superhero, with Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle reprising their roles. Iron Man will be battling an Asian villain in the new movie, which will start filming in May 2012.

It made strategic sense for DMG Entertainment to unite forces with Walt Disney Co., strengthening China’s ambitions in the budding film industry. While Walt Disney’s collaboration with DMG Entertainment, an advertising and media company, will allow it to chase after the world’s second largest box office. Iron Man 3 will mark China’s  first $100 million USD film production.

At the press conference yesterday, DMG Entertainment’s CEO, Dan Schmitz, and the International Department of the Walt Disney’s EVP and CEO of Greater China, Zhang Zhizhong, as well as the EVP of Operations and CFO at Marvel Entertainment, Rob Steffens, announced the major American-Chinese collaboration on Iron Man 3. DMG will be involved with the film’s financing, pre-production, development of script, casting, filming, promotion, as well as distribution.

Mr. Schmitz skirted questions regarding the amount of investment that DMG will be contributing to Iron Man 3, joking that the sum was astronomical in order to partake in the joint-venture.

The story of Iron Man 3 will be set in China, adding intense fight scenes to bring the exhilaration to new heights. Mr. Steffens indicated that the Chinese audience had enjoyed the first two installments of Iron Man, marking it as one of the most successful superhero franchises in recent years. “The new sequel will add more elements relating to China, bringing the Chinese culture to the world!”

With filming scheduled to start in May, Iron Man 3 has a projected release date of May 2013.


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Jayne: Curious as to who will play the Asian antagonist in Iron Man 3? He will be a huge star to draw the Chinese audience. Vincent Zhao? Jay Chou? 

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  1. Jay Chou is boring looking. Need someone sinister looking and a face a mother cant love!

    1. Uhm, doesn’t that depend on who the villain is? Marvel usually picks someone from their comics, they don’t invent new villains.

  2. An Asian villain…this person has to have the looks cause that’s all people watch for now a days…the ability to speak fluent English cause people dislike subtitles and hopefully an actual ability to act since this IS a big production movie with famous celebrities. Just hope it doesn’t turn out like Mummy 3….

  3. oh please anyone but not Jay Chou, i can’t stand him.
    looking forward to see the collaboration of the chinese n american.

    1. But who would be a better choice than jay? I’m assuming they’re gonna cast a Chinese guy so no Rain. And jet Li is kinda old. Jay is the only other guy w/ any moderate Hollywood success. And if they could find a way to include a drifting scene in, that would be cool.

  4. Asians are almost always villains in the Marvel Universe what a surprise. The few asians on the good side are klfs, powerless or have some lame powers, LOL.

    The villain in this movie is probably going to the “Mandarin” and seriously non of the guys mentioned is suitable. And please don’t cast Fai Gor.

    The only one I can think of that fits the role would be Simon Yam!

    Sick of the superheroes franchise already, however looking forward to the Avengers movie.

      1. Actually Ben Kingsley is rumored to play the villian aka Mandarin.

        Well he can play the part well I think but he isn’t chinese although he seems to have asian blood in him. This is so typical Hollywood.

      2. I think Michael Wong Man Tuck can also play the bad role, his english accent is good

    1. Hahaha Asians are villians… funny. thats how they portray us. who is Fai Gor?

      Can Simon speak English?

      1. Fai Gor equals Chow Yun Fai

        Simon Yam played the villain 🙂 in Tomb raider 2 so yeah he can speak english. Can’t remember his accent but it ought to be pretty decent compared to Jet Li, Jackie etc.

    2. exoidus,

      speaking about lame, remember the live dragonball? where they put a white guy as “Wu Kong”? when in the anime series, the lead has so much of an asian traits lol..

      1. Veejay,

        That movie is a HUGE FAILURE! What was the director thinking putting a white guy as Goku and Fai Gor as Master Roshi, ROFL.

      2. Yeah, it actually destroy my childhood fav anime lol.. I really hate Hollywood from that onwards..hehe.

        I didnt even bother watching it finish cuz it was just too lame imo.. why must a white guy??? so discrimination.

      3. Dragon balls? It has nothing related to the real Dragon balls.

        But Chichi and Buma look cute.

    3. VanNess Wu!!! Sunny Wang! I guess they are too Chinese HA HA HA HA!

    4. What about Daniel Wu doesn’t he have good English and a looker? Though doubtful cos he doesn’t seem as big or well known as some others.

  5. Iron man 3? Asian villain? Well… It’s a gimmick I blv.

    1. How about Wang Leehom? He grew up in US. BTW Leehom isn’t really a talented actor.

      1. He is too good looking as villain, won’t be able to hate him haha.

  6. Disney must be desperate for money or China has deep pockets. I say Chow Yun Fatt or Jet Li. Is Jay Chou that huge in Western market AND chinese market combined?

  7. Definitely not Jay Chou. Saw him in the green hornet and his English wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. Took me awhile to comprehend. Probably someone like Daniel Wu or LeeHom or anyone else that is FLUENT in English.

    1. Jay Chou no way! He didnt or cant act and always look like a talking board in all his movies!

  8. Daniel Wu is a good choice! Good looking, good acting, good English!

    1. i second this!! Daniel is a gorgeous villain. i won’t be able to hate him AT ALL. LOL!

    2. No no Daniel dont have that vibe enough. Perfect english and good looks yes but villain vibe no no

    3. oh yes please Daniel Wu. how come i didn’t think of him, he’s hot! he can act villain role n can speak fluent english

    4. Yay good.minds think alike. First person who.popped mind too. Good english, hot and I think his intense gaze can really give off a villain vibe.

  9. Hope they get a good villian….lol….
    Iron Man flying around Forbidden City & Great Wall….. wow….. Cant wait!!!

  10. Pls do not jay chou, tired of his cocky face. Plus his acting is BAD.! Hope to see simon yam. I think older actor is better, more flavor. Daniel wu, dont hv enough psycho look. Another one will be anthony wong.

    1. Anthony Wong was my top choice. Anyone else wouldn’t be too great of a choice. I want an Asian that can speak English well.

      Please no more Jay Chou.

      1. Anthony Wong Would be GREAT.
        Looks like a kick-ass baddy & got lots of presence!!!!

  11. To clear one thing up, the character ‘Mandarin’ is half Chinese and half English, and personally I think they made a great choice with Ben Kingsley who looks the part.

    1. Marvel Fan, Exoidus,
      Ben Kingsley is a good actor. Has it been confirmed that he will be Mandarin yet?

      1. They’re negotiating, but nothing is settled yet. Hopefully he’ll sign on. 🙂

    2. I hope it is Ben Kingsley! High time he should be in some cool action movie with his own action figure! Ben Kingsley trumps every actor out there (named in this thread) and he looks like the character of any nationality, plus he is an excellent actor!!

      1. Funn,
        Since it is a joint American-Chinese production, DMG may likely want a prominent Chinese actor to portray Mandarin? If filming were to take place in May, we should know in a matter of 2 to 3 weeks who they will cast.

        Another prominent Chinese-American movie collaboration is “Empires of the Deep” (aka Mermaid Island), to be released in 2012.

        We will likely see more of such film collaborations, as Chinese film companies apparently have deep pockets and eager for big-budget movies the Hollywood way. “Iron Man 3” will likely be a success.

      2. I hope not! I hope the best is cast and ever since someone mentioned ben kingsley I can’t think of anyone else. Please, do not be Jackie Chan! PLEASE NO!!

        And about CTHD in the other thread I always feel Chow Yun Fat was a total miscast. Should have been Jet Li as Li Mu Bai. And in the remake of Karate Kid, sorry Jackie but that type of kung fu should have been jet li as well. A pity!

  12. Ben Kingsley would be a great choice because he looks like the character. (But the character does not look Asian!)

    It seems pretty obvious that they are not going to cast a Chinese actor to portray the main villain. However, they might beef up the cast with some Chinese actors in smaller, supporting roles. In that case, don’t expect big stars like CYF, Jet Li, etc.

  13. If they are to choose an actual Chinese candidate…maybe Andy On?

  14. It said that Ben Kingsley is confirmed to play Mandarin in IM3.

    But I’m pretty sure they’ll stick in some minor villians portrayed by chinese actors etc.

    1. Who is Ben Kingsley? … First time I’ve heard of him…. Google images shows some bald man? … Gah I want some sex appeal or hot guy.. so westerners can see that there are hot asian stars too.

      1. you don’t know who Ben Kingsley is..?
        He’s won an oscar, bafta, etc.

        He was in Shutter Island with Leonardo Dicaprio..

  15. Why Chinese must be villains in Iron Man 3 ,why not hire Muslim be villains,
    Do the story mean Ironman try to stop China and North Korean to attack US and South Korean military base and try to stop China to attack Taiwan with Ironman act as hero ?
    Is Ironman sided with China to stop Taiwan from independent from China and the story ended with Taiwan return to China and Chen Sui Bin likeless sentences to death for treason?

  16. Still hope to see some familiar chinese faces even if its minor roles.
    Hopefully someone from HKG!

  17. I hope Edison Chen can partake the role. He’s our every man’s idol. Also, he’s really a very hot sexy auspicious figure whom I think is the one and only best candidate to uphold and bring our Chinese community’s reputation to another height….!

  18. Don’t hire muslims and Indians for this job unless if the scene is centered on cow figthing or pig slaugthering…haha….

    If DMG & Walt Disney doesn’t want to lose money on this titanic investment, Edison Chen is the best and your only choice!

  19. Isn’t Ben Kingsley going to play the villain? Unless they manage to have Ben Kingsley look Chinese too, LOL

  20. Will the Asian villain kungfu fight? Most hollywood movies featuring an Asian in a major role will have kungfu fighting.

  21. I’m surprised no one suggested The Donnie (Donnie Yen), looks good, can fight, speaks English.

    1. ooohh… I like the idea of Andy Lau being The Mandarin. Love him. Love his work. However, I think Takeshi Kaneshiro is more fitting for this role with his mixed blood and all, though not English, he still looks pretty awesome.

    2. not a fan of Andy but i guess he’s suitable for the role.

  22. I’m pretty sure they found Ben Kingsley to play Mandarin because.

    1. Mandarin is half white & half chinese.
    2. In the comics.. he looks white .__.

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