Fan Bingbing to Star in “Iron Man 3”; Andy Lau Was Not Contacted

Mainland China’s top-earning actress, Fan Bingbing (范冰冰), will be starring in Iron Man 3! In recent years, Fan Bingbing was omnipresent at international red carpet events, displaying her sensational fashion sense. Bingbing was recently nicknamed as “Chinese Goddess” by the French media. The 30-year-old actress hinted that she intended to enter Hollywood this year; thus her casting in Iron Man 3 was not a surprise.

Last month, it was rumored that Andy Lau (劉德華) was offered a role in Iron Man 3, portraying Tony Stark’s scientist friend. However, the film’s co-producer, DMG Entertainment Group’s CEO, Dan Mintz, stated that Andy Lau and Yang Mi (楊冪) were not contacted, but will not discard the possibility of a collaboration.

Mr. Mintz indicated that Iron Man 3 will feature numerous Chinese actors, to allow audiences a greater sense of familiarity. Since this was the first time a Chinese production company will be co-producing a Hollywood movie, Iron Man 3 will incorporate elements of Chinese culture while remaining an international movie.

Through Iron Man 3, it was hoped that Chinese actors will receive a greater push towards Hollywood and international recognition. Mr. Mintz acknowledged that he had contacted Fan Bingbing, Yao Chen (姚晨), and Liu Ye (劉燁) earlier. Mr. Mintz stated that official news regarding the movie will be announced on the company’s website.

Iron Man 3 is scheduled to be released in May 2013.

Source:, Ming Pao

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Jayne: Even if Andy Lau were offered a role in Iron Man 3, he may not have time to film it due to his daughter’s birth. Fan Bingbing should have a prominent role in this movie.

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  1. I’m sorry but I don’t think she has it to make it big in Hollywood. There’s just too much competition and she’s not all that pretty, even with all the cosmetic enhancements. I really don’t see any uniqueness in her acting and aura…:(-

    1. It is really hard for any asian to make it big in Hollywood. There are many that have thought about it but then just decided to stick to the Asian market since it is probably safer for them.

      1. Most of the time, I think it’s due to a lack of talent. Most Chinese movie stars are talented but when compared to Meryl Streep, Charlize Theron, and others, they don’t have the versatility and range that’s needed to pull of different characters.

        I agree with you that the Asian market is much safer but then they don’t make the big bucks or be in big blockbusters. Life is give-and-take, risks-and-rewards. To each their own 🙂

    2. I suppose you meant her talent is not good enough to make it big in Hollywood, then there so many female actors like Lin Chiling who can’t even meet asian standards are being introduced as A-listed ahead of say actress Zhang Jinchu.

  2. agree with you Jayne, Andy is too busy with his new born. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  3. Awwww I was so excited when I thought Andy would be in iron man 3 with robert Downey jr, love love that man. If they cast any Chinese actors, do not dub their voices and they know English enough where it doesn’t sound super fob. People will laugh at the accents or be confused because they can’t understand., I’m sorry but it’s true.

    I haven’t seen her in anything since princess pearl and my god, I hated her so much. So just those memories of how she cried when it had nothing to do with her or how she was just in the background following ruby will piss me off where I will be throwing popcorn

    After watching America’s next top model and how all the girls were gushing over Nicholas tse, he should have been casted

    1. Really what season of antm? Didn’t know nick tsp was there?

      1. it was recently. the british invasion.
        the episode is titled “nicholas tse”
        he was so adorable

    2. They were told to gush at him. It’s part of the show.

  4. We need andy lau to be in the movie. I love li bing bing but as a woman, especially a Asian women she will only serve to foster more asian fethis among the gweilos.

    1. I have to agree with that. Asian woman sleeping with white man is acceptable, but Asian man sleeping with white woman is generally taboo for Hollywood. That is the reality!

    2. She’ll probably play a strong kickass role whereas white guys like Asian women because they think we’re submissive.

  5. Fan Bingbing is gorgeous. Every single feature on her face is fine and put together it is just stunning. Looking forward to seeing this movie!

      1. Precisely ! She has beautiful complexion and stunning features for a chinese girl, if not the westerners wouldn’t had pick her ! She resembles a bit like the younger version of “Rosamund Kwan”. Especially her large eyes !

      2. No one knows whether her eyes is natural or not only a cosmetic doctor tells you.

      3. @ apple
        “She has beautiful complexion and stunning features for a chinese girl”

        “For a Chinese girl”? Talk about backhanded compliments!

  6. fan bing bing has doll features. kinda like Gemma Ward but the asian version.

    1. No way! Gemma ward doesn’t look good. Bing doesn’t look dollish. Her face is sharp n long, n doesn’t have that baby face like Gemma.
      Gemma ward looks innocent n bing bing is the pretty type. There’s pretty, gorgeous, beautiful and cute girls. Cute grls usually hav rounder faces. I’m just saying.

      1. i have to agree, fan bing bing is not doll face at all. she is beautiful.

    2. Her doll like features are disturbing but it’s because of her make up. She looks really good with natural looking make up.

  7. You know to westerners chinese stars are either Zhang Ziyi, Li Bing Bing or Fan Bing Bing when there are better actresses who probably can speak better english in China.

    1. Well, as a Westerner myself, I find Zhang Ziyi boring and Fan Bing Bing kind of creeps me out. Li Bing Bing I don’t mind. And there are a LOT better actresses in China then what we are traditionally “served” over here in the NA market.

      1. Actually agree there r a lot beautiful chines actresses around,Fan Bing Bing m not a fan sorry she just look so plastic and something wrong with her face it,s seem not nature at all, i guess she got Botox a lot of it ,My be Hollywood needs a chinese Botox face in the movie cos Asia chinese always have beautiful nature skin but not anymore ….

  8. It annoys me at how China hates Hollywood’s stereotypical image of them (such as cutting out over half of Chow Yun-fat’s scenes in POTC3, and “banning” TDK), yet they’re always trying to westernize their own films. I find it kind of ironic…

    Other than that, I’m excited for this movie! Iron Man is my favorite pre-Avengers film!

    1. And I was hoping Andy would be in this movie. Fan Bingbing’s not bad – I’ve recently seen her indie film Buddha Mountain and she did a superb job in it. I personally don’t want to see any more Yang Mi than I have already so I’m secretly glad that she wasn’t considered LOL

  9. I highly doubt that she would have prominent role since Paltrow is already the female lead in Iron Man series. Even Black Widow (Scarlett J.) didn’t have that big of a role and she’s one of the heroes in the comic. Hollywood is not stupid. While they’ll go for the co-funding with China to split the cost, they will not let Chinese prod. take over. I suspect they’ll have some chinese casting just to please the investors, but will still have total control of the filming.

  10. Fan Bingbing is pretty but dont think she’s suitable.
    I still dont understand why the west kept casting Zhang Ziyi before. Dont they know she pisses alot of people off? Hmmm… they probably dont……lol…..

  11. It bothers me that Fan BingBing still deny her plastic surgery overhaul. She doesnt look pretty/natural to me annoying is it because she thinks she’s all that. Her acting skills works in Asia but not in Hollywood. Asian stars often don’t make it big in Hollywood due to their lack of acting skills. They come across dramatic and trying to hard when American audiences accept more natural-realistic actings.

  12. When they say Andy Lau has not been contacted, read it as – we are speaking but we have signed him yet. Studios usually say this to avoid disappointment. Neonpunch’s article said that he hadn’t signed yet and still in negotiations.
    My guess is Andy Lau may want more money or more screen time, and they are probably giving him a 5 min role in the movie.
    Everyone seems to be excited about Andy Lau in the movie though.
    Fan Bing Bing, I dont think she can speak english well. Every interview she has a translater.

  13. Big fan of Iron men but not a fan of Fan Bing bing ,Now actually sound cheap and cheecy Fan Bing Bing cast in Iron men, OMG just cast a good chinese actress ,Fan Bing Bing just looks creepy lol….

  14. OMG Andy Lau never even contected to star in iron men and he thing, he got the job,and the press tell the hold asia about it ,Actually no body cast him for the job ,POOR Andy.

    1. Thank god! makes me want to puke and skip the movie if he is in. really, dun think he can pass the screen test and audition with his stoney and pretentious look.

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