China to Release Its Own Mulan Animation “Kung Fu Mulan”

Recently, Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan came under fire for working with the authorities in the Xinjiang province, where ethnic Uighurs and other Muslims have faced human rights abuse from the Chinese government. Soon after, China banned its media outlets from reporting on the newly released movie, which has been a box office flop in the country. Whether it is a plan to keep the Xinjiang detention camps under wraps or to promote its own domestically-produced animation film Kung Fu Mulan <木兰:横空出世>, which will premiere on October 3 to celebrate the National Day of the People’s Republic of China, there is no way of knowing. But what we do know is that the country is determined to present the world the most realistic portrayal of China and Mulan through its version of Mulan, as seen in the movie’s latest poster.

With the bold, fiery red tagline of “Real China, Real Mulan” dominating the top part of the poster, it displayed the Chinese production team’s confidence in conveying the true spirit of Mulan while also simultaneously alluding to Disney’s poor job on the Mulan remake. With the latest Mulan disappointing viewers, like many previous domestic and foreign films about Mulan have, Kung Fu Mulan could not have come at a better time.

Riding on the Mulan craze, the animated film, which has been in the works for the past five years and specially catered to the Chinese audience, is marketed as the most authentic storytelling of Mulan by carrying a rich and deep “Chinese flavor” that is familiar to the Chinese. It seeks to deliver a more profound message by focusing on illustrating the importance of three Confucian virtues, including loyalty, filial piety, and righteousness. Knowing that viewers want a story that is more than just about a girl who disguises as a guy, Kung Fu Mulan‘s sentimental storytelling of love and sacrifice for the country would surely evoke the patriotism of the Chinese audience when it premieres around China’s national public holiday.

Also, Mulan’s personality will not be the same as other adaptations, as they further innovated and developed her to be a more dimensional character. Striving to impress audiences, the team believes their new and authentic Mulan will bring moviegoers a refreshing feeling. If these selling points were carried out in the movie, it would just be a matter of time before Kung Fu Mulan overtakes Disney’s Mulan and become the hottest Chinese animation of the year.

“Kung Fu Mulan” Trailer:

Source: Mtime

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  1. This is basically another tug-a-war between U.S and China now lol. U.S did make Mulan popular in the first place back in the 90’s and China now wants to take back the narrative since it is their history I guess.

  2. PRC will never be able to beat the original Disney Mulan….Got to love how PRC though is going to make it’s own brainwashed version of it haha.

    1. @exodus wait what how can PRC make its own brainwashed ver when Mulan is originally from Chinese history LOL. By your logic since the US “Disneyfied” it is that brainwashing?

    2. @exodus your logic is so twisted. Disney’s Mulan is merely their adaptation of an original Chinese legend. PRC making an animation of their own Chinese story would hardly be a ‘brainwashed’ version of an ‘original’ (LOL) Disney version.

    3. @exodus
      i don’t know what elements they could modify to brainwash people other than the fact that the PRC might boost how much better their own version is than any other ones so that the chinese people would feel proud about themselves.

  3. On one hand this is likely China’s way to keep all the Disney Mulan press contained, but come on, it’s not like the animated Mulan was the first and original Mulan story. There’s been a dozen of adaptions in opera/film/tv and probably will be a dozen more in the next 50 years. I Don’t understand the outrage.

  4. Lol @gonna be authentic, I’m sorry but by using the word “kungfu” in the title, I have lost faith in you guys. Just because it’s Chinese, does not mean it has to be Kungfu. Pretty sure Mulan was just an ordinary girl that joined the army for her dad, no kungfu in there. The army might train her, and she’s brave and smart, but not that kungfu-ey like Jacky change or Jet Lee >_> also originality of the poster is zero! A bunch of drama has been using that sort of red girl black background holding weapon -.- also I’m sure mulan has a silver hair streak on her hair >_>

    I agree with this tug of war thing. China has done countless of mulan, but none make it world wide famous like Disney did. I’m all for telling an accurate story, but mocking other hard work when they are trying their best to tell a good story, be inclusive and respectful of asian culture is in itself racist. This “us vs them” mentality is why racism could never go away. Also let’s art be art and no being used by politicians to boost their ego. Such poster is just trying to appease the CPR

  5. I don’t find this new animation very endearing from the trailer. This new Mulan sounds arrogant, lackadaisical and has a chip on her shoulders. What made Disney’s Mulan somewhat of a cult film is because Mulan was an underdog who showed determination to succeed and didn’t let circumstances dictate her path. She didn’t have any skillset which would make her a great warrior; she started from nothing and worked her way up. China is moving in the wrong direction for this story.

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