Disney’s “Mulan” Is Pulling In Good Reviews

Disney’s live-action remake of their 1998 animation Mulan, which in turn is adapted from the Chinese classical poem “The Ballad of Hua Mulan”, has been released in North America via premium stream on Disney+, and the reviews are stellar.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, Mulan is currently certified “fresh” with 80%, based on 139 reviews. It received a weight score of 68 out 100 on Metacritic, indicating “generally favorable reviews.”

Praised for its grand cinematic sequences with action-packed spectacles, critics are calling Mulan as one of Disney’s most confident live-action remake yet of their animated classic. Kate Erbland from IndieWire called it “a remarkable action epic.” Christy Lemire from RogerEbert.com said Mulan is “relevant, vital, and alive.” The general consensus of the film is that Mulan is both visually stunning and more mature than the original animated film.

Mulan is currently available for stream on Disney+ for a premium fee of $30 US dollars. It will be released in cinemas in mainland China on September 11, 2020. In December, Mulan will available for stream for all Disney+ members.

Source: 163.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. still early in the morning where i am, did these people watch this once the clock struck 12?

  2. Good reviews… but $30 USD in addition to the monthly Disney+ subscription is pretty steep. It does become “free” to watch in a few months… I don’t see why most people won’t just wait, regardless of reviews.

    1. @sasamii
      is it really going to be free w/ disney plus in a few months??? i wouldn’t doubt people are just trying to build momentum or simply an advertisement strategy.

      1. @m0m0 yep, it’s right on the official Mulan Disney+ page… the wide release to Disney+ subscribers (no additional $30 USD) is on December 4th, only a few months away. Not sure how it will be with other countries though.

  3. Going to cinema to watch today. I wanna see if liu yifei really did improve in her acting. I am however not keen on the westernized pronunciation of mulan. Its Chinese, say it like its chinese. And Disney of course is promoting it as a feminist sort of story when it was about filial piety. Hopefully it’s better than the awful boring beauty and the beast and god awful lion king.

  4. The movie was a C score, at best. It focused two much on the action sequences in exchange for the heart & humor of it’s predecessor. Liu Yifei, was wooden in her performance. The veteran actors (Jet Li, Donnie Yen, & Gong Li) were good in their supporting roles, but those roles were very one dimensional. I would save your $40 dollars if you cannot see it in the movies.

  5. They focused on the live action scene and even that was pretty mediocre. The visuals was alright but I thought this was a big budget film. The actors/actresses were pretty predictable didn’t really get to showcase their abilities. Haha didn’t even realize that was jet Li. Somehow the cartoon had a better story line and tied everything together more beautifully. The cartoon brought tears to my eyes, especially the scene where the king bows to Mulan… Nothing in this live action remake even comes close to being as touching. O well save your money people.

    1. @mastaoog agreed. The visuals and choreography were the main winning aspects of this movie. the dialogue of the characters were so stilted, it made some of the scenes awkward.

      Liu Yi Fei did not disappoint in disappointing me lol. She was wooden in her delivery and emotions. But I suppose her performance was adequate – the martial arts choreography made her look pretty nimble and smooth. However, acting-wise, I felt like Yoson was better than her and Donnie performed well, too. When it came to emotional impact and charisma, I just don’t think LYF has what it takes

  6. Loved and very proud of this epic movie! What a feat to have a US$200M budget, the highest ever for a live action film helmed by an all female team: lead actress, producer, director, cinematographer, etc. etc. MULAN has always been my favorite heroine. So awesome!! BTW $30 for a family of 4 and two friends is a deal. Plus we get to watch it again and again, any time as long as we have the Disney+ subscription. Our daughter is watching it for the second time right now!

  7. Don’t waste your time and money. For a $200m Disney film, it was sad and disappointing that a classic (in both the traditional Chinese ballad sense and the Disney animated movie sense) has come to this: lack of character depth, over emphasis on feminism (don’t get me wrong, I’m all for that but the original storyline focuses on honor, grit and filial piety), anti-climatic villain demise, and worst of all, the wooden LYF acting.

    Just like any movie rendition of a comic or book, be respectful and true to the storyline. It was sad enough they didn’t include the music (singing) or many of the comedic humor that made the animated version enjoyable, adding the Phoenix or witch did not help the storyline and made the plot questionable.

    The worst part for me was the introduction of Chi in this version which entirely took away from how hard Mulan really had to work to be as strong as her peers and
    be accepted by them. Mulan was successful because of her wit and hard work, not because of the Chi.

    Even with major stars Jet Li, Donnie Yen and Gong Li in supporting (and underutilized) roles, this did not help LYF.

    Hopefully the next live action remake of the Disney classics, will be better. Sigh…

  8. LYF is wooden acting, is it because she tried to memorize the dialoge in english?. I like the cartoon version better, and it has better soundtrack 🙂

  9. You know all of you guys didn’t pay for it and either dl or streamed it 😛 Heck I’m sure china’s already selling the bootleg copies of this on the streets.

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