Chinese Male Celebrities With the Most Active Fans in First Quarter of 2021

A newly released ranking of the top 10 male celebrities in China is attracting mass discussions. The popularity ranking was determined by measuring the number of active fans online in the first quarter of 2021. As expected, stars with the highest commercial value Xiao Zhan (肖战), Wang Yibo (王一博), TFBoysJackson Yee (易烊千玺), and Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤) topped the list. A newcomer on the list, Gong Jun (龚俊) stands out particularly with his growing potential.

Gong Jun’s Growing Popularity

On top of the ladder is naturally still Xiao Zhan with 4,089,461 average monthly active fans in support. Nearly doubled the number compared to Wang Yibo’s average of 2 million, these statistics had many netizens puzzled as to why Xiao Zhan is always leading when they both broke out in popularity through The Untamed <陈情令>.

In a similar situation, Gong Jun made it into the seventh spot while his co-star Zhang Zhehan (张哲瀚) has been left out. Despite both becoming huge stars through Word of Honor <山河令>, Gong Jun appears to have gained more new fans after the broadcast of the drama in February.

Some predict Gong Jun’s fast-growing popularity to be on the same path as Xiao Zhan, as there are even rumors of him apparently intercepting the latter’s endorsements. Despite the exciting competition, Xiao Zhan’s dominance will likely continue as his new drama The Oath of Love <余生,请多指教> will premiere in the second quarter of this year.

Li Yifeng Maintains Strength

Aside from the top four, Li Yifeng (李易峰) is in line with expectations by claiming the fifth position. With his military drama The Glory of Youth <号手就位> currently airing, his fans are very active and excited to see him onscreen.

With popularity rankings constantly in flux in the competitive Chinese entertainment industry, Li Yifeng is the only one among the former top four stars comprised of Luhan (鹿晗), Kris Wu (吴亦凡), and Yang Yang (杨洋) to have made it on the list while the rest are nowhere to be seen. Though that is not surprising, since times have changed and the latter three have also not been releasing many projects recently.

Source: Sohu

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  1. “ Li Yifeng is the only one among the former top four stars comprised of Luhan (鹿晗), Kris Wu (吴亦凡), and Yang Yang (杨洋) to have made it on the list while the rest are nowhere to be seen”
    – because he’s the most talented out of the 4 of them. Yang Yang is pretty active, at least every year, he would have a drama or 2. However, none of them are good lol. LYF on the other hands, drama after drama, it’s solidified him as an actor and not just a pretty face, so he’s getting more scripts and the fans stick around longer. KW has like no talent in acting nor a good look, Lu Han has a drama last year and he did pretty well in it, but in a sense, he’s relaxing it plus his beautiful face is not a cup of tea for many people (including me).

    GJ vs ZZH: GJ won simply because he looks cuter/hotter whatever beautiful word you want to give it lol. Same with XZ vs WYB, XZ looks better in every way, naturally he will be more popular. Not hard to understand lol

    1. @littlefish lol… haha…. Your list is super detailed and on point. I haven’t watched of any of them in their series thou. I tried Yang Yang’s series but always ended up dropping an episode or two so even thou he’s cute I just can’t w the stupid plotlines. The only one that I found a bit attractive is probably Xiao Zhan. I saw clips of his wolf series on youtube he definitely stands out esp when next to that lead. lol….That lead is also NOT my cup of tea. haha

    2. @littlefish
      GJ as WKZ is a more attractive role too compares to ZZH as A Zu. WKZ is flamboyant, flirty and “laud”. It’s impossible not to noticed him.

      While XZ is a more talented actor compares to WYB. So for a drama viewer non pop fan like me, XZ won hands down.

  2. The cyber terror campaign by 227 backfired on them big time. XZ is more popular than ever and gained more fans by showing so much class under relentless attacks.

    1. @msxie0714 He was really caught in the middle of this cross fire innocently…And his nasty management did not even help him execise effective damage control. Useless Company!

  3. XZ is no joke, I think it will be difficult for anyone to beat his status for a long time.

  4. Xiao Zhan is one of the rare one. He is so talented. He can act and sing. He has a great personality. He works hard. He is super good looking and so lovable. That’s why there are so, so many people like him. He deserves all the love from fans from all over the world. Jiayou Xiao Zhan.

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