Christine Kuo Banned Her Husband From Visiting Her on Set

Flying Tiger 2 <飛虎之雷霆極戰>, starring Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) as Kenneth Ma‘s (馬國明) wife, finally premiered in Hong Kong following months of postponement. The show marks Christine’s first return to the small screen since her last drama in 2016. Although Christine had just tied the knot with William Luk (陸漢洋) when filming for Flying Tiger II commenced in 2018, she forbade him from visiting her on set.

The actress revealed William had stopped by the film set one day, but it made her really uncomfortable. “I get easily distracted, and it felt like a pair of eyes were always watching me,” she expressed. “When we got home, I told him not to come anymore, but he said he had wanted to see his idol Kenneth.”

Christine on Playing a Couple With Kenneth

In the series, Christine plays Kenneth’s ill-tempered wife. “I remember I already had to yell at Kenneth the first day I worked with him. We had to film this scene on the streets, so a lot of people were watching. It was pretty challenging,” Christine recalls.

Thankfully, Kenneth was very patient with her, especially since it was their first time working together. “He is patient and always smiling even when I might not be in the best mood during filming. He tells me not to be nervous and often comforts me,” Christine shared. “We have a daughter [in the drama], and I always saw Kenneth playing with her all the time like a real father. It made me comfortable to work with him.”

Once, Kenneth told her that they have a “bed scene” together, but he was just joking. Christine laughed and said, “Kenneth’s definition of a bed scene is us sitting together on a bed. I realized that he is like a child and has a naïve side.”

Along with Kenneth, the other familiar faces at work put Christine at ease even though she had not filmed a Hong Kong drama since leaving TVB in 2016. She happily said, “I am very nostalgic, so I was very happy to see all the familiar makeup artists and crewmembers.”

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  1. have no good feelings towards her after that beauty and the beast incident.

  2. I feel uncomfortable watching her on the screen lol. She was bad then. IDK, maybe she improved? I do find her pretty with a unique look though.

    1. @jjwong Nope…her acting sucks still…it is so bad (borderline cringe-worthy) in the series that it made me want to turn the TV off! Also, her Cantonese has gotten 100 times worse…I could not understand a single word she says in the series and actually had to turn on subtitles to “read” her dialogue rather than listen to it (I ended up turning the volume down completely for the entire episode because listening to her speak badly broken Cantonese was giving me a headache, lol). I stopped watching the series already (though technically I guess I wasn’t really watching anyway, since I only tuned in for like 2 episodes total), as the little I saw was enough to make me want to break my TV, lol. Overall, the other performances I saw weren’t that good either (the acting looked really stilted to me, even with some of the veterans who are usually really good). The plot is also meh…not sure if it’s the script or the way they filmed the series, but the few episodes I saw felt so disjointed…such a waste of the veterans that they invited back to film this series…

      1. @llwy12 I have not watched much of her on screen but I have always find her to be quite good looking. The only series I remember her in was the Vincent Wong something EU series w/Tracy forgot her last name at the moment. haha lol…She was kinda bad in there and she had kinda horrible voice, bad Cantonese accent & calling Tracy ugly and fat when in fact it was her that looked horrible in there. I was thinking WTH gave her that role? haha lol….

      2. @wm2017 Lol…that’s exactly how Christine is in the Flying Tiger series as well! Stupid and annoying and horrible makeup and need a translator to understand her! I was like, Shaw Brothers must hate Kenneth Ma to cast her as his wife….yes, she’s pretty, I’ll give her that, but come on, there are plenty of pretty actresses with god-awful acting but who can at least speak decent Cantonese that they could’ve casted.

      3. @llwy12 ohhhh I didn’t even bother w/Tiger series. The first one was already boring & predictable as heck and they made sequels and sequels like they can’t think of other plot-lines. That’s why the only V girl in that group that I actually am tolerable with would be Grace Wong. Esp fighting roles I find her entertaining and even brainless girl she is still bearable. All the others are on the same level. Bad, mediocre & below average. lol

      4. @llwy12 I’m not surprise that her acting is still bad. Haven’t seen her try to improve her trade in any way. She should’ve just stay off the screen and go into business or something after getting married. Why even bother to “come back.”

        All these SDU, Tiger, Line, Lives, whatever scripts have been meh since first installment. I stopped watching only for the veterans, because I know they’ll be wasted. It’s like putting a rose on an ox’s grave (I think that’s the translation lol). I’ve been re-watching the first and into the second one now of Detective Investigation Files. I still like them a lot more than these new ones 🙂

      5. @jjwong I completely agree! But unfortunately, TVB/Shaw Brothers doesn’t think so, as they just announced they are going to do Flying Tigers part 3. Looks like they are hell-bent on milking this franchise dry like they did with Laughing Gor and Line Walker. Don’t be surprised if you hear a movie version being announced soon, lol.

      6. @llwy12 Couldn’t stand Flying Tiger 1, and now they’re making 3rd one? Lol, smh.

        Do SB movies really rack in the money? Or are they just empty shells like TVB dramas where they create their own noise? I can see TVB rating # be inflated by circumstances (nothing else to do at night or C19 quarantines), but movies though? I don’t see them making a killing to justify all these bad productions.

        Gotta hand to the (original) Shaws though for this dynasty and legacy that is TVB Inc.

      7. @jjwong I’m actually not sure how well SB movies do at the box office, since I usually don’t follow that kind of stuff. But technically, how well they do at the box office doesn’t matter because for them, box office receipts don’t determine whether a movie gets made or not. If you look at the movies that SB made since they “came back” in 2009 (which haven’t been many, to be honest), almost all of them have either been reboots of their own series / movies or some type of slapstick comedy / “CNY ensemble cast but no coherent storyline” movie filled with mostly TVB-affiliated artists. Even the movies that had “big names” participate in them in the hopes of drawing in audiences (such as Nick Cheung, Louis Koo, etc.), those artists participated not for the money, but either to “return the favor” to TVB or because someone they know who likely had a hand in their career (or they are friends with) asked them to help out, which 99.9% of the time means that they only charged Shaw Brothers/TVB a “friendship price” that is way lower than what their normal asking fee is (I remember when Jacky Cheung was asked whether he was paid his regular asking price when he filmed Shaw Brothers’ rebooted 72 Tenants film back in 2010, he said he received a red envelope and a “pat on the back”).

        To be honest, SB actually has the best advantage right now in terms of movie studio because 1) they don’t need to waste time hiring people to write original scripts, since they have decades-worth of inventory in the TVB vaults (and the old SB vaults) they can choose from to make into a movie version (they could just have one of their current scriptwriters polish / refine it), 2) casting is easy because they can just use TVB and/or Shaw Brothers-signed artists….if in the event they need to bring on a big name artist from outside, they can just choose former TVB artists whom they still have a good relationship with or whom they know will help them out on the cheap, 3) same goes for directors / producers / behind-the-scenes crew, they can just use their own people (i.e. Jazz Boon for the Line Walker movie) or ones who have good relationship with them (i.e. Wong Jing, Herman Yau, etc.) who will help them out for pennies, 4) they don’t need to struggle much to get people to watch because most of the fan base is likely already there (whether it’s fans of the series that the movie is based on or fans of the artists participating in the movie — taking myself as an example, I have no problems admitting that I watched the rebooted 72 Tenants movie back then because Jacky Cheung starred in it, even though I felt the movie itself was pure crap).

        So yea, technically SB can churn out a movie any time if they really wanted to – of course, it will most likely be garbage quality like almost all of the movies they’ve churned out since their big “resurrection”, but hey, the HK movie industry is dead anyway so piling on yet another crappy movie probably won’t matter much.

      8. @llwy12 Even with all “friendship cards” pull, I wouldn’t think SB movies would make any money. I guess it pulls enough “star power” and popular enough for ads and sponsors to make money?

  3. She must be nuts banned her own husband for just to visit her on the set? She should be happy that her husband find the times to visiting her on the set. I haven’t heard any couples get banned from their spouses yet.

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