Christine Kuo’s Poor Cantonese Suffers Criticism

Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) is currently aggressively promoted by TVB, appearing in dramas Tiger Cubs < 飛虎> and Ghetto Justice 2 <怒火街頭II>. Romantically linked with Kevin Cheng (苟芸慧) in recent weeks, Christine’s public profile has been increased dramatically. However, Christine’s acting performance has been met with mixed reviews.

Since watching Christine’s performance in Ghetto Justice 2, many viewers expressed that Christine’s Cantonese has not improved over the years, and some suggested her to find another Hong Kong boyfriend to practice her Cantonese with.  Born in Taiwan and raised in Canada, Cantonese is not Christine’s first language. She revealed that she did not begin to study the language until she joined TVB in 2009, after winning the station’s Miss Chinese International Pageant. Christine said, “When you’re dating someone you usually expect to be with that person forever, and not because you want to practice Cantonese with him. I’ll rather chat with you guys (the media) for practice!”

Work Comes Before Love

Christine will portray a medical intern in TVB’s new drama, A Great Way to Care 2 <仁心解碼II>. Christine said she is very grateful for the opportunities the company has given her, “Every drama I have filmed thus far has a different challenge. At the moment, I’d say costume dramas are the most challenging, especially Beauty at War <金枝慾孽 (貳)>.” Christine also said that Ghetto Justice 2’s “Lynette” resembles her own personality the most.

With regards to her recent romantic rumors, Christine thanked the media for helping her increase her notability, “Thank you for writing such great reports about me! [The reports] have given me more job offers. Although there are misunderstandings, I believe time will prove to everyone as to how I really am as a person.”

Christine was asked if she sent birthday blessings to her rumored boyfriend, Kevin Cheng, who turned 43 years old on August 15th. The 29-year-old actress asserted, “I already wished him happy birthday this morning on Weibo.” Asked if Christine had Kevin’s phone number, she admitted, “I have a lot of my colleagues’ phone numbers.”

Christine said she is currently not interested in finding a significant other, “Right now, I will place all my efforts in my career.”

Since the broadcast of Ghetto Justice 2 <怒火街頭2>, Christine’s popularity increased and more businesses are seeking out Christine to endorse their products.


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  1. She looks like Kelly Lin in the pic above.

    Anyway, I never heard of Christine Kuo until Tiger Cubs. She’s definitely gaining a lot of exposure now. Eh

  2. i can’t unsee the similarities between her and aimee chen lol especially aimee with long hair (master of play)

    1. There is but Christine prettier. Both cant act but Aimee is more pukeworthy. Because of Moses. Puke at the AimeeMo couple.

      1. They look alike, but Christine is prettier with fairer skin. Aimee’s jaw is kinda wide compared to christine, and she accentuates it with her short haircut, but she looks like christine when she has long hair.

      2. vivien,

        high5 !!! I totally agree with Aimee being lots more pukeworthy!!! can’t say I like her before AiMo but now I am allergic to her. And yea, Christine is way prettier.

      3. Yah Jojo, at least Christine is prettier and doesn’t have the AiMo puke factor

      4. They both cant act, that’s for sure. Aimee just make me want to puke. I still dont understand why Moses date her. And their news are annoyance as hell.

      5. Because Moses is an a$$ too. The way he treated Bernice and left her helplessly scorned by netizens and HK citizens showed it

  3. Christine is the ‘hottest’ stuff in HK now LOL. Lots of magazine talking about her!

    1. Vivien,
      HK tabloids often refer to Christine as a “goddess” due to her pretty features and curvy figure.

      She’s very pretty and may become commercially valuable to TVB via endorsement deals of cosmetics and brands.

      1. Yah. She’s pretty and has snow white creamy skin. She can do well in endorsements. Pity that her Cantonese is ugly LOL.

  4. She is pretty and all that but her acting isn’t that great. Her accent is just bad and she needs to learn more.
    I hate her character in tiger clubs and ghetto justice. She would speak half canto and the half English. It’s like made up your mind of what you are going to say

    1. Agreed. If she can improve her acting and Cantonese she can be a great TVB asset in future. She has the looks

      1. Yeah, that’s the only thing she has at the moment, she still has far way to go in her acting and Cantonese.

    2. To get Michael Wong as acting idol is a bad idea…….

    3. as far as i can remember, I used to dislike (wouldnt use the word hate) Michael Wong in films because of his accent. But then again, his screen time is very limited in most of the films thus, wasnt a big prob.
      Nevertheless, Christine was given kinda heavy roles in the dramas. I really cannot stand her accent AT ALL. Plz TVB, in recent years, quality has deteriorated when it comes to actors/ actresses acting but dont cast those who cant speak proper Cantonese as the 2nd lead or some important characters.

    4. TVBFanatic, I believe you mentioned you don’t understand Cantonese? That is why you are not annoyed by her at all.

      Having an accent isn’t a problem, but people should be able to understand what you are saying. If she has a whole monologue and people cannot understand 80% of what she’s saying, it’s annoying. Most people aren’t complaining for nothing. Either don’t give her that many lines or dub her.
      I recently watched Daniel Chan in the Taiwan idol drama with Vanness and Lynn Xiong, his mandarin is accented, but perfectly understandable.

    5. No, I don’t understand Cantonese, which is why I always say that as a disclaimer when talking about Christine. I am good with languages (can communicate somewhat in three) and can tell that she has an accent in comparison with those around her, but I think because I am not “hung up” on the pronunciation I can see her for her acting capability. I think she is okay with acting right now, not fantastic, but good. She is a bit stiff once in awhile, sort of like how JJ seemed like a deer caught in the headlights when she started (but is now starting to show some confidence). I can see that confidence in Christine already, like she knows she wants to be there.

      Time should fix everything. Language/speach/acting can all be taught provided the person is a willing learner.

    6. she shows so little improvement in her language despite she won the Miss HK few years ago. I remember Fala’s Cantonese was so terrible that i wanna flipped the table, but she show improvement from Series to Series. I see so little effort in Christine’s cantonese. I watched back her performance in The Snoops and the recent ones, Ghetto 2 and Tiger Cubs….its like no improvement at all. As good as you are in acting, if people cannot understand you, you will get bash somehow. When people watch drama, we too wanna enjoy instead of trying to figure out what you are saying

  5. But her cantonese is way better than that.. what;s his name? King Kong? THat Taiwanese guy whom I can never ever understand.

    She’s not that bad in her acting, she did well in those longing scenes but yes dramatic wise, she needs improvement. But she is pretty.

    1. I have not watch GJ2 and ‘Tiger Cubs’ beyond episode 1, so, can’t judge Christine in these 2 series. But, I like her in ‘Super Snoops’. I agree that she has a long way to go in her acting in some area, but, in some other area, she’s pretty decent. She cross dress in SS and I find her funny and willing to give it all in those part. So, she gave a good impression to me.

      1. Vivien Yeo is from Johor. I expect her to speak mandarin most of the time and probably very limited english.

      1. Why no one ever complained his cantonese sucks? I mean I had to read subtitles everytime he opens his mouth to talk. Next to him, Christine suddenly sounds like so wonderful you know?

      2. His cantonese suck, but usually he’s hosting for comedic effects, so maybe they think that and bad cantonese go hand in hand.

      3. Hmm I actually understand what he is saying and don’t find him annoying. Maybe you need to improve your cantonese? hehe

        He usually play a “foreigner” i.e Jin prince in King Maker and a Japanese in No Regrets so I think it’s fine.

      4. exoidus,

        my cantonese is very good. I suppose I need to adjust my hearing to a more twisted sense of cantonese but my question is to those who keeps complaining Christine’s cantonese is terrible, so what about King Kong? Or is it people are busy laughing with/at him that they can’t be bothered about what he has to say? And he is usually in series where he has loads of dialogue like 4 in love. Not a word I can understand. At least in GJ2 he improved and I can hear better but I must give him props for trying.

      5. Funn:

        King Kong always acted comedic characters and they were usually for entertaining purposes, but Christine’s character in “Ghetto Justice 2” was a serious medical professional and was not supposed to bring fun to people. I guess that was the difference.

      6. Cantonese is my mother tongue and I have a hard time understanding King Kong’s cantonese.

        But, I don’t have problem understanding Oceane Zhu, Aimee Chan, Leanne Lee or Christine Kuo. So, I don’t get why these actresses (except Oceanne) get so much flak for their accent while King Kong doesn’t.

      7. Funn,

        Then you need to reach the grandmaster level of cantonese, LOL. Just kidding!

        Prolly too busy laughing at him. Most important factor is that he seems to have potential when it comes to acting.

      8. Kidd, I don’t understand too. Same goes for Fala.

        I am a cantonese speaker all my life. Of course not Guandong level. Even HK sometimes speak bad cantonese.

        But must say, Christine looks like a doctor. She looks intellectual.

        How come no one ever say the actress who plays Grace as a weak actress? Isn’t christine getting a lot of unfair flak eventhough her acting is terrible but not THAT terrible?

      9. Leanne Lee? I never thought her cantonese was bad, maybe just limited?

      10. Grace doesn’t have to do much but smile and look nice, her role doesn’t require much acting, so people can’t critique her acting?

      11. I don’t think Crystal Li, portraying Grace, a barrister, was bad in acting her role. It was her very first drama series, and she spoke her dialogues very clearly and confidently as a barrister. I personally think she has all the potentials to become a glamorous actress in the near future.

      12. She smiles too much, her acting is too fluffy. Given this is her first series, that annoying habit can be overlooked. Switch her with Christine and I am sure she will get the flak that Christine got for smiling too much. Anyone in that role is destined to be fried actually.

      13. Funn:
        Agree with you on Crystal Li in the first few episodes that she smiled too much. She improved her facial expressions in later episodes (e.g. Ep. # 10). Hope to watch better acting from her in the near future.

        I just loved her voice and her dialogues ……. articulate and clear. Very comfortable for my ears vs. Christine Kuo’s.

      14. Wanna know who still speak poor Cantonese despite years of residing in HK? Yong Siaw Wai the former MISS CHINESE ASTRO.

      15. Is that Vivien Yeo, Malaysian girl? Can’t blame her. That’s Malaysian accent for a mandarin speaker? Has it been years??

      16. Yeah vivien yeo, forgot about her christian name all of a sudden haha thx for reminding Funn. Yeah I think she has been in HK for 2 years and more? and still speak poor cantonese which is hardly understoodable? I gotta move my ear close to the tv whenever she speaks! I’m a Malaysian too but her cantonese is really heavy with Mandarin accent.

      17. Look at Shu Qi. How many years in HK? Same issue lar! 2 years is still new.

      18. Vivien Yeo has lived in Hong Kong for more than 2 years. Her Cantonese is a lot better now; unfortunately she is not highly promoted by TVB now. She gets less and less screentime.

      19. You guys ready?
        OK here we go.

        Richie Ren.

        Oh my lord what the hell are you doing man?

        It was so bad that they had to dub his voice in “Punished”.

      20. And on the flipside, Carina Lau (Lau Kar Ling) is amazing. Her cantonese and mandarin are both flawless and without accent.

      21. Funn – the answer is simple. Most of the ones complaining about Christine are probably female, and probably jealous 😛

      22. LOL TVBfanatic “Most of the ones complaining about Christine are probably female, and probably jealous “

      23. So those who doesn’t complain are probably hot blooded lusty male?

        Probably true. Jealous may be too strong a word. Envious may be more suitable.

      24. tvb fanatic – not jealous or envious that’s for sure. all i want to see some good acting and coherent cantonese when i watch a show, you know?

      25. Funn:

        If you never thought Leanne Li’s Cantonese was bad, your expectations in Cantonese pronunciation of words were not high.

        It is okay as you never lived in Hong Kong. People in Malaysia probably speak Cantonese with some accents, too.

      26. @TVB Fanatic – It’s not jealousy! I just want an actress who can act well and speaks with conviction which Christine is not! Only lusty guys would love to watch a pretty doll onscreen and ignore her hideous acting and dualogue.

      27. Actually HK doesn’t speak accurate cantonese. Their intonations are quite lazy with a lot of lingo. After meeting a fellow tourist from Guangzhou I kinda get the huge difference. I still remember what the young man said about HK cantonese which was rather funny.

        Yes Malaysia has accent too. It is like British accent versus american accent versus french accent versus german accent versus south african accent, etc. If you speak English well with correct diction and grammar and tenses, then it doesn’t matter what accent. The actresses and actors pointed out in various comments certainly speak Cantonese with an accent since they’re not Cantonese native speaker. But just because they have an accent doesn’t make that particular speaker terrible at cantonese. Some accent is to be expected.

        HK people understood me well, and I could understand them although again the lingo will be the one to make or break a conversation.

        But my point is if you can understand the speaker then it is not necessarily bad cantonese. But if you can’t understand at all or most of it, then it is bad cantonese.

      28. Funn:
        Since “GJ2” is a Cantonese drama series filmed and aired in Hong Kong, Hongkongers would, of course, expect the artistes to speak Hongkong Cantonese. I do understand that Cantonese may sound differently in other parts of Kwong Tung Province (though I have no knowledge of it). As far as Christine Kuo’s Cantonese is concerned, it is not acceptable to people in Hong Kong or people originated from Hong Kong. Surely it is more acceptable to overseas Chinese people.

      29. But her character is supposed to be from US or returned from US or some place hence her accent.

      30. The following is the character description of Lynette as per “Ghetto Justice 2” Character Descriptions:

        “伶俐出身名門,父親景成皇是法律界四大名狀之一,自小喪母,故甚得父親寵愛,被視為掌上明珠。18歲那年在一次偶然的機會下結識法律界神話的力亞,被力亞那份傲氣與自信吸引,明知道父親不會贊成這段感情,也對力亞誓死追隨。這份激情令力亞深受感動,二人愛得火熱,伶俐更不惜瞞著父親,與力亞飛到外國註冊結婚。在力亞的勸導下,註冊後伶俐在外國完成餘下的兩年high school課程,力亞則留在香港繼續做律師,二人因此分隔兩地,做對有名無實的夫妻。

        High school畢業那年,在父親安排下伶俐與世交之子定婚,力亞誤會伶俐已找到幸福,一聲不響留下道別信便離開。伶俐帶著傷心、惶恐、不解、困惑種種忐忑心情,四出找尋力亞下落,甚至不惜休學兩年,然而卻是換來一次又一次的失望,力亞在伶俐的世界裡消失得無影無蹤。然而伶俐卻不知道力亞當時事業上大受打擊,更自我放逐…


        It states that Lynette was born and raised in Hong Kong. Her mother was Taiwanese but she passed away when Lynette was quite young. In that case, Lynette would not have learned Cantonese with Taiwanese accents.

        Lynette met Law Ba in Hong Kong when she was 18 years old. Due to her dad’s objection, they flew to the States to get married. Law Ba persuaded her to complete her last two years of high school in the States. She returned to Hong Kong to look for Law Ba right after her high school graduation and failed to find him. She quit school for two years in order to look for Law Ba. With no success, Lynette then returned to the States to do her university study and her medical degree.

      31. When has character description been accurate? Those were ideal character description and then casting and real acting will change all that.

      32. sandcherry – again, that is TVB’s fault is it not? Take your anger out on them. TVB are the ones who create the backstory, and are the ones who cast the actor/actress. it’s not the actresses fault if they don’t fit the character role as laid out by TVB.

        My guess is, however, that even if her character was supposed to be from overseas (like in Super Snoops) we’d still have people complaining about her because it is what people like to do 😛

      33. Oops replied to the wrong comment.

        TVBFanatic, I believe you mentioned you don’t understand Cantonese? That is why you are not annoyed by her at all.
        Having an accent isn’t a problem, but people should be able to understand what you are saying. If she has a whole monologue and people cannot understand 80% of what she’s saying, it’s annoying. Most people aren’t complaining for nothing. Either don’t give her that many lines or dub her.
        I recently watched Daniel Chan in the Taiwan idol drama with Vanness and Lynn Xiong, his mandarin is accented, but perfectly understandable.

      34. and I replied to the wrong reply that you put in the wrong comment – lol!!

        Here it is again, to keep it in thread…

        No, I don’t understand Cantonese, which is why I always say that as a disclaimer when talking about Christine. I am good with languages (can communicate somewhat in three) and can tell that she has an accent in comparison with those around her, but I think because I am not “hung up” on the pronunciation I can see her for her acting capability. I think she is okay with acting right now, not fantastic, but good. She is a bit stiff once in awhile, sort of like how JJ seemed like a deer caught in the headlights when she started (but is now starting to show some confidence). I can see that confidence in Christine already, like she knows she wants to be there.

        Time should fix everything. Language/speach/acting can all be taught provided the person is a willing learner.

      35. TVBFanatic,
        I do agree with you that Christine has the confidence compared to JJ (who was very nervous and her voice was just shaking in her first few series). She actually speaks about it in a recent interview, which talks about her childhood, and the later hardship she went through. One thing she said about her MCI experience, as she was almost aged out at 26 yrs old, “If it’s not for my past, I won’t have the confidence to be on stage.”
        I do appreciate her confidence. However, confidence is one thing, but I don’t think any of us are “hung up” or anaal about pronunciation. It isn’t about “to-mah-toes” or “to-may-toes”. But with Cantonese, a wrong syllable usually means a different thing, and she is not understandable at all when she have tons of lines and have to resort to reading the subtitles.

      36. Thanks for posting the link about Christine Kuo’s interview. Hopefully all she said about her background and education was true. If that was the case, I think her parents were not very responsible parents who left their children behind in Toronto with CAD10,000.

    2. I still don’t get the hype of King Kong. He’s not that funny and his Cantonese is bad

    3. but i love kingkong funn… i cant stnd christine kuo though…

    4. she’s just pretty. her acting is bad. so many scenes in GJ2 are so fake and un-natural.
      eventhough King Kong doesn’t speak good cantonese but at least his acting is pursuading.

  6. Lol, Am I the only one that doesnt find her pretty? I mean she’s decent but not PRETTY, i personally think she lacks charisma. Also, she kinda reminds me of Bernice Liu idk why though ha maybe its because shes curvy?

      1. Nicole,

        That was a personal attack and very ignorant of you. Shut up

      2. You need to understand the meaning of “personal attack”. LOL
        She doesn’t fit the long-nosed style you obviously love.

      3. You need to understand the meaning of “ignorant”

        This article was not about Tavia, my comment was towards Christine, you singled out my comment and made an irrelevant remark. That IS a personal attack. Also, just because I’m a fan of Tavia’s does not mean that I love her “long-nosed style”.

        Before you make your assumptions about my likings please get your facts straight.

    1. She is very feminine looking. She may not have full lips, etc but I do find her alluring as a woman. I mean so many TVB actresses have such flat bodies but here is one who is fair, curvy and pretty.

      1. I agree that Christine Kuo is pretty and feminine looking. But her acting is not amazing to me yet.

    2. Nah, I don’t find her all that pretty either. Very overrated.

      1. Aren’t many overrated these days?? It is not only her.

    3. She might not the prettiest girl around but comparing her to Txb current actresses, she is in the list of pretty girls. You know, Txb dun have many pretty girls or the pretty girls are not promoted, hence have to cherish Txb for promoting a pretty girl.

  7. Christine is very pretty. It’s fair to say that she still needs a lot of practice as an actress as she is still new in the industry and that her Cantonese is still not perfect as she is also new to the language. What I dont understand is why tvb cast her in a leading role. The best they could do is make her repeat her lines when her Cantonese doesn’t make any sense to viewers.

    1. It seems that TVB is highly promoting Christine Kuo. With her current standard in Cantonese, she is not ready to act such important leading role yet.

      1. Maybe because like Carina Lau when she was at TVB that they feel she has potential? Or is she somebody’s daughter or god daughter of whatever?

      2. I don’t think so. However, I had the feeling that TVB would highly promote her right after her winning as Miss Chinese International. Perhaps TVB did not have this type of sweet and feminine actresses in her big family.

      3. Christine kinda reminds me of Vivian Chow’s style with very feminine and pretty looks. No actress in TVB currently fits the bill, although Selena is quite feminine, but Christine is prettier.

      4. My problem now is more with the non happening Ghetto Justice 2. Why introduce a wife when there is absolutely no conflict? What about wife goes after husband, pushing aside current lover? Why are these 2 teasing each other in front of the poor wife? Why the wife has to say sorry to current girlfriend when it is not her fault she was dumped by heartless bastard who is now still heartless?

      5. I think basically they photostated GJ1 script, blank some areas and rename them and voila! GJ2.

  8. Did anyone notice Crystal Li, portraying Grace, a barrister? “Ghetto Justice 2” was her very first drama series, but I think she has the potentials (pretty face, perfect Cantonese, and decent acting including speaking dialogues) to become a glamorous actress in the near future. She will easily beat Christine Kuo in every aspect if TVB promotes her.

    1. she’s pretty, but i don’t really like her looks. her eyes look dead, and her body is kind of short and stubby. can’t see her as a first lead. she is good as a host though, since she can’t stop smiling.

    2. i think Crystal Li looks pretty normal and she just reads her lines! I do think she would make a good host too, or maybe newscaster. She has a pleasing look about her and speaks articulately.

      1. crystal’s role is perfect for a newcomer. christine should’ve been given a role like this instead.

    3. By the way, where did Crystal Li come from? Since GJ2 is her first series, did she graduate from TVB’s acting class? I have never seen her before so was just wondering if anyone knew.

      1. She participated in the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 2010. She didn’t place, but won Miss Photogenic.

      2. There is no Txb acting class exisiting now. Some artists after joining Txb will take place in an internal acting class but no official one.

      3. Chriselle & Fox: Thanks for the info. She really does have a great smile. Hope to see more of her.

  9. I think the only series I did not mind her in was in The Life and Times of a Sentinel, but that was probably because she was dubbed. If her cantonese has not improved in Beauty at War, I hope they dub her because it’s easier to get away with a thick accent in modern series than ancient ones.
    I think she needs to work on the tempo of her delivery since she seems rather flat? Even though JJ has an accent, she gives a better delivery of her lines.

    1. I think she needs to work on the tempo of her delivery since she seems rather flat? Even though JJ has an accent, she gives a better delivery of her lines.
      Agree with your comments. JJ did pretty well in her role. She acted with proper feelings.

      1. She really has to work on her accent. If not she can;t be convincing in other roles, like Vivien Yeo in King Maker even if minor role, it just not suitable. But yes, she can act. Been looking at her for some time. I notice she stops shaking now in her delivery or rather shake less. There is still that matter of confidence which she is still lacking.

    2. I think JJ did better in modern drama series, easier for her if she cannot speak perfect Cantonese.

      Moreover, Chin Sum Sum’s character was from Mainland China; therefore, her acting was more convincing

      1. But she looks ravishing in that stupid dance series and she seems to make an effort to speak better. Maybe she can portray some foreign princess, her accent will be acceptable. When is TVB ever gonna do a wuxia series? I want JJ to be in it, as a mute preferably.

      2. Agree that JJ did terribly in the ancient dance series with Linda Chung and Myolie Wu. She mentioned in “The Green Room 2012” interview that it was her very first ancient drama series and she was very nervous in acting her prestigious dancer role.

      3. I actually see a big improvement in JJ’s acting and delivery of her lines as I don’t find myself reading the subtitles and can understand her fine whereas with Christine, I have to resort to the subtitles whenever she has a long dialogue.

    3. If Christine can be dubbed while she learns Cantonese, maybe us audience won’t have to suffer like this

  10. As per Wikipedia, Christine Kuo has already done 4 movies and 11 drama series for TVB. I guess with this kind of exposures to acting, we can expect better acting from her.

    1. Depends on what role. I mean I never thought some veteran movie actress as a good actress and after how many decades, she is to me still mediocre. Same goes for many many many TVB actresses but I don’t want to name names in case I get blaster again.

    2. Maybe some people are destined to be mediocre but is promoted because they have the movie star aura, etc like Charmaine Sheh. I mean I like her but her acting is still at best mediocre. But she is a leading actress, she has charisma. Same reasonings.

      1. Funn:

        I don’t think Charmaine Sheh’s acting is “still at best mediocre”. She may not be as good as Sheren Tang, but she is surely better than many current actresses. She is good in ancient, as well as modern, drama series. Not every artiste is good in both.

        Charmaine did very well in “When Heaven Burns” though the storyline might not be that appealing to many people.

        We cannot compare Charmaine Sheh’s acting with Christine Kuo’s. No comparison at all …… Christine’s is too many levels down.

      2. Once again, acting just like loils is in the eye of the beholder.

      3. I like to disagree and I can explain myself but I’d rather not. It is a different sort of mediocre from other mediocres. Even Sheren Tang suffered from some acting problems sometimes. Of course she is better than current batch, how long has she been in the industry? But unfortunately not much better. She worked hard to improve but my point is she has reached a plateau and to me she is still as I said at best mediocre. Except these days’ mediocre is called excellent whilst my mediocre is a bit higher standard.

      4. “Except these days’ mediocre is called excellent whilst my mediocre is a bit higher standard.”

        I made no sense even to myself. What I meant is when these days we have fans screaming EXCELLENT it really is just mediocre. But when I call her mediocre, to me I follow a different definition where mediocre is not excellent but mediocre is mediocre and excellent is excellent.

      5. Funn:

        I know you have very high standards in acting, so do I. Perhaps yours are much higher than mine. Out of curiosity, could you please name me some TVB actors and actresses who have excellent acting skills? Well, since you have been writing so many reviews, you should be very critical.

        By the way, what are your requirements in acting?

        Look forward to hearing from you.

    3. I think acting just like singing is an inborn talent. If you naturally have the talent, then even after just a few series and movies, people can already see it. However, if you just plain do not have it then you can act for years and years and still not be a great actor/singer. Acting and even singing is subjective as well. Some can think someone is great while another person can think they are horrible. Or some just don’t have skills or talent but have charisma, luck, connections or other things that can bring them success. No wonder many want to join the circle…

      1. Acting and even singing is subjective as well. Some can think someone is great while another person can think they are horrible. Or some just don’t have skills or talent but have charisma, luck, connections or other things that can bring them success. No wonder many want to join the circle…
        Unfortunately it is true. Everyone has different requirements ……. pretty face, built, speaking dialogues, facial expressions, inner emotions, popularity, personal preference, etc. There are some standard rules, but not everyone goes along with them.

      2. They joined for the fame and money, money especially. They all work hard, no doubt. Life of an artiste is terrible, not much privacy, not much time, not much sleep, lots of politics, struggles and all. Those who made it has determination of steel and an ability to just swallow all sorts of hurt, nonsense, etc. BUt to us viewers we see their output, not what they had to do for that output. Whilst some do work exceedingly hard, they just don’t have the same output as the hardwork they put in. Some didn’t do much and achieved instant fame. Some did so much and achieved so little for so many years. But what we see as didn’t do much actually depends on luck, timing and a bit of getting into the right circle. And it all involves extreme hard work, again that I understand. But sometimes, for some, the hard work may not commensurate with the talent which does not commensurate with the output. Maybe for these people perhaps those who are not ambitious may like to fall back to second liner roles and some may even carve a career as character actors who is not a-list but is famous in their own right. This can also consist on people who are talented but has no lead actor luck either due to looks or inability to work with others.

        For those who has the looks but none of the talent but has determination, perhaps they might be better off as something else, like director, producer. No series or movies can be made without a capable talented writer, producer, director. And when you’re famous as these, you dictate the rules. Actors act.

        As for singers, in HK there is no clear demarcation. They can do both, singing and acting except some are good at neither.

      3. “I think acting just like singing is an inborn talent. ”

        True but natural talent does not translate to instantly great first performance in either. What we are talking about is raw talent that can be molded, turned into something better, greater. And such a talent is meant for character actors, not a-list actors.

    4. But, most of her roles are small roles except for the recently ones.

  11. Have they considered dubbing? Duh?

    Just like all HK actors are dubbed whenever they appear in Mainland productions because who the heck can understand or tolerate their god-awful Mandarin Chinese.

    1. they dubbed her in her first few dramas. it was even worse

  12. My Cantonese must be terrible as I can’t make out really what ‘good’ Cantonese is. I suppose it’s equivalent to what they call the ‘Queen’s’ or BBC English in Britain. It’s certainly fascinating, this importance stressed on the correct speaking of Cantonese. If so, actors should be given a course in speaking Cantonese as it should be spoken. Christine should have gotten proper lessons in Cantonese then. I think she’s very pretty too and charming and that could sweep men off their feet.

    1. Takes practice. Some indian actors put me to shame when I watch No Good Either Way.

      Anyway what is good cantonese?

      Errr let’s take chicken wings for example.

      Kai yik is correct right?

      Kai yip is acceptable.

      Kai yim is totally unacceptable.

    2. All non-Cantonese speaking artistes have Cantonese instructors to teach them proper Cantonese, such as Fala Chen, Leanne Li, Christie Kuo, Grace Wong, Vivien Yeo, Sire Ma, JJ, etc. However, not every one learns Cantonese quickly. Some people are better in languages while others aren’t.

      Fala Chen learned Cantonese quite quickly due to many reasons, and she got promoted by TVB more. Of course, her pretty face made a big difference.

      1. I suppose if you know mandarin first, speaking good cantonese is hard as there will always be that accent but at least like in English, pronunciation is accurate then it is fine. But that also depends on the role.

        Fala still has that accent though.

      2. Fala still has an accent but it doesn’t bother me at all and I hardly notice it now. She’s improved a lot with her Cantonese over the years.

    3. Cantonese is considered only as a spoken dialect and therefore there aren’t any established standards.

      If one travels HKfrom one place to another within Guang Dong Province, the Cantonese spoken varies drastically.

  13. i think christine might just be a slower learner, eliza sam who entered the entertainment industry with even less knowledge of cantonese can even speak it better than her now. didn’t people laugh at her for competing in a chinese speaking pageant when she had minimal grasp of the language? regarding her acting, several newbies with her sort of experience have become quite polished by now. perhaps acting is just not the right career path for her?

    i recall even christine could speak better cantonese than her when she first started.

    1. Agree with “stranger”. I think Elisa Sam spoke better Cantonese than Christine Kuo in “Ghetto Justice 2” and Christine had a super heavy role. She should not have cast for such a heavy role with her current Cantonese. I agree that Christine is a slower learner, in terms of learning Cantonese and acting skills.

    2. i don’t think eliza sam had less cantonese knowledge than christine since some of eliza sam’s ancestory is from guangzhou.

      1. you are right. however, eliza did struggle with her cantonese initially and i know for a fact eliza worked really hard to improve it.

        but in general, i do think christine has a harder time picking up languages/acting. i have no idea how long she resided in canada previously but her english is still not quite up to typical standards.

        as i mentioned before, in previous situations newbies with her acting resume would be a lot better at acting than she is right now, disregarding the obvious struggle with the language. some people just aren’t meant to act, i guess?

    3. Eliza Sam will have more lines in new series Divas in Distress. We’ll see if her Cantonese is improving

  14. i really dont think Christine has any
    x-factor…none at all. ZERO.

  15. King kong’s cantonese is not much much better than christine’s but i find that i understand him better than her. Maybe because he knows how to engage the audience and has their attention. Christine doesnt engage audience or capture attention..

    1. for some reason, i don’t think his cantonese will ever improve haha.

      yeah, although his accent can get annoying he’s a lot more tolerable.

  16. Bernice Liu was not great SPEAKING CANTONESE at first, she has improving in the past years..

      1. TVB frozen Bernice Liu……… BYEBYE FOR bERNICE LIU RIP

    1. because she won Miss HK, pretty (although its subjective) and sexy!

  17. Christine acting is poor I could bearly understand what she’s saying I like Aimee and Bernice beta

    1. i fully agree her acting is poor! have not seen any good part she did in GJ2.

  18. taiwanese raised in Cananda???!!! her english is bad too lol……….

    1. I believe that Christine Kuo immigrated from Taiwan to Toronto, Canada, when she was around age 12. Her English should not be that bad if she went to high school here. However, I don’t think she was a very smart kid in school and if he hung around with Mandarin-speaking friends only and spoke Mandarin at home, her English will not be good. There are just too many Chinese people here in Toronto. We do not need to speak English if we are not in school (grade and high schools only) or work in an office. Sometimes people can even speak mostly Chinese at work. Unreal!

      1. it’s true. You never have to speak English at all if you live in Markham. Huge Chinese population there.

      2. Not only in Markham, in all the areas in Greater Toronto.

        We have Chinese signs and labels in regular supermarkets (I don’t mean Chinese supermarkets), big drug stores, etc. Sigh~

      3. yeah, down in the Spadina area.. young street is becoming more and more a korean area. Markham, however, has a very strong Chinese community. Great place to eat 🙂

      4. If you go for authentic Chinese food in GTA, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Markham and North York are the best places. There are just too many Chinese restaurants there. The ones located in Richmond Hill are slightly more upscale.

      5. yes… always authentic for me (none of this “western chinese food” stuff please.)

        It why when I am in Toronto, i like to head to Markham for some Guilin or Chiuchow style 🙂 If there early enough, it’s always a great place for authentic dimsum lunches.

  19. well , since tvb can be so corny , Christine kuo and Aimee chan can play twins … ! And finally u have 2 actress that looks so alike !

  20. Aside from what anyone states… and despite the fact any article posted about any series she is in turn into a hatefest towards her… I’m hoping to see more of her in TVB series. She’s a fresh face and I don’t mind her acting. While I can pick up a different accent in her speech, i don’t speak cantonese so it doesn’t bother me at all 😛

    I hope she continues to work hard, continues to receive the coaching she needs, and turns into a top star in the years to come.

    Don’t blame Christine if TVB wants to push her into load roles now – that’s TVB’s choice – take your anger out on TVB. Would YOU turn down the chance to lead in a series if you were an actress? Saying “no” to TVB could spend the end of your career.

    Good luck Christine – SOME of us are pulling for you.

    1. LOL TVBFanatic, has TVB successfully ‘sold’ Christine to you? 😛

      1. I sense that TVBFanatic doesn’t mind Christine, Fala or a beautiful graceful lady to fill his screen.

      2. If I’m going to invest time sitting in front of a TV screen, then why not also look at something pretty? 😛 But yes, I have always liked elegance on the screen. Audrey Hepburn is my favourite ‘western’ actress…

        Part of the reason I like Christine right now because she’s new. She’s a different face to watch when for awhile, it seemed we always saw the same people. But I do have many favourites that I am glad to see in dramas when it comes to female actresses.

        (not in any order)
        Fala Chen
        Sheren Tang
        Myolie Wu
        Selena Li
        Susan Tse

        to name some.

        But I also have a lot of favourite male actors as well

        In no particular order

        Wayne Lai (okay, this IS in order, he’s #1)
        Kent Cheng
        Lee Kwok Lun
        Bobby Au-Yeung
        Johnson Lee
        Joel Chan (too bad he’s somewhat preoccupied now -.-)

        again.. to name a few 😀

    2. speaking of which.. i really wish TVB would stop forcing untrained actresses down our throats. yes, they need practice and experience but if they’re not up to calibre let them receive proper training before giving them such a big role!

      i remember when they would put the newer actresses in sitcoms first.. aimee, bernice, linda, lin xia wei etc. with christine’s acting and mandarin they should’ve definitely started her out with a sitcom instead 3 years ago.

      1. Agree, at least the roles are not too ‘serious’ for us to think what is she saying, eps in the ancient drama

  21. Actually it’s interesting that Christine become the hottest thing of GJ2 although her acting and Cantonese need obvious improvement.

    1. I must say that KC lost his charm in GJ2 and Myolie is just being Myolie. She was better in GJ and the short bowl haircut back then give her more defining image than this boring and old tied back hair LOL.

      1. lolol
        If there were more dudes like you, those pretty actresses would have to work harder on their acting skills and pronunciation of words. I wish there would be more men like you who go for acting rather than for pretty faces.

      1. Men love pretty faces. Women analyze deeper and criticize deeper

      2. Agree with Vivien, men are generally more into looks…

      3. lol.. what a crock. Women are just as much into looks… how else do you explain the fact people still defend Bosco / Ron after all their scandals 😛 What about the chinese girl that is STILL waiting for Andy Lau? How about all the posters here who gush at Him Law?

        You guys are fooling yourself if you think it is only men who are interested in looks.

      4. I did not say that women aren’t, but men are generally more into looks than women are. I know that women definately are into looks as well, but generally not quite as much as men.

      5. I think it depends on the person, and that both sides of the gender equation can be just as shallow as the other 😉

      6. Agree with Vivien, too. Women are more critical and detailed-oriented in analyzing a person.

      7. Jayne:
        Of course men love Christine Kuo, a pretty face with a nice figure. If he doesn’t, he is not a typical man! Ha Ha!!!

      8. I’m a dude, and I find Christine really annoying.. a pretty face doesn’t make up for horrible acting and really bad Cantonese.

        I watch dramas for entertainment, not to check out chicks. There are plenty of other online sources if I wanted to see hot girls…

      9. sandcherry says:
        August 16, 2012 at 6:59 pm

        If there were more dudes like you, those pretty actresses would have to work harder on their acting skills and pronunciation of words. I wish there would be more men like you who go for acting rather than for pretty faces.

      10. props to you lolol hahaha!

        i doubt too many of us are criticizing christine because we are jealous and saying that is a bit far-fetched and ludicrous. let’s be realistic, her acting and her language are just not up to par. i just want to see some good acting, that’s all.

        i see christine more as a trophy wife than an actress, i sure hope she improves quickly because i have a feeling we’re going to see a lot more of her.

      11. And sandcherry.. if there were more women who weren’t gobsmacked by a chiseled chin and six pack abs guys like Him Law wouldn’t be so quickly forgiven for beating up his girlfriend, and guys like Ron Ng would face more scrutiny for sleeping around and cheating on his girlfriends 😛

        Again… it’s a two way street.

      12. tvbfanatic – had him’s acting not improve, he would been criticized more and the incident would’ve been constantly thrown into the mix. ron is getting quite a lot of flack for his scandal right now too.

  22. really?? she was raised in canada? 😡 i watched ghetto justice 2 the part when she first appeared and she was speaking english and it was really bad…
    but i must say she’s quite pretty but i don’t like watching her on screen for some reason. her voice and her accent really bothers me.

    1. i know.. i am surprised.. she dont speak english or canto well… does she speak mandarin or some sort of othr dialect

      1. Christine was born and raised in Taiwan, and she immigrated with her family to Toronto, Canada, when she was about 12 years old. She spoke Mandarin mostly until she competed in Miss Chinese Toronto in 2009 and she might have picked up some Cantonese. A normal kid at that age would learn good English, but if the kid only speaks English in schools (in high school only, not required in university) and nowhere else, her English may not be that good. Since Christine took her university programs through correspondence, she did not have a need for verbal communications at all.

  23. I guess like Fala Chen, her chinese will probably improve over time….but i don’t really think she deserves such a big supporting role in yet!

    1. I thought her Chinese was quite good; it was her Cantonese that has been scrutinized.

    2. Haha, wish TVB would think about that before making us listen to her 1/2 canto, 1/2 mandarin speak her lines :S

  24. Christine Kuo was portraying a lovable and kind medical doctor in “Ghetto Justice 2”, but with her pronunciation of words and acting skills, I only found that she was a lovable and kind person, but not as a smart and well-qualified medical professional. She did not look smart and intellectual in her role.

  25. Beautiful girl and sometime quite cute, but she need to really need to improve her cantonese and take up acting classes. I can’t believe she will be in war @ beauty , she will defintely ruin it with how she talk and acts.

    1. I am anxious to see Christine’s acting and listen to her dialogues in “War & Beauty 2”. It is a literary old Chinese script, and it is hard for any Cantonese-speaking artiste to speak those words. I don’t want to know if we will ever be able to understand Christine’s dialogues.

      1. I hope Christine won’t have a big part in WAB2. Her poor Cantonese!

      2. I just hope she is in for one or two eps, max….it’s a torture to listen to her Cantonese in ancient drama like War and Beauty 2

  26. I just read that Christine is mixed, with roots from Korean(from her Grandfather), Taiwanese Aborigine, Netherlands and Japan!? No wonder she’s so pretty.

    And it seems that she’s actually quite smart, as she managed to get into University of Waterloo.

    1. i thought she ended up going to the university of calgary.

      not disputing the reputation and merit of waterloo, but depending on what faculty, it isn’t hard at all.

      1. yes, the article states that she went to the University of Calgary due to the lack of money, and thus having to study part time.

      2. i see, glad she ended up completing university.

        not calling christine stupid, but i knew a lot of idiots that went to/go to waterloo (but to be fair, there’s dumb people in every university) so it was kind of funny to me that you would assume that she is smart based on her waterloo acceptance. nothing against waterloo of course! good university for sure, but some of the students not in engineering/science are the sharpest tools in the shed :p

      3. *are not the sharpest tools in the shed.

        sorry for the typo!

      4. Perhaps smart is the right description; but certainly “educated” would be appropriate. How many TVB contractees actually have university degrees? I know Linda Chung dropped out after a year and many others had like Myolie had never even gone into higher education.

      5. i agree, terminator. educated does not always equate to smart, from what i have witnessed!

        very few have actually completed a degree since they mostly entered the pageant at ages 19-21. when christine entered the pageant, she almost aged out so she had more time to go through university. i believe sarah song graduated from university and myolie wu did attend university. kate tsui has a bachelors as well.

      6. Of course, there are many dumb people who go to university, but recently, there were people who has assumed that she was dumb because she did distance learning. However, from the article I read, it seems that it was more due to her being poor and having to work part time.

        “many others had like Myolie had never even gone into higher education.”
        Myolie dropped out after her first year to join TVB. She even begged her professors to let her do her exams earlier due to her participation in the pageant.

      7. christine’s slow pickup both in languages and in acting, could be the reason why people are assuming that she’s stupid along with the distance education which i guess is looked down upon?

        funny how people are saying distance education = unintelligent though.

      8. When Christine Kuo competed in Miss Chinese-Toronto Beauty Pageant Show in 2008, her resume indicated that she “finished” university education at Athabasca University in Canada. I vaguely heard about this “Athabasca University” which is an Open University offering degree programs to students online.

        In Canada, very few high school graduates would do their university studies online. ALL our universities are run by the Provincial Governments, and their standards are governed and recognized by the Ministry of Education. Majority of students can afford to go to local universities because the school fees are very reasonable, and there are all kinds of student grants and loans offered to students. In Ontario, some universities, such as University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Queens University, etc., are ranked a bit higher than others because of their prestigious programs and quality of students. Their admission requirements are much higher than other universities.

        Athabasca University is based in Alberta with no admission requirements. It is not very common for someone (like Christine Kuo), who resided in Toronto, to take her university education online.

      9. In fact, Christine Kuo only indicated “university” as her education in her official resume when she competed in Miss Chinese-Toronto Beauty Pageant Show in 2008, and not a “B.A., or B.Sc.”. Don’t even know if she completed her bachelor’s degree study.

      10. by vaguely heard, sandcherry probably means that he/she have heard about this university before but not in detail. yes, abathasca is an online/distance learning university.

        although i don’t think it is unordinary that she would not mention her mixed ethnicity, it is indeed odd if it is true that she really did end up going to abathasca.

        although, it seems that she could’ve easily done distance learning with the university of waterloo as well. they do offer degrees online as well.

      11. The details of all contestants participating in Miss Chinese-Toronto and Miss Chinese-Vancouver Beauty Pageant shows were posted on the website of our local Chinese TV Channel (Fairchild Chinese TV) before the competitions. I got Christine’s details there. Since I was not aware of the name of Athabasca University, I remembered the name very vividly.

        I must admit that Christine is very pretty. I knew she would win Miss Chinese-Toronto for sure since the contestants in her year were not pretty at all. Those shows are always airing on our Chinese TV channel every year, very much like Miss Hong Kong Pageant Show – Finale.

        I posted the details based on what I got on the website. I was not aware of her family background until I read her interview posted on the above link. As I said in earlier post, I feel sorry for her for having such irresponsible parents. A normal kid would be able to go to local universities easily as there are very few students (mostly adults) doing university programs online.

      12. No, I meant how did she manage to connect “Athabasca University” with Christine, when it was never reported that she went to that university.

    2. In most (not all) of our university programs, students DO NOT have to enroll full-time. They can arrange their courses on 2, 3 or 4 days, and work part-time during the rest of the week. In fact, majority of university students are doing it in their university studies. Therefore, poverty or unable to pay for school fees are not legitimate reasons for taking university programs online. Unable to meet admission requirements could be the only reasons for someone to take it online.

      1. No doubt, they may be able to take less credits, but like you said, they can only work “part-time” during the rest of the week.
        From what I understand, she has to work full time, as she has to work to support her siblings, and many courses do not offer night classes only.
        Her poverty isn’t in regards to her being unable to pay for school fees, but actually meeting the basic needs of herself and her siblings. Perhaps if she only had to support herself, she could have studied and work at a part time job, but with 3 people, how much money will she need? I don’t know, I only had to support myself.

        You seem to be very skeptical of what she said. Negativity, negativity.

        Besides there may be many reasons, such as her job requiring her to work at a certain location that’s far from the university that she’s accepted at? And with the job market the way it is, it may be hard for her to find a new job near the University?

    3. In terms of Christine Kuo’s background, she was interviewed on our local Chinese channel after she won Miss Chinese-Toronto in 2008. She mentioned that she was from Taiwan and came to Toronto when she was about 12. She never mentioned that she was mixed with other nationalities. Perhaps she did not disclose her real background then.

      1. She is from taiwan, the country she is from. And she may be 50? 60? 70% chinese? And she identifies that she’s taiwanese as both her parents are born there?
        Keanu Reeves doesn’t have to tell everyone that he’s Hawaiian, Chinese, Irish, American, Canadian, English or whatever else he’s mixed with all the time. How much of a mouthful is that?

    4. After reading the article posted on 忽然1周 第890期, I am not going to comments any more on Christine’s background and education. I hope whatever she told the reporter was true.

      She never mentioned anything in such details while she was living in Canada.

      1. wow, so she graduated form athabasca university and not ucalgary?! weird.

      2. Excuse me while I do not tell everyone all about my background, 5 cats, 10 parakeets and 12 gerbils or anything in detail right from the start.

  27. Christine’s Canto is really hard to hear. Leanne Li’s canto is so much better, yet TVB asked her to improve her canto before promoting her to act in dramas. Double standard!!

  28. I know Linda Chung or Bernice Liu only finished their Year 1 or Year 2 studies in the University of British Columbia (UBC). At least they were accepted and went to a highly recognized university in Canada. Their intelligences were more recognized. They could have finished their B.A. if they wanted to do it.

      1. that is true, nicole. however, ubc has been one of the most difficult schools to get into this past decade or so.

        ontario schools like utoronto, queens, waterloo, western, mcmaster are all a lot easier compared to ubc’s admission process. just went through all of this myself!

      2. Nicole:

        Do you live in Canada? It seems that you know more about Canada than anyone of us living here.

        If you say that I am skeptical, I think you are even more critical on what I have posted here.

      3. “Depending on the degrees they were doing, it might have been easy to get in.”
        It is true. It is not even hard to get into University of Waterloo if you are taking arts program. University of Waterloo is good and prestigious for Engineering, Computer Science, Accounting, Mathematics and Actuarial Science, and Optometry. It is extremely hard to get in if you are taking those programs.

    1. If Christine Kuo’s story was 100% true (as reported in the magazine), then she was a smart kid.

      She would be a smart kid if she graduated from the University of Waterloo in Mathematics. Many students failed after their first year of the program.

      If you want to think Christine is a smart kid. Fine. Will not argue with you. Let her be one!!

      1. Will there be a need for her to lie about such things, I mean we all know the consequences of lying about education level etc. (Ron) And it is stated clearly in the interview, compared to others who may be more vague about it.
        She was admitted into the program, but she had to give it up, because she had to work and did distance learning at University of Calgary.
        Even if she isn’t good at languages, it seems that she is good at mathematics. There are many people who are good at math and science but bad at languages. And vice versa.

      2. I don’t think Athabasca University is associated with the University of Calgary. Athabasca University is independent.

        Anyway, not many artistes are telling the truth or 100% truth. Even if they said something true, the reporters might not have reported it differently. Anyway, I don’t care if it was true or not. She is not one of my relatives!

      3. Nicole:

        I have never said “Christine is a dumb person”. We just complained about her Cantonese in “Ghetto Justice 2”, nothing to do with her intelligence.

        Is Christine Kuo related to you?

      4. You did not say that Christine was dumb, but you have implied that you think she’s not as intelligent as Bernice or Linda or Fala among others. However, I’m just saying that she may be smart at different things compared to the rest of them.

        Nah, she’s not my relative, but the schools someone been to shouldn’t affect the way you view them, as there are many factors, like illness, poverty, that may have impacted them.

      5. I don’t think Athabasca University is associated with the University of Calgary. Athabasca University is independent.
        No, I meant how did you associate Athabasca University with Christine Kuo?

        Anyway, not many artistes are telling the truth or 100% truth. Even if they said something true, the reporters might not have reported it differently.
        I agree that many artistes may not tell the truth or 100% truth, but with education level, it can be easily verified.
        Have you heard about the case of Tablo?

      6. Nicole:

        I posted my comments re Linda Chung and Bernice Liu before I read about Christine’s interview on 忽然1周 第890期. We don’t access to those magazines easily like people in Hong Kong. Under normal circumstances, it was weird for someone to do university programs online here.

        I hope you read about my latter post, as follows:

        “After reading the article posted on 忽然1周 第890期, I am not going to comment any more on Christine’s background and education.”

      7. Ron again. He lied about his education and got caught, lied about love relationship and got caught again! What a shame

      8. Boy lol, you seem to hate Ron or something because you seem to nit pick everything about him. Reminds me of this one Andy Lau hater that would pick on him at every chance she got…

      9. Ron not worth my hate but the guy is caught cheating 3 women with evidence. Womanizers are douchebags. His responses are idiotic and pull him more underwater. It just made him idiotic douchebag plastic womanizer. And his acting is wooden at best to save himself.

      10. Some people are funny and prejudiced. If they don’t like an artiste, they will attack him whenever they have a chance.

        And some people are even funnier. They will attack those people whom they don’t like when they read some posts from them.

      11. Some people are even funnier, as they like to accuse people of attacking their posts, when they are the one to respond to their post in the first place. It’s only polite to reply to someone’s reply.

      12. Don’t bother to be polite and reply to any more of my posts. I got fed up with your replies.

      13. It seems that I have stepped on your tail. Thanks but no thanks!

      14. If you don’t wish to reply, you have the freedom to do so. Likewise, I have the freedom to reply as I wish.

  29. I like Christine Kuo, too, for her prettiness. I just can’t stand her Cantonese in drama series. I have nothing against her.

  30. Christine Kuo is not mixed! What kind of site did you read that from? Is it another Christine Kuo? If she (the actress) didn’t confirm it herself then it’s not true! She said in an interview her family is traditionally Taiwanese. She also didn’t mean to make her parents sound bad, but they expected her as the oldest child to take care of her younger siblings while they were at work.

      說起上來,我不只有韓國人血統。媽媽那邊是台灣原住民,還有荷蘭和日本人血統。我也搞不清自己是甚麼人,總之是 Chinese就是了。

  31. Oh! I’m guessing she meant Taiwanese by traditions then. Mixed people are more beautiful. She reminds me of Leanne Li because Aimee has short hair. I like her accent if I can understand her.

    1. Her Taiwanese accent adds more variety to contrast the better Cantonese of others. Too bad she’s the lead, because it is not practical to play the lead with an accent.

  32. part of being able to act is being able to speak! and if you can’t speak proper chinese it affects the way people judge your acting because when they can’t understand you, they’re not watching you act they’re trying to make sense of your lines…I’ve never heard her speak mandarin, but she can’t speak chinese and her english isn’t good either so I’m not sure what on earth she’s doing…

  33. Her Canto is pretty poor, but at least she isn’t a complete wooden block on screen for a newcomer

    TVB is totally lacking in people with acting talent atm, and they make it worse by continually promoting pageant winners.

    You could count on one hand the people they have who can speak and act properly!

    The best bit of GJ2 has been listening to Adele’s ‘Someone like You’

  34. Can’t stand Christine Kuo – her acting is bad, her cantonese is absolutely terrible – it’s like torture on my ears.
    And watching her in GJ2 – even her english sounds terrible! Didn’t she grow up in Canada???!!

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