Christine Ng Allegedly Fell Out With Joel Chan On His Birthday

TVB Artiste Joel Chan (陳山聰) stepped into his 35th birthday at the strike of midnight the day before yesterday and was overwhelmed with several messages of birthday greetings via popular Chinese social micro-blogging site, Weibo, sent by friends from the entertainment circle.

One of which was from his elder god sister cum long-time colleague, Christine Ng (伍詠薇). However, within a short span of five hours, Christine immediately deleted her birthday message.

It was known that Christine had committed this puzzling act as a friend of hers had told her not to contact him anymore, hence affecting Christine’s mood to change drastically and causing her to “hit the roof”.

An enraged Christine even professed that she would bid farewell to this friend of hers, thus incurring rife speculations from the outside world on who that friend was!

On the other hand, Joel’s girlfriend, Macau casino heiress Florinda Ho (何超雲) had instead defended her boyfriend Joel for being a good person.

Yesterday, around dawn,  Joel Chan uploaded a photo which showed him holding up a birthday balloon onto Weibo, in a bid to announce that it was his birthday on that fateful day.

Soon after Joel had posted that photo, many of his friends from the industry, which included his elder god sister, Christine Ng, and younger god sister, Sharon Chan (陳敏之), left messages of birthday greetings to congratulate him.

Whereas Joel’s girlfriend, Florinda Ho, uploaded a photo of a birthday cake which bore her resemblance and carried a unique design, onto Weibo at 5AM in the morning to wish Joel a happy birthday. Upon seeing Florinda’s message, Joel immediately reverted a message which read, “Thx, my love!”, back to his girlfriend.

However, coincidentally, twenty minutes before Florinda had written her birthday message to Joel, it was discovered that Christine had abruptly left a saddening message on her own Weibo wall.

That message cited, “Received a call before I slept. A friend of mine had called me up to tell me not to find him anymore, feeling enraged! I have already bid farewell to him! Too heart wrenching! Is your conscience feeding you well?”

It was unearthed that after Christine left the message above, she deleted her birthday message to Joel and even stopped “following”「關注」him on Weibo.

Sharon Chan’s words of consolation: Go separate ways

After Christine’s saddening message was posted on Weibo, quite a few of her good friends opened their virtual voices, expressing their strong support for her. Best friend Sharon Chan even wrote a message to console Christine, “Somebody has already let all that money get to his head!…

From now onwards, we shall go our own separate ways!”. After which, Sharon followed suit by deleting her birthday message to Joel and “unfollowed” him on Weibo.

Faced with the consolation and explicit support thrown by her friends, Christine, who has always been known to be tough-as-nails, typed another message on her Weibo wall, “It turned out that friendship is actually equal as we had previously brushed past each other.”

Oriental Daily called up Christine Ng yesterday in a bid to clarify matters. The reporter then directly asked Christine whether the said friend she was referring to was none other than Joel Chan.

Christine only responded over the phone, “I have never explicitly mouthed any names. You guys are free to guess whatever you like. I was just passively ending a relation in the name of friendship. Even if I’m unhappy, it will only just be for a short while. When your affinity with that person has ended then just let go, it’s okay! Making a friend is actually as good as taking a bus. Along the way, some would enter and some would exit the bus. If he wants to exit the bus, then by all means, go ahead!”

Christine then continued, “Some would eventually want to board that bus again after many years but they wouldn’t have the opportunity to re-enter that bus because I wouldn’t open the door for them ever again! Weibo is actually like Victoria Park [a famous park in Hong Kong which was named after the late Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom] in a way that it lets people release their emotions. My younger god sister, Sharon, was also just reliving her fury and not using this for any form of self-promotion.”

Florinda Ho: I don’t know what had happened

Yesterday, after hearing the reporter’s portrayal of the matter, Florinda Ho was asked whether she was worried that people would instinctively associate her boyfriend Joel Chan with that said person Christine Ng was referring to.

In reply to this, Florinda said, “I don’t know what had actually happened. Furthermore, people didn’t even name any names. However, I absolutely trust that Joel is a very good person with regards to this matter. I do not believe that Joel would do anything to upset anyone or did matters to make anyone angry.”

In other news, Florinda also uploaded a photo of her and Joel celebrating his birthday in matching couple outfits at around 9PM last night.

The development of Christine Ng’s chagrin

Christine Ng, who was initially in happy spirits after viewing some spectacular fireworks display, left a message wishing Joel Chan a happy birthday.

However, five hours later, Christine went ballistic, angrily exposing that a friend of hers had called her up and told her that he didn’t want to hang around with her anymore.

That shockingly revelation incensed Christine who retorted that she was thereby announcing of her breaking off ties with that said person, which in turn gathered her many strong support from friends.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. oversea fashion for men are so metrosexual. short shorts and flamboyant looking shoes!

    1. Yea..When I saw those gold shoes! I am like–What in the world were you thinking!

      1. Totally agree with you. How can you dress like that and go out in the public.

        what is thinking when he wears short pair with a blazer and then flamboyant looking golden shoes.

    2. I don’t really care abt their friendship and wealth, but that man has gaudy taste for fashion. What in the world does she see in him.

  2. Be careful Florinda, you might be a first class luxury bus that someone might enter just to get to a destination luxuriously. Who knows 😛 Let’s hope that your passenger don’t leave your luxury bus.

    1. LOL, ofcourse he won’t leave that bus filled with money. however she might kick him out when tired of him as his fashion style is going crazy and getting fat as well.

      he really is a low-life breaking with friends that “took” him in when he was/still is a nobody. is he trying to only befriend wealthy people from now on?

      1. If he ever get thrown out of luxury bus, it will be interesting if he try to climb back into the friendship buses he left before 😛

      2. he must be thinking: get her pregnant so if she ever dumps me i can still milk her haha…

      3. Sharon and Christine are mpre famous than Joel 3c? I dun think they have to look down when being friend with him.

        Derek Kwok still protects Joel 3c by now. So Joel is Derek’s friend for which wealthy?

      4. “Sharon and Christine are mpre famous than Joel 3c? I dun think they have to look down when being friend with him.”

        Christine is definitely more famous than JC and she has been in a few series as the lead, or shared lead at least. Many of her dramas may not be grand productions or the best, but she is at least leading. As for Sharon, she and JC are from the same generation, but I have to say Sharon is slightly more well-known to the public than JC. JC really hasn’t had a breakthrough role and the public doesn’t know him as a certain character yet, but Sharon won some recognition for GJ in the summer. JC has only recently made headlines b/c of his relationship with Florinda. Famous, in terms of acting and career, Christine and Sharon definitely beats him. But if talking about making headlines through relationships and gossips, Christine and Sharon are pretty low-key.

      5. “Derek Kwok still protects Joel 3c by now. “

        Birds of a feather. Haha.

      6. @Chriselle: Joel has his role in E.U which is liked and pushed him up. Not as much as Laughing but his role is still liked in HK. That’s why he is chose to be second male lead in Cruel Lover. Last year he made few headlines but maybe they are not translated to English much so you don’t know.

        I can agree a bit that Christine is slightly more famous than Joel, but Sharon, sorry, no. Joel is more famous than Sharon in the past and he isn’t from her generation. He started as a singer first, quite long ago and also joined TVB before Sharon few years.

        @Kidd: Why not Sharon and Christine, lol? I wonder, if Christine dun let Sharon become the endorser anymore, will Sharon mentions of money and change? Uhm, Sharon is close to Joel first, through Joel got close to Christine (who shared the manager with Joel before Sharon).

  3. I think it is rather obvious who Christine Ng and Sharon Chan was referring to, the “unfollowing” on Weibo was already a huge tell-tale.

    Furthermore, from what I know, Sharon Chan is one who seems righteous and values friendship so I assumed it must have been something serious that provoked her to stop following Joel Chan and even to delete her birthday greeting to him.

    But I don’t know man, my knowledge of Sharon could be wrong or tinted since I’m her fan! Heh heh! 😛

    Well, if that said person was truly Joel and he was really abandoning them for rags to riches, then shame on him for dumping true blue friends who didn’t despise him and instead befriended him when he was still a little-recognized actor.

    But, honestly speaking, this breaking of friendship sounds kind of juvenile to me, like something people do in kindergarten or primary school! 😡

    1. You make Joel 3c should very miseble in Tbb hehe. I dun think Chritine and Sharon any more famous than him in Tbb when they made friend.

      1. @Fox:

        Lol! Oh but I thought Christine has always been more recognized in TVB than him because at least she was main female lead in most dramas even before he became famous out of nowhere lol! :p

      2. @ Fox

        Christine and Sharon has always been more famous than Joel.

        @ Ah K

        You are correct. Christine has always been more recognised than Joel. Fox just like to counter every point in defense of the person she decided to defend. This has always been her style.

      3. Chilam admits that the person Christine was mentioning is HIM.

      4. @Stephy:

        Hi! Thanks for sharing but I’m a bit confused, hope you don’t mind clarifying!

        You meant Chilam admitted that the person Christine was referring to was none other than Chilam himself or Joel Chan? 🙂

      5. @Kidd: I don’t think Christine and Sharon are much more famous than Joel 3C. Christine might be slightly more but Sharon, no.

        Joel 3C had a singing career before he joined TVB. Not very famous but he still has a hit song.

      6. @ Fox

        “Joel 3C had a singing career before he joined TVB. Not very famous but he still has a hit song.”

        If you don’t google Joel and look back at his history, will you know this?

        At least, for Sharon, I’ve already known of her existent long ago. Sharon was already second lead in Dreams of Colors in year 2004.

      7. @ Fox

        “If you don’t google Sharon, do you know it, Kidd?”

        Yes, I know it. I’ve watched ‘Dreams of Colors’ back when it was first released. I only google to make sure of the year. But, I don’t need to google to tell you that I’ve known of Sharon’s existent since long ago. I also didn’t google when I said Sharon was second lead in ‘Dream of Colors’.

      8. Uhm yes, I also dun google Joel and still know he was a singer.

    2. Ah K,

      I think Christine Ng is also quite righteous, if not she wouldn’t be friend with Anita Yuen is now famous for being frank, righteous and blatant.

      I think 3c will regret later for ignoring his good friends while chasing rich gf

      1. @Veejay:

        “I think Christine Ng is also quite righteous, if not she wouldn’t be friend with Anita Yuen is now famous for being frank, righteous and blatant.”

        Oh yeah, good point! 😀

        “I think 3c will regret later for ignoring his good friends while chasing rich gf”

        My sentiments exactly! True blue friends who stick with you through thick and thin are always better than fair weather friends who will abandon you when you are down-and-out! :S

      2. I think Christine became friends w/ leng leng thru chilam (he played her brother in ‘cold blood warm heart’).
        I know anita is frank but when has she been righteous?

    3. Ah K,
      “Well, if that said person was truly Joel and he was really abandoning them for rags to riches, then shame on him for dumping true blue friends who didn’t despise him and instead befriended him when he was still a little-recognized actor.”

      I suspect that it’s not about Joel dumping his old friends for the pursuit of money, but rather that Joel has been acting irresponsibly since meeting Florinda. It’s as if Florinda became the reason for his existence and he no longer mingled with his old friends?

      Allegedly, he even left his long-time wife, Pony Yeung for Florinda, while disappearing for long periods from work to take vacations in Europe with Florinda.

      “But, honestly speaking, this breaking of friendship sounds kind of juvenile to me, like something people do in kindergarten or primary school!”

      I don’t think Christine and Sharon intentionally set out to break the friendship with Joel because of his dating Florinda. However, it appears that Joel has undergo a dramatic lifestyle change and he may even have neglected his old friends for a long time (allegedly not returning Sharon’s phone calls).

      Good friends care about the well-being of their friends and while it may be hypocritical to judge the “quality of one’s lifestyle,” Christine and Sharon no doubt are upset that Joel has changed so dramatically. Perhaps Joel did some hurtful actions towards the friendship in order to come to this point.

      1. Yay, Jayne’s long, detailed analysis are back! Always love reading your perspective.

        It may or may not be true what you said, but I still don’t have much of a good impression on a guy like Joel. He seems impractical and unaccepting of aging. He’s easygoing and fun to be around with, but maybe still quite immature. Maybe if he dressed more normally, I’ll change my impression of him slightly, lol. Neither like or dislike him, he’s just not impressive.

      2. Chriselle,
        “Yay, Jayne’s long, detailed analysis are back! Always love reading your perspective”

        Just trying to see the practical side and yes, I love to analyze people’s motivations and behavior patterns.

        Perhaps you are more an expert in this field than I am. 🙂

      3. “Good friends care about the well-being of their friends and while it may be hypocritical to judge the “quality of one’s lifestyle,” Christine and Sharon no doubt are upset that Joel has changed so dramatically. Perhaps Joel did some hurtful actions towards the friendship in order to come to this point.”

        From what I read, he didn’t change much. He was a big spender then, he is a big spender now, except then he probably hanged onto his family, now he hangs on to his new richer lover.

        Frankly I think his passion for her is genuine but I also think she being rich is a big bonus for him. If she isn’t, would he have abandoned work, friends for her?

        And Christine and Sharon should not be so upset. Friends will always stray away at least once. A good friend should not judge, but stand by and advice. If he refuses to listen, then what more can a friend do? If he has to fall, let him fall, but be there to pick him up again. Sounds cruel but tough love is the way to go. Moreover friends who finds love or marries often goes away. Suddenly less meeting, no chit chatting, or everything is about her or him instead of friends and gang. It is to be expected.If he chooses to revolve around Florinda and nobody else, it is his choice. His friends can’t berate him for his choice. he will regret his choice but it is nonetheless his own choice. Imagine though; how will he treat his own parents if they are in conflict with the love of his life? But I do think his family encourage this union. After all, it is very wise business wise.

      4. but christine is mad because (if that person is Joel lah, which we all assume is lol) he called her and asked her not to find him again. its not just that he strayed from the friendship/did not contact them for a long time. he literally asked christine to get away from him. tats VERY valid reason for being angry at him

  4. LOL! This weibo/twitter community is sounding a lot like High School. Whatever happen to telling people face to face they are not your friends anymore.

    I think I am getting old.

    1. seems like he did call them and deliver the msg:”i don’t want to be associated with you poor people anymore as im going to marry in to a wealthy family, hahaha”

      1. I don’t think it’s about wealth. Christine and Sharon aren’t exactly dirt poor.

      2. Kidd, maybe status? He needs to upgrade his set of friends? Play golf, buy condo, drive foreign car?

  5. Offtopic but Sharon looks simply radiant and Christine looks really good for her age! I wonder what they use on their skin 😛

    1. Yeah agree, Sharon does look good onscreen and offscreen. Christine looks good too for her age but in the game show chok chok chok, she looks a bit plummer imo.

  6. Really interested in knowing what happened and why Christine all of a sudden unfollowed him on Weibo and deleted her bday message on his blog, but I have faith in Christine and Sharon’s character while Joel has always been well, Joel.

    And those shorts and shoes are cringe-worthy!

  7. “It was known that Christine had committed this puzzling act as a friend of hers had told her not to contact him or her anymore, hence affecting Christine’s mood to change drastically and causing her to “hit the roof”.”

    I don’t get this paragraph. What does the article mean by ‘him or her’? Who is the ‘her’?

    1. @Kidd:


      The article did not explicitly say whether it was a male friend or female friend of Christine hence I translated it as ‘him or her’ as it is not very nice to jump to conclusions here but I used ‘him’ throughout the remaining portions of the article so that readers wouldn’t be confused.

      Lol, I don’t know whether it sounds confusing but do let me know and I shall make the amendments if necessary! 😀

      1. It is a bit confusing. The sentence made me think the caller is calling on behalf of herself/himself and another person i.e. speaking for 2 people.

      2. @Kidd:

        Oohs I see, okay I shall make the necessary amendments in a while and thanks for pointing that out! Let me prepare for school first k lol! 😀

      3. @Kidd:

        Morning! Have made the necessary amendments as per your suggestions! Thank you once again for taking the effort in helping me to perfect this article! 😀

    2. “It was known that Christine had committed this puzzling act as a friend of hers had told her not to contact him or her anymore, hence affecting Christine’s mood to change drastically and causing her to “hit the roof”

      My interpretation is that Joel had called Christine to ask her not to call him anymore, thus they had a falling out.

      I think Christine is blasting Joel “anonymously” because she cared about his well-being, yet he ignored their friendship and likely tossed her concern to the side. Christine sounds quite hurt.

      High school drama or not, good friends that we care about (especially friendships that lasted for many years) have the capability in hurting us. When people don’t share the same effort in maintaining the friendship, then inevitably they drift apart. Usually one friend may care more and act more heatedly over the argument.

  8. Christine doesn’t film much TVB dramas but when she does, she is always one of the leads. I noticed at one point, every times she had a drama, Joel was in it too. Then I learned that they are good friend and Christine helped Joel a lot in his acting career . I can’t believe he did this to her. Really shame on him.

  9. This is a tough question. Is it worth it to give up friendship for love (or money)?

    1. Good question Kidd, but question is who is the difficult person here. I mean some gf/bf may act possesive and manipulating in one relationship, hence made her/his partner to disconnect all his/her existing friendship with others. I’ve seen partner like that in life. So, my point is maybe it’s Florinda ho that force 3c to disconnect his relationship with his female friends and only focus on her alone. Ok, this is all assumption without facts.

      Maybe it’s not 3c’s fault at all, it could be Florinda Ho.

    2. Kidd,
      “Is it worth it to give up friendship for love (or money)?”

      Although the media paints Joel as dating Florinda for money, I don’t see it that way. I see him as a man hitting his mid-life crisis that is eager to hang on to his youth by dating a younger woman and making the center of his current life. He is willing to leave behind his work at a moment’s notice and likely adopt her friends and left his own behind.

      From the tabloid news, it appears that Joel is eager to live life in the fast lane with Florinda. Again, he strikes me as a man wanting more excitement in his life and wishing to change his current lifestyle for some excess, which may be funded by money. However, Joel doesn’t strike me as dating Florinda purely for money.

      “Is it worth it to give up friendship for love?”

      Unfortunately, people see friendship as more transient than love. They see friends as more dispensable; what is lost can be gained through meeting of new friends. People may also see friendship solely for companionship. It is easy to find friends to “wine and dine with” and accompany us in the lonely hour, but not necessarily be there for the rough times.

      However, people (myself included) may be short-sighted while in love. It is a sad reality that if your boyfriend/girlfriend does not get along well with your close friends, you might find yourself drifting further apart, especially if your close friends frequently criticize your bf/gf choice, even if it is for “your own good.”

      1. Kidd,
        Btw, my personal assessment is that people who are truly greedy about money and their actions driven mainly by money will be more calculative and shrewd. In this sense, their actions will be driven by what they stand to gain (money) which makes them more calculative and taking careful steps to protect their own gains.

        Joel’s actions thus far seem to paint him as a rash, impulsive, and passionate man who wants to live a life in the fast lane. Which is to say he doesn’t seem that shrewd and calculative. He’s taking big risks by making Florinda the center of his world, dropping old friends and dropping work to accommodate Florinda.

        Joel happens to have found traits in Florinda which met his needs, but I don’t think he is dating her mainly for money.

      2. “He’s taking big risks by making Florinda the center of his world, dropping old friends and dropping work to accommodate Florinda.”

        Seems like he is living his life in an illusion right now. Wake up, lah!

      3. I also don’t feel that Joel is dating Florinda for money only. I think he does have true feelings for her. However, I don’t think that he should drop his work, career and old friends just to accomodate her. The next thing you know, things just don’t work out and he may regret it down the line…

    3. That is a good but also hard question to answer. For me,I have not been in love so I can’t really answer that question. But as for money, then I definately pick friendship since money comes and money goes. It also depends on how deep your friendship is with your “friends”. If they are your close and lifelong friends, then I really question would I give them up for love. However, if they are just casual friends then I think that I would pick love. I think many may take friends for granted and think that if you lose some friends, then you can just meet others. That is how it is with casual friends, but with close and lifelong friends… They are hard to find as well. I bet that if anyone of us had friends like that, we would question if we would want to give them up for love…

  10. I can tell this article was pretty difficult to translate …

    so many hidden messages and beating around the bush … LOL

    Thanks Ah K!

    1. @pandamao:

      Hi! Welcome and thank you for your kind compliment, haha honestly I would already be very happy to be half as good as you in translating articles! 😀

  11. After Joel goes out with Florinda, his fashion is getting worse and worse.

  12. Christine possesses a naturally sexually confident look here.

    Joel’s gold shoes and short shorts are totally gross – a reflection of his current ‘gold digger’ mentality, despite both his and Florinda’s protests to the contrary?

    1. I agree and wonder why Joel’s clothes and fashion sense are so bad??? Is he trying to be creative??

  13. I;m sorry but this is so funny! Grow up Christine. Stop being so dramatic over everything.

    1. If your very good friend tell you not to see him again after he started dating, how do you feel?

      1. I certainly won’t go bonkers in public. Is everything has to be in public these days? Is it as simple as because he is dating he doesn’t wish to see you anymore?

        To your question, is friendship worth the sacrificing in the name of love or money?

        That is supposing he is acting alone, he wants to spend more time with his girl and less with you as the friend. Every lover is that way. But there is another side to this question; is Joel being asked to forsake his friendships for the sake of his love? If it is the latter, I will say Joel is stupid. These are not bad friends, there are positive sort of friends, and to stop him and to possess him wholly is to be the most selfish sort of love. Starts with friends, then family, then his money, then his career, then his freedom.

        But as his friends what can you do? You can tell him to his face what you think, that will kill the friendship and then it will be no turning back.

        As for Christine and Sharon, both supposed god sisters, don’t you think such a trivial matter can be overcome? Yes it is trivial. Between the birthday wish and the meltdown we don’t know what happened. It may be serious enough to make him say what he said.

      2. No matter what, I will not air my grievances publicly where it will for sure get blown up by the reporters and netizens.

        I too think Christine was being too overly dramatic and immature when she posted that comment on weibo.

      3. It’s her own space and it’s her way of expressing her feelings. Some people air grievances in private, some told reporters in interviews and some write in blogs, FB or weibo. I don’t see any big problem. She’s hurt by this ‘friend’.

      4. We also don’t know what Joel said to Christine. It might be something really hurting and broke her heart

      5. @ Kidd

        As to your question whether to give up friendship or money. If the friends I have to give up are true friends that have been with me through thick and thin then no. There is no point to have all the money in the world if there is no one to enjoy it with. And also with money, comes the ‘gold digger’ friends which is not worth giving up a beautiful friendship. Money is important but it cannot give one support and love of a true blue friend.

        Admittedly, it is quite immature to air one’s dirty laundry in public but who knows what the person said to Christine? It could be that what was said hurt her very deeply. Like Kidd said, if a very good friend tell you not to see him again after he started dating, how do you feel? Especially one that you thought was a true friend. I know that some of you are cynical and don’t seem to have much faith in friendship, and I can understand that. I have been hurt badly in friendship and trusting those who were not worthy, but I believe true friends do exist, it’s just that we haven’t had the luck and fate to meet them.

        She could have felt very angry, hurt, confused and well as frustrated for having someone she thought was a good friend just betray her trust like that. So she just wanted an outlet to rant and rave about her feelings. In a way, she wanted that person to know how she felt and well to express how she felt in a public arena, probably not so much for sympathy but just to let the world know how she felt. Most of us would turn to friends but in the world on internet today, a public site like Weibo would have a similar effect. Haven’t anyone of you expressed pent up feelings in a public area before, be it facebook, twitter or even in real life?

  14. Hm… I wonder what happened?? I think Christine is acting a bit immature…

  15. Who writes/translates these articles ?! No offense to whoever it was – I’m sure s/he worked hard at it – but it’s rife with really egregious errors of usage. Maybe a stronger editorial hand is called for …

    1. @jdA,
      I can see that your English is very good and i do believe your Chinese will not bad either. Maybe u can help Jayne or Ah K to translate more articles and contribute to Jayne so that we will have more news to see and can share some entertainment news. Needs more articles to read in order to pass times. hehehe…

    2. @JdA:

      Hi! Jayne and volunteer writers (which includes yours truly) wrote and translated those articles as per what you saw on the site! 🙂

      Firstly, I admit that I didn’t have the luxury to brush up my English any further in the past hence the probable repulsive form of writing in this article. 

      Furthermore, I also understand that as per the Chinese saying, “there will always be a mountain higher than the other” so I try my best to remain humble at all times and accept any form of constructive criticism that my English isn’t as good or whatsoever as I know there will always be others who are much more proficient and competent in comparison. 

      Although I do agree with your comment that the structure, writing flow and grammar usage in my writing leaves much to be desired, I don’t think Jayne’s or even other contributing translators’ translation is distressing in any way, in fact I feel that their grasp of English is impeccable and is shown rather distinctively in their written translations. 

      But wow, since you used the word “egregious”, I can’t help but wonder whether my English is really that atrocious such that the errors were so unbearable and jagging to sight lol? 

      Haha perhaps I’m indeed not the ideal person for the “job” of a volunteer translator, maybe it’s an indication that it’s high time I hang up these translator’s shoes for you to fill them for the benefit of the readers here! 

      Moreover, I can’t help Jayne out and submit as much translations as before as it’s my final school term this year so I will be busier than ever hence it would be awesome if you join the team of translators or reviewers! 

      Do feel free to email Jayne at [email protected] if you are interested and will certainly look forward to reading your future translated articles or reviews! 😀

      1. @ Ah K,
        Ever since, u became the Jayne’s writer, we really appreciates your countless efforts and times spent and we did not find your articles difficult to understand, in fact we r enjoying.
        Hence I would like to take this opportunity to thank you .
        BTW, if u r not the right person for Jayne , she will not selected you as her writer. Jayne is not stupid. in fact Jayne value u more than anything.

        You may never be good enough to someone.
        but you would be best for someone who deserve you.( LIKE US )

        Keep it up AH K…We are here for you.

      2. Ah K,
        You have truly been an invaluable writer to this site. Not only are you a prolific writer, but you write with a passion and liveliness that makes your writing highly entertaining to read. Good writing doesn’t necessarily mean having all the proper punctuation in place. A structurally correct writer does not equate to an engaging writer. Hehe, fortunately you are not a textbook writer and instead, write with a lively and passionate voice that can only be found in true fans of Hong Kong entertainment.

        In addition, you have covered some extremely long and very difficult interviews to translate. Many people, myself included, are extremely appreciative of your work and the long hours of hard work involved!

        School should always come first and I’m sure that after a long day of attending classes and assignments, the last thing you want to do is spend hours before the computer translating articles. 🙂 Your personal priorities should always come first as you are volunteering your free time to provide the community with updated news.

        I just hope that you are not discouraged by Jda’s comments, as I agree that everyone’s writing can be improved upon (myself included). I understand if you wish to spend less time translating for this site, but I hope it is not due to your questioning whether you are the ideal person for the “job” of a volunteer translator. Of course, you more than qualify! You have done great work for this site and we are all big fans of yours! Hehe, Chriselle and Stephy both mentioned that they missed your presence earlier.

        I hope you continue to be a part of the community and comment when you have time. Hehe maybe more Kate articles would do the trick! 🙂 Your friendly and lively comments always make me smile.

        I also want to take this opportunity to thank all the Contributing Writers who have taken their valuable free time to submit news articles and reviews for Your writing adds to the different voices in the news/ reviews features, making this site a richer community to all fans of Hong Kong entertainment!

        Love always,

      3. Yep, Jayne is right on spot about everything. 😀 I love Jayne’s philosophical writings as I’ve stated before, but I also love an alternative upbeat writer with a positive mentality that not only brings HK news to us readers, but also joy in her writings. 😛

      4. @ Ah K,
        If u read mine or kidd earlier comments to JDA, there is a hidden meaning but our words to you are full of sincerity, same like the way you writes and translate with passions and lively as what Jayne describe.

      5. You know, translation is hard work. And sometimes there are so many ways, so many versions, so many meanings, what AH K did or Jayne or anyone else did is to interprete it as best as they could. The WORST translation is those word for word. The BEST is those who adopts a flow, who gives meaning not to literal sentence but to the overall intention of that sentence. I feel AH K did a wonderful job, even if sometimes I wonder are the titles that amazing? I mean Ah K, I did mention a few times on the titles and the use of words and the double meanings, all of which I applaud you.

      6. Ah K and Jayne

        I heard somewhere that majority of people are only well verse in one language, the language they use most often.

        Only those with high IQ can master 2 or more languages very well.

        So Ah K and Jayne, I really admire your ability to read Chinese so well as to translate it. For me, my English is better than my Chinese.

        I speak Chinese daily but when it comes to reading Chinese articles, I read very slowly, like a primary school kid.

        So keep it up!

      7. @ Canto

        I don’t think it’s true. If you teach the person from young, he/she can master several languages. Kids are faster learn and they have great memories.

        But, if you seldom use one language of course you will forget. Not related to IQ much.

    3. Kate Tsui meh????…dont want la…..Gregory Lee la ..ok…yes yes yes…hehehehe

  16. Here is an conspiracy. Both Christine and Shaon disassoc because they wanted to protect themselves. Who knows, Joel current persuit don’t like both of them?

    Or Joel asking them to make it big in virtual world so they are not linked.

  17. zz. well i think the fact that Christine & Sharon deleted their bday wishes and unfollowed him says it all.

    anyw i really dont see what there is to see in Joel.

  18. ew he’s wearing short short, and those chicken legs is disturbing.

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