Ending Spoilers for “Bottled Passion” Revealed!

The 2-hour finale to TVB’s popular series, Bottled Passion <我的如意狼君>, will be aired on Monday, January 2, 2012 in Hong Kong. Due to the poor timeslot assigned to the highly praised Bottled Passion, Producer Lee Tim Sing (李添勝) continued to air his grievances but refrained to disclose the outcome of the plot. Nevertheless, Oriental Daily received a tip regarding ending spoilers for the riveting drama!

After Niki Chow (周麗淇) and Raymond Wong (黃浩然)discover the origins of their families’ past, they decided to elope together. Unfortunately, Raymond was trapped by heiress, Elaine Yiu (姚子羚), who was bent on seeking revenge for betraying her love. The major villainess, Rebecca Chan (陳秀珠), will bite back on Raymond. The finale will conclude with Raymond’s violent and tragic death!

Niki did not know that Raymond had died, thinking that he had only mysteriously disappeared. Although she was advised that Raymond will never return again, she insisted to to wait longly for his return for the rest of her life! The ending will surely be a tearjerker for housewife fans!

On the other hand, Joel Chan’s (陳山聰) evil actions suffered just retribution and he completely lost his family wealth.

Asked whether there will be a sequel planned for Bottled Passion, Producer Lee Tim Sing replied, “Everyone knows that pushed the limits in this series [and did not leave any inconclusive elements unresolved]. There are no plans for part two yet!”

Excerpt from Oriental Daily

Jayne: This article was updated with additional spoilers which emerged in the evening news.

Tragic endings (with justified and logical plot devices) are more memorable and perhaps realistic than everyone forgiving each other and living happily together. Pehaps unfulfilled love stories may be the most memorable of all…. I thought everyone hates the cliche happy “BBQ” endings found too readily these days?

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  1. The ending is indeed unrealistic, – 1) TBS can make his way around from dusk till dawn, bleeding away.
    2) No one at all on the street except for the passer-by and our doctor.
    3) If Lo Yat and TS want to trace TBS – cannot follow the trail of blood he left behind meh.

    If TVB wants to have a tragic ending that makes the audience cry for any of the cast in the series – make it more logical – please

    I don’t understand why LTS insist that Niki be in this series and no one else. I don’t think her performance here is that good. Nothing memorable.

    1. “I don’t understand why LTS insist that Niki be in this series and no one else. I don’t think her performance here is that good. Nothing memorable.”

      Perhaps because Niki looks the part of a naive, trustworthy, soft-hearted, weak character. Tsui Sum’s character was simple and uncomplicated and frankly, nothing special or memorable but even though Niki looked the part, her acting was like acting. Yes, her acting was very mediocre. But she’s pretty enough and I prefer her over the Tavia/Myolie/Linda/Kate bunch.

    2. I agree. Horrible and unrealistic ending. Don’t know what the director was thinking. It just kept dragging towards the end. Definitely wasn’t logically. It would have been nicer if they just had him died at the hospital and buried.

    3. Stupid writer and director for this film ending…It’s very very stupid and unrealistic. I’ve to give a good credit for the beginning and middle part of the film was so great but the ending destroy the whole movie. Hey writer / director, next time considering review your ending before fliming okay…

  2. Finally…a TVB drama which I felt excited for to watch every night! I mainly avoid TVB drama just because a lot of them are fairly predictable but this one kept me, as I had hope. (I mainly lead toward Korean Dramas.)

    Here is my two cents regarding the ending:

    For the producer/director to kill off one of the main characters…I feel is a way of cheating to get a memorable ending. Any writer/producer/director can kill off a character and make it sad, bittersweet & memorable but it’s harder to make a satisfy ending without killing off the main character. For a professional to accomplish that, kudos to them.

    By the way, did anyone else wonder about Elaine Yiu? I hope she lives.

    My friend & I was discussing. Agreed with the totally illogical form of tramping all over the place for the boat. But if I had a choice of Raymond dying in the boat vs the hospital, I prefer the illogical boat manner vs the logical dying in a hospital. 🙂

    1. “By the way, did anyone else wonder about Elaine Yiu? I hope she lives. ”

      I would expect her to go to jail if she survived since she killed Tung Bun Seen.

  3. I didnt think he wanted to go to the hospital because if he ended up dying anyways Elaines character would be acused of murder if she survived.Didnt think he wanted to cause her anymore harm and didnt want nikki to see him die. Its a win win situation for him. thats how i c it base on his character

    1. The ending is so sumilar to the korean drama. However, the body was actually found in the kdrama. I guess tvb did copy some of the elements from the kdrama

      1. Yup…it is 90% similar to Korean drama “bad guy” .

  4. I was looking forward to the ending so, so much, but I did have a bad feeling.

    At first I thought, “oh god, please not let it be a car crash” or something lame like that…but anyways, the ending dragged. I hate how the series gave me hope that he was still alive…but in the end that hope was just hopeless!

    Also, they didn’t show the result of Elaine Yiu’s character? I wanted to know how she lived knowing she stabbed someone she loved!

    1. “Also, they didn’t show the result of Elaine Yiu’s character? I wanted to know how she lived knowing she stabbed someone she loved!”

      They just show her on the bed eyes closed as Dr Yuen reprimanded her for not choosing life and etc. I think she lived. How she will live knowing she killed him? Happily I assume since a woman scorned is a woman.. scorned.

  5. i don’t mind the fact that TBS died on a random boat… what i mind is the fact that he could wander around the street that long without him ever reaching the hospital… he could have been SAVED!!! then he wouldnt have to see and wait for TS in his next life…

    For a moment when TS found the ring i thought he struggled to her place… (Obviously Not)

    1. How stupid was he to choose to bleed to death and not make his way onto a cart and get help at a hospital. And why did it take the friggin doctor so long to get help? I mean a dying man managed to get away and he was still looking for a stupid ride.

  6. I actually finished watching the ending. I personally feel that there will be an sequel to Bottled Passion, as both characters stressed the fate issued from past as a child and current life, and they shall meet again during the next life. TVB ended with “they shall meet again during next life” If there were to be next life, the sequel should take place in a modern setting when TBS and TS shall meet again.

    1. That would be good but the script would have to be well written for it to work and not feels as though they’re just rewriting the same story in a modern setting

  7. I want them to make part two of bottled passion like raymond did not died he drift away and other people will save him and he return to niki and live happily and have kids and marry hopefully they will make it!!!!!!!!!

  8. I don’t see how he could have not been saved. It’s China there should be hundreds of people in a city like that but there was only one bystander. The day to night thing means he could have been saved if he just stayed still for the bystander or the doctor but NOOOOO he had to crawl all the way to the boat just to die there…which seems to be on the other side of the cities/town >.> I get the next life we will be together but I’d be happier if they just get married in that life time… and they end with “our lives are always entwined to be for happy and sad, no matter what may come.” or something…

    1. He should have crawled to the hospital instead. I bet that is nearly than the dock.

      The ending was good until the last 10 minutes when they recounted what happen to TBS. That’s just one silly plot.

    2. Sorry, typo. should be

      ‘I bet that is nearer than the dock.’

  9. totally stupid ending!!! Very disappointed. I was under the impression that Raymond is crawling to meet Nikki for the last time since he knew he would never lived. End up? He crawled his way (long long long way) to the boat to died there? What bull**** about not wanting Nikki to see him died?? Can’t find body and not seeing the last time is much worse isn’t it? The ending made Elaine not died but did not awake either?? what’s the point? Dun understand the part about her little sister too…The serial was made to be quite capturing from begining till end but the ending totally killed it!!!! ANGRY!

  10. I like this series so much but the end was unexpected I thought he would not die and he will have a further with her. By the way does someone know the Theme Song of this series?

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