Sharon Chan Pegged to Win TVB Best Supporting Actress

The number of fadans at TVB has been increasingly lacking in recent years. The race for this year’s Best Supporting Actress Award, often regarded as a precursor to the TV Queen title, was highly competitive this year. TVB executives had their own favorite actresses, while Stephen Chan’s (陳志雲) favorite, Sharon Chan (陳敏之), stood out as the front runner. Sharon admitted that she possessed full confidence in herself!

It was less than one month away from the TVB Anniversary Awards and the speculation of the possible winners was a recent hot topic. Unfortunately the battle in the TV King and TV Queen categories were weak, while the race in the Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress categories were fierce. The finalists clearly belonged to different TVB executive camps. Aside from the artists fighting for the awards, it was also a show of the executives’ power backing the respective artists. Numerous second line actresses wished to win the Best Supporting Actress Award in order to break into the front line!

Sharon Chan Supports Elena Kong

The finalists for the Best Supporting Actress allegedly include Stephen Chan supported Sharon Chan (Ghetto Justice 怒火街頭), Natalie Tong 唐詩詠 (The Other Truth 真相), and Catherine Tsang supported Manner Chan 陳曼娜 (Wax and Wane), Helen Ma 馬海倫 (The Other Truth), and Virginia Lok supported Vivien Yeo 楊秀惠 (A Great Way to Care 仁心解碼), Aimee Chan 陳茵媺 (The Other Truth), and Nancy Wu 胡定欣 (Forensic Heroes 3 法證先鋒 III).

Considered to be the hot favorite to win the Best Supporting Actress, Sharon Chan admitted that she had full confidence due to her standout role in Ghetto Justice. At the same time, Sharon also felt that Elena Kong (江美儀) possessed a good chance. “Together with Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), I also hope that I can win an award for Ghetto Justice. It would be wonderful if Ghetto Justice can also win the Best Drama Award!”

Joe Ma (馬德鐘) was originally scheduled to appear at yesterday’s promotional event with Sharon. However, Joe was unable to attend due to gastroenteritis. After the event, Joe’s manager uploaded a photo of Joe’s hospital entry last night, while openly apologizing to the advertisers for Joe’s absence. Many of Joe’s friends forwarded the message and wished Joe a speedy recovery. Sharon indicated that she will call Joe to ask about his condition.

On her blog earlier, Sharon indicated that she was extremely stressed recently, due to the long filming hours. Despite this, Sharon added that TVB treated her well and arranged some time for her to rest.

Battle for Best Supporting Actor

Allegedly the battle for TVB Best Supporting Actor will be between veterans such as Elliot Ngoc (岳華), Law Lok Lam (羅樂林), Lee Sing Cheung (李成昌), Cheung Kwok Keung (張國強), and Ben Wong (黃智賢), who stood out for his performance in Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊>.

In addition, heavily promoted Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) was “elevated” and was nominated in the Best Actor category for his performance in The Other Truth. Asked whether the nomination was within his expectation, Ruco replied, “Of course not! I am already dying of happiness to be nominated!” (Do you have confidence to win the Best Actor Award?) “Many people feel that I have a good chance in winning the Most Improved Actor Award. However, if the award title were changed to ‘Oldest Qualified Newcomer Award,’ then I have confidence to win!” Last year’s recipient of the Most Improved Actor Award, Raymond Wong (黃浩然), felt that Ruco had a good chance in winning the award.



Jayne: I also feel that Elena Kong and Nancy Wu deserve to win for Best Supporting Actress. Sharon’s character was also quite likable, but her character stands out more rather than her acting performance.

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  1. If the the news about Ruco chan is true, I am very happy for him. I don’t think he’ll win but it’s great that the’s nominated..GREAT ACTOR!

    1. No, he got nominated for BEST ACTOR, according to the article above.

      1. tvb trying to gain some credibility by adding the real best actor in tvb this year?

  2. I hope Nancy wins best supporting. If aimee won, I think there would be rioting in the streets.

    Sharon could finally win most improved but it seems kinda late.

    1. I hope Nancy would win too, she’s one of my favorite actress, so then she can lead for series

    2. I don’t think it’s late for Sharon. Haven’t seen her much until recently. Kenneth Ma didn’t win until Most Improved until 2-3 years ago and he was in a lot more series than Sharon.

  3. ofcourse the most deserving shold be elena. her performance in ROW was simply great, however tvb will prolly give the pork chop to someone else…

  4. I agree with Jayne. I liked Sharon’s character but I really like Nancy’s acting. It’s very solid but with all the hype for Ghetto Justice.. we’ll see.

  5. Hope Nancy Wu wins it!! This girl is so versatile! Unfortunately, she does not have the ‘look’ of a leading actress but she definitely deserves Best Supporting.

    1. I think Nancy have the look for a leading actress, way better than some of the actress tvb is promoting right now.

      1. Totally agree! Nancy Wu is undervalued by TVB. She’s such a strong actress and seems to be a down2earth person too, way better than Aimee and Sharon in their personalities and acting skills.

      2. I agree. Her role in Forensic Heroes wasn’t that big, but I’m sure she has a big future ahead of her.

  6. Catherine Tsang is the only executive who support veteran actresses for the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ award. Very unique since executive usually support the actresses/actors they want to promote. Mannor Chan and Helen Ma a bit too old for promotion.

  7. Between Sharon, Natalie, Nancy and Elena.. My vote goes to either Nancy or Elena Kong to be the best supporting actress.

    Nancy can perform well in villain and good/naive/innocent role while Elena can act evil and good role it’s hard to decide.

    1. I also support Nancy, Sharon and Elena. Not Natalie though, she’s still below par.

  8. I have a feeling Nancy wu will win…she got a lot of praises for her acting in FH3

    1. I think Nancy will win too, because her acting in FH3 was really good, and it’s the most recent in everybody’s mind.

  9. I support Nancy and Elena too. Nancy is a versatile actress. So happy that Ruco has been elevated to Best Actor. Frankly, I don’t mind if Nancy, Natalie , Elena or Sharon wins. However, not Aimee please.

    1. Ah Mo will use his influence and get aimee that award by signing another 10 year contract with “totally very bad”

  10. HI,
    Any idea when is the Big 45 TV Gala Anniversary? Just didnt want to miss it lor!

    1. The ever-boring 45th Gala show is Nov. 19

      The bloated award show is Dec. 5

      The lame Sales presentation (tape delay) Dec. 18

      1. Thanks Larry!
        Let’s hope Laughing Gor wins the Best Actor award,very good acting skills. Really think he deserved it!! Superb!!

  11. I knew Ruco will get A TVB Best Actor nominated, TVB is that desperate… DESPERATE!!!

    I really hope all who nominated in Ghetto Justice wins, this year TVB series is just pure ship wrecked!

    1. I hope not, because GJ is so boring, couldn’t even get pass episode 4. I hope Ruco win because he deserve it.

      1. Ruco deserves it? TVB is milking him pretty good!

        Ghetto Justice FTW!

      2. The only one TVB is milking is Michael as Laughing Gor. Ruco can act, sing, and he’s good looking..not to mention he has experience…So he’s one actor I don’t mind getting promoted by TVB

      3. Ruco has a long ways to go to “earn” the Best Actor award. He’s not prime yet.

      4. Pretty too soon for Ruco to get. If Ruco gets Best Actor this year, many artists will feel angry and leave TVB.

    2. Chilam may win it because TVB needs him for the flying series – poor TVB!

      Or maybe TVB will give the award to Wayne Lai to creative public attention as Wayne received 2.

      Probably, TVB may give it to Raymond because TVB is afraid of Ramond’s intentional departure more series but movies.

      Well…why bother when the awards are all plotted?

      1. Uhm, the more it is plotted, the more ppl wanna see how it is plotted and complain :P.

      2. On a side note, i just checked the TVB awards list and realized that Myolie wasn’t nominated for GJ where her chac was well done and well loved (or so I have heard) but instead she was nominated for Curse where so far, the reviews of her performance has been kinda panned.. What’s TVB up to this time?

    3. Pretty faces Linda Chung and Kate were nominated for Best Actress, why not HK’s sexiest man Ruco Chan? =)

      1. Because Ruco is newbie in TVB. Ok, maybe he came back but to TVB, he is still new as he has just had leading role for 1 series.

      2. @ Fox: I don’t think he should be discounted from nomination because he is “new” – I think his role in TOT was pretty fantastic. Yes, I agree it is too soon for him to win it but a nomination is well deserved. If not nominated for Best Actor then certainly I hope he wins for My Favourite Actor.

      3. Haven’t watched TOT and don’t plan to watch, no comment on it. I just saw Ruco in several ATV series and he is kinda so-so in my opinion. Maybe he changed, don’t know because never watched him in a series of his own. I will try ATF when it is aired to see how Ruco is.

        However, I only tried to explain the reason why he shouldn’t win.

      4. I don’t understand why people get all upset because Ruco got nominated, I mean he can act. On the other hand Kate, who can not act but got nominated because she’s in like a hundred series this year, but nobody say anything about that.

        @Fox you should watch TOT, then you will understand all the hype about Ruco, At first I didn’t want to watch it either but after the 1st epi, I was hooked to his great acting.

      5. @Kay,

        Maybe i’m the strange one, I didnt see Ruco’s acting as something great after watching TOT. He’s just another normal actor doing normal acting just like others.

      6. @Kay, that’s how I feel towards LF. lol. I’ve watched plenty of dramas with LF as Supporting and Leading Actor but I was never drawn to him or to any of the characters that he played. (he is not even that good looking IMO). Ruco Chan “had me” at TOT….=) but not enough to win the Best Actor award yet.

      7. @loungegirl,

        Same here, I never see LF as handsome guy.. LF is just some artist/singer who got lot of opportunities arranged for him kekeke.

        PS: I hope you dont mistaken me as one of the LF’s fan lol.

      8. No way I will watch this series. First it has TY. Second from the beginning I dont like ots plot. Third I dun care much of Ruco.

      9. Fox does not like TY. hes probaly a fan of the other fadans. I have a quesiton, is jaynestar run by a fadan’s fan? perhaps fala, myolie or kate? I ask this becasue they seem to have a goal to bash TY and im sure some hater goes to TY’s form to rate it down. shame on them.

      10. Jin,
        ” have a quesiton, is jaynestar run by a fadan’s fan? perhaps fala, myolie or kate? I ask this becasue they seem to have a goal to bash TY”

        JayneStars’ is not run to promote or bash a particular artist. If we were interested in doing so, it would be better to call it “Fala’s Unofficial Fan Club” etc. There is no ulterior agenda on JayneStars except to serve as a resource for Hong Kong entertainment news and discussion.

        Since our site is not dedicated to promoting one particular artist, it becomes a place where divergent fans may meet and thus polar opposites in opinions result. In this sense, due to the diverse readership, JayneStars is similar to a forum where occasional fan discussions may get too heated.

        Fox is a frequent member of the JayneStars community. Although her opinions are frequently posted here, it represents her voice and does not necessarily reflect the views of Ownership of comments is attributed to the commentator who made such comments and stated views.

        Perhaps I should post a disclaimer on this site to state this, as I frequently get this question as to whether serves as a destructive, anti-site with ulterior motives.

      11. @ Fox

        “Fox does not like TY. hes probaly a fan of the other fadans.

        Fox does not like Tavia because of the action Tavia and her fans. It has nothing to do with other fadans.

        “have a quesiton, is jaynestar run by a fadan’s fan? perhaps fala, myolie or kate?
        I ask this becasue they seem to have a goal to bash TY”

        There’s no special goal to bash Tavia. Jaynestar is a neutral platform for all to comment. Other artists get their fair share of criticism (and praise) too. Tavia fans can come her every day and praise Tavia to heaven. Then, this site will look like a site full of love for Tavia.

      12. Tavia’s fans are over sensitive. Please respect Jayne. Geez Myolie Fala and Kate also have their share ofcriticism

      13. I always don’t understand why fans always have to get overdramatic over some criticisms that was criticised to their idol. It’s just a “criticism” not something that will really kill their idol..

        To me, I think its ok to get criticism when you’ve something “weird/outstanding in a bad way” to talk about… I think its fair to get a balance of praises and criticisms when you’re popular as there are always ppl who like and dislike you.

      14. Heeey, one swallow does not a summer make 😛 Just because there’s some crazy TY fans out there, doesn’t mean all of them are like that…

        @ Jin

        Chill out, this is an open forum where everyone is entitled to their own opinions. You can disagree with them but please don’t diss them.

        Also, in all honesty, none of TY’s work this year was particularly outstanding. I want her to win best actress too, but if she won it this year, it wouldn’t be because she was the best but because TVB wanted to give it to her. If that’s the case, I’d rather she not win until she has an entry that truly is outstanding and deserving. 名不正则言不顺.

      15. First, Fox feel proud that Fox becomes jaystar from when Fox doesn’t know. But sorry, Fox isn’t :P. Fox is Fox :D. Opinion of Fox represents for Fox only.

        Yes, Fox is fan of the whole world but not TY. And Fox told the whole world such thing. It isn’t new and it isn’t something that Fox hide. So what? Fox is still Fox and not Jaynestar.

        Fox doesn’t have to bash TY for any fadans. Lol, Fox, if do that, is for Fox’ entertaining purposes only. Even not because Fox is truly angry.

        In Jaynestar, Fox’ fave are also bashed. So should Fox go out and say: Hey Jaynestar is anti blah blah blah? Nope, thank. Fox is old enough to understand a simple fact that it doesn’t matter and not an world end if someone hate your fave.

        And yes, Kidd is right. Fox hates TY because of herself and a lot of her fans, the sensitive ones. For a fadan? LOLLLLLLLLLLL.

        A suggestion for TY fans: Be less sensitive and grow up. Life is still running even if your idol is not praised to heaven.

  12. Um HOW is it possible that Aimee would be nominated for The Other Truth when her role is as small as a kelefe? (ok not really but she was only in one case and her acting was horrifying). If she wins, ppl will boycott TVB.

    1. I think she’s considered a guest star in there. “Kelefe” actor is an extra, a background actor who have no lines. I don’t think that’s the right description of her role in The Other Truth.

      1. Oh I know that’s why I said ‘ok not really’ haha. Humor doesn’t translate well into text. I’m pretty sure she’s not going to get nominated though. Tabloids are always bs-ing around.

    1. I watched Queenie Chu’s parts in YSSS because her relationship with Linda intrigued me. I like Queenie’s performance.

  13. I’d be happy with either Sharon or Nancy winning. I think they might give it to Sharon because she has a leading role next year and they might use the award to promote her more.

  14. I will be fine with Nancy, Elena, or Sharon winning. With Sharon getting a prominent role in an upcoming series with Fala, I think her chances are the highest this year. I think her role was very likeable in Ghetto Justice, but I also agree with others here that Elena and Nancy’s acting were great. I thought Nancy had the most interesting role in FH3. Honestly, the other main casts in the series lacked personality to me. She really stood out.
    Sharon probably deserves the Most Improved award, but I think she is too overdue for that. I have a feeling that it will go to Mandy Wong or Sire Ma. Gosh, Sire Ma’s exposure has been so high lately, so her chances are high. She’s been in every other series lately.

  15. Aimee chan was only a guest star in the Other Truth…which was like 3 episodes! OMG PLEASE!

    1. And she wasnt even that great! TVB making stupid decisions!

  16. Either Nancy or Elena for supporting actress would be great. And any vet for supporting actor is great too. The lead categories are indeed very weak this year.

  17. Nancy is not bad, only problem is she’s often typed cast…therefore, I find there’s not much range in her acting. Elena on the other hand is quite natural, so will see. As for sharon, I don’t think she’s there yet.

  18. Agree that Nancy should win, Nancy is very natural in front of the camera, while Sharon’s acting is more forced. It’s just that TVB needs to give Nancy better roles to play.

  19. My vote has to go with Elena Kong. I believe she should have won last year too and it just goes to show that Elvena is quite consistent in her acting. She was the only thing that made ROW watchable. The more logical choice would be Sharon but I think she has a higher chance of winning most improved as I can’t really think of anyone else who fits in the category at this moment. I do think Nancy has a high chance but more for Curse of the Royal Harem than FH3.
    As for supporting actor, I always feel that this category is the most deserving. This is the only category where veteran actors consistently take the prize. I’d be fine with any of the actors mentioned in the article but I favor Ben and KK more.

  20. No wonder they said the Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress categories are more fierce. I totally agreed especially the Best Supporting Actor nominees, they are all great actors that are well deserved. I wish all the nominees in Best Supporting Actor category can win but I think Ben Wong has a greater chance.

    I think Sharon has a better chance of winning than the others since her characters stands out more. But I also think Nancy, Manner, Helen, and Elena are really good too.

  21. So Ruco is not even nominated for most improve this year, that suck, I guess he won’t get an award this year…Well at lease he was nominated.

    1. Kay,
      “So Ruco is not even nominated for most improve this year, that suck, I guess he won’t get an award this year…Well at lease he was nominated.”

      I was also surprised that Ruco did not get nominated in the Most Improved Actor category, as I was sure that he would follow Raymond Wong’s track, who won the award last year. Raymond is the same age range as Ruco and had film and acting experience prior to TVB. Not a newbie, but new to TVB and thus qualified in this award.

      My speculation is that TVB wished to push their younger artists in the Most Improved category this year. Perhaps Ruco is considered too senior. Anyway, I am happy that he got nominated for Best Actor. Hopefully he will make Top 5, which I think is highly likely since TVB seems strongly bent on promoting him heavily, sending him to Malaysia almost every week and acting as TVB Ambassador.

      1. Jayne,
        Many of his fans brought up a good point, that his nomination for “the Most Improved” would be insulted to his 17 years of experience in the industry, maybe TVB realized this too. His acting is up there with the lead actors.

      2. I think “most improved” is fitting b/c he jumped f/ supporting to lead actor this past yr. What is so insulting about an award that is meant to show encouragement? I’m glad ray Wong appreciated his award last yr.
        I guess Ruco fans rather he not get an award at all than get an award they deem beneath him. Go figure.

      3. Josie,
        You’re right, most of us rather see him get upgraded to tvb king award(where he belongs), rather than have him walk away with an award that everybody knows he way overqualified for. Back then when Ray Wong got that award, a lot of his fan feel the same way too, but everybody was so desperate for a new lead to be promoted in TVB that they except it. This year it’s a little different, TVB actually take into consideration audience voice.

    2. Its good news for Ruco to be nominated for Best Actor and Most Fave. Jayne is right TVB valued Ruco nicely and he might win an award this year. If he’s nominated for Most Improved it’d be an insult for him since he’s been acting for 17 years

  22. Look at the real nomination list of TVB award this year and wow, it’s so surprising, lol. The biological sons 2R and Kenneth Ma are not nominated in the Male Fav list. SM is nominated in both list (Best Actor and Male Fave) and same to Julian the cutest dimple. Haha, now who can say 2R are biological sons :P, they even dun have nomination. Poor Ron, he is nominated with Wax and Wane. If it’s FH3 maybe he has a little higher chance but Wax and Wane =.=. Uhm, to compare, even Raymond Wong, MC Jin who probably can be considered as big supporting are in the Male Fav list but not 2R + Kenneth.

    Who are TVB’s real biological son? Should be Ruco Chan. Out of expectation, the new jumped guy Ruco is nominated with Best Actor and Male Fave but not the Most Improved. Same to the “beaten” Him Law. Jazz, MC Jin, Matt Yeung, KingKong and Jason Chan are the one who nominated for this list. Jason and MC Jin also have a seat in Male Fave list.

    River of Wine cast, Nancy has a nomination while Bowie dun have one. Twilight Investigation last don’t have any nomination, even that it has high rating if considered the airing time. A Great Way to Care share the same life.

    Haha, now top 5 will be wat? Look like TVB wanna divide the pork more.

    1. wooden Ron’s market value is falling for sure and if he is awarded TVB will risk offending other artist who might leave the “sinking ship”.

      Kenneth is actually one of the actors who can act and have improved alot so i wouldn’t mind him getting some recognition.

      The sinking ship have been sailing in safe water for a long time and don’t know how to handle the big waves. the ship might be crushed with people falling into the water and eaten by the sharks 🙂

      1. Kenneth isn’t nominated in the Male Fave, how to say recognition?

        2R + Kenneth are called biological sons of TVB, but they are not nominated in both list. Haha, it has some meaning.

        Maybe Ron will leave the ship, lol. His fans support him to do that.

      2. Before he reaches another ship he will drown if not eaten alive by the sharks.

        His plastic boat is not safe for sailing in the sea, hehe

      3. Fox,

        It’s hard to put Kenneth in my fave list b/c he was an awful villain. The exception is tavia b/c people loved to hate her in BTROC and also divide pork.

        I guess they put Ron in lead actor for W&W b/c they don’t want to nominate bowie. Can’t use FH3 b/c he is clearly supporting. But bowie didn’t really deserve it anyway b/c he pretty much phoned in his role for ROW.

        But I am surprised 2R didn’t get nominated for my fei-rite (I think that’s how Ron pronounces it). Like ray could’ve took jason’s spot and Ron took Moses’. All the housewives hated ah mo in YSSS after what he did to miss Koo.

      4. MM has a role in the sentinel, also villain? I dun know because I dun pay much attention for this series.

        Linda in YSSS also can nominated for Best, you named it. She dun appear much more than Ron in this one.

        Haha, Ron’s signal my fei-rite. I actually think he is cute to pronounce my favourite this way. I guess 2R are kicked out because they want the true biological beloved sons to be in top 5, not the so-called biological sons.

  23. Just check the nomination list. It’s interesting to see Tavia being nominated for ‘Rippling Blossom’ instead of the other 2 series she starred in. Is this her best performance?

    I see no problem with Ruco being nominated for Best Actor since he is the lead actor in The Other Truth and his character is the central character of the series. Given that his portrayal of the character is very well received by the audience, it is only right that TVB nominate him for this category.

    Too bad I can’t vote. If can, I will give a vote of support for Johnson Li in the ‘Fave Character’ category. I really like him in ‘Super Snoops’.

    Matt Yeung is on the ‘Most Improve Category’. Does this mean he’s being promoted again? If yes, I’m happy for him. I have 3 favourites in this category. Jazz Lam, MC Jin and Matt Yeung.

    ‘Most Improved Female Actress’ I only support Mandy Wong. She’s the best of the bunch.

    1. Yes, Johnson is the best in Super Snoops and also can be considered as one of the best performance this year. In FLS trio, Johnson is the only one who haven’t had an award.

      For Matt, I even can’t rmb what role he has this year. So I guess he is just nominated for the purpose of being nominated, fill the list.

      1. Oh. Wong Cho Lam has gotten an award already? I only remember Louis Yuen got ‘Best Supporting’. He has always been a solid actor. Too bad his chances this time is also slim. What with competing against Law Ba.

        I remember Matt Yeung most in TOT.

      2. WCL won Most improved.

        I dun watch ToT you know. Is Matt’s role big in this one? Hope it isn’t small like other roles from 2005 to now.

      3. @ Fox

        Matt was in the last case in TOT. So, he appear in the last few episodes. He was a witness to a murder but got harassed by the police to keep quiet. Quite a memorable role.

      4. So it’s kinda bigger than his other roles. Not bad. I kinda like him in the W files. He was cute there and TY was also cute this time.

        However, I guess the winner is MC Jin. If not him, then Jazz. Matt dun have a chance. Even lower than 0.1%.

    2. TVB noominate TY for RB just to make sure she dosent win the award since her role is clearly supporting. Why is myolie not using CRuse for character? Probaly because Linda is set the win the award. I say the results are decided as Myolie to win Best actress and Linda for female chracter. Cheating

  24. I say my fav character is fair game between Fala, Linda, and TY. As mayn people say TY has a low chance of winning, but she still has support form a lot of tvb executives.

  25. Saw the nomination list. Can understand why Ruco has to be elevated to Best Actor and Most Fav Male Character as the Most Improved Actor Award will be an insult to his 17 yrs experience as an actor. The list for the Most Improved Actor Award are mostly young and upcoming actors. Well, I guess he won’t get any award this year becos if he wins, there will be havoc in TVB. I hope he gets to be in top 5. Myolie and Linda are likely the winners for this year awards. I like TY and Fala too. I suppose, Myolie, Fala, Linda, TY and Kate will be in top 5 but the winner is ….(anybody guess!)

    1. Raymond Wong is older than Ruco when he received Most Improved actor.

      1. Yeah, Raymond Wong won last year but I suppose TVB this year is promoting younger actors for Most Improved. Ruco is also gaining too popular for this award and TVB knows he has a lot of fans. His acting is already good, maybe TVB feels the Most Improved Award doesn’t fits him. We never know, he might win something but as I say, if he wins, there may be people who are not too happy. However, I’m not too worried. Very happy that he is nominated. Most of his fans will understand if he does not win this year. If he wins, his fans will be very happy.

      2. The other truth is that ruco is a combination of value/growth stock. tvb is fully aware of that!

      3. Last year Raymond Wong also gaining a lot of fans after the series with Kate I dun rmb name, Lane something. No different.

        if he wins, there may be people who are not too happy.

        Nope, he’ll become second Kevin Cheng of 2006 – being bashed for a too soon victory until now.

      4. When Lanes Merge – and you’re right, Raymond Wong showed some serious acting chops in that series. I was impressed and barely knew his name before that.

  26. I think maggie and jessica are the best actress with the same characters which is make them different from others. But tavia can definetely play their roles. Fala is juz an actress with pretty face and can’t act at all. Linda’s good in her crying scene… No one can cry as good as her. I love myolie in gettho justice but hate her acting in the curse of royal harem. If she won the best actress in dat series…very unfair when jessica did very well in dat series. Bring jessica and maggie backkkkkk… I miss ada, maggie, jessica, flora chan, kenix…

  27. I miss Steven. He was such a good actor and singer. Lucky Father may be his only last production of TVB. His face has grown old too. Tvb should have renewed his contract. He’s like a son. AND WHAT DID TVB DO? LEt Joe and Gallen, and felix go. “we have more younger YOUNGER ACTORS> ” Well shame. They can be the elders, teaching them more than they should.

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