Christine Ng: “Tavia Yeung is Shy About Intimate Matters”

Christine Ng (伍詠薇) and Sharon Chan (陳敏之) appeared as guests on a recent episode of TVB variety show, Sze You Tonight (今晚睇李). Since the theme of the episode revolved around sexiness, the two actresses competed to see who is sexier. Known for her blunt and forward personality, Christine joked that her sexiness level was so high that she had to request for her scenes to be blurred out.

Although Christine and her friends all have different personalities and ways of dealing with men, she claimed to be the most brazen of them all. Christine joked, “I’m open in public. In private, I’m also a little open!”

While Sharon praised that Christine has many “bedroom secrets,” Christine retorted that Sharon was just a bore. “I’m guessing that Sharon is just like how her body is – a “boring stick”! Sharon is a more conservative kind of woman. This kind of wife is conservative both in public and in private, but is still a good wife.”

Christine revealed that Tavia Yeung (楊怡) is extremely bashful when it comes to talking about intimate matters. “When she hears about these things, she gets really nervous. When we talk about kissing, she’ll say ‘Hey! Let’s not talk about these things.’ I like hanging out with her. I can only say that I’m not a shy person, so I can talk and joke about these things with the boys!”

Married for 16 years to advertising executive Kasey Lin (練海棠), Christine has been able to keep her husband happy. She joked, “My mom taught me that nothing is inversed. Life will pass you by, so while he will pamper me, I will also pamper him.”



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  1. Christine is just rude. She called Sharon a “boring stick” on TV, that’s very hurting and unacceptable. She’s probably even worse away from camera…loud and obnoxious

    1. @mike I tend to agree. People who like her may try to sugar coat it to say she’s just frank, “straight gut straight stomach.”

      To me, she’s rude and self absorb. She sounds like a Mrs. Know-It-All, the best of all things, 100% perfect. She is the only one can dish out backhanded compliments or sly remarks even to her friends but can’t take it when the jokes turn on her. This is just my obersvation. She’s one “how por.”

      1. @jjwong
        I agree, she is one of those that smells ‘how por’ the minute you look at her. haha LOL..
        Just like that taiwanese host ‘Xiao S’, man that woman spells, smells looks like a “How Por’ the minute you look at her too. They belong to the same group. LOL…

      2. @jjwong you said it all! I never like her acting because she does act like how por and when she appeared on Johnson’s show talking all dirty I just dislike her more. Understand they are all adults and can joke all they want in real life but her jokes in both of the appearances were too much for a show like that in Hongkong. Looks and sounds very nasty and unclassy for a woman her age to talk like that in national tv.

    2. @mike
      We have to remember didn’t she married a old guy and got some money??? I am sure she has to be BRAZEN enough to marry an oldie in the first place? LOL…
      Shy and Reserved are probably not in her dictionary.

  2. Surprisingly, Christine seems to be like every artiste’s good friend. She doesn’t look like a sincere or straightforward person to me.

  3. I don’t think sharon minds cuz theyre best friends. I think christine is just really straight forward and blunt which to most people seems super b**Chy.

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