Contract Preventing Niki Chow from Starring in “My Cruel Lover”

Earlier, TVB Producer Lee Tim Shing announced that he will film pre-modern series, My Cruel Lover <我的如意狼君> at the end of January. Tim Gor noted that the male and female lead roles were customized for Raymond Wong Ho Yin and Niki Chow Lai Kei. However, Niki’s music company, BMA recently joined the Recording Industry Alliance and became part of the four major music labels in Hong Kong . Due to unresolved broadcasting rights between TVB and the four major music companies, Niki may not have a chance to star in My Cruel Lover.

Allegedly, Niki sought to terminate her music contract early as she wanted to star in the TVB production. Originally, Niki was scheduled to appear at the costume fitting for My Cruel Lover on January 4th, however the event was cancelled at the last minute.

When asked whether TVB notified Tim Gor to change the casting arrangements and not use Niki, he said, “About ten days ago, I read in the newspaper that Niki’s music company joined the Recording Industry Alliance. Since now is a sensitive time, it is not a good time to contact Niki and cause more problems. I have pleaded with TVB to continue to use Niki as she will be acting and not singing for us. TVB told me to wait awhile. Of course I will respect the company. As I am involved in production only, I will let TVB decide on the matter.”

When will Tim Gor know whether Niki will be able to appear in My Cruel Lover? “The filming schedule for My Cruel Lover will follow its original plan. At this time, I will treat Niki as part of the cast. At the last minute, if she can not appear in the series, I will modify the script and find another female lead. The timing will be a little hurried.”

Did Niki seek to end her contract with BMA in order to film My Cruel Lover? Tim Gor said, “That’s what I read in the newspapers earlier.” Allegedly, Niki’s contract with BMA would expire by the end of January, thus the early termination would just accommodate the situation.

Source: Singpao

Jayne: It sounds like a good chance that Niki will be able to appear in “My Cruel Lover.” I’m glad to see her back, as she has an infectious, bubbly onscreen persona which I enjoy watching.

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  1. never like her. her acting is okay and not quite good to take the female lead role. Her acting is even worse when she is acting in mainland series.

    I think she got the privileged through her sister. Her sister started as a supporting actress and she proved herself to become a female lead in TVB series.

    Hopefully TVB pick someone else and not her.

    1. Her sister is not an actress. Her sister is a model. Her sister is Kathy Chow Man Kei not Kathy Chow Hoi Mei.

  2. I hope not. If she is not able to star in it, that to me is good news. There are many more competent actresses in TVB to take her place.

    1. Agree with you Funn. I hate TVB for picking actor and actress either by favor and not base on their competent.

      I remembered my 1st time watched her series with Kevin Cheng and Bosco..Geeze it was so boring (cannot remember the name of the series).

      Another one was “King of Snooker” she was in with Adam Cheng and Patrick Tang. That is even worse. Their is no chemistry between her and Patrick.

      I agree that she has a pretty face but cannot stand her acting…whatever role she is in it their is no chemistry between her and the male lead. Same thing when she was in one of the Mainland movie with Adam Cheng.

  3. Ok its true that her acting skills seem to have diminished after her big role aside moses, (Can’t remember the title) but I still like her though.

  4. I’ve only seen one of her series, “The Book and the Sword” and I thought she was a great Huo Qing Tong, actually. She was very elegant and came across as very competent in all the action scenes.

    Perhaps Tim Gor sees something or knows something about her that he likes?

    1. Iampheng, I didn’t watch “The Book and the Sword” but from looking at online photos, Niki appeared very beautiful in her costume.

      1. Indeed she was! I felt she completely overshadowed her on screen sister, the fragrant princess.

      2. @ iampheng

        Huo Qing Tong overshadows Princess Fragrance in every adaptation of ‘Book & Sword’. This is because the character itself is more interesting.

  5. I’m glad many of us aren’t seeing what Tim Gor sees in Niki Chow. Please find someone else!

  6. Tim Gor’s productions are usually very good, and have really boosted a lot of the actors’ popularities after taking part of them (like Wayne, Sheren, Pierre, Evergreen) because of a breakthrough role. I think acting is very important, but if you don’t have a character with a lot of depth of good script, it’s hard to showcase your talent and acting. If Niki does star in this series, I am curious to see it to see how her “tailor made” role fits her and how her performance is. I can’t really judge her on her acting since I she has not been in a lot of TV series. All of those that she did take part in, her characters lacked depth and she portrayed the same types of roles all the time. That’s why her acting was nothing special. I do have to say she is pretty, and has an onscreen charm. I think it’s her smile!
    And on a side note, I’m tired of hearing about TVB’s disputes with those record companies. I feel sorry for the artists because they can’t do anything about it and yet they are the ones that suffer, whether it’s missing out on the money making opportunites or just exposure with the audience.

    1. All those you named can already act very well, just a matter of character. Niki or is it Nikki? Anyway she is not a good actress to begin with. I find her dreamy, in the sense she seems to be on a faraway land, like Kate Tsui looks crazy or mental, Niki is like you know on LSD.

  7. Niki Chow has just signed an artiste contract with TVB and will start working in Feb. Yes, Lee Tim Sheng said he fell in love with Niki’s acting.

      1. LOL-interesting-wonder what LTS sees in her that we don’t. She is just a pretty face, don’t like her acting.

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