Crying Stars from “Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles”

The final two episodes of Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族> aired last night.  Cast members including Damian Lau (劉松仁), Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Sire Ma (馬賽), Mary Hon (韓馬利), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Elena Kong (江美儀), Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗), Jessie Shum (沈卓盈) and more dressed in their costumes and gathered together at a shopping mall to watch the drama with their fans.

Notably absent was Idy Chan (陳玉蓮), who plays Damian’s second wife. Many cast members cried while watching the touching scenes especially during the funeral of the first wife played by Mary Hon. The scene where the second son, Jimmy (Vincent Wong 王浩信), begs for his father’s forgiveness evoked even more tears.

Sire Ma Cried Uncontrollably

Sire Ma, who plays Damian’s daughter in the drama, cried from the beginning to the end while watching the final episodes.  She said, “I have such close relationships with all the cast members, so I was very emotional because those scenes triggered many great memories that I shared with them. I will really miss everyone.”

Sire’s tears caused other cast members to start crying. With her little dog on her lap, Elena had tears rolling down her face. Like a domino effect, the rest of the cast members were eventually holding tissues in their hands to wipe off their tears together.

Tavia in a Peking Opera Costume

A favorite to win this year’s TV Queen award, Tavia attracted the most attention when she appeared in her Peking opera costume. Many of her fans wanted to shake hands and take pictures of their favorite star. Afterwards, Tavia mentioned to the press that she will treat the entire cast to dinner even if she does not win the TV Queen award this year. She had no time to celebrate her winning of the Best Actress award for Astro On Demand Awards in Malaysia yet , so she will use the dinner gathering to celebrate her victory.

Tavia’s husband in the drama, Damian Lau, is also in the race for the TV King. However, he has no confidence in winning the award. Damian feels costar, Kenneth Ma, has a great chance to win this year’s TV King award instead. Standing next to Damian, Tavia laughed and said, “I am Damian’s wife and of course he will vote for me!”

As for being Damian’s son in the drama, Kenneth is not too worried about his fan base size compared to his biggest competitor, Raymond Lam (林峰). Kenneth said, “If I lose, I will try again next year. I will respect the results, winning or losing.”

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  1. Sire did a good job in SSSS. She played the character well. In fact everyone did a good job except Rebecca, Kenneth and Ron who weren’t totally into their characters.

    1. Rebecca is new, but Kenneth is a BA contender and both Ron and Kenneth have been acting in TVB for like 12-13 years!

    2. You’re right about Rebecca and Ron but I thought Kenneth did a great job.

    3. not to mention Adrian who’s pretty annoying in the series. And yes, Kenneth’s puppy eyes were also annoying to watch. He should know when and when not to use his puppy eyes to express sadness. But for a first timer, i think Rebecca did a fairly good job.

    4. how i wished the storyline of Siu Yao + Charles + Muk Shui have been completely dropped off! then we would have maybe 25 episodes to watch only & it would really be a brilliant casting + grand series!

  2. I don’t get the hype about kenneth. he’s so wooden. it’s like he’s so scared to get wrinkles, that he only moves the lower half of his face. notice how he never frowns?

    Ron def got “frozen” due to his “transgressions”. i mean how pointless was his character, i bet he was thinking, **** get me out of here.

  3. I hope Ray can win the Best Actor because he deserves it with Happy Sir. Kenneth is not there yet. Since he admit he wants an award that much to reassure himself, TVB might give him the pork prize: Favourite Character.

    1. I wouldnt say favorite character is pork prize. THe professional actor award is the consolation prize. Remeber Ramyond got the character awards quite a few times because he was not strong enough to beat the other contenders like Ha Yu and Wayne. So i guess those were pork prizes for him. However, I dont think so because favorite character is an important award that assures a actor’s acheivement in tvb.

      1. It is a pork too. Ray got this many times already because TVB always give the biggest award to other people. It’s predictable that TVB will give this award to Kenneth since Kenneth is still not assured of his position, just like I am not assured of Kenneth’s acting skills yet.

      2. when raymond got that award, its because his acting is not assured a that time too. Up to now, I still dont think his acting is top yet. However, it dosent mean that I support kenneth’s acting either. For me, I think raymond will get both.

  4. I think Kenneth is above Ray a few levels acting-wise. Happy Sir was an okay character, fun in the beginning but got really weird in the middle and end. As soon as he fell for Kate, all went downhill from there…. Very annoying to watch.

    1. still a long way for them to catch up with Wayne and don’t even dream of catching up with Damian in anytime near!

  5. I have differing views to some on who are the better actors or who acted well for this particular role. I think Rebecca punch above her weight with her acting, with the right emotions and immerses well into her Siu Yau character.
    Mook Sui manage to piss me off, and for quite a few drama before this, got the look of the whole world done me wrong.

    1. I think Rebecca did well too. We will have to remember this is her first series and Kwai Siu Yau isn’t really an easy character to act either (she is a quite confused character, who doesn’t realize her true feelings until something happens to that certain person). In scenes where she doesn’t have any lines you can see that she still is immersed in the role, for example when her mother-in-law died she was crying quite a lot, as you could tear spots on her clothes, even if they focus was on the other characters.
      In one of the last scenes where she was acting opposite the veterans Damian Lau and Mary Hon, Rebecca managed to act out her scene and didn’t pale in comparison to them.
      So in my book, she has definitely passed the test, and I hope she will continue to improve and that we will be seeing more of her in the future.

      1. I disagree. I wanted to like her. Yes it is her 1st series but entire series she had 1 look. She had no depth or maybe out of her depth. She failed. The writing failed for her character but her performance was terrible. I really wanted to say she was a natural, she did well. Her consolation is Kenneth was as terrible, but that is no consolation at all. I still want to see her more in future, but it would be wrong to say her first role was a success within her capacity and ability. It was at the end of the day a terrible performance.

      2. I wouldn’t say her first performance was a success, but I wouldn’t call it terrible either, which is why I said I think her acting is decent and that she passed the test (for me) as a newcomer. If we compare Rebecca’s first time acting with the first series for other fa dans she is definitely not the worst.

  6. The best actor is Damian Lau in “SSSS”. He acted really well. No one can beat him in 2012, not Kenneth Ma or Raymond Lam.

    Chung Cheuk Man was a very complicated character requiring a lot of inner emotions. His performance was outstanding, especially in the last two episodes.

    1. but his character is baffling. You can say SSSS is a badly written series with very good performances. But that’s not excuse for Rebecca and Kenneth though.

    2. If I am not mistaken, you are first person praises Damian, his performance was good but I hate the character Arthur.

      Is a facts,character of the particular drama determines chance of wining awards..beside Damian, Tavia does not shine in SSSSS. She stand better chance if she nominated based on The Hippocratic Crush( She might helps Kenneth winning Best Actor)

      IMHO this 3 actors might beat Damian in term of this year acting performance:-

      Wayne Lai in The Confidant
      Power Chan in The Confidant
      Koo Ming Wah in Divas in Distress

      1. Wayne Lai in The Confidant – not his best performance
        Power Chan in The Confidant – Damian is better
        Koo Ming Wah in Divas in Distress – Damian is better

      2. In terms of acting, there is no way that they can beat Damian Lau in SSSS. Damian showed his different expressions (especially inner emotions) appropriately towards his four wives and one girlfriend, all of different personalities. He also acted appropriately towards his children who are also of 3 different personalities. He had a lot of interactions with his family members. Chung Cheuk Man is a very complicated character, and Damian was outstanding in acting Chung Cheuk Man.

        Power Chan was good in his performance, but his personality is rather simple …..just loyal and respect the King, and loyal to his buddies.

        Wayne Lai …….. I don’t think highly of his performance in “The Confidant” due to the poor descriptions of Li Liang.

        Koo Ming Wah ……… is a character with no limitations. Rather strange, funny and comedic. A lot easier to act and impress people.

      3. well seriously, no actor can beat Damian’s acting in SSSS this year. although Arthur was not a likeable character, but I can’t afford to miss every single scenes with Damian in. this shows how powerful his acting was although his character was too arrogant & unreasonable, and he is not a handsome young man anymore :p

        anyhow, as on Tavia… it was not her best performance in SSSS but enough to crown her the TVB Queen award for this year. a very conflicting & complicated role but she delivered brilliantly.

  7. I have no idea why but I though Tavia and Damien’s pairing was the most interesting and they both acted well.
    I think its only because of them that I continued watching it

  8. I thought the last episode was pointless…most of it were clips of past events. They could have easily finished at episode 38. Can’t believe it was 40 episodes altogether!! Must admit that the first episodes were boring but got more interesting as the series progress.

  9. Ron ng was the most rubbish among all the cast. His acting was the same from n years ago. Nothing refreshing. Every time see his scene, just want to fast fwd.

    As for Kwai Siu yau, that role was originally meant for fala Chen. Am sure the outcome will be different. But as fate has it, Rebecca got it and for a first timer, she is not bad, but still a lot to improve.

    Agree with Kenneth’s pity me look is fairly unatuitablr

    1. hahaha i thought their love triangle or anything was pointless

    2. Rebecca should have switched role with the gir playing her sister. That was better actress. Or switch with Sire Ma. A much better actress. or switch with… is it Charmaine Li her name? That maid with Jimmy? A much better actress. Heck tell Tavia to just pretend to be 18! I don’t care. She started out promising and ended up with a whimper. For a series on this scale, the casting decision was poor.

      1. Any female actress, Sire Ma or Charmaine Li, would act better than Rebecca Zhu in SSSS. Rebecca had no expressions in speaking her dialogues, just memorizing them. She had only 2 facial expressions (one smiling which did not happen very often), one sad with part of her eyes closed and twisted lips. No inner emotions (at least I could not see it). Personally I think her presence/acting spoiled the whole drama series. I skipped 95% of her scenes.

      2. completely agree with Funn. Sire Ma would have been a better choice for Siu Yao. Rebecca Zhu killed off Siu Yao and the storyline with Charles + Muk Shui. hell boring!

    3. Ha ha. Agree with you, M. Ron Ng hasn’t improved a bit since god knows when.

      There is always a China market though. Ron should fit in since the mainland viewers will gladly take any leftovers from the table.

  10. Am I the only one who thinks Tavia gave a terrible performance in this series? I think she was the worst of the whole cast, worse even than Rebecca Zhu. I cut Rebecca Zhu some slack because she is a newcomer, but even so, at least she clearly put a lot of effort into conveying emotion. Tavia on the other hand….the only word I can describe her with is “fake”. From beginning to end, she conveyed none of the passion or strength that her character has. She just frowned her way through the series and spoke her lines in a breathy voice. Her performance was painful to watch.

    If she wins TV queen this year it will be so rigged. Which is sad, because Tavia used to be a wonderful actress.

    As for Damian Lau – best actor ever. Best performance of the year. Enough said.

    Overall this was a well-written series which exceeded my expectations. Apart from the last 2 episodes, and a few weak performances (Tavia, Kenneth, Adrian, Rebecca) it was quite well-executed.

  11. I must say that I’m having mixed feelings for this series (I’m only half way in), but I am fairly satisfied with the performances from the entire cast.

    But there was one actress who really stood out: Rebecca Zhu.

    Was I the only one who was constantly annoyed by her? Her reactions were way too off. In some scenes, she overreacted when she would have done best to be calmer, while in other scenes where she needed to go biserk, she was much too calm. I feel the role of Siu Yau was much too big for her acting caliber to handle. Her acting was completely inconvincing and painful to watch. Fala Chen (who was originally intended for the role) would have done the role more justice. Rebecca needs to start lower in order to work her way up to roles like Siu Yau.

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