Crystal Fung Moves into New Apartment with Family

While in a passionate and seemingly stable relationship with her then-boyfriend, Martin Chung (鍾文浩), Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) purchased a 565-square-foot apartment together in 2018. Shortly after, the couple announced that they had broken up but were still tied together due to their mutual investment in the property. After the apartment was later rented out for $19,000 Hong Kong dollars, Crystal had to find a new place to live.

Right after the breakup, Crystal moved into her own apartment in Sham Shui Po. After living there for some time, she felt her apartment was too small and decided to move into a bigger apartment with her parents instead.

Initially, Crystal’s new apartment was speculated to be located at the Malibu of the LOHAS Park residential complex where units boast expansive views of the ocean. A four-bedroom apartment at 1100 square feet would cost approximately HK$40,000 monthly rent.

When reached for comment about her apartment, Crystal admitted that she had moved to Tseung Kwan O, which offers a close commute to TVB station, but denied that it was at the luxury Malibu building.

Source: Hket

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  1. She’s really not hiding that she’s involved with a rich dude. Based on her opportunities of late, it doesn’t seem like she can afford moving into luxury buildings, buying expensive bags, etc.

    1. @hazel Crystal is heavily promoted, has plenty of sponsors, host jobs, events etc. Since she lives w family, who probably helps out with $, it’s possible to afford $40,000 monthly rent.

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