Crystal Fung on What It’s Like at Miss Hong Kong Interviews

The actress spilled that Tony Hung had the “privilege” of sitting through the introductions of over 1,000 bikini-clad contestants.

The annual Miss Hong Kong Pageant usually sees numerous eager contestants competing to win the beauty queen title and a shortcut to an entertainment career. However, the pageant’s interview mechanics have always been kept secret. As the winner of Miss Hong Kong 2016, Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) reveals what it is like during the pageant interviews.

Overly Photoshopped?

Crystal revealed that all contestants had to submit forms attached with their photos. Wanting to present her best side, she had booked a studio and engaged the services of a makeup artist and photographer to take photographs. “I want to say do not use too much Photoshop in your photo, because I had met staff who were in charge of collecting forms for the event. She told me that she was very impressed by certain photo entries, and thought the woman would surely stand a good chance of winning if she looks as good in real life. However, it took a long time to identify the actual person on the interview day.”

Wanting to stand out during the bikini interview segment, Crystal wore a neon pink set. “But with over 100 girls sitting in a room all clad in bikinis, it’s really hard to catch attention. The interview is also just a self-introduction and nothing too special. I still remember that Tony Hung (洪永城) was sitting there then!” Crystal recalled that Tony had voiced his comments during her interview.

Even host Luk Ho Ming (陸浩明) wondered why Tony, who was not a TVB manager, had the privilege of sitting on the panel. Crystal explained that Tony was involved as he was the recruitment ambassador during that year and added, “He saw over 1,000 contestant interviews from morning until night!” While actors Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) and Vincent Wong (王浩信) were also recruitment ambassadors, it seemed that Tony was the only one who enjoyed the privilege of sitting through interviews that year.

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