Daniel Wu’s Car Broken Into in San Francisco

By on June 12, 2018 in NEWS

Daniel Wu’s Car Broken Into in San Francisco

Currently in San Francisco, Daniel Wu‘s (吴彦祖) car was unfortunately broken into while he was out with some friends. Sharing a short video on his Instagram, Daniel hopes to use social media to help catch the thieves.

Parking the car on a side street, Daniel and several friends were heading back to their cars when the afternoon break-in occurred. Obtaining a video from one of his old classmates, who lived across the street from where Daniel parked, he managed to capture a short footage of the theft. Daniel uploaded the clip and said the thieves sped off in a green Toyota Corolla. Hoping his Instagram post would reach a wider audience, the actor hopes that his followers would send him a picture of the car’s license plate if they happen to see it in San Francisco.

Before the break-in, the video showed two men in the car cruising along the road slowly, hoping to find expensive items in the back of cars. When they got to Daniel’s car, a man got out of the car and started to take a closer look before making the break-in.

In the clip, it was also seen that Daniel and his friends were right around the corner when the robbers broke the back window of the actor’s SUV and took two bags. Stating that if he and his friends were five seconds faster, they would have seen the thieves. Daniel also lamented that if he had been back a minute or two earlier, he would have already left the area and would not have to suffer the loss.

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    1. m0m0 says:

      i guess it must had meant to be…only if he was 2 seconds faster….

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    2. mangotango says:

      Some very important stuff in the bags.? Always told not to leave bags and monies out of sight so as not to attract car thefts.

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    3. tinlunlau says:

      His buddy rottendoubt from alivenotdead was recently a victim of theft earlier this week too. Some guy stole his phone and he even called his cell phone speaking with the thief.

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      • jayne replied:

        @tinlunlau thanks for the information. Not too bright for the thief to pick up the call.

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