David Siu Talks About Filming Fox Networks’ “Stained”

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David Siu Talks About Filming Fox Networks’ “Stained”

Receiving positive response since its broadcast earlier this month, Fox Networks Group Asia’s drama Stained <心冤> is generating a lot of buzz with regards to the drama’s suspense and horrifying cases, many of which are based on real crimes.

The series started with Anthony Wong (黃秋生) being accused of being a black-cop; an official arrest warrant was issued accusing him of killing a triad leader. The cop that prematurely issued the warrant, Tse Kwan Ho (謝君豪) had a heated argument with police officer Madam Bo (Kara Hui 惠英紅) at the police station over the lack of evidence. Besides trying to resolve this case, Madam Bo was also working on the murder case of her previous assistant, who along with his wife and two other family members were killed after winning the lottery. During the investigation, Madam Bo discovered that her assistant’s wife actually had an affair with the owner of the restaurant where she worked.

David Siu (邵仲衡) and Crystal Cheung (張紋嘉) who plays the restaurant owner and the deceased wife respectively, spoke about their intense sex scene from the series. David expressed, “I have a lot of scenes opposite Crystal, and there was a very violent sex scene in the series. I’ve never really tried playing this type of character before – it’s a lot of work but it’s definitely something new!”

Initially worried about the intimate scenes, Crystal said, “Although there were no revealing shots, the actions and the ideas were really bold. There was a lot acting around the angles. I’m just really grateful to have David there to help me and bring me into character.”

Crystal is not the only one who made a breakthrough performance in Stained. Her husband in the series, played by Terence Chui (徐智勇) also gave all his efforts for his role. In the scene where his corpse was found, Terence’s body was covered in maggots. To film this effect, a lot of stunt makeup and effects were used. Although afraid of bugs and insects in general, the actor exclaimed, “I haven’t really tried out stunt makeup before. I’m normally really scared of bugs so when I had to film this scene, I had to face my fear. I feltl as if there were real bugs crawling up and down my body and into my ear! It gives me shivers just thinking about it!”

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