Dickson Yu Doesn’t Regret Not Pursuing Sisley Choi

Although TVB actor Dickson Yu (余德丞) is often linked with Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), their relationship appears to have evolved over the last few months. Sisley and Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞) are reportedly seeing each other, and spending more time together. Dickson shares that the three artistes are good friends and would often have a meal or watch a concert together. As Dickson is no longer linked with Sisley, their shares his opinion of the two artistes’ relationship and their friendship.

Ever since Dickson collaborated with Sisley in Police Story 2019 <警察故事2019>, the they have been close friends. With Hubert in the picture, Dickson confessed that he does not pry on Sisley and Hubert’s budding relationship nor does he think he is a diversion for their relationship, “Of course not, maybe because they never filmed a program together. If they filmed together first, maybe I would have been the third party. There is such thing as a smokescreen to their relationship.”

Dickson stated that he did not regret not pursuing Sisley because they are all good friends. However, when asked if Dickson thinks Hubert and Sisley would make a good match, he joked, “We make a good match! Many people say that. I’m talking about Hubert! (Will you steal Hubert from Sisley?) If I am a singer, I would invite him to sing with me. Sisley can’t sing. My singing is okay.”

Hosting Travel Documentary in Taiwan

Currently Dickson’s travel documentary, Taiwan Fun 101 <台北101種玩法> is being aired. As this is the second time he hosted a travel program, Dickson wanted to show his fun and humorous side.

Dickson recalled a memorable experience while atop of Taiwan’s landmark Taipei 101, “We went to see a panoramic view of Taipei and were regretful that the day was cloudy and foggy. There wasn’t much to see, but I encountered a rare sight. When I was ready to leave, the fog flowed in to the stairs. It felt like I was in a fairyland.”

While in Taiwan, Dickson confessed that he hoped to meet girls in the local area and even went to meet up with a matchmaker, “After walking around, [the matchmaker] never showed up. It was disappointing, because I saw the pictures of the matches and it looked good.” Dickson explained that the goal was to meet a Taiwanese woman, so they could be friends and have them take him around the city.

Dickson’s Dating Preferences

When asked if Dickson was interested in dating a Taiwanese woman, he replied, “The most important thing is being kind and having a good personality. We must be compatible and can talk about our common interests. I like girls with short hair, but long hair is also fine.”

Dickson will not accept a long-distance relationship, “It’s hard being so far away. I tried it when I was in middle school, and the girl was studying abroad. Technology wasn’t as developed as today, so it was a bit regretful and a pity.” Due to Dickson’s failed long-distance relationship, he doesn’t want to try it again.

“There is no rush. If the fate comes, it will come. If it doesn’t come, it doesn’t matter. I am happy right now and I am not that old right now. Maybe the older I get, the more masculine I become.” With no pressure from his parents, Dickson wants to focus on developing his career so he has the means to support his future family.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Pretty frank guy: not denying that there was attraction but also not regretting not going for it. He was gonna meet up with a local Taiwanese girl so she can show him around and that can mean a lot of things, but he ain’t hiding it. Note to Dickson: middle school romance is puppy love and NOT long-distance haha.

  2. Indeed. Based on what I saw of Dickson in interviews or game shows, he does give pretty raw and unfiltered responses! Very different from the older and more experienced guys such as Mat Yeung, Hugo Wong etc whose responses tend to be measured and more contrived. Ah well…

    1. @summerdale Dickson almost died when he went into cardiac arrest last year, let him be raw 🙂 It’s refreshing and genuine.

      Hugo Wong is more refined because sleeping with fans and getting entangled with a married woman is gross LOL.

      Matt Yeung was arrested for DUIs, vandalizing, drug possession, and all that good stuff and hence got his most improved actor award only after 20 years at TVB, so he got it out of his system.

      Dickson is almost an angel in comparison ha!

      1. By “raw” I meant genuine. I didn’t mean unrefined. It was meant to be a compliment…..

  3. That’s right I thought Hubert is gay too maybe he’s turning into bisexual? Isn’t it Dickson came from a rich family but he needed to support his family? I have to say he’s got a little boy face.

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