Dilraba Dilmurat Emerges After Pregnancy Rumors

Chinese actresses Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) and Qin Lan (秦嵐) attended the Clarins brand event last week and stunned the crowd with their attractive low-cut backless dresses. This was the first time Dilraba appeared at an event in person since being swamped with pregnancy rumors. Although Dilraba looked slim, her waist was slightly wider than Qin Lan, who is 13 years older.

Donned in a tight-fitting gold crystal embellished dress, Dilraba cleverly emphasized her curves while drawing attention to her chest and back. With her hair styled up in a high bun, Dilraba easily shone in an elegant and classy temperament. Although she appeared in a livestream to dispel pregnancy rumors earlier, some still refuse to let go their suspicions and discussed how her waistline seems to have grown recently.

Dilraba’s previous ultra-slim waist (left) versus her figure now (right).

Meanwhile, Qin Lan also stole attention with her short bob and pure white silk long dress that accentuated her fair and milky skin. Currently dating 33-year-old Dr. Tang <关于唐医生的一切> co-star Wei Daxun (魏大勛), Qin Lan was radiant. Netizens pointed out that she did not appear to have any age difference with Dilraba at all! They commented, “I can’t believe Qin Lan is 43 years old;” “They’re both so pretty;” and “Why does it feel like Qin Lan looks younger?”

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This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. There are many young looking 43yrs olds in Asia… the difference will be shown when one hits 60yrs.

  2. i am looking at why they were standing so close. Looks like the dude in the middle might have brushed on her chest the whole time. same goes for both female.

  3. This actually isn’t Reba’s first appearance after the pregnancy rumors. I remember she was wearing a tight dress for a live stream a while ago and there were pictures of her slim waist.
    Anyway both of them look great, but the filter seems a bit strong.

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