Dilraba’s Fans Angered by “Kissing” Edit

The definitive “goddess” for many fans, Xinjiang-born actress Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) has what many think are perfect bodily proportions and mesmerizing looks. Since making her mark with Eternal Love <三生三世十里桃花>, her fame has been on the uprise. Recently, a video editor by the name of Hong Liang (transliterated 洪亮) edited television footage of a scene in You Are My Glory <你是我的榮耀> to make it seem as if Dilraba and himself were kissing – evoking the ire of her massive fan legion!

Tracked Down by “Fans in 20s” via Shared Location
Editing one of the key kissing scenes in popular drama You Are My Glory where Dilraba kissed Yang Yang (楊洋), the artist edited himself into Yang Yang’s position such as it looks as if he was kissing Dilraba, and uploaded the video to social media, where it triggered heated discussions.

In a recent video however, Hong Liang appeared to have suffered facial bruises. He captioned, “A few fans of Dilraba, kids around 20 years, came to my studio based on a location I had tagged, that’s it,” While he did not clearly state what had transpired, he seemed to hint that the edited video angered the actress’s fans and resulted in the attack. He then commented that he would delete the video, and would stop updating momentarily due to the injuries, while not forgetting to cheer himself on, commenting “Take a break, and get better in future”.

Most netizens felt that both parties were at fault – Hong Liang possibly infringing copyrights in editing the original video, while the editing was also “over the top”, while fans who were ruffled should have made a police report. It is unclear if both parties have settled the matter.

Source: ChinaPress

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  1. What the??? Why is my comment marked as spam? Jayne, your website does not allow the use of emoji, which is frustrating enough! and I can’t say dude kinda deserves it because his act is top level creeps?

  2. He only has afew bruises…he is lucky he was hit by some 20yrs young girls.. If it was Dilrabas male fans, he might get broken teeth or ribs..
    I really HATE those who use such editing techniques…there have been so many victims that are caught in such edited images…those images can destroy people. I hope this guy get sued and suffer consequence of his action. He thinks it is funny and fun but it is not!

  3. This is creepy and off-putting. However, it’s simply the visual equivalent of written fanfiction where people pair themselves up with their idols. It’s a fantasy. I’ve seen waaaay more disturbing stuff that people do to fantasize about celebrities. This guy’s biggest mistake was uploading it on social media. It’s just asking for attention. How did he ever think something good will come out of this. Should’ve just kept it to himself and only to himself. He seems to be defending his actions so I guess he doesn’t realize his mistake.

  4. Really creepy and pervert act. It will be same if female fans applying this to male celeb

  5. He crossed a line. If even adults have difficulty watching intimate scenes, what makes him think it’s okay to PS himself with Reba in an intimate moment and not get backlash? Getting hurt physically is going too far though. Teaches him a good lesson, but violence isn’t necessary. Just banning him off the platform will do just as good of a job

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