“Divas in Distress” Cast Holds Celebration Party

TVB Executive Deputy Chairman, Norman Leung (梁乃鹏), invited the cast of Divas in Distress <巴不得媽媽…> for a celebratory banquet on October 17. Divas in Distress is currently the third highest-rated drama of 2012, and it is known for driving actors Koo Ming Wah (古明華) and Eliza Sam (岑麗香) to stardom.

At the banquet, Norman Leung revealed his intentions on spreading TVB artists’ influence to mainland China and Taiwan. Last month, TVB spent $1.6 billion TWD on a piece of land in Taiwan’s New Taipei City to build a new filming facility for TVBS, a subsidiary of TVB that is completely based in Taiwan. Norman Leung stated, “Construction on the new site should cost about $4.5 billion TWD. The studios should be ready by 2015.”

Since its establishment in 1993, TVBS has produced seven local television dramas and numerous other entertainment programs.

Him Law Does Not Need to Sell Himself for Tavia Yeung

It was earlier reported that the TV Queen hopeful, Tavia Yeung (楊怡), managed to persuade boyfriend Him Law (羅仲謙) to sign a management contract with TVB in exchange for the Best Actress award.

Him Law clarified, “I already have an artist contract with TVB, but my management is with Filmko. There are still many years left until that contract expires.”

Asking if Him is willing to “sell himself” for Tavia, Him immediately said, “Tavia already has the qualifications for TV Queen. I don’t need to sell myself to support her.”

Eliza Sam Interested In Purchasing Property

The starlet of Divas in Distress, Eliza Sam, disclosed that her earnings had increased to a five-figure sum due to her popularity from the drama. She also expressed her wishes in purchasing a home in Hong Kong, “I want to purchase [a flat in] Tseung Kwan O, but my colleagues say that the properties there cost at least $3 to $4 million HKD. I’ll be so happy if I can save enough money to pay for the down payment!”

Liza Wang Opens Concert After the End of the World

Liza Wang (汪明荃) is currently preparing for a concert that will be held at the end of the year. The concert is planned to run for ten days, from December 22 to 31 2012. Liza revealed, “I am actually still deciding on whether or not to make the concert a new year’s show. I will not invite guests this time. This concert will be different from my previous concerts, as the theme of my concert will focus on the recollections of my experiences in the last 45 years.”

Source: ihktv.com

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  1. So Gay helped made the show a little more interesting to say the least!

  2. wow i like the series but didn’t think is 3rd highest ranking.

    1. It’s the 2nd highest actually, only after WI. It’s a mistake from the report.

      1. Some reprted it asi 2nd but wiki puts it at 3rd, hence the confusion.

      2. As much as I love Bosco… I can’t believe WI is in 1st place…………… It really wasn’t that good of a drama.

      3. WI isn’t that bad but I agree that it wasn’t that great of a drama to achieve 1st ratings although Hui sir is extremely attractive. It’s also one of the series where Linda actually looks attractive and elegant.

        Don’t worry HAL or The Confidant might take WI’s place soon.

      4. WI is a series an enjoyed from start until the last 5 or 10 mins. The ending ruined it all. 🙁

      5. I’m rooting for HAL haha 🙂 I’m pretty biased against costume/ olden day dramas… So it’s gunna be hard for me to like SSSS and TC :\ Soooo…. HAL FTW hehe.

    1. She sang for many years, opened a lot of concerts, not day one she sings.

      1. yup but unfortunately not much improvement that i see. Her song “Hot Coffee” makes my ears bleed @_@

      2. In her age, the word “improvement” won’t be the word that ppl use for her.

      3. I can’t appreciate her style either but many old folks like her singing I guess. She doesnt really need us to support her.

      4. When I think of her singing, I immediately think of hot coffee haha

    2. Eh, she’s not that much of a terrible singer, is she? I was influenced by my mum and grew up listening to old cantopop, and Liza did have a few classics. Admittedly, her voice can get a bit shrill and unbearable at times. I remember watching a clip of her singing those old Cantonese opera songs along with Gor Gor and she sounded like a scalded cat…

    1. On call 36 hours story line is way better though I like this too.

      1. yea.. but on call 36 aired around chinese new year..so ratings weren’t that good.

  3. Wow this series is that popular? I only skimmed parts of it and didn’t think much of the series. I guess I don’t think much of Eliza Sam because I didn’t watch this series then.
    Looking at Eliza Sam’s photos online, I see nothing special. Those pics online make her just look like an overseas born in China town girl.

  4. To me, this was one of the worst series that came out this year. I’m surprised that it got such high ratings.

  5. i kinda like the new executive guy Norman Leung (梁乃鹏), you always hear about him treating artists to dinners and celebrations and wants to do so many new projects. seems like good air for tvb.

  6. lol! It is TVB policy that series with avg rating 30 pt or above will have a celebration party for the cast and crew. The dinner is not out of Norman Leung’s own pocket. However, because Ha Yu, Steven Ma and Miu Siu Ching have left TVB, Daddy Good Deeds cast did not get to have their own celebration dinner.

  7. Divas in Distress very interesting series, I enjoy watching very much

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