Dumped by Him Law, Mandy Wong Gives Up On Men

Mandy Wong (黃智雯) was one of the most prominent new generation of TVB fadans this year. In 2011, Mandy was already nominated for the “Most Improved Actress Award” and while losing out to Sire Ma (馬賽), Mandy appeared in many popular series such as Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>, Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊>, and Men With No Shadows <不速之約>.  In the currently airing L’Escargot <缺宅男女>, Mandy portrayed a feisty pregnant woman who scolded everyone in sight, even stealing the limelight from female lead, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣)!

Two years ago, Mandy gained notice for her role in Suspects in Love <搜下留情>, while generating love sparks with costar, Him Law (羅仲謙). After the muscular Him Law broke up with Theresa Fu (傅穎), he quickly latched onto Tavia Yeung (楊怡), giving up chances to develop further with Mandy. Allegedly, this development was a big blow to Mandy, who in turn asked out close female friends to go shopping [to soothe her broken heart]. Disregarding the chilly weather, Mandy even went to the beach sunbathing with her girlfriend.

Bad Luck in Love

Participating in the 2007 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, Mandy Wong was one of the top 5 finalists. Despite losing the crown, Mandy possessed better onscreen opportunities than other Miss Hong Kong winners. One of the reasons was because Mandy graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in theater and dance. It was rumored that her grandfather was the former President at the Academy, allowing Mandy endless performing opportunities. It was true that Mandy acted in drama after drama last year. Although they were only second and third line roles, Mandy’s performances left a memorable impression upon the audience.

One of Mandy’s memorable performances included Suspects in Love, which led to romantic rumors between Mandy and Him Law. Allegedly, Him became very entranced while filming opposite Mandy. Him even requested that kissing scenes be added between the pair, who kissed passionately onscreen.

Him even admitted that they had kissed comfortably on set and remained in touch after completing filming. Unfortunately, after Him and Theresa Fu broke up, Tavia Yeung snatched up Him. Not taking enough initiative, Mandy was given up, resulting in her heartbreaking disappointment. Mandy even cut her long hair short, while her behavior became increasingly forthright and tough.

Without coincidence, Mandy was immediately invited to portray tomboy roles, including Flying Tigers <飛虎> and Policewoman Love Battlefield <女警愛作戰>, allowing her to sculpt her body into a broad physique. In the upcoming Lu Empress <呂氏為王>, Mandy shared a bathing scene with Tavia Yang, developing an ambiguous relationship together. Even TVB appeared to require that Mandy portray androgynous characters, a far departure from her former shy onscreen image!

In her previous relationship, Mandy discovered that her lover was involved with numerous women on the side, which made very sad. Falling easily for other people, Mandy chose to alienate herself from the opposite sex.

In fact, Mandy really loved women as companions. When she did not have to work earlier, Mandy asked a bespectacled woman to see a movie together. Afterward, Mandy and her girlfriend went clothes shopping and ate lunch at the mall. The two got along extremely well, with Mandy sometimes whispering, “Baby” towards the other woman.


Excerpt from East Magazine #438

Jayne: East Magazine was just slightly short of calling Mandy a lesbian, after her heart allegedly got broken by Him Law. Numerous tabloids claim that Mandy and Him had a short fling while filming Suspects in Love.

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  1. I too felt that the tabloid were insinuating that she was a lesbian too, but honestly,most, if not all, of this sounds fabricated.

  2. What kind of BS is this? People do not become lesbian because they’ve been slighted by men. The tabloids sound stupider and stupider.

    1. I agree and I hate it when a guy/girl who hasn’t dated in awhile or have been dumped by the opposite sex are accused of being gay/lesbian. That is just BS… I guess the tabloids have nothing good ro write about so they just go and on and about nothing….

  3. I kept waiting for some better gossip to make it seem like they really did have a fling, but it just seems like they made up this story to go along with her transformation. At least make up something juicier! haha

    I could tell they’re trying to say Mandy is a lesbian by saying she might be portraying one in Empress Lu, but if they did a quick search, they would realize that series isn’t going to be made anymore.

  4. I like Him and Mandy together as a pair (they were really cute in Suspects in Love), but this article is just… lol.

  5. wow this article was just pointless considering how everyone can tell that it sounds fake.

  6. Him and Mandy are indeed a cute couple but I really don’t believe this article with Mandy being all heartbroken. And also it’s normal to hang out with friends of the same sex. If they are saying that she is a lesbian because she hangs out with girls then if she is hanging out with guys that means she is dating them. I swear any news can come up on celebrities.

  7. I wonder why Mandy thinks that she has to give up on guys just because Him dumped her?? Also, IF the accusations of Theresa are all true then Him is an abusive guy. Who would want to be with a person like him??? There are plenty of guys in this world so I don’t think that anyone has to give up just because of one guy/girl…The world is big and there are way too many people to know and meet…Good luck to Mandy!

    1. Agree if anything she should be happy he dumped her before he beat her up real bad.

      Well alot of girls think they are special i.e. be able to tame the beast until they realized they were wrong and get killed in the process, LOL

    2. Maybe all along she likes women and Him was the only guy she ever liked and now that he went to another woman she decided to return to her “roots”?

      But weren’t they in L-escargot? She looks ok when in a scene with him. Nothing to show that love is so overwhelming she has decided to turn her backs on men and go to women sort of nonsense.

    1. Thank to hot body? Dun forget he has 13 women and the 13th is TY.

  8. The heading made me laugh “Mandy Wong Gives Up On Men”. Is Mandy batting for the same team now (turning gay). 😛

  9. TVB is going to do Laughing Gor movie in which Michael Tse must go undercover as a gay after the death of his 4th or 5th girlfriend. In the movie, he will start as a love partner of a not-too-famous boss. There will be a lot of flashbacks of why he turns to be gay…

    The movie will be rated as CatIII because of violent and sexual theme

  10. obviously this news is just a promotion stunt used to promote The Hippocratic Crash and create more news for Mandy Wong & Him Law. Since Mandy is targeted by tvb this year to heavily promote. but the news makes tavia sounds like the 3rd party instead >.>… anyway they r seriously over-writing it and it sounds super fake ^^.

  11. Yet another example of poor journalism. This whole article sounds fake and is fueled by assumptions. They’re basically calling out Mandy as a lesbian. She can’t go out with a girl friend without being accused of something?

    I don’t like Him much anymore, but I’m looking forward to seeing him and Mandy in Hippocratic Crush. The plot sounds really overused and cliched though.

  12. Why is it always have to be HIM LAW? is he really dat good or handsome? well, I don’t think so. To me, he’s just another average joe.. not my cup of coffee.

    1. I agree and I don’t see what the big fuss about him is, especially after he was rumoured to be abusive. Who would want to be with him even if he was rich and handsome??

    2. Maybe his 6 packs are better in real person, when the women in TVB touch it 😛

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