Eason Chan Defended Himself from Mother’s Beating with Knife

Although regarded as one of today’s most popular singers, Eason Chan (陳奕迅) sets high standards for himself, and openly discussed his success and his personal life when he was young.

Having risen to the top in the last two decades, Eason is often regarded as one of the new gods in this generation of Cantopop. He has won numerous awards for his music, including the Best Male Singer, and Album of the Year for several years. However, Eason’s standards remain very high and intact. After losing out on the Most Favorite Male Singer award in 2005, he suffered a big blow to his self-esteem. During that time, he did not dare compare himself to superstars such as Leslie Cheung (張國榮), and Anita Mui (梅艷芳) because he believed he was not up to par with them. He soon picked himself back up after the words of his father, whom he greatly respects.

At a concert performance in 2013, Eason announced that he had bipolar disorder. Eason explained that his stubborn demeanor has actually changed throughout the years. When he was young, he was very aggressive and daring. He recalled a time when he went to the kitchen and threatened his mother that he would cut himself if she continued to hit him. It was only afterwards that his elder brother realized Eason was smart enough to trick their mother because he only threatened to hurt himself with the handle of the knife instead of the blade.

Eason revealed that his 10-year-old daughter takes after his personality. He revealed that Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈) has been a very supportive wife and gives a lot of freedom in their marriage.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. “During that time, he did not dare compare himself to superstars such as Leslie Cheung (張國榮), and Anita Mui (梅艷芳) because he believed he was not up to par with them. ”

    Errr he still isn’t.

    As for his wife, I am sure as long as the bills are paid and she gets her branded goods she is fine with a little freedom.

    1. Totally agree with you……..despite the fact that this guy has a few awards up his sleeve, I still don’t see him in the same league as guys like Leslie, Alan or even the 4 Heavenly kings………….he just lacks something that I can’t place my finger on.

      1. To Funn Lim & Yuaida, yes, agree with both of you. So far, there’s no one at this moment can be compared to late Leslie Cheung & Anita Mui.

        His wife spends and spends, probably she likes shopping more and doesn’t mind to give him some freedom in exchange for that.

      2. Out of the 4 ‘heavenly kings’. Jacky Cheung is the only good singer. The rest of them just relied on looks and popularity.

    2. Leslie praised Eason’s voice and told him not to ruin it by smoking out of endearment. Anita invited him as a guest for her concert because she thinks he’s a great singer. And Alan Tam picked Eason to be the ‘next Cantopop king successor’. Jacky Cheung acknowledged Eason’s as the next ‘God of songs’.

      But what do THEY know, RIGHT?

      Also, his wife and him were together at the time when she was the famous one (already a leading lady in movies and dramas when Eason just entered the singing contest) and he didn’t make ANY money or has any albums out yet (the magazine’s called him “Hilary Tsui’s boyfriend”). Even when he didn’t have any work because he was frozen by EEG due to his father’s imprisonment. She has always been supportive of him, rich or poor.

    3. Hilary is not that kind of woman. She in fact left behind her popularity to become a housewife.

    4. When Eason’s popularity hit rock bottom with his father’s scandal she was super supportive and stuck by his side.

      So she likes to buy stuff, BIG DEAL! And it’s not even like she doesn’t make any money, she owns like three stores in Hong Kong. Go make fun of Michelle Reis or something, geez.

  2. good performer “LIVE”, excellent voice but really bad temper.

  3. Let us hope his daughter won’t have such anger issues herself.

  4. he isnt even at andy lau hacken lee aaron kwok level leo ku level.. does he think he is beyond them just because of the awards.. william so and edmond leung can sing better then eason

  5. come on, get real man.

    edmun leung singing is better than eason chan, my foot!

    1. Maybe not beter but not as lucky as eason the 2 are good friends Edmond needs a popular song

    2. U must be a big Eason fan good on you give him flowers

  6. This guy is a loser in life. I think raymond lam can only achieve heavenly king status based on fan base

  7. The funny thing is hk audience love Eason or how can he be the best selling artist in hk

    1. It’s not that difficult to be “best-selling artist” in HK nowadays, as the standards have been lowered tremendously the past 10 to 15 years (just look at how much they lowered the threshold for ‘platinum’ and ‘gold’ status in HK over the years — that’s already a huge indication of how badly the HK music industry has deteriorated). Also, Eason is able to sell so well partly because he releases albums quite frequently and he has practically no competition in the HK music industry — it’s partly due to circumstances, not necessarily because HK audiences ‘love’ him. As is the case with most of the awards / recognitions / accolades / titles in the HK entertainment industry nowadays, “best selling artist” in HK really doesn’t mean much anymore.

      1. He’s the best selling artist FROM HK would be better worded. Huge in HK, China and Taiwan. Look at China’s Forbes list, nowadays he’s selling more than Jacky Cheung internationally. When he did his concert in the UK, his tickets were sold out faster than Lady Gaga’s (just google it if you don’t believe me) so yeah, it does mean much.

      2. @Pingu: Agreed that it should be FROM HK instead of IN HK. If we’re talking OUTSIDE of HK, then yes, that IS something to shout about — being a best-selling artist in the international market is definitely a big deal. (Oh and no need to google because I already knew about the Lady Gaga thing…)

        My comment was geared toward the previous poster’s assertion that Eason must be loved by HK audiences otherwise he wouldn’t be the best-selling artist in HK. …my point is that being “best-selling” within HK doesn’t mean much nowadays because the standards have changed so much. In my opinion, breaking out into the ‘international’ arena and getting the ‘best-selling’ title (and/or other forms of recognition) in that arena is way more prestigious than it is in HK.

        Btw..I don’t see the need to compare Jacky’s current record sales to Eason’s. Jacky is already ‘semi-retired’ and only comes out with albums once in awhile when he feels like it (in fact, us fans are still waiting for his next album to come out…hopefully it will be soon, since he already has 10 songs recorded for the album) — whereas Eason is still very active in the current music industry. Plus, Jacky’s goal nowadays isn’t to sell the most albums (he already did that back in the 90s during the height of his career when he was the #2 best-selling artist in the World, second only to #1 best-selling artist Michael Jackson). As Jacky himself has said in previous interviews: nowadays, his full-time job is no longer ‘singer’ or ‘actor’ — those are both part-time jobs for him…his full-time job now is ‘Dad’ (being a good father to his 2 daughters).

      3. ‘Faster’ does not mean ‘more popular’. It just means that asians are more willing to spend their money on something that is not worthy and necessary such as buying unworthy and unnecessary concert tickets.

      4. @llwy12: I agree with you.

        And I think it’s also super unfair to compare the Cantopop Legends from then (Leslie, Jacky, Anita) and now. Both from the media who kind of forced Eason to be ‘Jacky’s successor’ and some fans who like to put him down by saying he’ll never be as good as them. It’s all terribly unfair. However, Eason himself states he can’t be compared to his idol Jacky. He’s actually quite humble most of the time and likes to joke around except when reporters go to far and piss him off in a bad mood.

        There’s only one Leslie Cheung. There will never be another Jacky Cheung. Likewise there is one Eason. An undeniably capable singer and objectively suits the title ‘popular’.

    2. qwerty. Your logic is Beyond comprehension. So if someone is popular they must take a long time to sellout their events in your eyes?

  8. I find eason’s voice really grating on my ears and his song selections are just terrible.

    I mean, charlene choi has one of the blandest voice in the industry, along with gillian, but give them a good song choice and they can make it work. I cant say the same about eason.

    His songs are more original, i give him that. But they dont sound good! Hacken Lee also takes creative license with his songs and his sounds great!

    1. What an insult to the composers and lyricists of Hong Kong.

      I mean, I get not liking Eason’s voice or sound or whatever but people who go ‘his songs sucks’ don’t seem to take into account that a lot of his songs don’t solely belong to him?

  9. People can think of Eason what they want but fact is that Cantopop is dying and if not for him a lot of HK youngsters would not even listen to Cantopop songs anymore. They prefer Kpop and American music usually but still most of them say they still like Eason Chan.

    I personally think he is a great singer with good songs who’s really passionate about Cantopop music and for me that’s all I need to support an artist.

    1. I’m 20 and I listen to Cantopop, but not for Eason. He’s not that great.

      1. I’m 18 and I only listen to Eason Chan when it comes to Cantonese music. So you don’t really have a case here.

      2. Kimmy, you just made it sound like you’re a brainwashed fan girl..


      3. @ lolz: you mean like the screaming and crying Beatles fans in old video footages?

  10. I prefer him as an actor and not a fan of his singing. The only two songs that I like from him are theme songs he sang in Witness to a Prosecution and Land of Wealth (both TVB)

  11. Eason had some mermorable songs- not because of his singing but the meaning of the song. For instance he sang the title song for ‘Triumph in the Sky’. The TV series was a hit and so the song went with it. If someone else sang that song, they would be popular too. I praise the song writer for the hit NOT Eason’s singing ability. People always focus on the singer but please, give credit to the song producer!

    1. And lyricists?

      But I have to disagree. True, the singer is not the _only_ important factor in a song BUT (s)he can make or break a song for sure. Vocals are really important and if Eason doesn’t have the ability to draw people in with his vocals and only have good songs then he sure wouldn’t be as popular as he is now.

      For example Edmond Leung: he’s a perfect example of ‘popular song not popular singer’ during his hit ‘Seven friends’. I’m not saying he’s a bad singer, no but that’s how it is.

  12. Eason thinks he is the best Aaron kwok will beat him any day singing dancing actor Aaron wins by far

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