Edison Chen Ignores Taiwanese Girls; Texts Girlfriend Non-Stop

Earlier, Edison Chen Koon Hei made an announcement in Taiwan that he will make a full comeback to the entertainment circle. On April 16th,  Edison’s trendy clothing store, Juice, opened its doors in Taipei. Long lines snaked around the corner of the block as fans stood on the street, hoping to meet Edison at the grand opening.

Edison’s girlfriend, Vincy Yeung’s grandmother passed away at the same time. Although currently a university student in Boston, USA, Vincy flew to Hong Kong to attend her grandmother’s funeral last week. As a result, Vincy was unable to attend Juice’s grand opening festivities with Edison.

Without Vincy by his side, Edison appeared distracted during his Taipei trip. At the Juice grand opening after party, Edison was spotted texting on his cell phone non-stop. Many Taiwanese women approached him that night, Edison did not pay attention to them. Apparently, he only had Vincy in his heart.

Targeted towards youths, Edison’s Juice stores celebrate Hip Hop culture. The Taiwan store is the fourth store in the Juice chain. Other store locations include Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Source: Tom.com and freshmag.com

Jayne: Edison’s juice store looks interesting. The style is very American Hip Hop. Not sure if he is responsible for the creative concept of the merchandise though.

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  1. I thought they broke up? I don’t encourage making sex tapes (especially if you’re in the entertainment industry) because chances are they’ll come back and haunt you. However, I have to give more credit to Gillian and Cecilia than Edison when the scandal surfaced. The girls didn’t run away to hide; they faced the scandal with grace (in my opinion). Yes, Edison apologized; however, he was “hidden away” in Canada or the U.S. And yes, even CNN reported on the scandal; however, out of the 300 million people in the U.S.- how many of them are Asian? Since I’m from the U.S., I can honestly tell you not that many (the 2000 Census reported less than 5% of the population). The girls had to live constantly with the fact that the majority (if not the whole) country knowing, judging, and criticizing them while the majority of the U.S. and Canada don’t even know who Edison Chen is. So the girls were more negatively affected and he got off easily. And one more thing, didn’t he say something about retiring from the industry? No offense to any of his fans out there (and I’m not Gillian or Cecilia’s fans either) but I think he has a “strange fetish”…as in videotaping all of his girlfriends…psychologist Edison?

  2. He’s a filthy liar. I show zero support for this guy!

    Thanks Trang for such a well-written comment!

  3. I’m not defending Edison, but no one forced anyone. The photos were leaked by a 3rd party thus you can’t blame the guy- even though ive always hated his smug face!

  4. I am not a fan of Edison but also have to say that you cannot blame him 100% because those actresses willing took part in taking those pix too. He also was not the one that leaked those pix out, it was someone else. Who was going to believe that he was going to retire because of this?? No way!! I knew that he would come back just after taking some time off. I also thought that he broke up with his girlfriend. Honestly, if I were her, I question if I would want to stay with a guy like Edison?? He seems to be a sex fanatic and that is not good at all…

  5. i hate u vincy go away from edison
    edison stop stupid to love her
    she very rhino

  6. Seriously. What Trang said was spot on. He ran away and acted all embarrassed about his deeds. If he’s embarrassed he shouldn’t have done such things in the first place. When he said he was going to ‘retire’ from the industry, I didn’t believe him one bit. He was just buying his time to let the steam cool down. I’ve never liked this guy. He’s a trashy liar.

  7. Edison is such a LOSER!!!! He wasted all the Canadian tax dollars to come to Vancouver to get his trial done b/c he was afraid he was afraid for his life. He couldn’t be MAN enough to face his responsibilities?!? You girls shouldn’t admire him or be in luv with a Sucker!!! For someone who went on National TV in front of millions of people saying he is retiring from the Industry “He sure is the Biggest Liar”. I hope Cecilia Cheung will say something or KARMA will bite him in the ass. I don’t even know what his gf Vincy sees in him; she should have more respect in herself since she’s a woman herself and stand up for all of the girls!!!!

  8. Ah, you are wrong there. Edison didn’t say he is retiring from the industry. His word is very carefully worded. He said he will step away from Hong Kong entertainment industry indefinitely. The moment I heard this, I can see that he has left a lot of doors open for his return. So, technically, he did not lie.

  9. I hope he does make a comeback. I thought the scandal was blown completely out of proportions.

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