Edwin Siu’s Ex-Girlfriend, Gigi Ho, Hints at Unfair Love Play

Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) announced that he fell in love with Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) during the filming of Madam Housewife <師奶Madam> last November. After the couple was photographed entering Edwin’s home together, he admitted that their relationship was in the midst of development. As Edwin apparently did not have a clean break with ex-girlfriend Gigi Ho (何傲芝) when he became involved with Priscilla, speculations are rife that Priscilla was the third wheel.

Gigi met Edwin at Heidi Chu‘s (朱凱婷) wedding in 2011 and expressed interest in him immediately. She asked for his phone number and the couple soon started dating. It was reported that Gigi was a very clingy and protective girlfriend. As Edwin’s career soared and he became increasingly busy with filming TVB dramas and performing in stage shows in Mainland China, the couple spent less time together. Although the reasons for their breakup are not clear, Gigi is unable to let the past go.

“Thanks to all my media friends for your concern, love and support. I don’t want to make any kind of response, but suddenly my mind is filled with the thought of ‘Evil cannot triumph good,'” Gigi wrote on her Weibo blog yesterday. Gigi’s statement was widely interpreted to hint at unfair love play.

Priscilla Feels Pressure

Priscilla was confronted by reporters over Gigi’s controversial statement at a press event today. Priscilla said, “I will not respond!”

Asked if she was moved by Edwin’s open declaration of love and intent on pursuing her, Priscilla said, “I’m grateful towards everyone who cares about me. She added, “We’ll let things run naturally; I just want to keep it simple.”

Priscilla also slipped that she and Edwin’s relationship progressed after completing the filming of Madam Housewife. They called each other long distance when Priscilla traveled to South America to film Pilgrimage to Football Meccas <走過足球聖地>. Despite the poor phone and Internet connections, they stayed in touch to make sure things were going well while Priscilla was overseas.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Oh wow ugly breakup and possible third party for Gigi-Edwin-Priscilla. Time to order our popcorn now.

      1. Who cares these second & third line artist?

  2. Gigi Ho is a very “complicated” person, her father doesn’t like Edwin either, so it’s good for Edwin that he’s moved on. No doubt, he should have made a clean break with Gigi (IF that part is true) but in the end I think their relationship would not have lasted even if Edwin hadn’t fallen for Priscilla.

    All the best to Edwin and Priscilla.

    1. I still like 翠如BB better than Gigi. 翠如BB face is so innocent and girl next door. No wonder Edwin and Tony fell for her. Gigi Ho not pretty and is fierce looking.

      1. No Tony doesn’t like Priscilla, I feel like he is using her for publicity. He is getting a lot of sympathy message on his weibo. Thinking he is liking the attention.

      2. Tony won’t use Priscilla for publicity. I believe more like Edwin who’s taking advantage the situation. Tony is supporting and wishing Priscilla well. I prefer Tony than Edwin.

    1. But funny that Edwin is admitting out loud, yet Priscilla doesn’t admit anything and try to be cryptic.

      1. Wiser if Priscilla distances herself from Edwin and send him away (back to Gigi). It’s obvious Edwin is playing two (or more) women.

      2. I hope both of Priscilla and Gigi distance themselves from this fickle playboy.

    2. I sense that Edwin is using this as publicity more than Priscilla who wants to keep it low.

      1. I don’t get why Edwin comes out on TV suddenly making that confession when Priscilla is in hot seat to make him look like a ‘saviour’ in people’s eyes. Hello, it only makes things worse for Priscilla who’s trying to let the storm cool down.

    3. I think it is wise for Priscilla to keep things low for now. She is getting a lot of unnecessary criticisms and name-callings so being overly open about their relationship would only back-fire.

      1. exactly, I think what Priscilla is doing in keeping it low down for the time being is a good idea, considering all the critiscism she’s already receiving even at this point in time when all things seem fresh and new. If she does admit anything right now, I could imagine the media sending her to hell with the name callings and accusations…it’s crazy how females are always the main if not only target of criticism in these kind of so called third-party situations…the finger always points to the female.

      2. Exactly and I think Edwin’s confession was stupid and to me more as an escape route and creating a so called hero rescue girl situation for himself. It will only make people blame and name calling Priscilla more!

  3. I will just blame on Edwin. Obviously he had fallen for Priscilla during that drama. I think he did dump Gigi for Priscilla. I’ll blame on this guy. I never liked Edwin, now I know why!!! Glad Aimee Chan didn’t choose him over Moses Chan. He did pursue Aimee during FI3.

    1. I remember he smiled and admitted he lost to Moses when reporter asked him 3 years ago. So Priscilla need to be careful of this person. Once he met someone nice, he would probably dump her

    2. so edwin’s a player? he seems to be milking this more for publicity than for the sake of coming clean. If it’s true with Aimee, then he’s probably the type who falls in and out of love with a snap of the fingers.

      1. Is he the type that that jian yi ge ren jiu ai yi ge ren? If so then he would go for anyone he sees. I did not know that he tried to pursue Aimee. I guess she is lucky she choose Moses.

  4. LOL at Gigi for using Edwin’s “evil cannot triumph good”. Clearly indicates there’s bitterness over their breakup

  5. Reporter should leave them alone! I do hope Edwin n Priscilla are together!

  6. Edwin and Priscilla actually look pretty nice together (: reporters should really leave them alone! & i feel like Gigi is more like a sore loser and trying to get them pities

    1. Despised at Gigi Ho. It’s all her fault for hinting that their breakup was unclean. Poor Priscilla baby. She looks so sad after the tabloids accusing her of being third party.

    2. I actually prefer Priscilla to be with Tony Hung. Edwin looks like a player. He used to chase Aimee before while she was already with Moses.

      1. How do you know he used to chase after Aimee? He said that in public??o_O

      2. Same as what Layla said above. I believe I read or heard about it years before.

      3. to be fair to edwin, after watching this clip, i doubt there’s any truth to it. More like the tabloids making up the story.

  7. hi there

    1. honest, what a big deal about some 3-some thing.
    2. it happens everywhere.
    3. when a relationship is dry and over, it is over, get it gal.

    1. I agree. I’m disgusted at women who try to look all hurt and sad after breakup and play victim which means disgusted at Gigi Ho. Geez. Who cares if your ex bf cheated or if third party comes between you. It’s your fault you can’t control your man.

      1. I AGREE…to me, it’s more like she’s trying to position herself in a way that makes her look like she’s a victim in the attempt to gain some sympathy from the public o_O her comment response makes it obvious lolol

      2. Agree. I hate her now for making Priscilla’s situation worse. I don’t care if she wants to hate Edwin but Priscilla is an innocent woman! Gigi has no right to put that vague message of ‘Evil triumphs over good’ thing. It’s hurting Priscilla’s image! It was Edwin who wants to pursue her!

      3. Excuse me? It’s the woman’s fault if the man cheats on her? Lmao It takes both to be in a relationship.

      4. If Gigi was so clingy, protective in other words too insecure of herself and Edwin as the news said, she is at fault too. No men likes uptight control freak woman. She shouldn’t solely blame other girl who appatently is more attractive and sweeter for losing her ex.

      5. How do you know she is not hurt? I think the reason why she lash out like that is because she is still hurt!! I will blame on Edwin Siu!!!

      6. Can we say it’s Edwin’s fault instead? Gigi and Priscilla now are the one who has to bear the brunt of criticism for a guy they were/is in a relationship with. I can imagine Edwin getting the backup from TVB bigshots while Priscilla I’m not sure and Gigi I think is not a TVB artiste.

    2. I feel so sorry at Priscilla. She’s a nice and sweet girl!

  8. Edwin’s interview was clearly arranged by tvb to try to clear Priscilla’s name, so I don’t think he was out for publicity or whatever. It may not even have been his choice. Who knows.

  9. What could they have done? Not admit anything? They were photographed, with Priscilla staying at his place for extended hours. Would everyone rather they lie and deny their mutual interest/relationship? I personally really liked what Edwin did. Every time something “big” happens (like Him/Tavia, Sire, etc.) TVB usually set up some sort of response video. Hey, at least he’s honest cause I really hate ambiguity.

    Priscilla’s most likely having a really hard time digesting it all… all the negative attention & harsh criticism. She’s had such a favorable/clean/lovable image.

    Like most, I never though Gigi & Edwin would work out, especially since her dad seems to disapprove of him so much. Kinda like Kevin Cheng/Linda Wong, how Linda’s dad thought Kevin wasn’t good enough for her back in the days. But whatever it was that ended Gigi & Edwin’s relationship, I strongly doubt it’s Priscilla’s fault.

    1. It can’t be Priscilla’s fault at all. Priscilla is a nice girl with a humble face and clean friendly image.

      1. I think Priscilla is nice, but is falling into Edwin’s love trap.

  10. that both of them have a relationship together
    i just didn’t know OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! and plies gigi ho
    is not as pretty as priscilla wong anyways>.<

  11. The most douchebag person in this case is neither Priscilla or Gigi, but is Edwin Siu. I can’t fathom how some users above are pushing the blame on Gigi alone for being cheated by Edwin.

    1. And how would you know she was cheated by Edwin? Geesh. In January she herself said in an interview that she was single and wanted to focus on her career. Who knows what really went on between the three of them.

      1. Edwin flirt and pursue Priscilla while they were filming that Housewife Madam series, wasn’t that last year?

    2. No, there’s no proof that Edwin flirted and pursued Priscilla last year. The only pictures of them together last year were from the filming set. The pictures of Edwin and Priscilla grocery shopping and going to his flat are recent.

    3. Phoebe, I don’t know how you make a judgement like this, you probably know a lot more compared to the rest of us (well at least me).
      Anyway, did Edwin admit to a relationship with Gigi? The only thing I have read about is that her father disapprove of their relationship, and all they have been saying is that they are good friend.

  12. I like both of them!! Yes No more Aimee and Moses. They are the new Golden couple!!! :))

  13. The next moses chan, aimee and bernice liu again.

  14. Look, they probably broke up before priscilla and edwin started dating. Even if edwin shouldve had a clean breakup, I dont think we should be too early to judge someone

  15. For all guys out there, wouldn’t you use gigi to get to sister Lily? That’s the hot one in the family.

    1. wouldnt guys rather not be Dk-heads by using sisters relationship and be a man and openly chase after the the girl they actually want?

      That is just a sickening act to do, using one to get another, especially when they are family members……….

  16. If Priscilla is a simple person then she should stay away from Edwin. He has such a bad relationship record. I like Edwin but if he sucks in relationship and Priscilla is a nice girl then stay away. Gosh how I wish there was another Raymond Wong who is single. He’s such a loyal and great husband and dad. Fits Priscilla.

    1. LOL.. what on earth makes you think like you know them both inside out to suggest whether they are compatible or not to each other??…

  17. If he really is a two-timer, then it reminds me of his role in FH3. 😛

  18. I don’t see what the big deal is even if the breakup wasn’t clean. Obviously Edwin is over Gigi. They’re not married and they weren’t even dating for that long. It’s how dating works. If after a while you find out that you’re not compatible you move on.

  19. I can see TVB will promote Edwin and Priscilla heavily as a golden couple from now on.

  20. It’s fair game!! Edwin and Gigi aren’t married, not living together, their relationship is not so open … so Priscilla isn’t a 3rd wheel or a home breaker, at least by my standard. He’s single (might be in a relationship, but he’s single) so he’s free to pursue whoever he wants. Too bad someone got her heart broken in the process, but i hardly consider this ‘evil’

  21. Hi, I’m from Malaysia and I dun get much 1st hand news here. From you all guys comment sound like Edwin is scumbag. Priscilla should be careful in this situation. Anyway hope all the best for Priscilla.

  22. Who cares?
    All of them are not married. All free agents and still free to choose their mates. Worse would be get married, and then decide it’s wrong. That’s more hurtful.

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