Elvina Kong Splits From Husband Jackson Ng

Elvina Kong (江欣燕) has split from Jackson Ng (吳積遜), her husband of 12 years. The 46-year-old actress confirmed the news via a telephone interview on July 10. Although she kept mum about reasons for the divorce, Elvina insists that the decision was mutual and that she and Jackson are still good friends.

Elvina and Jackson met in 1991 at a party and were engaged after a year of dating. The two lived together during this time and were finally married in July of 2001. The couple often showed off their loving, stable marriage, and supported each other wholeheartedly throughout their 22 years together. A hopeless romantic, Jackson was always by Elvina’s side, caring for her as she recovered from cataract surgery in 2010, and shielded her from the press after becoming drunk at parties. When Elvina was sent to Japan on a work trip on Valentine’s Day in 2012, Jackson personally flew over to surprise her with a cake and a diamond ring.

Elvina also gifted Jackson with her unconditional affection, standing by him even after he was caught holding hands with a female companion in 2004.

News of the divorce first emerged early this week after Elvina returned to posting on Weibo on her birthday after a long absence. Elvina often shared personal photos and updates on the social media website and on April 16, posted a silly photo with Jackson at friend Eric Tsang’s (曾志偉) birthday party. Since then, Elvina has disappeared from Weibo completely. She did not post again until July 8 with a photo of herself without makeup, describing her birthday this year as “especially interesting”. She later posted another photo of a birthday card, saying, “This year I finally fulfilled a wish”, possibly hinting at a longed-for change.

Some speculated that Jackson’s recent financial troubles may have been a contributing factor. There are also rumors that Elvina is unhappy about Jackson frequenting nightclubs for work and being surrounded by women. After many attempts at saving their marriage, the two ultimately agreed to separate. A source also revealed Elvina spoke with close friends prior to the divorce, saying that the decision was simply due to their personality differences and that there is no third party involved.

Reporters reached Elvina by phone to confirm the news. Elvina hesitated for a moment, but decided to admit to the reports. “Yes, it is true that we have separated.” When asked about the reasons for the divorce, Elvina replied, “I don’t want to talk too much about it. It is a matter between two people after all. We are still very good friends and share a very good relationship.”

Source: Oriental Daily; Oriental Daily

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This is sad to hear but sadly relationships and marriages can come and go just like that. A marriage takes a lot of work and in the end if it does not work out then it just doesn’t. Wish them both the best and it is great that they can still be friends since many couples that divorce would not be able to remain friends due to the awkwardness.

    1. HeTieShou,
      22 years is half of Elvina’s life. That’s a long time to have been together in a relationship. I felt it was a pity that things couldn’t be worked out as well.

      1. Agreed. As Wayne Lai always say in Rosy Business, “人生有
        機多個十年?” lool Well as long as they’re both happy, thats good too 🙂

      2. Jayne,
        I know that but you know there are times that you are together for 4 decades even and it can just end just like that. I know it is a big pity and feel bad for them that they could not work it out… Sad…

      3. She was with Dicky forever before that – I was really surprised that they didn’t stay together since it was that generation where the actors tended to stick with their one girlfriend like Cheung Hork Yau, Lau Ching Wun and Lee Hakken – not Yee Meen of course.

      4. Maybe we can look at the situation in a more position perspective. Perhaps getting a divorce is their version of things working out for the best. There really is no point in staying together if it’s going to make them miserable and unhappy. “人生有機多個十年?” right? Why stay married when both parties know they’re better off as friends? Some may look at it as them giving up when times are tough, but I’d much rather see it as them taking control of their lives to ensure they can both have another chance at meeting someone else.

  2. My friend been with this girl for 20 years and that relationship didn’t last. I guess nowadays, being with someone is for the mean time and not forever. People tend to give up easily and I don’t blame them. Our society has changed over the few decades.

    1. ?? that sounds like bad strategy to me – if they’re not the one – why would you not just stay footloose and fancy free instead of getting to know way too much of someone, their families and vice versa – it’s a total loss of privacy to be anything more than casual with everyone who is not your destiny.

      1. think about it – you probably know what their chau chau smells like if not just their pei. TMI!

  3. It is very sad to hear about Elvina’s divorce after marrying Jackson for 22 years. Marriages seem to be so fragile these days. Sad!

  4. WHAT?! Elvina’s 46? She looks so young? And OMG her husband looks drunk in that photo. I don’t know who he is, but he looks like one of those drunk italian fashion designers

    1. when you don’t have kids, you stay youthful till at least 50. There’s something about having kids that makes a woman age super fast. (OR maybe it’s just genetics…

      1. yeah … It is true..Like Joey Meng. She doesn’t looks like someone in her 40s

      2. Because giving birth is dangerous, potentially deadly and life sucking.Joey Meng looks older than she really is.

    2. Doesn’t matter even if the husband looks half drunk and ugly cuz girls at any age will take him just for “fun”. Some women are like that, just like to play around…

      Men and Women are different, can never have fair judgement or received fair treatment…

  5. yeah agreed, he looks like mafia to me lol.. anyhow, it’s a pity marriage tend to go haywire after a while 🙁

  6. Doesn’t make sense. First half of the article highlights how they are so devoted to one another, and then second half suddenly divorce and there are hints of a third party or financial woes.

  7. It’s definitely sad to see loving couples split, especially since they’ve been together for a long period of time. They may still love each other and care for one another, but not necessarily be “in love” anymore. With no kids, letting that person go may be the best for both parties…

  8. Recently seen them both in interview and was lovey dovey then….

  9. Unfortunately, this is very common in HUGE age gap relationships. Isn’t Jackson in his mid-60s?

    1. no way he is in his mid-60s. He is at most a few years older only.

      1. That’s what I thought Elvina said in an interview. Or, was it in that love show? Hmmm…

        Anyways, she also revealed in the interview that Jackson often goes clubbing/drinking. Maybe hints at cracks in the marriage (due to the timing)?

  10. I remember them on that love show and appeared as loving husband and wife.

    1. I remember that show too where couples are asked all sorts of questions to see how well they know each other and remember key dates/events of their relationship. Another couple won. I don’t know her name but she was recently on “All Things Girl” and she is older than her husband.

  11. Diana! Oh that’s so sad. He looks flirtatious though and that’s just totally judging the book by its cover and its partially unbuttoned chest.

  12. They can act lovey dovey in public but behind closed door, who knows?

  13. 22 year is a long time.. hope they will both find happiness after this.

  14. Guess this thing termed ” affinity ” or “yuen fun” comes to an end thus concludes the relationship. Plain & simple. The Chinese saying …!

  15. i can’t seem to forget her role as Diana either. lol I always thought she was in her mid 30s lol. T.T!

  16. wow, he really does look sort of Southern Italian … WHY?

  17. WOW!!! you really can’t trust anyone in HK _ what a lethal place – 2004 handholding with a “companion” – like what? a nanny? my god – also, I don’t know if she was really respected in the relationship – it all looks fishy to me. I think that unless NSA puts a love hex on you, just resist flattery and focus on establishing a career and saving a nest egg for your old age – HKers cannot be trusted! tsk, tsk.


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