[STYLE] TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013

The end of the year is a festive time for the Hong Kong entertainment industry as the calendar is filled with gala dinners and awards ceremonies. Formerly known as My Astro on Demand Awards, the event has been renamed as TVB Star Awards Malaysia and featured TVB’s most popular stars in attendance.

The Winners

TVB Stars Awards Malaysia Myolie Wu

Myolie Wu’s (胡杏兒) Badgley Mischka gown stood out because she wore red among many neutral-colored dresses that evening. The body-skimming dress emphasized her slender figure. The color blocks of glittering reds were rather eye-catching.

TVB Stars Awards Nancy Wu Ron Ng 2

I love Nancy Wu’s (胡定欣) ensemble for the night. From her sleeked back ponytail to her simple but alluring peekaboo black dress, she looked divine.

TVB Stars Awards Benjamin Yuen Mandy Wong

Mandy Wong (黃智雯) is also on my best-dressed list. Mandy looked pulled together in her one-shoulder strap dress and her jewelry was wisely kept to a minimum.

I love Benjamin Yuen’s (袁伟豪) light blue suit. Perhaps he has the figure to carry any suit well. He was my best-dressed man of the night.

Safe in Neutrals

TVB Stars Awards Tavia Yeung Kenneth Ma

Tavia Yeung (楊怡) always plays it safe and wears simple yet classy pieces. Tavia’s cream-sequined dress by Viola Chan was gorgeous, but also very safe.

Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) white floral suit may look frivolous, but somehow, it worked for him.

TVB Stars Awards Linda Chung Ruco Chan

Another actress who decided to go the safe route was TV Queen of the night, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣). On closer inspection, the Moiselle dress was not short of details but it makes a muted impression. Bolder makeup would have brightened up her face.

Also suited in blue was Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) in Dorian Ho Homme. While the shade of blue is very sharp, his attire seemed outdated. The cropped pants are best left for the summer and he skipped his socks again.

TVB Stars Awards Malaysia Eliza Sam Him Law

I am now accustomed to Eliza Sam’s (岑麗香) SYT (Sweet Young Thing) taste. Dressed in a flowing pale peach chiffon dress, Eliza looks like a walking model for Forever 21, personifying the simplicity of youth.

Him Law (羅仲謙) opted for a playful touch and wore a belt adorned with feathers. The conservative jacket does not match his edgy belt and skirt though.

Room for Improvement

TVB Stars Awards Kristal Tin Edwin Siu

Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) failed to make an impression with her gown, in which the bodice may have been too small for her. Perhaps adding a bolder necklace may have added much needed interest.

While florals may have worked for Kenneth Ma, the same cannot be said of Edwin Siu’s (蕭正楠) yellow/black shirt jacket. Edwin’s hair and outfit choice sent him straight back to the 90s.

TVB Stars Awards Elvina Kong

Elvina Kong (江欣燕) has always been stylish, but her dress was more suited for an informal gathering with friends.

This fashion review is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Kenneth Ma stood out the most among a sea of monochrome-colored suits. Kenneth dared to be different and the suit worked well on him. Actually, he has a tall frame and wide shoulders and rocked the look.

    The flower suit would have looked nice on Him Law as well.

    Among the ladies, I liked Myolie’s look the most, but her jewelry may have been too much. Nancy’s dress was sexy though.

    1. flower power,lol but not my style. i think chilam is the most stylish dressed men,by the women i like eliza the most,i dont know but she looks very classy in her gown.

      1. Kenneth is just being modest, dress down so co-actors could sure the spotlight.

        Like Kenneth, Ruco & Kristal performances.

        Dislike Edwin, Him, Mandy & Eliza’s performances.

    2. I agree, Myolie’s dress is gorgeous but it would’ve been better without the necklace. I also like Nancy Wu, Eliza Sam, Ben Yuen, Chilam, Tavia is bit too simple, Linda’s dress doesn’t attract me at all.

    3. Myolie looked damn tacky under the mountains of bling. Especially contra Nancy’s simplicity. Nancy looked sleek but could have used a bit more bling.

      As for the rest, Tavia looked like she was wearing a prom dress dress, Linda and Eliza very matron dresses. Kristal’s dress looked like something catwoman would wear – very costume-y, not a good thing.

      Edwin what were you thinking?!! Benjamin loked very sassy though. Youthful and handsome, maybe a tad too casual.

      1. Oh yeah, and Chilam looked like he had put on his best grandpa suit. Totally not something Captain Cool would have approved of.

  2. MM’s outfit was a disaster. All of us burst out laughing when we saw that he decided to wear his garden to the ceremony, it was just as bad if not worse than edwin’s. Both were loud and headache-inducing.

    1. I think Marming looks good!
      It’s not a typical red carpet look but given that this is not the main show and he manages to pull it off! So cute!
      Also if I remember correctly,some guys alwasy wear shorts and socks with hats to the big show, that is way no no!
      I rather they turn up in a bright suit.

      Marming’s personality really wears this well!
      If Rucco wore this, I don’t know what to say….

  3. I disagree. TAvia looked ok but her style looked dated. I didn’t even notice Mandy. She was bland. Myolie was bling all over and looked good. Kristal actually caught my attention with a gown that I will not consider safe and it was trendy. Sometimes less is more. Linda’s dress may be simple but she looked angelic and elegant and it was beautiful. The pictures did no justice to the dress or the wearer. Eliza was bland. Nancy was sexy but truth be told next to bling Myolie or princess Linda or vamp kristal she was lost.

    For the men Him law was more trendy but his costume was as dark as his mood. I will say Him was best dressed for younger group. Chilam dressed well as was Eric. Kenneth May look silly but he pulled off the suit with panache. I thought it was silly but still gentlemanly.

    Ruco was very memorable. Have I seen him in the same suit before? Yes I hate the no sock thing but overall he looked classy, self assured and handsome and he knows it. The colour was striking and I like how he done his bow tie. I don’t see it was outdated. All he needed is socks, better shoes and a more fitting suit.

    I like Eric’s though. Trendy. Ron was plain but it works.

    The absolute worst is Edwin. It isn’t about 90s but the lack of respect for the event. He looked like a hobo and unbefitting that event. I will say the same about Ruco’s dislike for socks if not for the fact he looked like a million dollars on top.

    1. Kenneth was sockless too btw. Seems the fashion these days is shoes w/o socks even with suits. I’ve seen kevin cheng, wayne lai and recently even chow yun fatt do the same.

      1. Why? Why? Why? Socks too expensive? Fear of socks? Does it take golden horse or oscar or Cannes to make them wear socks?

      2. People in Hong Kong think it is trendy and fashionable these days to wear suits/tuxedos without wearing socks. I have seen many actors doing it.

        Personally I hate to see people dressed up so formally without wearing socks.

      3. Heh, I remember way back in Coffee Prince when Gong Yoo’s character sported this look. The costume designer claimed it was inspired by European fashion (i.e. Italian)…

      4. @skinnymocha, I think I have to agree with you about Gong Yoo not wearing shocks and it has become a fashion trend since then. By the way, I have no problem with men not wearing shocks with suits

    2. Whose outfit looked better in person and who looked better in pictures?

      1. I will say in pictures are Eliza and Tavia. In person, Tavia’s is very old fashioned gown and Eliza was like washed out of colour. Same with Mandy. In person Myolie was striking and she didn’t look big or wide in person. Linda’s gown looked good too. Basically those that this article said looked bad actually looked good in person and the ones that looked good actually looks not that great in person. Somehow the pictures darkened the actual look.

      2. Thanks for the info! One more question- How does Ron look in person? One second I may think he looks really cute, and the next he looks really tired and sweaty. lol

      3. Ron? Last year to this year he looks pissed. But he seems to have lost weight. He actually looks rather good, if he just smile a bit. He and Chilam and Him can go for the most glum look award but since Chilam is Chilam, I will say Him wins.

      4. @AC: Ron looks better in pictures. However the new hair makes him look more tired. I like him when he doesn’t smile more because the serious look suits him.

  4. My fave dressed is Myolie and Benjamin. Edwin’s outfit looks the worst, especially with that hair! Chilam looks very bulky in that suit.

  5. For me, it’s simply the same case as last year, so many of the girls were wearing white dresses. You going award ceremony or going to get married?

  6. I liked Elvina’s dress! It was nice and simple. I really liked Mandy Wong, Nancy Wu’s, Tavia Yeung’s and Eliza’s outfits the most. I agree that Benjamin Yuen’s light blue suit was good. I hated Kenneth Ma’s suit and Edwin’s outfit..I will admit that it’s hard to pull off these floral outfits.

  7. I have to disagree. I actually do not like Myolie’s dress that much. Sure the color stands out, but I think it makes her look bloated.

    I also do not like Nancy’s or Mandy’s dresses… Nancy’s dress is not very form fitting and Mandy’s dress looks like a white curtain.

    On the other hand, I think Linda’s dress suits her very well. The cutting of Linda’s dress makes her look sleek and classy.

  8. Linda gonna win tvb queen following the results of the past 2 years after winning in astro

  9. For girls I like tavia’s dress. Makes her look very regal and classy. Also liked Eliza’s dress, Simple yet girly and cute. Linda isn’t bad but to plain, like her hair tho.

    Myolie’s dress does not do her figure justice. It. Gives no shape to her body and makes her look rather manly. She is also too blinged out.

    Kristal and Nancy looked edgy and trendy. I also likes their look.

    For men I loved Kenneth’s suit!! Very different. He can pull it off very well, him trying to pull off the edgy look is just plain weird…..he just looks lost.

    I don’t even know what to say about Edwin….lol

    1. Also wanted to mention I like tavia’s jeweler the most. It goes well with her dress. I personally thought the necklace is beautiful, very flattering.

      Myolie’s necklace was also beautiful. The dress however overshadowed it and made her overall appearance cheesy….with too much bling

  10. I LOOVE TAVIA and think she’s beautiful but she really needs a new makeup artist. Her makeup at events is wayyy to dark.

    She needs to change things up instead of doing the same makeup look every time.

    1. Which is the dark eyes with super noticeable lip liner and super glossy lips.

      I want to see her sport pink lips with neutral eyes

      1. And would like her nose contoured with better foundation lol

  11. My top picks – Nancy and Benjamin.
    I don’t like Myolie’s look, the dress with excessive jewellery just clash.
    Tavia looks good, accessorised well too.
    I don’t mind Kenneth’s flower power suit, he carries it well. Edwin on the other hand is a train wreck!!!

  12. My picks-

    Best dressed Female: Tavia.

    I love love lovee Tavia’s dress and hair! It’s simple, yet really flattering on her. I think pastel, light colours suits her well. Nancy was a favourite too!Her hair and makeup was perfect.

    Myolie was too blingy imo, minus the necklace and she would look better…her overall look was screaming of being too overdone.

    Best male for me would have to be Ben! I love the light blue, really suits him well, which I think not a lot of men can pull off.

  13. Karen

    Malaysia don’t have summer. Nothing wrong with Ruco cropped pants. Maybe Ruco knows Malaysia very well.

    Edwin 90’s may be intentionally depicting 巨轮 series.

  14. My choices are:

    Female Artistes:
    1) Eliza Sam – simple but very elegant, colour matched her age very well.
    2) Myolie Wu – shiny and glamorous, but jewellery a bit too heavy
    3) Nancy Wu – simple but sexy, should wear some kind of jewellery
    4) Tavia Yeung – good but a bit like a wedding dress
    5) Mandy Wong – not bad, simple but dressy

    Male Artistes:
    Don’t like anyone in particular.
    1) Eric Tsang – dressy but a bit too busy
    2) Chilam Cheung – dressy but a bit too heavy
    3) Ruco Chan – bright but still dressy (if socks were worn)
    4) Benjamin Yuen – decent but a bit too casual.

    Don’t like Edwin Siu’s outfit ……….. too flowery and too busy.

    Kenneth Ma’s is good, quite well matched, but may be too fancy for such a formal occasion. His outfit may be well liked by some young and fashionable people.

  15. On the whole, I think Myolie Wu and Nancy Wu both have a good sense of fashion. They seemed to dress up very trendily but elegantly at both occasions (TVB ceremony and Astro Show).

  16. Glamorous r they all but not classy enough on d red carpet, c’mon TVB stars wanna c some trendy n unique wear for d next party huh!

    1. I thought Eliza looked sweet, but I really hated the shouldering of her dress. The pastel pink was flattering against her skin tone, but her hair really gave me a prom feel.

  17. For me, Myolie is shapely, but whole ensemble too glittery – maybe loose the necklace? Nancy’s dress emphasized her flat-chest whilst Linda’s her wide shoulders. The other gals are dressed their expected style.

    Why is ChiLam in a coat?? Edwin must be back in his Brother Keeper’s world…

  18. Myolie oh Myolie, fashion faux pass!
    The dress with the severe hair should be classic and formal, why did you have to place that huge diamond choker on the neck?
    I don’t know if to look at the dress, the necklace or that hairstyle that is aging you! The look almost could work if the hairstyle was youthful and lose the necklace and just pair of earrings! Kristal really stepped up her fashion game, she was definitely out to make a impression! Tavia- always the same in white, kate wasn’t here but if she was she wouls be in black or midnight blue…. Same same but really different?!

  19. I sadly have to say linda chung is the biggest appointment here, maybe that’s also a good thing, she’s keeping the best gown for last! Although hated the over powering and aging look of myolie, her gown was simply striking, she’s definitely have a better gown than this for the big show, she could easily be the best dressed for the big show! Anyone knows if she works with any stylists, her gowns are so exquisite and of course her never ending flow of diamonds as well!

  20. the only person that will know how nice the artiste dress are those who attended the tvb star award 2013.

  21. Myolie’s choice of color transitions in her gown betrayed her. It focused on her hips and waist which made her a bit too wide.

    Mandy’s gown looked fine but her short hair and color was not appropriate for the gown. Mandy should have added a hairpiece or jewelry to add some character and re-dye her hair black or darkest brown.

    Edwin Siu looks more like a race car driver.

    Ron Ng’s jacket either looks too small or he should have a open collar shirt or a conventional t-shirt vs. his v-shirt since he does not have a nice set of pectoral muscles to show.

    Ditto for Benjamin Yuen who would have looked better with an open collar shirt unbuttoned 3 notches to show his pects.

    Tavia’s choice of gown and accessories were exquisite.

  22. I has burst of laughter when I see the florist Ma Ming. It looks funny, especially with his gwing face. I won’t feel surprise if Bosco wears it, but Ma Ming, it’s too funny. The florist pants are disaster although the vest is accepted. That outfit should be wore by someone with younger look.

    Another florist, Edwin isn’t any better. He looks odd to the event.

    So for men, Chilam plays safe but the best.

  23. Myolie’s dress accentuates her hips, not flattering and she wore too much bling. Nancy and Mandy on the other hand look too plain, like they forgot to wear any accessories, not even earrings. I though Kristal looked quite good with the slicked back hair and earrings which went well with her outfit, not too loud but enough to stand out. Linda looked sweet and pretty and her hair was lovely especially when seen from the back. Ron and Ben looked too casual, especially Ron with the deep V tee inside his jacket. Ben rocked the casual smart look better than Ron. Ruco looked sharp and smart, love the slight sheen on his suit; this and the bright color saved it from looking boring. Edwin and Kenneth looked like they were in a competition for the loudest outfit that night and Chilam looked like he was wearing something borrowed from the Hollywood props dept in that Victorian-era suit. Tavia was safe and boring as usual and Him looked determined to upstage Bosco (luckily Bosco didn’t turn up). Eric was his usual loud self and Elvina’s dress was way too casual.

  24. mYOLIe is so beautiful n elegant! Ma ming is charming in the floral suite <3

  25. i like Myolie’s gown the best. what works for me is also Eliza’s and Linda’s. for the guys? none, really. 😛

  26. Maybe a tie between Linda and Tavia. Myolie looked wide. Bling bling everywhere. Nancy and Mandy looked plain. Need to accessorize! Eliza is very princess-ish. The guys dressed better with the exception of Kenneth and Edwin. One is floral-ish and another is race car-ish.

    1. Hola, Andre9s. Pues sed, yo (Rafa) vived en San Luis Potosed muchos af1os y alle1 tambie9n se comen brtiruos, pero bueno, tambie9n se comen kepes libaneses y no por eso podemos decir que son mexicanos. Para comer tortillas de harina me quedo con una buena machaca con huevo regiomontana. Y de comida nortef1a yo recomendareda, antes que los brtiruos, una arrachera con sus frijoles al lado o unos camarones sarandeados de Sinaloa (al horno y con mostaza). a1Arriba el norte!

  27. I like Myolie’s dress.The color makes her stand out from the rest ,and form-fitting of it accentuate her body curves especially her hips. I dont mind the jewelries on her, they go well with the dress. Nancy’s dress is a killer, but a necklace would complete the look. Tavia’s dress is just as usual, classy and elegant, nothing extraordinary. However, the make-up and the hair just make her look too old and dated. If she is about to stand next to Him Law, the age gap is very obvious. Mandy’s outfit is just too simple, thus lessen her sense of presence.It would have been better if she follows Sister Myolie and pairs it with some bling bling accessories. Linda’s dress is cute and somehow looks good on her, but it seems too loose and does not accentuate her body and to the worse it flattens her chest which is not appealing. I am pretty neutral to Eliza and her dress, so nothing to comment on. To me, somehow Kristal always come across as a very down to earth person, she gives you a feeling that she always speak her mind and a straight forward person. That’s why I dont know what to say about her looks in every event that she attends. As for the men, I am fine with Kenneth floral suit, secretly applauding him for being different. Not a lot of people dare to do that. However, it is not the same case with Edwin, his outfit is just one word, bad, b/c even MaMing wears floral too but he still looks like a dashing gentleman, Edwin’s outfit is just down right unappealing. Ruco looks great with that dark blue suit and his matching color eye-glass frame. As for Chilam and Him, they are very handsome if I just look at their tops not the skirt-liked pants please. May be, I am little obsessive with men in suits for a formal event that I cant bring myself come to peace with these skirt-liked pants whatever you call it. As for Ron, nothing much too say since I think his outfit is not formal enough but for a fan meeting would it do. On the side note, Wong Cho Lam suit fits him very well, I mean with the cropped pants somehow it compliments his comedic nature very well.

  28. I like Nancy’s the most, simple and elegant. I think Myolie’s has too much bling on it and she looks a little bloated. I think Tavia looks elegant, but the dress looks similar to her other dresses, I like what she wore last year better. And maybe Linda should get a new make-up artist, she looks pale.
    AS for the men, Kenneth looks absolutely adorable in the flowery suit, got shocked when he got out of the car as he always plays safe, but it looks good on him. He has a tall frame. Edwin on the other hand who goes for flower was a pure disaster, that jacket looks so outdated and not classy. And whats up with his hair.

  29. Agree Kristal didn’t look good in her gown. But the gown itself looks nice. In fact, I think it is the prettiest amongst the other gowns.

  30. Oh Tavia has just arrived in my country a few minutes ago ♥

  31. For once Myolie actually looks the best for big events but she should do away with her necklace and ear-rings.

  32. In my opinion, Myolie and Nancy looked the best. Eliza and Linda looked pretty sweet as well.

  33. Nothing grabbed my attention in particular. I liked the style and colour of Myolie’s dress… but think it might have been better as a single solid colour red. You have to be very confident in your body shape to wear horizontal stripes!!!

    1. Oh.. and can I say… I chuckled at the picture of Nancy and Ron. It looks like they were in competition with each other to see who could sport the most revealing neckline!

  34. Gorgeous couple…Ruco and Linda

    Kenneth Ma looks stupid in his flowery suit! Like a gangster attending a Ball, somehow he and Tavia look alike

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