Flora Chan Does Not Regret Rejecting “Triumph in the Skies 2”

When seven famous stars come together to shoot one television dramas, personalities are expected to clash, but this is not the case for TVB’s upcoming television drama, M Club.

Starring goddesses of the nineties, Carman Lee (李若彤), Rachel Lee (李麗珍), Flora Chan (陳慧珊), Elvina Kong (江欣燕), Angie Cheong (張慧儀), Gloria Yip (葉蘊儀), and Fennie Yuen (袁潔瑩), M Club is comedy drama that centers around the ownership of a dance studio; a group of high school friends meet each other again after 20 years and discover that the dreams they once shared together where shattered. Eric Tsang (曾志偉) and Joe Chan (陳維冠) are on board as producers.

With Hong Kong’s unpredictable rainy weather, the filming of M Club had to be postponed several times, but the cast remain to be in good spirits. Carman even joked to the paparazzi, “Please don’t say we are not getting along!”

A few days ago, a plainly dressed Carman and Rachel were shooting outdoors. Both actresses had assistants with them to help touch up makeup and holding fans. Around 8 p.m., Rachel completed her scenes and Carman changed into a formal blue dress, shooting a scene with Angie, Gloria, Fennie, and guest star Lawrence Cheng (鄭丹瑞), who portrays Carman’s husband.

Flora Chan on “Triumph in the Skies 2”

M Club star Flora Chan, who touched the viewers with her tragic portrayal of Belle in 2003’s Triumph in the Skies<衝上雲宵>, turned down the offer to shoot the sequel last year. While attending a birthday party event earlier this week, Flora expressed that she does not regret her decision.

“I’m very busy with [M Club], so I don’t have much time to watch Triumph in the Skies 2. But the rest of the cast are doing great. They have my support! I do not feel any regret for dropping out of the project. I have a reason for every decision I make. At the time, my family was my focus. If I am to film in Hong Kong, the timing must accommodate to my studying schedule.”

Although busy with filming M Club, Flora expressed that she is not stressed and has enough time to rest. She said, “I have the energy to film, but the best part is that I get to stay in Hong Kong with my daughter.”

Source: Ming Pao via ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Don’t quite understand all the hoo haa about her. She’s quite a boring performer to me.

    1. Maybe because you don’t watch TITS1?!
      Many comments I read, hoping her to come back even for a cameo role are fans of TITS1.

      1. Believe me, I think I have seen all of her series. I like her looks, I find her intelligent looking. However, she’s a dull of an actress. I’ve seen everything since FOJ to her last series with Joe Ma.

      2. If she is dull as an actress, I dont understand why you’d see all of her series. Just a thought.

    2. I watched a bit of the triump part 1 and i don’t quite get it either? haha..she is just another actress to me as well.

    3. I really like her in TITS. But I do agree that she is a plain Jane an I don’t find her striking.

    4. I think she’s boring too and I don’t understand her character Belle. Belle was annoying. Maybe I will understand if I rewatch now when I’m older but no time for it.

      1. At first the word ‘menstruation’ came up in mind. Thanks for pointing that out. I prefer that they stick to the original name..they always end up coming up with names that a worse than what they came up with in the first place. Why fix something when it wasnt broken lol.

  2. I wonder how Triumph in the Skies 2 would’ve been if she was cast? Would Fala not be a part of the cast then?

    1. Wish Belle could have in the sequel so we don’t have this funky pairing of Sam & holiday :/ Maybe fala could be with chilam

    2. Fala would most likely still be in the cast but prob paired up with Chilam instead of a love triangle. Before Francis officially joined, there was a sales presentation trailer that had them pair up (along with Raymond-Myolie, Bosco-Kate, Ron-Rebecca). I would imagine that if Flora was cast, she would be paired with Francis?

      1. Well, I suppose they would be paired together again if Fala accepted TITS 2. Belle and Sam both lost their spouses, enough time have passed for them to move on and rekindle their romance in the sequel. At the end of TITS 1, Sam and Zoe were very close friends with Belle. It is hard to believe that Belle would not stay in touch with them as a concerned friend over the past 10 years, or to not have Sam ask Coco how Belle is doing. Also, it makes more sense for Sam to reignite his romance with Belle after he had properly grieved for Zoe for a couple of years, since they have a deep bond and connection.

        However since Flora is not in TIT 2, the tvb scriptwriters have to create a love triangle between Sam, Holly and Jayden that seems a bit forced and contrived. I see no chemistry between Francis and Fala. Holly and Jayden make a much more convincing couple than Sam and Holly. I’m not fond of these May-December romances…

        As for Flora, I’m not really her fan but I did think she was memorable as Belle back when TITS 1 first aired. I much prefer to see original cast members appearing in the sequel, it’s like meeting old friends after not seeing them for a long time and seeing how they’ve changed. Lol. Too bad Flora cannot be more flexible with her schedule and turned down filming overseas, but we can’t blame her for prioritising her daughter over work. Oh well.

      2. I guess Flora would have paired up with someone else. Cuz with Flora in the picture, i believe that Zoe would not die. She would matchmake Belle with someone. Cuz in the last episode of TITS1, it showed that sam and belle felt family warmth towards each other.

  3. Flora Chan is indeed a very good actress! Maybe there is a lot of teenagers commenting here!But I really enjoy all her old Tvb dramas Not just TITS 1.

      1. Yes. I was a big fan of hers. And while some may say she is plain, I find her striking and elegant.

    1. I find her to have a certain ‘presence’ in her shows.
      Liked her in Healing Hands and Files of Justice 🙂

  4. Flora is a good actress, I like her in Untraceable Evidence 1 & 2 with Bowie Lam

  5. Maybe Flora is a Plain Jane but that doesn’t mean she cannot act. As far as I can remember, she was a memorable leading actress in series like At The Threshold of an Era, Feminine Masculinity (one of my favorite shows of all time!), Triumph in the Skies and also To Get Unstuck in Time. I enjoyed Suspects in Love too although I didn’t get the chance to finish watching it.

    1. she is plain but somehow i find her having personality and exude the feminine quality. Just like my Sandy Lam (my idol from young, hahahaha).

    2. I disagree, she’s not a plain Jane. She’s not a conventional beauty (e.g big eyes tetc…) but she’s attractive & she has got a great personality. That’s why she’s so well like & popular.

  6. At least she should make cameo. After the passing of Joe Ma character, i dont remember the ending of the first one but it would be weird to put her as main cast of part 2 because how would you build a story from that???

  7. If it is the current storyline, I don’t see how her character will feature in this current storyline without being a walk on role. If it is not the current storyline, and perhaps a romance with Sam again, isn’t that a repetition of TITS 1? Either way I am quite happy that she is not involved. I just feel Belle’s story is over, unless her new boyfriend or husband is also a pilot.

  8. I love Belle and Sam!! I still believe they are destined to meet and fated to be together!! At least their age gap is not too far apart!

    1. Belle is gone! She has left! She is not even mentioned! No more Belle!

  9. I have totally forgotten about TITS 1, I thought Belle is dead.

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