Finale Spoilers for “Never Dance Alone”

Nostalgia-driven drama, Never Dance Alone <女人俱乐部>, is airing its finale on June 1, allowing viewers to relive their memories of growing up through the series one last time.

As the producer of the series, Eric Tsang (曾志偉) makes a guest star appearance in the last episode of Never Dance Alone as himself. Touched by the members of M-Club and amazed at their dance competition moves, Eric ironically interviews Mo Siu Sze (Carman Lee 李若彤) and hopes to film a series about the M-Club members.

Siu Sze’s First Loves and Memories

Heavily affected by her husband’s death, Siu Sze receives support from Alan (Lawrence Ng 吳啟華). Even though Siu Sze knows about Alan’s romantic feelings for her, she is unable to accept him. Before Alan is able to confess, Siu Sze returns to the place where she had her first date with her late husband (Lawrence Cheng 鄭丹瑞), and she finds a letter addressed to her for their 20th wedding anniversary. Unable to let go of her husband, but also conflicted about her first love, how will Siu Sze ultimately make her final decision?

Julie’s Secrets Revealed

After the return of her first boyfriend, Robert (Joe Tay 鄭敬基), Julie’s (Rachel Lee 李麗珍) secrets begin unravelling. Feeling remorseful, Robert apologized to Julie and the pair puts the past behind and revives their love. Julie and daughter Carrie  (Eliza Sam岑麗香) reconcile in the end. However, Julie’s aunt causes a ruckus and lets loose the secret of how Carrie was actually abandoned by Julie outside an orphanage when she was young, and was in fact, not kidnapped. Unable to accept her wrongdoings, M-Club members ignore Julie, causing her to reflect on her past behavior.

Helen’s Depression and Undying Dreams

Helen Luk Yuen Chau (Fennie Yuen 袁潔瑩), plagued by her guilt for letting Julie’s daughter get kidnapped when she was a baby, became depressive over the years. Due to her talkative nature when she was a teenager, Helen was the one who let out the secret that Julie was pregnant, causing Julie to be shunned by everyone. Due to years of stress, Helen discovers she is showing signs of cancer. The members of M-Club stand by Helen, and encourage her to return to England to find herself again, as well as to reconnect with her sons.

Cyndi Gets Better

Suffering from a mental illness since the start of the series, Cyndi (Elvina Kong 江欣燕) is finally released from the hospital when her condition gets better. Unfortunately, Cyndi is unable to continue her dancing dreams as she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Taking painkillers so she can participate in the dance competition one last time, she is replaced by Carrie due to her poor health condition.

Gam Yin and Jenny Find True Love

Treated poorly by her husband, Leung Gam Yin (Gloria Yip 葉蘊儀) decides to join forces again with M-Club and stop his plan to buy out the dance studio. After losing a lot of money on his gambling trip to Macau, Gam Yin helps her husband out and pays back the loans, however, she requests for a divorce. Now single again, Gam Yin realizes her self worth, and finally accepts Dr. House’s (Brian Burrell 布偉傑) love perusal.

Also finding her true love, Jenny (Angie Cheong 張慧儀) accepts Stephen (Luk Wing 陸永) after his moving speech and her mother’s encouragement. Ignoring social norms, Jenny becomes pregnant and starts a family with the much younger Stephen.

Source: TVB  Magazine

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  1. Probably the top 5 tv shows of Tvb.But don’t understand why the ratings are like 28 lol. It should be in 40s.

      1. Its 1 of the best shows tvb has produced this year. The reason for low rating because not that much people watch tvb dramas that often. Me and my 4 bestfriends always watch tvb 3 years ago. But now only me watch tvb. They turned to china and korean series.

      2. i totally agree. two or three years ago, i was probably watching every single series tvb churned out, if only for background noise. these days, i have less time for tv, and when i do, i prefer mainland productions. this year, the only tvb drama i watched was storm in a cocoon, and that was only because i am a huge fan of both steven and tavia. any other actor and actress, i probably wouldn’t have bothered.

      3. I’m really surprised TVB didn’t air this as an anniversary drama since Eric Tsang is behind this show. I always thought he had a lot of power, but apparently not so much.

    1. This series is really good with good scripts and great young actresses. The young versions of mclub members are really promising and impressive based on actings

    2. The average ratings should be 33 ….. Not 28. Something is wrong with the ratings

  2. Not a happy ending.

    JTTW and Come Home Love should come to an end already.

  3. Eric Tsang appearing in the end kinda sounds like how Arrested Development ended.

    1. Very rare to see that midget guy go on a TVB series.

      1. real classy larry

        im surprised they let a retard post on the forum!

  4. It was a fun watch up till her husband’s death. I don’t think getting back with her first love is a plausible ending at all. Plus, I really hope that the cancer stuff is just speculation, because it’ll be real cliched. The best ending should be a best friends reunion really. Romance and etc shouldn’t be a focus for these type of dramas. I can definitely live without watching the awkward lovelines develop.

  5. I have to say I really enjoy watching the show. It really brings back memories of my younger days not to mention the writing was awesome and it was great to see many of the veteran actresses/actors back on screen.

  6. I love this drama so much, it also gives advice to people on things in life. Last week’s episode on siu sze’s husband’s death really made me cry (the only show I ever cried watching is ‘Christ’).
    And, omg, joe Tay looks so young and cute. I’m 24 and he has a son born in the same year as me.

    1. Me too. The part that the husband died was so sad. This series is a great tear jerker, I haven’t found one from TVB for a long time until when her husband died. He was so sweet 🙁

      1. i only jerked to lee lai chun … had a dream about her and had to wank this morning

    2. The only drama that I ever cried was tvb no regrets

  7. Sad for some characters but sounds like a good end. Am glad Fei Choi ditch her useless husband. Dr House??

    1. Dr. House is the tall white man who asked Akina/Fei Choi/胖菜 to dance at the club. Fei Choi was hesitant until Jenny said that she’ll take the offer if Fei Choi declines. Just after Fei Choi accepts, Stephen Fok Gam Fai/霍金輝 hits on Jenny.

  8. Eliza Sam exaggerated in her sad emotional scenes. Ironically the younger and newbie Venus Wong did impressively well for all her scenes.

    1. Some people have talents and some people doesn’t. Talents are hard to find nowadays. I seriously think young tvb fa dans aren’t that great at all. I think Nancy wu has better acting skills than other fa Dans and deserves be promoted to first lead more than them

    2. Seriously? Have you seen Venus Wong’s ‘acting’ during the father’s funeral and key emotional moments? No? Because it’s nonexistent.

  9. 剧嘛嘛地! I personally think it’s not that good

  10. They should bring Alan Tam on instead of Eric..hahahaha

  11. I hope siu sze will ends up with alan. They make a very sweet couple

    1. Hopefully, Alan will, at least, be persistent and wait for Mo Siu Sze, who is a better match for him than Dan Dan/丹丹.

      1. I think the death of siu sze’s husband is a huge hint that alan will end up with siu sze. I really hope they will because alan deserves a caring and sweet wife like siu sze

      2. Yeah-yeah, hope so. Also, Siu Sze telling him to confront DD may be another hint.

        A match made in heaven if they end up together after all the interference (by DD) and marriage. But, make him work for it. haha 🙂

  12. oh i like the ending. But hopefully Siu Sze don’t end up with alan.

  13. I hope siu sze end up with Alan, they make a cute couple, don’t like alan with dan dan

  14. What! this drama hasn’t ended? It seems like forever!

    1. It will end on June 1st, Sunday. 9 to 11 pm Hong Kong time, 2 episodes.

      1. I thought I heard May 31 being announced. No biggie though since I watch online anyways.

      2. Last 2 episodes back to back on Sunday 1st June.

  15. I cried when Siu Sze with other members of MClub cried after they danced.
    She said she can’t stop, all she sees is her husband and how she cried..great acting!
    Remind me of FalaChan in TTTS2, such huge gap of acting!!!

  16. Argh! I feel so conflicted between wanting Siu Sze to be with Alan and Siu Sze staying with her husband (in her mind)

    Carmen has such good chemistry with the two Lawrences 😀

    1. Siu Sze is still young. She can’t be manless for the rest of her life.

      1. Well technically she can 😛 But yea I agree with you.

  17. Jayne: The final episodes air on Sunday, June 1st. Not May 31.

  18. The minu carmen’s husband died, simultaneously killed the series for me. It was unnecessary and had no reason for being there, other than to raise ratings. Totally unprofessional imo and ruins the rest of the drama for me.

    1. Moncheri,
      The plot of killing off Lawrence Cheng may seem contrived at first, but Carman Lee’s character needed a sudden dramatic jolt in her life to move the story forward. It also sets up more confrontation scenes between Carman and her mother-in-law, and allows her character to grow stronger to hold up the family after her husband’s absence.

    2. What has professionalism got to do with the death of a character?

  19. watching this makes me think of, “what is truly yours would eventually be yours, and what is not, no matter how hard you try, will never be”.

    what is truly yours would eventually be yours. this phrase for siu sze. she and alan, after so many years and even after both had one marriage, they managed to reunite.

    what is not, no matter how hard you try, will never be. this phrase for dan dan. the fact that she kept the letter alan wanted her to pass to siu sze and she eventually married alan. however, it resulted in a divorce.

  20. Happy with the ending! [spoiler]

    Glad it wasn’t cliched n typical tvb esp with siu sizes ending. I would’ve been disappointed otherwise. I m happy for dandan as well. Happy for the all!

  21. Did Gam Yin ever confess to locking Julie in the dance studio?

    1. No, she didn’t. I thought she (fei choi) owed Julie an apology.

  22. It’s a great drama and probably the strongest in terms of storyline and cast performance among tvb dramas in recent years!

    The storyline can be good but if the cast can’t perform, the drama would have flopped. Kudos to both the young and older cast! It seems that there was a period when the younger artistes on tvb dramas have been disappointing. But recently, the new artistes are pretty impressive…

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