“Aerobic Girls” Blessing Ceremony

Eric Tsang (曾志偉) and Joe Chan’s (陳維冠) Aerobic Girls <舞室保衛戰> held its official blessing ceremony today and the entire cast and crew showed up in high spirits. The full cast line up includes Carmen Lee (李若彤), Rachel Lee (李麗珍), Elvina Kong (江欣燕), Flora Chan (陳慧珊), Angie Cheong (張慧儀), Gloria Yip (葉蘊儀), Fennie Yuen (袁潔瑩), Lawrence Ng (吳啟華), Joe Tay (鄭敬基), and Lawrence Cheng (鄭丹瑞). The girls who will play the younger versions of the actresses wore 80s aerobics gear in colorful spandex to create a lively atmosphere.

Since the lead actresses are in their forties, it was quite noticeable that most of them had heavy face makeup on. Although years have passed since several of the leads have last acted onscreen, the physical changes were not significant. Only Gloria seemed to have gained a bit of weight while Fennie and Carmen were thinner, perhaps because the latter has been dealing with her depression and mood disorders.

Elvina looked slightly tired despite trying her best to put on a smile. Because of the announcement of her divorce with her husband of 12 years, it may take a little longer for Elvina’s spirits to resume. Weariness aside, Elvina wore a pink and green spandex set. She also attempted to maintain a positive attitude and imitated her role in the series, “I have to protect my mom’s dancing studio! A woman is just as strong by herself; she doesn’t need a man by her side!”

Aerobic Girls 6The biggest surprise was when they revealed that comedy king David Lo (盧大偉) will also be participating in the drama. David took part in the popular Chinese New Years film, 72 Tenants of Prosperity <七十二家租客>, and with his return to TVB, it will surely give the audience members a feeling of nostalgia.

Need To Lose Weight?

Besides Gloria, who has gained a little weight over the years, Kandy Wong (糖妹), who will be playing Gloria’s younger self in Aerobic Girls, was subject to criticism about her weight. More specifically, netizens pointed out that Kandy’s thighs were too beefy. When she was standing beside the rest of the younger actresses in tights, it was noticeable that her thighs were bigger in comparison.

Source: Apple Daily via ihktv.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. “More specifically, netizens pointed out that Kandy’s thighs were too beefy.”

    I’m sorry but some netizens are horrible.

    1. And that they are women in their 40s so need to cake on the makeup. Very unecessarily cruel. Im sure younger celebs cake on their makeup too.

      1. Kandy is playing the younger Gloria, so I don’t think she is in her 40s? But anyways, Gloria is chubbier than the other women, so it seems reasonable if her younger self has a few extra pounds,

  2. You don’t know how much I laughed when I read your comment!

    1. wow… spandex and tights are back……hurray

  3. Is Angie Cheung (張慧儀),
    but doesn’t matter the spelling, she still looks gorgeous despite her age (the one wear white on the bottom right corner)
    Miss you Angie Cheung, is this a series? Or a show?

    1. Angie still got it, that sex appeal. She is also the most evergreen, aged, yes, but not as much as the rest.

      These girls are all pretty in their younger days, not 1st tier actress, but nonetheless, famous enough.

      1. Mixed kid. And a happy child. Is she married by the way?

      2. There isn’t much news about her, eem like she had spend alot of her time with her son, she adopted him 6 years ago.

        I read in a news, it said that the original couples did not want to adopt Hanson because he have heart disease, so Angie take the place and adopted him instead.

        Angie Cheung is still not married.

        And is this “Aerobic Girls” a series? or TV show? I would love to see it because of Angie.

      3. Never mind, I just re-read the article, it is a series. Wonder how many episolds there are, probably not a lot.

  4. This is like a cast of premenopausal hitting mid 40s. But yes Angie looks great. However I am not excited because not any one of them was ever really well known to be great at acting during their heyday. But there is some memory trip to be taken here.

    As for the thigh thing, come on! COME ON!!! Sigh… HK people and their stick expectation. But what do you expect? They’re not 6 foot tall of course the thigh is a big more beefy. You want thin pretzel like stick legs issit?

    1. Precisely not 6 foot tall, that’s why the thighs should still be slim and tight, you know.

      If you can’t get back into shape, then don’t face the camera. It’s a simple solution.

      Those westerners 6 footers fared even worse, they get flabby butts, and loose flesh… hehehehe, .

      1. Do you have slim thigh ? if not , please don’t talk. Have respect for other people .

      2. @Ling,
        Yes, I do have slim thighs, and slim legs and slim body and nice curves.

        So, if you don’t, better not comment, have some respect for beautiful people, and not to get jealous and ask them not to talk.

      3. I’m 6 foot and westerns, and don’t have a flabby butt or loose flesh. Nice stereotyping… I guess you must be short, squat with no breasts? After all, that’s the asian stereotype is it not?

  5. who the oldest actress in this drama ?
    Is Elvina Kong the oldest?
    Who the male lead in the 40an,why not hire those popular actor in 40 an now to pair with them like Julian Cheung,Ekin Cheng ,Ben Wong ,Louis Koo ,Aaron Kwok,Leon Lai ,Gordon Lam and Kevin Cheng to pair with them

  6. OMG!! Joe Tay will be in this drama too?? now that’s a 90s reunion! can’t wait to watch this drama since Flora and Angie is going to be in it! Hope this will turn out fine and not crappy like the recent crap they fed us with.

  7. Always to see Carmen Lee again 🙂 The last show I see her was the one with Louis Koo – like over a decade ago.

  8. Again, TVB is making a hype with the cast, but what is the story? When will they learn that even big names and good acting won’t make a bad series good?

    on another note, with so many young actresses playing ‘young versions’…I’m really dreading all the bad Cantonese and lazy tones

    1. probably to make it more believable and so that people on jaynestars won’t complain of old actresses trying to act very young.
      But they will find other things to pick on!

  9. ahahhah LOL..that is quite funny…some of them don’t look that OLD thou haha…

  10. What’s up w/the 2 woman? She looks like a man????? The 4th one looks ok and Flora looks OK too.

    1. The 2nd one is Fennie Yuan, she’s a lesbian. Hope that explains it.

      4th one from the left is Rachel Lee. I think she looks the most youthful out of all of them too. Even Carmen looks quite aged now, sadly.

      1. hahahah LOL….NO freaking way really? I guess that explains it then. Yeah, that one looks very good.

    2. i gave all the copies i boghut away without reading them. can i share with you when you’re done? i can’t wait to read it. glad the Lord spoke to you today friend <3

  11. People are just mean. I bet 99% of them would give anything to look what these women look like at 40.

    BTW Fennie and Carmen still look hot. I’m a teenage girl and I find them very attractive.

  12. Yay! It’s great to see Fennie and Flora acting again. Miss Flora, she should have taken part in TITS 2. Angie too! She looks real good. These ladies will surely take us on a fun trip down memory lane. 🙂

  13. The Asian mentality is stupid. They call everyone as old. If you find some regular average woman that has no surgery done whatsoever, you bet they look way older than these actresses. All the women above look way younger than 40’s which is suspicious. If anything they probably had a few things done here and there since they have to be on camera all the time.

    1. With some good makeup, women these days don’t look old at age 40. They age easily when they are 50 and up. Eye area is the first place to show the age. Women aged 40 don’t show many wrinkles around eye areas. With good makeup and the help of Photoshop, all female artistes look young and pretty now.

      1. Neck area is the place they can’t disguise much though. For men, it is the bum.

      2. Crows feet are the big gveaways in both men and women. You cant hide it unless you use botox. People who are more rounder fare better with crows feet though

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