‘Emergency Unit’ Peaks at 41 Points

TVB announced the last week’s ratings. Last Friday, the last two episodes of “Emergency Unit” were broadcast consecutively, peaking at 41 points and grabbed the top spot in ratings last week. The drama averaged 34 points last week, increasing by 4 points.

Since the audience hoped that Michael Tse’s character, Laughing Gor, would come back to life in “Emergency Unit,” TVB filmed a last minute scene in which Michael’s character appears in police uniform. When Michael’s scene was broadcast at 10:28 PM, the ratings increased to 43 points, thus making “Emergency Unit” the series with the highest ratings in the first quarter of 2009. This illustrates the powerful effect of Laughing Gor.

After the finale of “Emergency Unit” was broadcast, TVB received a total of 10 telephone and e-mail complaints that the ending was unsatisfactory and unrealistic. TVB explained that the series was intended to end a certain way, however there were additional scenes which were added last minute. Due to the necessary scenes involving the police force organization, there was limited time to wrap up the remaining loose ends.

TVB noted that [Michael Tse’s scene] was only a “introduction,” thus suggesting that Part 4 of “The Academy” series will be filmed.

Article Source: Wenweipo

Jayne: Another “Academy” series? This is one of the longest running sequels in recent memory.

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