Episodic Thoughts: “Three Kingdoms RPG” (Episode 24)

Three Kingdoms RPG <回到三國>
TVB Series 2012

Cast: Kenneth Ma, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Sharon Chan, Ruco Chan, Kaki Leung, Joseph Lee, Savio Tsang, Jimmy Au, Law Lok Lam, and Ha Yu.


This is a watch as I write episodic thoughts and some information may not be accurate since this is memory based. Certain dialogue is reproduced with some creative license adopted. I apologise if there is any mistake. All opinion remains my own.


“Idiot for thanking me (as he looks at Hon) since you’re bound to lose in the battle at Chibi and I am just taking this opportunity to send you to your death whilst (as he looks at Man Yeuk) Adviser Xun intervened and saved me and Song Yau and I owe him my gratitude and so he shall stay in Jingzhou and stay alive”
Last 2 episodes were broadcast on same day, one after another but I shall recap episode 24 first since combining the 2 will be too long.


Before I recap, can I just give short summary? Not worth my time to write more detailed.


As I suspected, General Huang Gai, now lying on bed having been beaten silly and Pang Tong both there and Zhou Yu rushes in and says “I am so sorry General for beating you and humiliating you in front of everyone” and General Huang says “Commander, you should have beaten me harder, I can take it! In order to fool Cao Cao, I am willing to suffer the pain and humiliation” as Pang Tong says “I hope this is enough to fool Cao Cao” as Zhou Yu says “The next step is for General Huang and then after that, Fungchor (Pang Tong’s nickname), it will be your turn. We must fool Cao Cao, for us to have a chance to win this battle at Chibi” and both agree.

And I was like WHAT? WHAT?! You will know soon enough.

Cao Cao receives letter from Huang Gai who says he hates Zhou Yu for what he did and plans to pledge allegiance to Cao Cao and since he is responsible for the food supply, he will deliver to Cao Cao an entire ship of Dong Wu’s supply which will cripple Dong Wu. Hon is not convinced, but Cao Cao asks Man Yeuk and Man Yeuk says wisely “Time will prove his allegiance but the entire supply is tempting” and so Cao Cao agrees to accept Huang Gai’s pledge. Not long later it was Pang Tong who writes to pledge his allegiance, and Jiang Gan was asked  to see Pang Tong and check if he is genuine.

Pang Tong meets with Jiang Gan and both are cautious and Pang Tong repeats he wants to serve Cao Cao and Jiang Gan reveals he knows about Huang Gai being beaten senseless and Pang Tong feigns surprise and says “You know?” mas Jiang Gan says “PM Cao has spies everywhere. But what has Huang Gai got to do with you?” as Pang Tong says angrily “Zhou Yu is a jealous small minded ambitious jerk. The fact that he dares ignores the respected Huang Gai and humiliates him by beating him in front of everyone shows how little he respects the rest of us. With him I will never be able to rise in position and power and I am sick of his ego. I want a chance to be greater which I know I can and only PM Cao can give me what I wish for. Moreover Brother Jiang Gan, I know how Zhou Yu tricked you, and if he could treat a friend he has known for years, more so me” and Jiang Gan understands and says “Yes, I get your point. Zhou Yu is indeed our real enemy” and Pang Tong says “Yes he is” and Jiang Gan says “I trust you. I shall recommend you to PM Cao. Await my good news”.

Jiang Gan reports back to Cao Cao with Man Yeuk, the other adviser whose name I forgot previously and thought is Zhong Da but that is actually Sima Yi’s personal name and Hon (Shun not there I think) and Jiang Gan says “I have questioned him and I believe Fungchor to be honest and trustworthy and that he has no hidden agenda serving my lord” and Cao Cao is very pleased and decides to reward Jiang Gan and Hon disagrees as he says “First Huang Gai surrenders, now Pang Tong too? Too much of a coincidence. I am sure they mean to harm my lord!” as Jiang Gan counters “Fungchor’s teacher was the great Master Suigeng who was an expert in sea warfare. He alone taught 2 great students; one ZGL and the other Fungchor. There is a saying; Wolong (ZGL) and Fungchor (Pang Tong) can conquer the world” as Cao Cao agrees and Cao Cao asks Man Yeuk for his opinion and he feels they can take a chance with Pang Tong but Hon says “My lord, let me test this Pang Tong with Shun, since Shun knows Dong Wu, he can check is Pang Tong is really knowledgeable about Dong Wu” and so Man Yeuk also agrees on this and so Cao Cao gives the green light to Hon.


Man Yeuk may sound like indecisive in my recap but the truth is I didn’t write down everything Man Yeuk says. He is being cautious but he is also decisive without being too cruel.


He brings Shun to test Pang Tong by first having Pang Tong arrested, then questioned him whilst beating him as Shun watches in horror as Pang Tong cries “I demand to see PM Cao! I have.. I have a sure win strategy in the battle at Chibi” and Hon interested says “Tell me, so I can evaluate” and Pang Tong now beaten senseless says weakly “No, I need to tell PM Cao personally” and Hon disagrees and says to beat him some more as Hon shouts “You intend to do PM Cao harm don’t you? Shun, have you ever seen Zhou Yu being cold towards Pang Tong?” and Shun honestly says “I have never met Pang Tong before” and Hon shouts “Have Zhou Yu been cold to you?” and Shun says “Well he hates me too, and he is cold to me” and Hon cries “Correct!! If everyone is treated coldly by Zhou Yu and neglected by Zhou Yu as you said he did to you, how come the rest of them never betray their master and run to PM Cao? Didn’t your old master Suigeng being a devotee of Confucius taught you and ZGL to always be loyal to your master? Since you both are devoted students of his, aren’t you now betraying the very principle held dear by your teacher? So you’re faking this!! Because you have a hidden motive to hardm PM Cao!!!” and Pang Tong protests but Hon gleefully refused to listen and had him beaten some more.

Alone with Shun, Hon voices his suspicion about the whole Huang Gai and Pang Tong surrender and Shun says “You could beaten him to death you, if then how will you explain to PM Cao?” and Hon says “Easy. I will tell him the truth, that II beaten him to death because you told me to. You have questioned him and found him inconsistent about matters with Dong Wu and so recommends I beat him for more information and I did and he dies and it is ALL your fault so let’s hope he doesn’t die” and Shun realising he is to be made scapegoat smiles like sarcastically as he says “Yeah yeah, right…” as guard walks in and says Pang Tong has fainted, and so Hon orders him to be jailed and when he wakes, beat some more.

Poor Pang Tong!!
Meanwhile Hon reports to Cao Cao and tells Cao Cao exactly what he told Shun and Man Yeuk seems skeptical but believed Hon’s version. Shun agrees because he has to. As they finished, I believe Cao Cao isn’t there, can’t remember, Sima Yi finally appears and he is Eric Li in a super special VVVVVVVVVIP appearance and Man Yeuk greets him and asks why he has returned so early from Xudu and Sima Yi says he has finished looking and buying the herbs to cure the soldiers from seasickness in the impending war which Hon then sarcastically says no herb will help with that so why waste time and Sima Yi gives Hon a murderous look as he smiles and says “At least I must try, even if it is bound to fail, but at least there is still a little hope it may work out well” and Hon smirks as Man Yeuk agrees and Shun looks at Sima Yi intently and he thinks to himself “So this is Sima Yi, the ultimate usurper of the 3 kingdoms, he looks… pretty ordinary now. Can he be the ultimate winner? Doesn’t look like it” as Sima Yi noticed Shun is looking at him and Sima Yi asks “Have we met before? Since you’re looking at me so intently” as Shun smiles and says no and then someone says “This is Sima Yi, secretary for PM Cao. Even Brother Sima has to undertake more duties such as looking for herbs although his job function is to deal with reports and paperworks” and Sima Yi smiles and says “Which I do not mind at all” and Man Yeuk or someone says “And this is Sima Shun” as Sima Yi says “Oh we are both surname Sima! Could it be we are from the same village hence you may known me?” and Shun says no although I think Man Yeuk or someone says “Sima Yi is from Henei, in the province of Wen” which Shun says “Then we have never met before” as someone says Shun is from Jizhou, a place called Hong Kong which Sima Yi is like never heard of it before sort of expression and Sima Yi smiles and says “Oh, I worked at Julu, Jizhou for a few years before!” and Shun like oh really and Sima Yi asks him if he has been to Julu and to this famous wine shop and Shun says yes yes but from the look of Sima Yi, he was testing Shun.

Shun goes see Pang Tong, now half dead and Shun tries to advise Pang Tong to just tell Hon what he wants to tell Cao Cao as Shun can’t save Pang Tong but all Pang Tong could say feebly is “Take me to PM Cao. I need to tell him my sure win strategy…” and he faints and Shun is dragged away.


I suppose Pang Tong dies in jail. Very sad.


Next thing we know, Shun is dragged to see Sima Yi and gang and he demands what they want from him and Sima Yi basically explains he was testing Shun, there is no such wine shop and Shun is a spy for Dong Wu intent on harming PM Cao and Shun is asked to explain why he lied knowing Jingzhou and Shun says “Fine! I lied. I have never been to Jizhou. I am an orphan and I like the name Jizhou and I adopt it as my hometown” and Sima Yi smiles “How convenient and you are lying! He must be arrested and tortured to extract the truth” and Hon turns the table on Shun and denies any association with him as Shun cries “No wonder Adviser Hon says you (Sima Yi) is a wolf! I have never done anything to you and you are so eager to bite back at me!!” and Sima Yi looks at Hon smiling as Hon again denounces Shun as Shun cries “I am not a spy! It was Adviser Hon to forces me to be his assistant anyway!! I never wanted to!!” and Hon cries hell over that and Shun is ordered to be jailed until further notice.

Cao Cao is told of this and is very upset and says “Since he is a spy, he is of no use to me. Even his idea about asking Sun Quan for a truce fails anyway. Useless. Execute him” but Man Yeuk says “But my lord, what if he is not a spy? Wouldn’t we have killed the wrong man?” but Cao Cao is certain and decides to kill Shun. Man Yeuk looks glum.


Man Yeuk is actually a good person but serves the wrong master.


Shun is in jail dragged to some torture chamber and Song Yau also dragged in and Hon and Man Yeuk facing them as Shun looks at Song Yau and says “I am sorry Song Yau, I am sorry to have involved you in this and now you are going to die with me” as Song Yau says “Brother Wan Shun, it is not your fault. It is fated, I have no regrets” and Hon reminds Man Yeuk of Cao Cao’s order and so Shun is to be beheaded first but as the blade nears his neck he remembers earlier how Hon complains of the sudden surrendering of 2 major figures from Dong Wu, then Pang Tong’s sure win strategy, his knowledge of Chibi and he suddenly remembers the keyword “The burning of the ships chained together” at Chibi and cries “STOP!! I HAVE A SURE WIN STRATEGY! I HAVE A SURE WIN STRATEGY!!!” and Man Yeuk stops the execution and brings him to Cao Cao, Hon of course protests.

Before Cao Cao, Cao Cao says “If I don’t like your strategy, you will die an even more terrible death” and Shun says “I know, and I bet you will like my strategy.  Before I reveal my strategy, I have 2 demands” and Cao Cao says “Go ahead but remember, if I don’t like you strategy, you will face an even more worse death” and Shun says “One, I want to be well known and famous for what I will contribute to the Battle at Chibi, so I want to be there and two, I want to bring Song Yau along with me” and Cao Cao is ok with one but at two he protests why bring a woman along and Shun makes up something like “I have migraines and only Song Yau massaging could relieve me of such migraines” and Cao Cao says ok and Shun explains “The main problem with your navy is your soldiers are affected by seasickness. But all those herbs and remedy will  not help you at all. One way will help. That is to use chains to bind all ships as an anchor together and then use wooden planks placed in the space between each ships to stabilize the ships and your soldiers can then walk around on a stabilized ships and will not feel the seasickness” and Man Yeuk goes “This is brilliant! It solves all problems!” and Cao Cao smiles and agrees and praises Shun and even Hon runs forward and sings praises and then Cao Cao demands to see Song Yau and Song Yau massages Cao Cao’s head and Cao Cao says “I like your method. I want you to stay, and my physician can follow Wan Shun to war” and Shun protests, saying only Song Yau will be able to help his migrain and Man Yeuk actually steps forward and says “My lord, I would recommend to let Song Yau to follow Wan Shun to war. He will feel more relived and be able to contribute more and without worries” as Cao Cao says “Am I to concede defeat to this Wan Shun? Song Yau can be my maid or my concubine if I want!” as Man Yeuk says “My lord, a great ruler will think of his ministers first” and Cao Cao walks to Shun and laughs and says “Relax! I was only joking! I suffer from migraines too! How can I ever take away the one person who can help you? I know and understand your predicament! Song Yau is yours to bring to Chibi!” and Shun and Song Yau are relieved.

Alone Shun tells Song Yau “I have so many things to say to you but here is not the place. We will return to my hometown soon!”

Hon and Shun drinking and Hon being very nice to Shun and Hon gets drunk and he becomes more candid as he wonders why he is still not succeeding yet? Why he is always beneath so many people? And that he wants to be beneath one man that is Cao Cao as emperor and he above others and he will exact revenge on ZGL, Man Yeuk, Lau Bei, etc. Shun just snorted most of the time.

Cao Cao meets with all of them and Man Yeuk confirms in 7 days they can begin the war at Chibi and Cao Cao rather happy says “Earlier than the initial 10 days, I am pleased with the progress” but then there is a question which adviser will follow Cao Cao to Chibi and which will stay to take care of Jingzhou? Hon rushes forward and volunteers for Chibi duty and Cao Cao hesitates as Shun walks forward and says “It would be logical for Adviser Hon and myself to follow my lord to Chibi since this idea is Adviser Hon’s, it would be wise we are there to oversee the progress. As for who to stay in Jingzhou, I believe Adviser Xun (Man Yeuk) is the best choice” as Man Yeuk says “My lord, *assistant’s name* and I are willing to stay in Jingzhou to oversee the operations here” and Cao Cao agrees and Hon smiles and Shun and mouths a thanks as Shun thinks to himself “Idiot for thanking me (as he looks at Hon) since you’re bound to lose in the battle at Chibi and I am just taking this opportunity to send you to your death whilst (as he looks at Man Yeuk) Adviser Xun intervened and saved me and Song Yau and I owe him my gratitude and so he shall stay in Jingzhou and stay alive”


Good thinking Shun!! I also would want Man Yeuk to live. So he used Song Yau to threaten Shun but he did what he had to do without actually causing unnecessary death.


I think Sun Quan meets with Zhou Yu and praises Zhou Yu on the deception and am happy Pang Tong may have delivered the message which is the ultimate trick and that Huang Gai on orders will deliver a ship loaded with kerosene to burn the tied up ships!


In this sense Zhou Yu is brilliant. He was the one who thought of deception and use the tied up methods to first lull Cao Cao into believing that this will help with seasickness which is true but Zhou Yu is also a great astrologer or weather expert or whatever so he knows there will  be strong east wind which will spread the fire so rapidly between the bound ships. Actually a brilliant plan. But that will mean Huang Gai will die on collision which is a sacrifice Huang Gai is willing to do. Even Pang Tong willing to die. I find such loyalty very moving, and they believed in Zhou Yu which means Zhou Yu demands a lot of respect amongst those in Dong Wu. In fact Zhou Yu has more plans that works than ZGL who is inept. Worse to come though.


ZGL is upset they’re being left out of any useful thing in the alliance as the war is in 3 days but they’re to stay by the border, out of action. ZGL says to Lau Bei and gang “I regret this alliance. We are left without any useful thing to contribute whilst Zhou Yu, very selfishly intends to take all glory for himself. My lord, I am sorry for recommending this alliance” as Cheung Fei is angry as well but Lau Bei says “History will be kind to us and will know our contribution however small. I don’t regret this alliance”


ZGL, Zhou Yu may be selfish but seriously, none of you are of any help anyway. Zhou Yu did well alone, and the plan is brilliant even if it asks for sacrifice. And by Lau Bei’s account, has history been too kind to his contribution at Chibi then?


Lau Bei, Guan Yu, Cheung Fei having a drink and wish each other well and Lau Bei vows they will stay alive, defeat Cao Cao and rebuilt the lake sauna so they may enjoy the simplest pleasures in life together again.

Sun Quan and Madam Wu and Madam Wu tells Sun Quan how proud she is of him and says he will achieve far greater fame and greatness than his brother and Sun Quan vows to win against Cao Cao.

Yuet Ying dresses prettily and looks healthy as Wah To cured her and she says goodbye to ZGL and says to ZGL “Husband, do your duty and not worry about me. I will be fine” and ZGL nods.

Xiao Qiao gives Zhou Yu his costume and wishes him well as Zhou Yu declares he will return safely to her and he walks away.

Everyone did so in slow mo I think.

Zhou Yu with Sun Quan and men and Zhou Yu declares “I have sworn on a letter, if I do not defeat Cao Cao at Chibi, I shall be executed!!”

Wow, heavy stuff here! But again Zhou Yu is confident.

Cao Cao says to his soldiers and everyone that he will destroy Dong Wu whilst intercede with Zhou Yu crying out that he will defeat Cao Cao.

Last scene, we see Lau Bei and 2 brothers offering prayers and then turn and so …


No comments except Zhou Yu is brilliant but let’s just say the lasting glory is not his and is unfairly stripped in Episode 25. And why Lau Bei all so worried about dying? Since they’re just watching at the borders, not as if they’re in the thick of action.

This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at http://3kingdomsrpg.blogspot.com

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  1. Was there any Episode # 25 in this series? There should be Ep. # 25 according to “3 Kingdoms RPG” website. However, we only had 24 episodes here, and Kenneth passed away with a heart attack in Ep. # 24 before Tavia arrived. Did it end the same way in Hong Kong?

    1. No it is episode 25 which is the last episode. Ep 24 and 25 were broadcast one after the other. Jayne will post ep 25 I suppose tomorrow.

      1. I just finished watching Ep. # 24 in Canada, and it was the finale already. Kenneth Ma died and then Tavia Yeung arrived (maybe in Kenneth’s imagination only). They did not even have a chance to talk. It was written “finale – Episode # 24” on the screen.

      2. Was it 2 hours? Because Ep 24 and ep 25 were broadcast back to back, so maybe it looks like 24 episodes. My one as per HK is 25 episodes.

      3. If the contents are the same, then I think in your broadcast the 2 episodes were merged as one.

      4. I heard that there was a 30-minute scene on the final conversations between Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma in Ep. # 25, but in our finale, Kenneth died of a heart attack on the mountain before Tavia arrived. They did not have a chance to talk.

        Anyway, I didn’t mind this kind of quick ending as I did not like Tavia character or acting as Song Yau, a boring, sad, crying and lifeless character.

      5. I did not check the duration of Ep. 24, so I could not say if Ep. # 24 and # 25 were merged together. I did not think it was that long though …… 1-1/2 hours.

      6. If you are watching where it is shown from Hong Kong simultaneously, then it is broadcast the finale for 2 hour time period with commercial. Ghetto Justice 2 was supposed to be broadcast but it was per-empted to let 3 Kingdoms RPG to RIP!

        All ended the same way. Run time should be at least 90 mins for both episodes.

      7. But strange though. You mean your broadcast just says ep 24, the end? At least HK’s one differentiates between the 2. Yes it is 45 min without commercial per episode.

      8. Except the Hong Kong version didnt usually have the “大結局” (Finale) on visually on screen.

      9. Overseas TVB channels have their own control to edit part of the series presentation (i.e. theme video; ending credits; where to slip a commercial spot) since the it originated from TVBI copy not Hong Kong air TVB Jade channel format version.

        Its region by region and with the series presentation episodes; except in one case: D.I.E. and then now we have Sergent Tabloid.

      1. No there was no final conversation. He died before they met and it ended with her caressing his dead face and she cries.

      2. They cut the credits and merge it together, they also shown 1 theme video and it almost 90 minutes.

      3. Thanks. In that case, we had the same ending. I thought there was a 30-minute scene on Tavia and Kenneth before Kenneth died. Thanks for confirming it.

  2. I don’t know what was written in real history about Suen Kuen, Chow Yu, and Chukot Leung. As per storyline, the “fire plot” was originated by Chow Yu, and not Chukot Leung. Chow Yu just did not realize that “East Wind” would return shortly at “Red Cliff War”. Therefore, I think the credits should be shared by both Chukot Leung and Chow Yu, and not just Chukot Leung. It was not fair to Chow Yu.

  3. Funn:

    Are you going to write your own Review on this drama series? Love to read yours.

    1. Yes I am since I didn’t say much in the finale episode. Just like a summary of thoughts, hoping to talk more about the actors.

      1. Funn:

        Good. Look forward to reading your Review. Please write more on the acting of different characters.

      2. Would it be too ambitious to write on ALL the characters I have on my cast list? I think Jayne will go ‘NO NO NO’!

        Thanks for anticipation. Nice to know since there is at least 1 who thinks I have a lot of time to spare.

      3. Funn:

        Since you have already written so much on your Episodic Thoughts on so many episodes of “3 Kingdoms RPG”, perhaps you can focus on the acting of the characters, not all but at least those important roles. I always enjoyed reading reviews on acting as I had already watched the storyline, plots, developments, etc.

      4. Wow, Funn will be very busy then. She will have to write reviews non-stop in the near future.

      5. I stopped watching TIger Cubs after episode 1. King Maker is starting tonight but I think I will just enjoy it with my fried chicken wing in my hand rather than a pen!

      6. Funn:

        I’m shocked u gave up on TC so soon. U missed out on a lot of gratuitous male nudity f/ Him Him and Vincent Wong. Also Killer!Kenneth is back in the finale.

        “The kingmaker” looks like “the greatness of a hero” but w/ Wayne and Kent switching roles. Not really interested.

      7. I have too many things to watch. And it was on weekend and I am just too lazy to record and watch some other days.

        Yeah king maker sounds like Greatness of a hero part 2 but guaranteed there will be some show stopping acting moments thanks to Kent Cheng, Pierre Ngo and of course Wayne LAi.

      8. Tiger Cubs is the best series shown on TV this year. High quality production, solid acting from Jessica and the others, and a SATISFACTORY ENDING! (Lau Kar Ho can you please learn from this guy here).

  4. Secret ending was that after Kenneth Ma died from the heart attack, Tavia Yeung spirit who waited for 1800 years descended from heaven to united their love in the afterlife…

  5. I am looking for information sites which happen to have really unquie advice on what’s in vogue plus how much the perfect less difficult is usually..

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