Eric Suen’s Mistake In A Haste: “Girlfriend Macy Chan Isn’t Famous”

Singer Eric Suen (孫耀威) flew to Taiwan the day before yesterday to participate in the filming of popular TV program, Here Comes Kangxi <康熙來了>. Yesterday, when that episode was officially broadcast, under hosts Dee Hsu (徐熙娣) and Kevin Tsai’s (蔡康永) requests, Eric repeated the “chok” pose of his idol days, which made the scene extremely comical.

When mentioned about getting snapped holding hands with girlfriend, Macy Chan (陳美詩) by the Taiwanese paparazzi and thus exposing their romance, Eric contributed it to heaven’s arrangement. Dee then asked, “Isn’t your girlfriend in the entertainment circle too?” Eric Suen accidentally had a slip of the tongue and said in a haste, “She (Macy) is indeed in the entertainment circle but she isn’t famous!” When Eric Suen realized what he had just said, he immediately burst into laughter to disguise any embarrassment. With such an outburst, isn’t Eric Suen afraid of getting his ears twisted back in Hong Kong by Macy Chan?


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    1. I think so too. They suit each other both aren’t that famous lol

    2. Eric was actually very popular back in the days. I think around the early to 90s up to about the early 2000s, he was really popular. However, since competition in the circle is really high with new artists emerging everyday,it is hard to stay famous. I am glad that he is still in the circle since I really enjoy his songs and series. He was really popular when he acted in Huai Yu Gong Zhu too..

      I am glad that Eric is not hiding the fact that he is dating Macy. I feel that it is great to be honest since you don’t need to hide this and that when you want to go out and all…Best wishes to him and Macy.

      1. He was? I don’t remember him being famous. I saw his acting in one TVB series recently and it’s not bad but also not great.

      2. I really wonder.

        Does the only HK entertainment some of you guys watch and know about is TVB?

        Artists who are active in the movie circle and music circle, you guys don’t seem to know.

      3. Eric can’t hide his relationship with Macy :P. They got caught after the Click series.

        However, I think they are a cute couple and wish them a happy ending.

      4. Eric was famous back in the early 90’s to the early 2000’s like HeTieShou said.
        @lol, You don’t know him because he is Taiwanese actor. Maybe all you watch is just TVB actors/actresses. But Eric definately have his popular days back then.

      5. @LeilaFan,
        Eric is actually from Hk, but I don’t think he was that popular in Hk. He was more popular in Taiwan and other countries. He was often compared to Jimmy Lin back in the early 90s when Jimmy Lin was really popular. At first I thought Eric was Taiwanese, but later learned that he is from Hk. I don’t remember if Eric acted much for TVB. He acted in series from other companies more… I guess lol only watches TVB series. If you only watch TVB series then you will not really know Eric since he was popular elsewhere.

      6. @Fox,
        I enjoyed Huai Yu Gong Zhu overall, but many parts were really draggy. However, the series was still pretty popular back then.

      7. I like its beginning, but the ending part is just dull. I watched it more than 1 time on TV but always forget to watch the last eps. Heard it’s damn ridiculous.

      8. @Fox,
        I agree that some parts are ridiculous but compared to many of the series that I have been watching recently, Huai Yu Gong Zhu isn’t so bad…

      9. I know Eric more as a singer than an actor since I didn’t watch his mainland and taiwan series. He was pretty popular as a singer back in the 90s.

      10. I think that many of you guys are TVB series watchers so of course you would not know Eric back in the days unless you listened to his singing. He actually has a very good voice and is really talented. The series that I saw him are all from CHina or Taiwan so if you don’t watch those, then you would not really know Eric. The most recent series that I saw of him was Liao Zhai.He was in the mini story with Michelle Ye/Yip and that was my most favorite story in that Liao Zhai collection. He was also in Bao Gong back then and of course Huai Yu Gong Zhu which I think was one of his most popular series.

    3. Eric was famous but in Taiwan and China, not in HK. I was kinda shock when I saw him in HK. Then I found out that he chose to start his career in HK, as a singer.

      1. Eric is more of a singer than an actor since I think he sang more than he acted. I only saw him in a few series and some movies, but enjoyed his singing so I got some of his albums. But if you guys only watch TVB series then you will not really know him because he did not act in hardly any TVB series.

  1. Haha. It’s just slip of the tongue and joking. I’m sure Macy won’t mind.

    He’s telling the truth anyway. Compare to him, Macy is indeed less famous. Lots of people actually knew Eric because he has been a popular pop star before. How many people know Macy (outside of TVB watchers)?

    1. Even TVB watchers there are a lot of ppl who dunno who Macy Chan is.

    2. He didn’t mean to say it but I think he meant it, hence Freudian slip. But macy looks like a “little woman” so she probably doesn’t mind.
      If it was the gf saying that about her bf, the guy would definitely get mad.

      BTW, I don’t remember any of Eric’s songs. Should he really be talking?

      1. I guess you just weren’t a fan of his singing since you had some really nice songs in Mandarin and Cantonese. I think Eric has the right to say that since he was once very popular and famous.

  2. Macy’s head looks really big compared to her shoulders and arms in the picture…shocked. I usually think she’s quite attractive.

    …over my initial shock now..oh she’s so…thin and petite.

  3. He was popular back in old days 92/93?. I think he just make a comeback in taiwan, Saw him everywhere in taiwan variety show promoting his album. He age extremely good for someone nearly 40. Most of his fans in old days turn into ahjumma already. I didn’t know he sing quite well. Well compare with Macy Chan i think he is more popular. I Only know macy chan existence after read the news that he is dating her.

    1. Yes, he was because he sings pretty well and is pretty talented. He just released a new album in Mandarin so is going to Taiwan and other places to promote it. If I remember correctly, he was even famous in Japan and also knows how to speak Japanese too. He graduated from Chinese University in Hk with a degree in computer engineering, so he is highly educated.

      I actually like Eric very much and he talks directly to his fans. He even allows his fans to email him and talk directly to him. He reads ALL of his fans’ emails even if he doesn’t respond to them due to his busy schedule. He even paid for the fee to join his online fan club for his fans. It is rare to find such a nice and down to earth artist like him.

      1. @hetieshou, ya, can see from the interview he is quite humble and direct. Used to like him in the old old days, seeing him sang his old song “Ren shi ni zhen hau” bring back memories during school days.

        Regarding the fans club, that’s very nice of him. Frankly i don’t understand why fans has to paid to join fan club. Didn’t they exist because of fans, so why have to pay to join the club. I never been a fan of any star so don’t quite get the logic i guess. Might like but never get all the way out to join club,wait in airport, que up in line etc..

      2. @ita,
        Yea, Eric has always been really nice and humble. I am not sure about how the whole fan club thing. You would of course need money to run anything and that includes a fan club. I never really joined any fan club either even though I have liked celebs and all. I would not chase them directly either.

      3. @Ita,
        One of my most favorite songs of him are “Wo Zhi Dao Ni Zai Deng Wo”. I can’t wait to get his album “Mei You Shuo Zai Jian”.

  4. How does an artist achieve ‘famous’ status anyway? Does one count how often and how many papparazzi follow that person, or how many tabloid articles are devoted to that person, or how many fans the person has (which is hard to gauge)?

    A very bad slip of the tongue, and a highly inappropriate way to describe his girlfriend!

    1. I think Eric did not mean it in a bad way since he is a very nice guy and someone rare to find in the circle. Macy is lucky to be with him. He was also only joking so I don’t think it is a big deal.

      1. Hate to disagree with you, HeTieShou, but I think Macy’s a decent girl who deserves someone better!

        I think it highly unlikely that Eric was joking; if he was, he has a really bad sense of humour. A truly decent guy would respect his girlfriend, even in jest.

      2. What is the big deal with his response, impmuse? Even if he is serious, he thinks his gf isn’t famous, watssup? He thinks she is famous can’t make herself any more famous in fact.

        Do you think it required more to judge that Macy deserves to have someone better than Eric? You are not close enough to the couple to know who is better than who, who contribute the love more than who and of course, how they love each other.

      3. “I think it highly unlikely that Eric was joking; if he was, he has a really bad sense of humour. A truly decent guy would respect his girlfriend, even in jest.”

        Respect means blind himself to the truth? Or speak falsehood for his girlfriend?

      4. Because a supposedly nice, humble guy (that Eric’s been described to be) shouldn’t view his girlfriend according to her status in the industry. He’s implying that he’s more famous than her, and by doing so putting himself up higher than her. A truly nice, humble guy, a gentleman, wouldn’t do that, even if it were true.

      5. Yes, because he honestly believes she is beneath him.

        @kidd: I think respect means not making condescending comments about people.

      6. @impuse,
        I don’t agree with you since Eric is a great guy and Macy is really really lucky to have him… I think he was only joking, but even if he wasn’t, I don’t see what the big deal is at all…

  5. I know him. His more famous in the music industry back in the 90s and then he disappeared to Taiwan was it? Now he casually films TVB series from time to time. But he is more known as a singer than as an actor. If you are young, then you probably won’t know who he is.

    Macy Chan is like a lower-level supporting actress.

  6. I don’t know who she is, so she isn’t famous. It is a fact. Eric Suen was once mega famous.

  7. He’s only telling the truth lol

    I don’t think Macy has ever really had a leading role and would probably not be that well known in Taiwan and China unless there are some hugh TVB buffs there :p

  8. Noticed that celebrities are very wary of going onto the program, “Here Comes KangXi” , because Xiao S and Kevin Tsai have this ability to make them reveal even their deepest, darkest secret lol! Haha hmm…wonder what prowess do they hold to be able to make some celebrities confess and admit?

    1. Simple. They make you feel relax, safe, talk talk talk and suddenly you revealed too much. I am a big fan of Michael Parkinson and his way of interviewing guests was amazing, they revealed more than they care too but in western world you call it a candid interview. Perhaps chinese should adopt that candid attitude.

      1. I agree and wish that asians would be more open like how Americans are.

  9. Never really thought about this couple prolly because I didn’t expect them to end up together. How did Macy meet Eric? I always though Eric was rather popular, but I guess he isn’t anymore?

    Lol, Macy looks so skinny in that pic. Or she’s just very petite in general too.

    1. They met in the Click series that I forgot name, with Wayne, Sonija, Eric, Shirley and Macy. After this series, they were caught together.

      1. Pages of treasures. But I think he was rumored to be dating Vivien yeo at the time.

  10. I think this is a matter of slip of words by accident. No harm intended by Eric to macy since they’re already couple and the convo between couple can be more extreme than this but this is between themselves though

  11. I like his voice and he had some good songs. They are a cute couple. Just a slip of his tongue, Macy shouldn’t be offended

  12. I remember when they first went out, the reporters asked Macy her views on sex before marriage. Her response (think she’s a Christian) was: “Of course no sex before marriage! If he wants to sleep with me, then I’m gonna have to break up with him immediately!” … Me thinks LOL Seriously needed to say THAT in public?

    1. Well, Eric is Christian as well and I don’t think she needed to say that in public. I find that more offensive than Eric saying that she isn’t famous.

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