Music Album Review: Eric Suen’s “A Second Thought”

A Second Thought
by Eric Suen

Language: Cantonese
Released by Go East Entertainment on October 19, 2012


Like Coco Lee (李玟) and Wallace Chung (鍾漢良), Eric Suen (孫耀威) is one of the many Hong Kong-born stars who could not find fame in their homeland. Eric debuted in Taiwan with Sophia Fang (方季韋) in 1993 under Golden Point Records. He quickly became a sensation in Taiwan, and also won record deals to release albums in Japan and Korea.

But Eric had a fantastic Cantonese comeback in 2006 after joining Hong Kong’s Go East Entertainment, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group. His comeback album, So Far So… Close was a best-seller and two of his singles received triple crowns from three different music charts.

Eric’s seventh full-length Cantonese album, A Second Thought, was released on October 19. Eric chose to promote the album’s third track, “From Now On My World Has an Extra Second” <從此我的世界多了一秒>, a ballad with light accompaniments, as the album’s first plug. The song is typical and uncreative, and it is an underwhelming introduction to Eric’s album. However, the song performed relatively well in the charts. This isn’t too surprising, as the Hong Kong public still seems to be more attracted to ballads and love songs.

I may have stopped listening to Eric’s album right there and then, but he surprised me with the album’s second plug, the jazz-influenced pop song, “Heal the Dry” <療Dry>. This song is ridiculously catchy and fun to listen to. The song is a social commentary on Hong Kong’s white-collar middle class, poking fun at the dryness of everyday working life. The lyrics are extremely witty and whimsical, and I’m sure every working individual (not necessarily Hong Kong citizens) are able to relate to Eric’s message in the song. It has also come to my knowledge that the song is written and produced by Eric. If this is what Eric can do, then there are no boundaries to what Eric can do next!

Other tracks that are worth mentioning in the album are “I Do”, “One Hundred Meters” <一百米>, and “One Million Miles” – basically every single song from the album that is not a ballad. “I Do” is an upbeat love song with R&B influences. “One Hundred Meters” runs high in the creative scale with its deejay elements and mellow dub step beats; and “One Million Miles”, another R&B track from the album, is that relaxing song you would listen to after a tired day.

I want to give Eric another point for creativity for the album’s second to last track, “Breaking the Waves” <浪踏破>, a fast-paced pop-rock number. As for the last track… wait, what was the last song again? I don’t remember. Must be a ballad.

I’m not a ballad hater. There are a few ballads in the album that I quite enjoyed listening to, such as “Rock Bottom” <谷底> and “The Battle’s Last Christmas” <戰場上的最後聖誕>. As a fan of Cantopop since as long as I can remember, ballads are definitely a genre that I am tired to listening to over and over again. Although Eric chooses to stick to that safe ground, he nonetheless ventures out to explore different genres, adding more creativity to the Cantopop scene.

Well, Eric. You have just won a new fan. And to those who are not familiar to Cantopop, go ahead and give Eric’s album a listen. He may surprise you.

Recommended Tracks: “Heal the Dry” <療Dry>,“I Do”, “One Million Miles”, “The Battle’s Last Christmas” <戰場上的最後聖誕>

Watch Eric’s Latest MVs

“Heal the Dry” <療Dry> MV 

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“Rock Bottom” <谷底> MV

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“From Now On My World Has an Extra Second” <從此我的世界多了一秒> MV

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  1. Good singer, moderate dancer.should come back jsg to resurgence his career

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this music album review! Hope that there will be many more to come. Excited to preview the songs on this album and hopefully buy it.

  3. I like Eric Suen. My all-time favorite is “Love Story Part I”. I hope he does well on this album.

    1. Yeah.. Love Story Part I and Part II is the best!! Weird to hear him sing fast songs and try to dance.

  4. Ermm, heal the dry is not jazz influenced in my view? Agree that it’s catchy and fun!

    1. This song is written by Fergus Chow and not Eric. Eric wrote the lyrics and is the Executive Producer for this song.

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