Eric Tsang Arrested; Kenny Wee Strikes Back Again

Eric Tsang (曾志偉) was arrested in a police investigation involving the criminal intimidation and physical assault of restaurateur, Kenny Wee (黃浩).

A verbal crossfire had allegedly occurred between Eric Tsang and Kenny Wee at Karmen Cheng’s (鄭嘉雯) wedding banquet on December 5. Eric spoke up on behalf of  Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈), who was reported to be involved in a drug taking incident at Kenny’s restaurant, and allegedly intimidated Kenny. Although Kenny said he was physically slapped by a male actor, eyewitnesses at the wedding did not see any conflicts.

The Hong Kong police arrested Eric Tsang on the morning of December 19, stating that the entertainer is assisting in the investigation of a criminal intimidation and attack case. Eric was released on $1,000 HKD bail that afternoon, and he is to report back to the police station in mid-January 2013.

The Police Public Relations Bureau stated, “After a thorough investigation on the reported December 5 attack case by the crime unit of the Central Police District Headquarters, the case will now be handled as a simple attack and criminal intimidation incident. Today, the Central Police District Headquarters arrested a suspect, 59-year-old Mr. Tsang, to assist in the investigation. He is released on bail, and he is to report back to the police station in mid-January 2013.”

Eric refused to comment on his arrest, but happily allowed the press to snap pictures of him as he left the police station. Eric assured that his mood is not affected by the incident, and he even had the press snap a picture of him buying that day’s paper at a nearby newsstand, exclaiming that he wanted to read his own news.

Eric will continue work as usual. He also held an “End of the World” party with his friends the previous night.

Kenny Wee Releases Statement

Last weekend, Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈) and Josie Ho (何超儀) held a press conference to clarify their innocence in a claimed drug scandal that occurred at Kenny Wee’s restaurant one year ago. Through their lawyers, the celebrities condemned Kenny for framing them in alleged recreational drug use. They asserted that they would take the appropriate legal action if Kenny did not silence himself in the next 48 hours. Kenny abided by their conditions.

On December 19, Kenny’s restaurant, Taiwan Yiping Huadiao Chicken, released a statement to the media, expressing that they hold the rights to sue those who defamed their restaurant with “false accusations” and “slander”. The statement also stressed that their restaurant has always had security cameras, hinting that a tape may be in possession.

The statement is as follows:

In regards to the recent rumors, false accusations, and slander directed at Taiwan Yiping Huadiao Chicken due to the “Artist Dinner” incident in Hong Kong, the Board of Directors of Taiwan Yiping Huadiao Chicken restaurant chain release the following statement on December 19, 2012:

1) The artists whom are involved in the “Artist Dinner” incident have been accusing our restaurant for overcharging our customers. This accusation is slandering and maliciously harming our chain’s reputation. For the past 12 years since our grand opening, Taiwan Yiping Huadiao Chicken has placed customer service as our number one priority. We strive to provide our customers with high quality food and services. Our chain has already established a good reputation in the business industry, in society, and has opened restaurants in Taipei, Taoyuan, Hong Kong, and Australia. The artists’ malicious attacks against our restaurant have already damaged its goodwill and essentially, its economic development. Taiwan Yiping Huadiao Chicken reserves the right to pursue legal action!

2) In regards to the tape that filmed the activities occurring in the VIP room, we release the following clarification:

Since its opening, Taiwan Yiping Huadiao Chicken has been receiving our customers at conspicuous locations. There are signs around the restaurant that clearly indicate the presence of security cameras. These cameras are to ensure the safety of our customers and the restaurant.


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  1. Kenny Wee apparently is not ready to back down. I wonder how this will play out now.

    Although Eric is smiling outside, he must be brimming with anger inside. Wonder what animal names he will call Kenny next.

    1. Good for Kenny Wee who had the courage to fight for his justice.

    1. Agree!!
      I feel it’s just all revenge that they are saying he is charging them high!!
      No tapes.. I wish this Kenny got arrested for giving false statement instead!

    1. yeah, eric tsang’s really too much and that hilary as well, hope they put them in jail

    2. end of the world party? that eric is truly a fool, he does not know what is happening and yet he mocks at everything, nobody know the day Jesus is coming back but

      1. Well, its already end of the world to me in the New York City area…with all the weather and the shooting happenings.

      2. Larry3,
        We’ll survive doomsday just fine. You still have your McMansion dream to fulfill!

      3. The party is being held in a satirical sense.

        No-one with half a brain really believes the world will end.

  2. Finally we see some proper action taken by the Hong Kong Police.

  3. I see this as waste of HK police efforts and taxpayers’ money. Since Kenny doesn’t have a copy of the so-called drug incident, he’s now going after anyone he can, and it’s Eric Tsang who likely had a squabble with him at the wedding.

    A squabble is now criminal intimidation?

    If a slap did occur, it’s now physical assault?

    1. Jayne, no matter what Eric Tsang did not have the right to slap Kenny Wee in the pubic.

      1. Yes, once you touch a person in puplic first you are wrong alrdy.

      2. Mlove:

        Haha… I wonder if Eric slapped Kenny w/ open palm or back hand. If he gets arrested, I hope he got his money’s worth w/ that b*tch slap!

      3. Josie:

        I’m happy with any b*tch slapping that Eric did. Hahaha Eric was drunk. Ppl do crazy things when they are drunk. Is Kenny tall? If so, Eric you did an amazing job. Lol

      4. We really don’t know what kinda conversation went on in their little argument, but is pretty clear Eric is not happy and he doesnt like Kenny doing those things. Eric already did all those things calling name and stuff I’m sure he would have been a bigger argument then a little squabble!
        Basically any physical touch without the consent of the person can become physical assault. But an accident does not count as an assault!

    2. who says kenny doesn’t have a copy of the drug incident? most probably, the famous 5 and eric got help from triads, with stanley ho’s name as backup there is nothing those monkeys cannot achieve

    3. “If a slap did occur, it’s now physical assault?”

      It is. Even a poke. In England, even a spit or throwing water. It is not a waste of taxpayers money if the slap did occur. Doesn’t mean Eric can do whatever he wants. He will plead guilty or probably Kenny will drop charges. He has already made enemies with every celebrity there is.

    4. The difference is Jayne’s f/ NY so she knows how to fight back. She’ll Mace u in the face and then kick u in the nuts, if u have any.

    5. Yes Jayne, if the midget up and slapped Kenny, it is physical assault. The midget thinks he is the ruler of the world. Does not surprise me he slapped Kenny.

    6. What your doing is not a very good example. Kenny has the right to seek justice for what is injustice. Eric was the one wrong in this case not Kenny, Eric shouldn’t have done any physical harm to Kenny at all during their little argument. What your doing is saying you shouldn’t speak up for what is injustice!

    7. The whole HK police force is a waste of taxpayers’ money.

      It has to be one of the most inept and politicized in the world.

      BTW, the midget’s old dad used to be a HK police constable who had to quit and get out of town or face bribery charges.

      1. Eric, a midget? Then, terminator you must be 6′ plus and a real hero. Don’t insult HK Police, they are one of the finest and least corrupted group in this part of the world. By the way even if Eric is short, does that gives you the right to call him a midget? Shame on those who categorize people by their height, weight, looks.

      2. Yeah Terminator. I agree with mockinggenius.

        Even Eric is shorter than a midget, fatter than a pig, and as ugly as his old man’s rear, we should not make fun of him.

    8. Mamma taught me to let the big boys handle the problems. I love my life, not going to fight a battle I can’t win.

      Life is about living smart, not living like a fool trying to save face and dignity.

  4. Taiwan Yiping Huadiao Chicken reserves the right to pursue legal action!

    Sit back and ready for popcorn

    Taiwan Yiping Huadiao Chicken Vs Hong Kong Artist

    much better than TVB Friendly Fire

    1. DannyK,
      “Taiwan Yiping Huadiao Chicken Vs Hong Kong Artist”

      Don’t you find the squabbles to be very petty?

      Kenny: “He slapped me! I’m calling the cops!”

      Eric: “He’s a crap-eating dog!”

      Kenny: “I called the cops for real!”

      Eric: “I’ll just hold my End of the World Party!”

      1. Jayne,
        Taiwan Yiping Huadiao Chicken take action properly their image being tarnish.

        Or properly riding free publicity for their restaurant chain business

      2. it was restaurant staff that called the cops – Kenny Wee was surrounded by black-garbed men associated with Eric Tsang

    2. Speaking of Friendly Fire, I think the show is not bad at all 😀

      1. I disagree because this drama we have so many super star !! LOl

        Joke aside Friendly Fire so far so good

    1. Right. That fool got no tape. He just want the cop focus on arresting Eric. I hope Kenny will get locked up and close down the restaurant.

      1. Dude what planet are you from? You’re completely evil. Eric T. is no good person after all these years of watching him tearing people apart publicly. If that person didn’t kill your mother or distory your family. You have no rights to slap them in the face or to tell them to eat dog Sh*t unless you are being childish. Adults don’t behave that way. He was drunk? So what he’s not drunk today and the day before apologize like an adult would do. You wondered why most people dislike Eric T? It’s his attitude and rudeness. Dispicable!

        I don’t think this Kenny guy have the type…if so it would’ve been everywhere online spreading like a wild fire. In case if Im wrong he should def’ release the type for the public to make their own judgement about these crazy celebs…especially Hilary she is so annoying.

      2. Glad the nasty midget got arrested. He deserves it. His loooving fans can go and keep the butterball turkey warm in jail. After all, they loooove him.

      1. not only in the pic above, he always look like a squeezed size chimpanzee

  5. this is what the rich do with their money, waste it on stupid egotistic conflicts, hilary, eric, kenny. lets all throw them in a pen and keep ’em there.

      1. Josie,
        I read awhile back that Anne Heung also has a law degree?

        Impressed with Money Lo as well. When she was a MC, she came across as quite sharp too.

      2. Jayne:
        I don’t think so. Anne Heung wanted to pursue her law degree in Hong Kong after she left TVB, but I think she changed her mind and worked for Lily Ho in Shanghai for many years.

        It is true that Money Lo is a lawyer now.

      3. RaySimpson: Surprised Jaynestars site monitor allow such crude comments to be posted. Continuous yapping from a cave!

  6. This is so ridiculous. If Kenny has the tapes, turn them in to the police and shut his trap. If the artists did really do drugs, shame and them, and shame on them times 2 for trying to cover up their tracks and setting a bad example for their children.

  7. Maybe he did hand over the tape already & it’s under investigation. It’s not that easy for police to make arrest or press charges based on a video clip alone…if they were called to the scene when during the incident then it would be a different story. In the end nothing is gonna happen to these celebs.

    1. celebs in causing trouble, nothing good will ever come out of them, making fools of themselves in public, would prefer them go shopping in japan than this.. no wait, let them stay there fo good

      1. celebs in causing trouble, nothing good will ever come out of them, making fools of themselves in public, would prefer them go shopping in japan than this.. no wait, let them stay there for good

    2. but can they really reform their drug taking licentious ways for fear of a Police operation? I doubt it. They will eventually get caught. They just know that right now a tape of them snorting white powder doesn’t prove ingestion of an illegal substance. Although they SHOULD be shamed on youtube for acting like cheap trash in private when they try to be so aristocratic in public.

  8. This is getting more and more interesting. Please let there be more juicy revelation about who was taking drugs at that restaurant. And in the process please throw that shortie Eric to jail. I’m sure that other joker and highly irritating Kam Kong will visit him in jail.

  9. Eric Tsang is the son of a remorseless corrupt HK police officer who absconded to Taiwan. He has long been verbally vicious to powerless entertainers without penalty. Thank you, Hong Kong Police. Thank you. And I am so glad that the restauranteur is fighting back too. I hope for justice and correction in Hong Kong society.

    I think the entire Ho family is dirty and ugly.

  10. In the end nothing will happen to Eric. Just a complete waste of time. Wonder what Suki thinks about the whole ordeal. Can’t be helping her career.

  11. eric tsang’s father, tsang kai-wing, was in the police force from 1940 to 1972, and served as a sergeant-major under the legendary “HK%500 million sergeant” lui lok, so-called for the wealth he earned in bribes received as a police officer, tsang fled to taiwan from the icac in 1976 after being convicted of corruption and sentenced to three years in jail, while still free pending an appeal. in 2001, the department of justice seized his house in la salle road and later auctioned it for HK$4.35 million after 10 years of civil proceedings. he died in taiwan in 2011 with eric and other family members around him ( tsang senior was also once briefly a professional soccer player )

  12. Gosh, I find Eric Tsang obnoxious. He never think of his actions.

  13. Kenny Wee – Attention seeker. Creates a furore by declaring to have video of celebs taking drugs. Retracts on his claims after celebs release statement. People speculate that the celebs used triad connections to pressure him. Now, he comes out again with a legal statement. What triad connections? Or has it been exaggerated by the netizens? So suddenly he has the balls again to fight back?

    All I know is that I would never dine at his restaurant, hidden cameras everywhere. Even if he had the tape, it wouldn’t be legit evidence as they were in the VIP room and it would violate privacy issues.

    That said, if Eric slapped him, he has the right to pursue charges, but jail? Forget it, its just a slap.

    Eric Tsang – Impulsive, hot tempered, arrogant man. Sure, he was wrong to slap Kenny and hes not particularly likeable. But I’m appalled at some of the comments about him. Sodomized in jail? Please, even if he did slap him, its a simple assault case, just a slap. I’m not even sure you go to jail for a slap, probably just a fine. If everyone went to jail for slapping someone in public, then HKs prison would be seriously overcrowded. All the nightclub brawls hello?? Look at Him and Theresa. What happened? Nothing.

    So in the end this whole incident is just a waste of time.

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