Eric Tsang Celebrates 60th Birthday With 600 Celebrities

To celebrate Eric Tsang’s (曾志偉) upcoming 60th birthday, TVB spent $3 million HKD on a lavish birthday banquet that took place Wednesday night at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Over 600 celebrity guests attended the party, including Mona Fong (方逸華), Albert Yeung (楊受成), Carina Lau (劉嘉玲), Alan Tam (譚詠麟), Jay Chou (周杰倫), Jordan Chan (陳小春), Cherie Ying (應采兒), Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and even Shirley Kwan (關淑怡) who was earlier rumored to have given birth to Eric’s son. The banquet featured 60 tables of guests and a performance stage. TVB even crafted a giant, cartoon statue of Eric dressed in sparkling gold, overlooking the audience with his signature expression.

The festivities began when Eric entered while holding hands with his daughter and two sons. After a few opening speeches, a video clip played with greetings from Eric’s granddaughter who currently lives in Canada. His granddaughter then suddenly appeared on stage and performed a dance. Eric was very pleasantly surprised and broke into hearty laughter.

When asked about his thoughts as he approached another milestone in life, Eric advised that we should all live in the present. He urged his friends to donate money to charities instead of buying him birthday gifts, and also expressed his wish to set up a non-profit organization to help retirees and others in need. As for his future plans, Eric stated, “I am enjoying life. I am traveling overseas with my good friends”.

Many celebrity friends performed at Eric’s birthday banquet. George Lam (林子祥), the mystery guest of the night, performed several songs and shared stories about Eric. Super Trio <獎門人> costars Jordan Chan (陳小春) and Lan Sai (蘭茜) also performed skits with Eric on stage. 

Leon Lai (黎明) attended the event, and sang a few songs in celebration of the guest of honor. Leon was pressed to comment about ex-wife Gaile Lok (樂基兒)’s re-marriage plans. “It is someone else’s birthday tonight, I don’t want to respond to rumors. Am I dating? I don’t have an answer for that. I just want Eric to be happy.”

Edmond Leung (梁漢文), who was earlier accused of not taking Eric’s side during Eric’s conflict with Kenny Wee (黃浩), clarified that there are absolutely no sour feelings with Eric. “Do you still believe in [these rumors]? I have already forgotten them. I don’t need to prove anything, everyone can see the truth”.

Shirley Kwan (關淑怡) also spoke to reporters about earlier reports that her son was fathered by Eric. “Everyone asks about my son all the time. Maybe Eric should accept him as a godson so everyone will be satisfied. Did my son give Eric a gift? He doesn’t know Eric at all.” Shirley enjoyed herself at the event, taking photos with Eric and guests, and even blew Eric a kiss.

Felix Wong (黃日華) was invited to the event as well despite the fact that he is currently filming for HKTV. Felix seemed happy to be there and did not deny the possibility of filming for TVB again. “It’s the Prize Master’s 60th birthday, I definitely had to come. I ran into Charles Chan (陳國強) earlier and we greeted each other. The world is round. Would I come back to TVB? Who knows?” Felix then joked that he would consider returning to TVB if they are willing to give him a $50,000 HKD salary increase.

Jacky Cheung (張學友) and Andy Lau (劉德華) originally planned to appear but could not due to their busy schedules.

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Source: Ming Pao

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    1. what a waste of tvb’s money to celebrate only 1 person! this event is unnecessary and the money could’ve been used to pay the lower level employees better and upgrade tvb scripts!

      1. GEEBUZ…$3 million HKD?? even though where I live the currency is a lot higher than HKs, but still if you convert the currency it’s still a heck load of money for a birthday bash…celebrating birthdays is great, but I have to agree on you guys-they couldve spent that money elsewhere that’s much worth it and reasonable…$3 Million on a single night for drinking, eating, playing and laughing when there are those who work endless nights and get paid peanuts…

      2. Well, they recover the money by broadcasting rights? After all who has the clout to invite so many stars under one roof?

      3. TVB earnings for 2012:

        年營業額 (Yearly revenue) 54.48億港元(2012)
        稅前盈餘 (Profit before tax) 21.38億港元(2012)
        稅後盈餘 (Profit after tax) 17.3億港元(2012)

        All in hundred-millions (take the first number, it’s that in billions).

      4. TVB will recover the money through ads, but it will take a day to do it.

  1. Happy birthday to Eric! Hope he will rest more often and not work too hard. Like he said, “enjoy life!!”

  2. it’s kinda sad that people on this site hate eric tsang but worship people like raymond lam when eric has done much more for the entertainment industry whereas raymond just stands there and tries to look cool. this is why the people with actual talent have no opportunities and lose to those only with looks

    1. Why is there a need to bring down someone else to prove your point?

      I am a raymond fan. I also enjoy watching eric for what he has to bring on screen.

      To add, eric has a surplus of opportunities. Had and still do. He is an entertainer, a pretty successful one if you ask me. Now I am surprised as to why you do not have that knowledge?

      As for raymond, well you see he is a marketing tool. The man sucks in revenues like a blackhole for his companies therefore greedy business men and women arent going to cut their own supply link.

      1. I like how as soon as anyone bring up something negative about Raymond as an example, the whole topic seems to be about him. My point of my statement was that people who are talented ended up taking years or even never become as popular or promoted compared to those who are LESS talented or reply on their connections because they’re rich. People are always bashing Eric (in previous threads) even though he has done SO much for the industry. He started everything from scratch. His success wasn’t because he replied on his looks or connections. The entertainment industry is cruel to whose who have no connections or doesn’t look as good as others. Take Pierre Ng for example, pretty sure he acts a lot better than Raymond Lam or Ron Ng but he’ll never be as successful.

      2. No, the whole topic is not about Raymond himself. The topic is, why do people feel the need to constantly bring down someone else to bring another person up? Or is this the sick case of humanity now? That people no longer have the ability or general intelligence to support someone without bringing someone else down? You know what would have sufficed? List all the achievements Eric has, guarantee people will see his talents and this conversation wouldn’t even happened. It’s that easy to avoid negativism.

        Talent stands alone. If someone is talented, there will be people who see it. There is no need to make any comparisons. And you’re absolutely correct with Eric started with nothing, but you missed several points on Raymond and Ron.

        BOTH Ron and Raymond were extras before they were heavily promoted. Yes, EXTRAS. I’m talking about scenes where they were placed as soldier boys or people on the streets. Yes, the heavenly Raymond was an extra before. He went from an extra to a supporting role to co leading to heavily promoted and where he is now.

        You are absolutely correct that the entertainment industry is cruel. But do you know what makes the entertainment industry today? People. People want to see better looking people. People want to see entertainers. People want to see something they enjoy and they need not be ‘talented’ Yes, people. Unless people start making adjustments, well, we’re stuck with the so called talent-less, skill-less and extremely fortunate people being heavily promoted.

      3. Oh I forgot to add, you have to change the money hungry people too. After all, that’s the reason why some of these talent-less actors/actresses are their favorite chess pieces, cause in the business point of view…they’re making them the $$$$$$$.

      4. Reason why an artist isnt as famous as others, its up to many factors. Talent and look cant go together? Its so old school and prejudicial. And do you forget when did Eric Tsang got his fame? Definitely not after 50 years, LMAO. You are twisting the facts. Eric Tsang was famous few decades ago, so its for look or anything else? Uhm you are complaining for a nonexistent thing.

        I dun noe who is bashing Eric, but you are trying to underestimate him.

    2. Why cant ppl worship both? I worship both and I dont do it for anyone just because of his look, so wats wrong? To me Eric or LF, both have own talents and field that they are good at. Not because LF has the look, he is automatically talentless.

    3. yeah, so true

      take wong cho lam as an example. It took him a few years to rise to stardom

      1. and for those who competed in the Miss Chinese International pageants, they rose to stardom really quickly

        eg: linda Chung, Myolie Wu, Tavia Yeung (her sister joined, so she gained a bit of popularity from her), Kate Tsui, Sire Ma, Oceanne Zhu, Charmain Sheh….

        ……and the list goes on and on………

        TVB discrimination….

      2. Tavia was not from any pageants. She came straight from tvb’s acting class alongside raymond lam. She played several extra roles, supporting before she got promoted to where she is now.

        Fun fact: raymond lam use to be those extra persons in scenes too.

      3. are you serious?
        tavia was never in any pageants… she rose to stardom because she worked hard. She was in the tvb acting class.
        myolie was in miss hk, but she worked 10 year+ to get to where she is today. It is 10 years im taking about, I think she deserved it.

        Sire Ma and Charmaine Sheh is actually good at what they do. It took awhile for Ah Sheh to rise to stardom

        Oceane Zhu isn’t even that famous so idk what “stardom” you’re talking about…

        know your **** before you comment

      4. Crystal, I never said that Tavia joined any pageants – I’m her fan, I know that!!! 😀

        What I meant was that Tavia’s sis, Griselda, joined TVB after she competed in the Pageant, but because her acting was too bad, they ignored her.

        Tavia started acting in TVB dramas after she finished a TVB acting class, but she was FURTHER promoted coz Tavia was Griselda’s SISTER

      5. From what I know, I don’t think Griselda was ever a factor of causing Tavia’s ‘further promotion’from her pageant background. Hence this is why Griselda’s name isn’t known to many, besides known as ‘Tavia’s sister’. Tavia climbed her way up with her own performances and given opportunities.

      6. wrong. don’t think griselda help anything. from what i know tavia lucked out because she looks like maggie cheung and that got her a supporting role as liza’s daughter in awakening story. her role was bigger than myolie in that series so that time luck scored better than pageant. tavia showed great potential when she was still a supporting actress but when tvb promoted her starting beyond, she show weakness in leading roles because she doesn’t have enough charisma. often depend on her costars such as in on call. even in great way to care 2, although i don’t like aimee, i think aimee shows more presence than tavia!

      7. ^That’s because Aimee has more screentime in AGWTC2…also, Edwin has more screentime than Alex, Tavia, Yoyo etc. all the leads. But I do have to say, Aimee’s performance in the series is quite stable, so thumbs up to her! Maybe it’s her character’s tough feminist personality that makes her stand out, so far she’s doing a good job.

    4. What are you talking about? You think people like Raymond just stands and look good then everyone will love him? A lot of people hate that guy that too. Raymond has a good manager that knows how to sell that guy. Blame tvb for allowing the managers over promoting their chess pieces, don’t blame the person being promoted.

      1. LF’s current manager with Txb dun manage him only but Kate, Mandy Wong, Rebecca Zhu and Lin Xia Wei, too. The promotion Txb given to LF, sorry, isnt any more than others if not less than so many biological sons.

      2. Yea ok. You can say what you want since you are the pr of Raymond. But others have eyes to see and will disagree. Simple as that.

      3. Im providing you the info that you may miss. You praised the management skill without knowing that the manager is handling not only 1 but 6 artists, I forgot Astrid Chan in the list. And not all in 6 are being promoted.

        Btw its true that ppl has eyes to see. Lolz, but they disagree or agree with who more, both of us cant control.

        My point is simple: dun give the management skill of Txb too much credit.

        Hey yo!

    5. I have no problem w/ him, funny guy! But a big party for him could of use that $$ for better TVB dramas. Just saying! & u are right about Raymond lam looking cool standing around lol

      1. TVB cant even fund their own production budget in all departments.

    6. I can understand that you’re an Eric fan and think he’s contributed a lot to the entertain industry in terms of his efforts to bring laughter to the public but there really is no need to bring LF into the same equation and even more so, to bring LF down.

    7. it would have been very nice if Ms. Lin Ching Hsia was invited and others like Mr. and Mrs. Jacky Chan, Mr. and Mrs. Jet Li, Mr. and Mrs AB, Tien Ni and the Shaw bros. actors and actresses of the 60s and 70s. This would have been more meaningful for us to view the photos and videos of the affair.

  3. Wow, TVB spent HK$ 3 million to celebrate Eric Tsang’s birthday. Is he really that important to TVB? Even Mona Fong attended his party.

    1. Even if he is not important, he has done tvb shows for decades. He deserves SOMETHING from the company at least. Plus it’s a 60th, not like they have been throwing a party for him every year before.

      1. But still- $3 MILLION HKD FOR A BIRTHDAY? Hey 60th is special, and no doubt he has done a heck load of work for tvb, but is ALL that money towards a birthday party really worth that price?? Tvb should spend its money more wisely and reasonably IMO.

      2. @Ah Cheong: Well, technically no, he hasn’t been at TVB that long actually, especially compared to the likes of Lydia Shum, Liza Wang, and Dodo Cheng. He only started with TVB in 1992 (whereas the other 3 were with TVB back in the 70s and 80s) and he was actually with ATV before he joined TVB. One of the reasons why Eric is worth so much and has so much clout is because of his accomplishments in the film industry and the hugely successful career he was able to build up from scratch (though of course his accomplishments since joining TVB have been tremendous as well).

        And to answer the question of whether the $3 million HKD price tag was ‘worth it’ — well, let’s look at it this way: with Eric’s connections all across Asia and his ability to gather the biggest stars from HK, Taiwan, China (and even Korea and Japan) with just one simple phone call (as he does every time there is a major charity fundraising project)…who else in the industry has that amount of ‘status’ and ‘clout’? The only other person who was at his level in terms of status/clout (and network of friends/connections) was Lydia Shum…

    2. @sandcherry: Um, yes Eric is VERY important to TVB….after Lydia Shum died, he’s pretty much the only other HK entertainment industry person left with just as much clout and connections all across Asia as she did. TVB is VERY LUCKY to have Eric in their corner — his connections in the industry is worth more than the $3 million bucks they spent on his birthday bash!

      By the way — not surprised TVB to make sure a move…at the end of the day, it wasn’t really for Eric, but more for themselves. Look at the “bragging rights” that they now have because of all the ‘celebrities’ who showed up for the event?

  4. WOW they spent so much on celebrating his birthday. I guess he is important to TVB and in the e world since many want to get to know him and all. Glad to see Angie, Melvin, Liza and soooo many celebs that I have seen for a long time. What a big event with so many celebs, even more than an awards ceremony.

    1. haha, angie looks so uncomfortable standing next to liza, if not mistaken she left for taiwan had something to do with liza

      1. Really?? I don’t quite see it and even IF that was the case, it is past and overdue now. I hope that Angie no longer holds a grudge now. Whwat did Liza do?? I have never heard of this.

      2. i think liza was jealous with the success of ‘the bund’ and she started giving a hard time to chow yuen fat, ray lui, angie chui cos she has very in demand, at that time liza already reached a cheah status, notice that chow went to hollywood and the other two left for taiwan?

      3. Really?? When was this?? I have never heard of such a thing. There were also rumours before of Gigi Wong and Liza not get along too, but Gigi said that they were all false and were happy to see each other again after 36 years. Even if she was jealous, what can she do?? Chow Yun Fat did not go to Hollywood back then did he?? He went recently if I remember correctly. I think Angie did not go to Taiwan until the 90s. Not sure about Ray and don’t remember ever seeing him in a Taiwanese series.

      4. even if it did happen, they would deny it now, don’t want to lose face in front of so many people, tearing each other faces will only make matters worse, moreover everybody has been young and foolish before

  5. Wishing him a happy birthday and good health!

    I dont think a birthday celebration can be more grand than this.

  6. He is a FUN…. Actor that I have watch since the ”90,

  7. Haha “Is he really important to TVB?” ~ I would say he is incredibly important to not only TVB, but HK entertainment industry and even to HK as a whole. There is not one Hong Konger that wouldn’t know who Eric Tsang is ~

  8. they must have used up PA/managerial/low-paid actor, actress SALARIES to give this “meh” MC, director, mediocre actor, witch slapper, eyeing on boobs, loser, bastard, Bad English speaking guy?????

    TVB you are the best.

    1. Larry, u should really go and search at wiki about Eric Tsang and u’ll be amazed by what u read.

      1. I know he has successful career but why would TVB spend $3 million celebration to this jerk? This party should have not been fund by TVB.

      2. @Larry: Well, instead of sitting here bashing Eric for having $3 million spent on him for this birthday, why don’t you go ask TVB why they decided to do it? If TVB wasn’t going to get some benefit from it, do you seriously think they would have spent all that money and have nothing to show for it? Let’s be real here….

        Besides, it’s not like Eric asked for this party — his close friends already threw him several birthday bashes prior to this one (those were REAL birthday parties, not this fake ‘excuse for TVB to hold an event’ thing).

      3. llwy12 you FAIL to convenience me. TVB is in deep trouble. This is really great way to spend this party.

    2. What a “meh” comment.

      Eric tsang is a really good emcee and actor. There’s much to be learned from him. You should open your eyes and acknowledge talents over looks.

      1. He has great life, but to celebrate this guy 60th birthday for $3 million with very little contributions to TVB. Thats just wonderful.

      2. Little contribution?? Eric is one of the most used emcee at tvb. He hosts those shows and makes an otherwise boring show come to life. Some might not enjoy his jokes, but at least he’s much better than a lot of other so-called emcee. Did you fall asleep when super trio aired? The first season on super trio brought high ratings for tvb. Not to mention a lot of money from advertisements. Where do you think the prize money comes from? Who do you think invites those singers and actors? Tvb? Dream on! It was because if Eric’s friendship card.

        You don’t have to like this guy, but seriously 3 million hkd is really nothing. Not even 400k usd. Thats pennies compared to what a lot of celebrities spend on a car or a little shopping spree. People keep on saying put the money back into series, do you guys think a series would have as much impact as this party? Tvb does donate money, you can check online and see for yourself.

      3. 3 Million dollars can help pay low pay workers at TVB that they shipped off to HKTV.

      4. 3 million would not help. Hktv pays his employees much more money than tvb is willing will ever pay them. And in the long run its more 3 million dollars. Tvb used 3 million for this event that gained them much more money in return.

      5. Thats why TVB will be ruins. Eric needs to kiss up TVB more.

    3. Eric Tsang went from one of Hong Kong’s lowest billed actors doing bottom feeding roles where no-one took him seriously to one of the most recognized and in-demand right now.

      1. in-demand? is he in-demand as jackie chan, bruce lee or chow yuen fat? i can only see eric shoe shinning and back stabbing to get where he is

      2. Jackie Chan will never do HK shows or movies anymore since he’s apparently full mainland Chinese now

        Bruce Lee has been dead for many years now

        And Chow Yun Fat is semi-retired.

      3. Jackie Chan is sucking up the Communist Party. He is the lost cause of Hong Kong. Not intelligent at all!

    4. Um, ok — of course you are subject to your opinion, but you should really do your research first instead of bashing people for the sake of bashing. It’s one thing to give constructive criticism, but it’s another thing to just throw whatever derogatory names you can at a person just because you don’t like them. To me, that’s really the difference between a true ‘hater’ and well-meaning ‘critic’.

    5. Oh and by the way — I don’t approve of alot of what Eric does either and I’ve “criticized” him on certain occasions as well, but at the end of the day, I still have alot of respect for him because of everything he’s done for the HK entertainment industry (of course it also helps that I grew up watching him and his works, so I’m familiar enough with who he is and what he has done). So yea….criticize if you need to but bashing for the heck of it is really uncalled for.

      1. llwy12,
        Aside from Eric’s influence in the HK entertainment industry, Eric is also good friends with TVB majority shareholder, Charles Chan. After Chan invested in the company, Eric’s influence at TVB grew, in which he has been asked to produce a TVB drama.

      2. @Jayne:  Yup….that’s why people say that Eric is actually one of the ‘secret bosses’ of TVB (though the same could be said of a lot of other ‘old-timers’ too, since Eric isn’t the only one close with Charles Chan).  Regardless though, no matter how much people dislike Eric for whatever reason, no one can wipe away all the good things he has done for the entertainment industry and for society – and for THAT, I will always continue to respect him, despite our differences….

      3. Im not bashing. Im telling the truth. He’s a show off to be a nice guy…. after all.

  9. He might acted as a jerk sometimes, but overall I think he is a fun and good guy to a lot of people and his friends. If not, all those people wouldn’t turned up irregardless who threw the party for him. So kudos to him for having so many friends.

    1. He made a lot of enemies yet everything is brush off….by low paying workers.

      1. He said that he’s made no contributions to TVB?? Look at all those movies he’s produce and with 99.9% of TVB actors in it. I guess when his TVB series is produced, you wouldn’t be wwatching it then

      2. Also, at least he KNOWS what talent is by using people who actually have talent in his movies unlike TVB

      3. I dont even know what his TVB series, DO U know by any chance jaded???

      4. you seriously need to learn how to read. I said when his series is produce…not now…anyways, fir someone who doesn’t seem to know much about the hk entrainment industry, really shouldn’t be bashing one of the most influential persons in hk

      5. If he is most influential persons in hk, WHY dont he tell the truth that he had Shirley Kwan’s child?

    2. The child is not his. If you have read a recent Shirley article you would know.

    and has more celebrities attendance than an award ceremony…… -.-
    really? was all that really necessary?

    1. We just see more boobs and great assets in the bday event.

  11. I really like Eric, he’s funny and great actor! Sometime he can be a jerk hahah
    Happy Birthday to Eric! He doesn’t look 60.

  12. Personally I don’t like watching any of Eric Tsang’s acting or productions, but I think he is a good friend of many artistes in the entertainment industry. He has excellent connections with top-notch artistes and he has the heart to help TVB when there is a need. No wonder TVB would spend so much money to host his birthday party.

    1. he is one of the boss of tvb, that’s why

  13. Earlier a friend told me a rumor that Eric (same with nat chan) is very close friends with tvb’s major shareholder. That’s why he has so much power at tvb. Maybe it could be true.

    1. Even when he has connections in Txb, its how he cam have those connections and get influent. Do you think its easy to be powerful without any ground? The frds cant help you forever, you still have to walk in your own feet in most of your road.

      Saying that someone only can lean on the connection to be successful in long term is simply narrow and ignorant, or full of jealousy.

  14. Personally I don’t quite appreciate Eric’s type of slap-stick comedy and I feel embarrassed by some of the things he makes his people do. Besides, if he was kind enough to ask his friends to donate to charity instead of giving him presents he should perhaps have accepted a part of what TVB spent on his do and made up the rest from his own pocket. The rest of the money from TVB could have gone towards charitable work.

  15. The best part of the birthday event for me was getting to see alot of artists/industry people attend who we haven’t seen around in a long time — for example: Flora Chan (though technically she’s in the news like every other month..LOL), Bryan Leung, Stanley Tong, etc.

    But if I had to choose, the biggest highlight for me was the Cinema City (新藝城) reunion! It got me so nostalgic to see the Cinema City “7 brains” (well, it was only 6 actually, since Tsui Hark wasn’t there) all on stage reminiscing about the past. I should have known though — when I saw Karl Maka (love the guy — glad to see him again) and Shek Tin in the pictures, should have known that they were going to do some sort of reunion thing!

    1. Ita,
      Angie Chiu and her husband was at Eric Tsang’s birthday bash, along with other old timers as well. Even Jay Chou played the piano; I’m impressed by Eric’s clout.

      His party felt like a red carpet event; especially with the tiered dessert display which reminded me of the TVB anniversary itself.

      1. If this was a TVB anniversity, they wouldn’t be able to get half of the most famous stars out. If it weren’t for Eric Tsang, i doubt any of them would show up except for the biological TVB people.

      2. Lolz its true that the Txb anni dun have many ppl except beloved kids and who are forced to go under the form of invitations, but giving Eric that much credit? Well if you say of I love HK chain I may agree, but the Txb anni is not all for Eric Tsang.

        Take Toby Leung’s wedding as example, why there were so many famous artists (and the Txb award 2 days before that event cant have half of attendants). Because of Tommy Leung. So Tommy also has the power to invite stars.

    2. Yes, that is Angie and her husband Melvin Wong. Angie still looks as great as ever!!

  16. It not about the money, i think he is one of lovely people in hk entertaiment industry… Tvb invest in the celebration because every big star is coming.

    At least, all his give is money and go to charity organisation…

    Happy bday mr tsang

  17. Happy birthday to Eric! He looks so young at 60!

    Oh, if only Carina Lau and Felix Wong make another series today…or remake Looking in Anger and they both play the parents’ roles in the beginning! 😀 😀 😀

  18. Am I the only one who are aware of the big traditional Chinese #60?

  19. Happy Birthday Eric. All the haters here is fkinnng jealous of ur success. Ur the greatest and the best. 3 million dollar is a bad azzz party. You deserve it!!! Enjoy life and fkkk the haters.

    1. no eric, nobody’s jealous of your success, in fact nobody would want to be you, you’re rude and i wonder how you got the roles in the movies and all when there are a lot more better actors than you, reckon that you did a lot shoe shinning, just like oscar leung, can’t stand the way you act too, don’t think any triad leader looks like you, haha, what a show off

  20. Happy birthday to Eric. Nice to see TVB doing something nice for him. All these attendees and the amount TVB spent on Eric just shows he’s a generally good person. People need to stop hating.

    1. a generally nice person does not go around slapping people and make up rude stories or get punched because of his silly remarks, by the way, did joey yung attend the birthday bash?

    2. eric isn’t that nice either. his emcee remarks are rude and his ‘jokes’ are crude and he abuses his own followers such as king kong in tvb anniversary show. he even makes things difficult for those people acting in his movies including his own friends such as teresa mo who complained that eric has no script and creates script on the spot.

      1. Sigh that mean every movie or drama directors are not nice. Well we shouldn’t other people to be honest are you an perfect person yourself???

  21. Hear hear. It’s a bday afterall, the haters can go scr*w themselves and throw their own $3m party lol

    1. Eric can enjoy his party, thats fine. TVB pays $3 million celebration to buzz him with boozes and almost killing his liver. Great.

      Haters rejoice.

    2. Ya, scr3w all the haters. Haters, do you have anyone that will throw a $3,000,000 party for your jealous azz. Hell no. So shut it. It’s Eric Bday. All the haters leave this page.

      1. what a harsh word.. hater, you mean you approve of eric’s character? tsk tsk , what lowly moral you have miove, same as eric, between since you defend eric, then everyone has the right to their own opinion too.. haha at that

      2. Ur family and friends are watching and loving Eric. Hahaha… B*tch slapping needs to be done just like what Eric did to that big eyes drama queen. Good job Eric for doing that. Haha

      3. @miove, haha, my family and i don’t watch any of eric’s stupid show, you need to get a few b*tch slapping from eric yourself since you are so supportive of it.. bullying and violence, between didn’t eric burst into tears while he was in police custody? he should be spending his birthday in jail, care to join him? miove

  22. All those haters out their just don’t comment if you don’t like him.

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