Esther Kwan Reunites With Golden Partner, Bobby Au Yeung

Above: Esther Kwan stars in new TVB drama with Bobby Au Yeung and Ben Wong.

Favorite TVB onscreen couple, Esther Kwan (關詠荷) and Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華), will collaborate to film new TVB drama, Love Reverses Three Lifetimes of Fate <情逆三世緣>. Taking care of her young daughter, Esther has not acted in a TV series for many years. Esther said, “I am back filming TVB series because of Bobby. I know he will take care of me and will not allow me to work too hard!”

Esther and Bobby have not worked together for a number of years. Yesterday, they were present at a costume fitting along with other cast members, Ben Wong (黃智賢 ) and JJ Jia (賈曉晨), for the sales presentation of the new drama. Love Reverses Three Lifetimes of Fate is a love story that spans a thousand years, and it will begin during the Song Dynasty and continue to the 1950s, 1960s, and the present day.

 Bobby joked,  “After hearing the producer’s idea for the sales presentation, I felt so old.” Esther also joked, “Bobby has to take care of me. Bobby is already is his fifties; he cannot suffer too.” The cast will be filming on location at Foshan, China.

Bobby Convinced Esther to Film Again

Esther admitted that her decision to return to TVB was largely due to Bobby’s request. Esther said, “Bobby is a good partner. The producer and scriptwriter told me once I was interested and agreed on the filming date, they will write the story. The script was practically written exclusively for Bobby and me.”

Will Hire Nanny for Daughter

Esther will hire a nanny to take care of her daughter once the filming begins. Esther’s daughter is excited about Esther’s return to work. ” My daughter said that since I will not be around, there will not be anyone always telling her to do her homework.” Since her daughter is older now, she feels secure even without Esther presence at all times.

As to whether she will attend the upcoming Golden Horse Film Awards with her husband, Nick Cheung (張家輝), Esther said her attendance will be unlikely. It will also depend on the circumstance for the local awards.

Bobby as Justice Bao

For the scenes taking place in the ancient era in Love Reverses Three Lifetimes of Fate, Bobby will play the legendary Justice Bao. Bobby joked, ” They told me I need to use a fake beard. The producer said that according to legend, Justice Bao originally did not have a brown-colored face, but it turned brown due to poisoning. I wonder if he ate dark soy sauce chicken.”

When asked whether he is worried if the production crew was fairly inexperienced, Bobby said, “There is no point  worrying. I decided to be an actor; I have to honor my contract and I owe TVB 50 episodes, so I will try to pay them off first. I don’t want to owe anyone.” Bobby also mentioned he will star in Tommy Leung ‘s (梁材遠) new series in the beginning of next year.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. So, it’s a tailor-made series for them. Hah, no wonder why Esther came back, lol I’m looking forward to their collaboration again.

  2. Huh, Justice Bao had a lovelife? That’s new info, LOL

    1000 years? that reminds me of The salty pig aka Wayne Lai in JTTW even though it was love misery for 1000 lives if I remember correctly, haha.

    Btw they must be bored to death at the sight of one another after 1000 years…

    1. He must have been married with children. That would entail having a love life. Yes 1000 years for pig in JTTW except each and every one of those half of 1000 years were tragic love story. Still so funny!!

      This is true love. Some couples are meant for eternity which reminds of the the subtly romantic The Last Steep Ascent where I bite my own words and shall proclaim I like it so.

    2. He also has wives and kids, why can’t he have a love life? :).

    3. Guess I was fooled bc he seems single in the series. Furthermore being married in ancient times for many just means the obligation to continue the family name and does not equal a lovelife, LOL.

      1. The quote I often seen in Jayne these days: He is still a human.

  3. I think a different onscreen couple should be cast as tragic lovers. Bobby and Esther are best loved in romantic comedies and they have good comedic timing.

    I hope Bobby and Esther truly have a high quality script written for them, but most fans don’t watch them for their dramatic performances, but rather their light-hearted moments.

    1. is good to have them act different roles rather than the same old same old. they are talented so why just stick to romantic comedies

      1. Disagree. Esther is not known to be funny, she is a great dramatic actress. Bobby is funny but everyone seems to forget he started his career playing very serious roles. And then he did all those underdog characters, funny and sad at the same time until he return full time to dramatic role later years which I love. I think they are better at comedy because one part is better.

      2. Esther is known to be funny, but she does well in dramatic roles as well. You’ve seen Lady Flower First and the other ancient series with Bobby? Those are Esther’s most famous sereis and her comedy in Lady flower got her best actress. Even in some of her other roles like Armed Reaction is funny. Her more recent roles were dramatic like best selling secrets and season of fate. However, Esther is a mom now so her roles are more mature so she staying away from stupid comedies. This also shows that shes a verstile actress.

      3. I saw that series and she wasn’t funny. The series was lighthearted but not comedy funny. Esther Kwan is probably one of the most serious actresses around. Antics being funny doesn’t mean the actor is funny.

      4. Esther Kwan face are not meant to be funny, she have rather serious and “sad” looks face.
        “Lady Flower Fist” was a comedy, but Esther character was not a comedy character.

      5. Her character in lady flower was funny. It’s your opionion that Esther is not funny, but that is not what the general public thinks. If you do a poll, I’m sure that most people will agree that she is a comedian more then a serious actress. The hong kong audience remembers her from her comedy roles.

  4. I love seeing the old-bees coming back. I just hope the general public in these time like them as much as back then. I thought that Ester’s more recent dramas haven’t been that well received? But anyways I’m glad there back.

    1. It’s more so the script than Esther though. Like Born Rich wasn’t that well received by the audience due to the story despite it being chock full of veterans.

      1. Once again, I think many fans are just way too focused on the cast that they do not realize that the story/plot is the most important thing in any series.

  5. Really looking forward to this! My Forever fav golden couple haha

  6. I’m a huge fan of Esther. I’m glad she’s back to film with Bobby.

  7. After 金超群 all Justice Pao are fat? Lolz, and the half moon on face?

    1. His costume does not look like the standard Zhan Zhao’s costume though.

  8. I like them both. I totally will give them benefit of the doubt and says they will do great.

    Look at forensic heroes + police drama proves they can do it.

    GO GO GO Bobby&Esther…rock it!!

    But why Justice Bao?? I didn’t even know he is married or have a love story, someone need to fix that…

    1. Stupid, I know, but I probably won’t ever look at Justice Pao the same again… He had a love life?!

    2. You didn’t know, but he had. So don’t make Justice Pao an eunuch or a monk and let him have a love life like he really had.

  9. An old pairing dats worth watching but Y Justice Pao! Can’t imagine bubbly Bobby as JP and plzzzzzz! Don’t make it into a comedy coz JP is never dat it’s insulting!

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