Fan Bingbing Said Tax Scandal Is Actually A Good Thing

With her career and personal life both taking a downward spiral since the scandal, Fan Bingbing is pained but said she is ready to face the days ahead.

Recently in Beijing for a themed shoot, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) spoke with The New York Times. When asked about her tax evasion scandal during the interview, the 37-year-old shared her feelings, “No one can have a smooth-sailing life. It might be a low point in my career or life now, but it is actually a good thing as I can seriously think about what I would like to do in future.”

Not Possible to Have the Best of Everything

Nicknamed “Global Fan” due to her appeal, Fan Bingbing was a mega star, enjoying great popularity across China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and even broke into Hollywood with appearances in the Iron Man and X-Men franchises. However, her popularity has plummeted ever since the tax evasion scandal broke out, and the film and drama productions which she acted in were either delayed, or had her scenes cut out.

Her streak of misfortune seemed to cross over to her romantic life as she announced her breakup with her fiance and boyfriend of four years, Li Chen (李晨). Hit by multiple setbacks, Fan Bingbing looked rather regretful, but had declined to divulge further details. She said, “It’s not possible for me to have the best of everything”, and described her current situation as being akin to standing at the crossroads while feelings helpless.

However, the actress added that she is prepared for the future ahead, saying “I feel a little rueful now, pained and fragile, but I still feel that I should continue to live well.”

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