Fan Bingbing Tax Evasion Update: Government Gives Official Response

There are updates to the tax evasion case involving Chinese actress Fan Bingbing (范冰冰), who has been “missing” for three months.

According to the Jiangsu Local Taxation Bureau, official investigations into the accounting books of Fan Bingbing and her team at her Wuxi office have already been held, and it is ongoing. The bureau will not make any further announcements until the case is officially closed.

A new report, unrelated to the taxation bureau, claimed that Fan Bingbing is currently “imprisoned” within a hotel located in the Changping District of Beijing while investigations are being held.

In related news, Fan Bingbing has been involved as the plaintiff in six civil judgement cases, all which had to do with portrait rights. According to an official update published on the Beijing Court’s website this year, Fan Bingbing has won all six lawsuits. One of the defendants was also ordered to publicly apologize for three days on social media, and offer the plaintiff 61,090 yuan as compensation.

Fan Bingbing’s fiancé Li Chen (李晨), who is also now missing, was also involved in a civil court case. A real estate agency used two pictures of Li Chen, one which also included Fan Bingbing, to promote its property projects. The court has since decided that the agency has infringed the plaintiff’s portrait rights.

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