Fan Writes Thousand-Word Essay About Dilireba’s Restricting 15-Year Contract

Breakout Uyghur actress Dilireba (迪丽热巴) shot to fame following her popular performance in the 2017 drama Eternal Love <三生三世十里桃花>. With a fast-growing fanbase, the 25-year-old is on track for big success ahead.

But unlike many successful artistes of her generation, Dilireba is tied to a 15-year contract with her agency Jaywalk Studio. A fan of Dilireba posted a thousand-word essay on social media to point out the contract’s unfair terms, and urged the company to give its artists more freedom.

After working and filming nonstop for five years, Dilireba finally achieved popularity and rising status after starring in Eternal Love last year. Though Dilireba is being offered lead roles, she does not have freedom over her work. She has to share many resources with her colleagues at Jaywalk Studio, including the same PR managers, hair dressers, and stylists. She cannot hire her own team.

The fan also criticized Jaywalk Studio’s tendency to hire and cast its own artists for in-house productions, disregarding diversity. Dilireba and fellow Jaywalk Studio artiste Vengo Gao (高伟光) have already collaborated in six dramas, not including the upcoming Eternal Love sequel The Pillow Book <三生三世枕上书>. The fan added that there is often a gray area about copyright and licensure when it comes book-to-TV adaptations, and when certain things go wrong, the artistes take the brunt of the criticism.

Finally, the fan finished the essay with a plea to the company. Since Dilireba is already dedicating 15 years of her youth to the company, her employers should consider her rights as an artiste and allow her more freedom and room for development.


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  1. 15 years? Reminds me of TVB.

    Hm. Would Jaywalk Studio casts Dilreba in Eternal Love if she wasn’t managed by them? I doubt it.

  2. What is wrong with sharing the same hairdressers and make up artists? As long as they make you look fabulous, I don’t see there is a problem with that.
    If you want them to heavily promote you, the only way is to sign a long contract. It is the entertainment industry, if you cannot deal with it, don’t join it.

    1. @vyvy
      That is what I am confused about too, nobody knows the make up artists besides getting to see they can do, all we know is if people are styled up good or not… I thought fans would argue about the long span of contact instead but turns out to be about resources? 15 years is way too long, what is going to matter the most is they have to find really good projects opportunities to compensate the workers. The Kings Woman was crappy, everyone sounded like they only like how handsome Vinn Zhang was. As long as dramas are scripted nicely with good plot, nobody would complain about same crew of casts and even bad styling sometimes.
      If artists keep starring in bad dramas, while they could have star in other projects that are better for them, that is what is unfair about the long term contract. So I would argue about producing high quality things, Yang Mi just bought Tong Hua’s novel for so much money, hopefully it will be worth it. I didn’t like the first story with HXM and VS.

  3. 15yrs damn no wonder why out of all the artistes Yang mi promotes her like crazy. Everyone else gets supporting only and are not promoted as much as Dilireba which isn’t fair, but I guess not all signed a life contract. Also what’s wrong with using the same makeup artist many celebs have the same artist too so there’s really nothing wrong with that. Instead the fan should complain about her idol’s schedule since it’s packed.

  4. 15 years contract appears long. How long does it take to build a no name to an idol and reap the profits of your ‘investment’?

    If you are not attached to big agencies, they will not promote you. It is a cut throat and vicious industry in China. Producers take huge risks partcularly in China as the authorities appear to be whimsical and game rules keep changing.

    When a talent agency takes on 10 actors, not all 10 will become idols. If they strike gold, they will want to maxed their investments. Dili can negotiate for more freedom whem she becomes in demand or Jaywalk offers her a share in the company.

  5. She knew what she was getting into when she signed the contract. Now that she’s successful, the terms are now unfair?

  6. I suppose the price you have to pay to become instant celebrities / instant rich is your freedom and privacy

  7. Wrote a reply, site reset on me. Anyway 15 years is too long yes she knew she was signing but if she refused to do a work which is against her contractual term or offends her in some way and company cold storage her then yes elsewhere she can break the contract. In China I don’t know. 15 years is a long time and usually that’s tantamount to slavery even if she’s paid well. Tvb doesn’t have 15 years contract

  8. This makes me think back to Tang Ren when Yuan Hong signed for a long time, but was never truly promoted as much as the others. Same as Mao Zi Jun with Ruby’s company. I think that it is just a matter of luck on whether your agency promotes you or not.

    At least Dili is getting lead roles in popular dramas even though they story may not be that great.

    I think many people see an agency as a stepping stone just to gain some popularity, and then if circumstances permit, then they can buy themselves out of their contract like what Lin Geng Xin did.

    1. @elizabeth I think Hu Ge is given a share in Tang Ren? TR treats him very well. But I am glad Yuan Hong isn’t doing too badly now although he may not be at Hu Ge’s level of celebrity status.

      Perhaps it may also be timing. If you join a batch where there are many good looking actors, it may be harder to stand out.

  9. Not everyone is as lucky as Reba so I don’t understand why her fans are complaining. She gets cast as leads in huge productions. Some other actresses who may be more talented aren’t even given the chance to lead.

  10. No wonder I heard Leon Zhang complaining about Yang Mi and her company. I guess he is not the only one getting screwed over. It is no wonder many start their own companies once they are capable enough.

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