Dilireba and Johnny Huang’s Sparks Unable to Save “Love Designer”

Sharing sizzling chemistry in idol drama Love Designer <幸福,觸手可及!>, Johnny Huang (黃景瑜) and Dilreba (also known as Dilraba Dilmurat 迪麗熱巴) had over 30 kisses throughout the 51-episode drama. Making a striking onscreen couple, it is easy to see why they were rumored to be dating during filming. While their kisses look romantic on screen, it turns out that the two had many outtakes which made them feel awkward with so many crew members on the filming set.

In one scene, Zhou Fang (Dilireba) wanted to surprise Song Lin (Johnny Huang) during his birthday and cooked up a storm in the kitchen. Instead of making a delicious meal, she almost burned the house down due to her poor cooking skills. Despite the kitchen fiasco, the night ended sweetly with Zhou Fang feeding Song Lin birthday cake and he teasingly biting her hand in return.

Johnny is Interested in Dilireba?

Speaking about the confident nature of his character, Johnny stated, “He might be strong and overbearing, but only because he is overprotective and someone that likes to offer help.” Johnny also joked and said that if he and his character, Song Lin, were to compete with each other, he would most definitely lose. Johnny laughed, “Song Lin is charismatic, career driven, successful and overall a really well-rounded guy. And he’s also handsome – just like me.”

Working with Dilireba for the first time, Johnny was full of compliments for the actress. He expressed, “She’s a very happy and optimistic girl, and we often have a lot of fun on set. Her northeastern Mandarin is even better than mine!” In one interview, he even teased that he wanted Dilireba “to be his girlfriend.”

Viewership and Reviews Plummet

Whether Johnny’s remarks about his interest to date Dilireba were made only to generate buzz for Love Designer or not, the drama opened to high viewer interest. However, shortly after the drama aired, Johnny’s ex-girlfriend Wang Yuxin (王雨馨), whom he allegedly married and physically abused, had attempted suicide. As negative gossip persisted, along with the lackluster plot in the second half of the drama, the viewership and reviews for Love Designer dropped as well. The drama only received a 5.4 rating on Chinese reviews site, Douban.

Sources: HK01, On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

Johnny Huang is Blamed for Ex-Wife’s Attempted Suicide

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  1. dilreba is such an intriguing celebrity.
    she has one of the most fans in China, yet her shows never have good ratingst. Are they fake fans? or is it even her fans can’t stand her acting?

    1. @terrycrews19
      It takes more than just the cast or a single cast member to make a series good. The story, script and other things have to be good too. There is way more to any series rather than just the cast. Many fans just blindly go for the cast just to complain how bad a series is.

    2. @terrycrews19
      i thought the show with her as the fox lady had good ratings. didn’t watch it but i heard it was good. i just fast watched the first season and thank goodness that i didn’t waste my time watching the real thing.

    3. @terrycrews19
      You think she’s intriguing?

      I’ll let you know in the last paragraph why, and who’s more intriguing.

      If Reba hires a team to make billions of fake accounts and spread news everywhere her acting is the best and rate her stuff really high, nobody would dare saying her acting is bad. If records can prove she’s successful, and everybody online also say she’s good, nobody can argue against her.
      The reason why her ratings are not good is because she doesn’t cheat. If her dramas are good for real, they get better ratings. If they are bad dramas, the ratings should be bad ofc. Her ratings made a lot of sense to me, because they always look fair to me. I’m glad she doesn’t cheat, maybe under Yang Mi’s influence.

      You might think high rating is a good thing but it is a double edge sword. In the past, more intriguing people like Zhao Liying thought it would be a great idea to always get best ratings. Something like Boss and Me broke records. Next thing, another junk like Journey of Flower also broke records. Her salary even jumped higher than all veteran actors after Journey of Flower. People believe it. Another dumb thing like Legend of Chusen also broke record again. People still believe it again. After Chu Qiao Zhuan’s insane rating, the People’s Daily start to make fun of it. Nobody believes it anymore except her fans. Like a well respected guy from the entertainment said, why don’t you guys say 1 trillion? Every mammals on this planet must have read Chu Qiao Zhuan. For such a rating to exist, it’s really embarrassing. The numbers are scary high! They surpassed China’s population combined with all population on earth. Her acting is only like everybody’s else and most of the time her dramas sucks too, so the ratings only reflect how crazy her fans are. It seems like lots of the well known actresses her age get along well but she doesn’t quite fit in, it’s probably because of this. While the news always published that she worked hard, actually, nobody else rised to the top as quickly as she did. She only played a few ok dramas, and her star value surpassed everybody else because of ratings. Others played tens of twenties really good dramas and their star value is below because they can’t bring in enough traffic. But when it comes to box office, when the number of clicks don’t matter anymore, you see the truth who really have real fans to buy tickets and who only have computer generated fans. Speaking of who we cannot stand her acting?

      1. @yoyo
        I noticed that ZLY doesn’t get along with many celebrities and they don’t even paid her any courtesy in the public events. Recently she was on stage with Dilireba, YangMi, YangYang and some others receiving awards. I forgot what awards ceremony but I remember all 3 ladies wearing golden dresses. Majority of them saying Hi to each other but none to her….She was standing there “alone”.

    4. @terrycrews19 The sad thing about this drama is that it started off really well, but we noticed that many of their sweet scenes that we saw in BTS or trailers were cut. That’s one thing fans complained about and wanted the production team to release. The drama was initially on a 45 episode run (for tv), then they extended it to 51, instead of focusing on the main leads, the story switched over to the second lead couple. One 30-40 minute episode only had the main leads for 5-7 minutes. That’s mainly why the ratings aren’t that good for this drama, the actors were great but the editors screwed it up

  2. Reviews doesnt equal ratings. The show was the number one rated show in ratings throughout its run, it was doing so well that they extended from 45 episodes to 51.

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