Fennie Yuen Cozies Up with TVB Producer, Joe Chan

After splitting with her lesbian lover, Yeun Ka Yan (阮嘉欣), Fennie Yuen (袁潔瑩) was seen cozying up with TVB producer Joe Chan (陳維冠), leading to speculations that she may have changed her sexual preferences in dating.

Fennie accepted TVB’s invitation to film M Club <女人俱樂部> last year, marking a return to television dramas after a decade. Fennie faded from the entertainment industry after suffering from an eating disorder several years ago, which caused her weight to drop below 100 pounds.

At a recent cast celebration for M Club, Fennie was by Joe Chan’s side the entire night. The pair frequently put their arms around each other and whispered intimately. Paying no attention to co-stars Loletta Lee (李麗珍), Angie Cheong (張慧儀), and Alvina Kong (江欣燕), Fennie continued to giddily chat with Joe during the dinner.

At approximately 3 a.m., the group finally finished their outing. Since Joe reciprocated Fennie’s advances, Alvina and her friends quickly left the pair to have more space. When no one was looking, Joe boldly kissed Fennie on the cheek. Fennie was rather affectionate about the kiss, and the duo continued to remain touchy until their car came.

When asked about the photos of the duo kissing, Joe indicated that they were only friends. “We’re very close friends and not dating.” Asked why he kissed Fennie, Joe replied, “I actually don’t remember!”

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. she’s….les?! Omg my brother used to have a crush on her when he was a kid.

  2. Well, if anything and if this is true then she is bisexual.

  3. A bisexual friend of mine once told me that she doesn’t like ‘men’ or ‘women’. She likes ‘people’. Gender is a non issue and there are so many more interesting things about a person aside from his or her gender.

    1. i was going to say she looks so much older in this picture

      1. That photo above is showing her age.

        Fennie has always kept her age well … even up to recent yrs. Loletta Lee too, despite being a mother.

        Fennie always kind of looked like she did back then in her teens even as when she was in her 30s, maybe bec she was always so thin.

  4. I still remember her in that old tvb series, Face to Face with Ekin Cheng and Michael Tse.

  5. doesn’t matter what her preferences is , still like her!

  6. Lol she might still think inorder to get more screen time you need to have sex with the producer!! Well that ‘s what happaned in the 70’s and 80’s!

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