Priscilla Wong Films “Seven Princesses”

After resting for half a year, Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) is back in full swing. She is currently filming for her new drama, Seven Princesses <七公主>, and expressed her excitement for the new challenge. For the series, she will be working with producer Joe Chan (陳維冠again – four years after their first collaboration in Two Steps From Heaven <幕後玩家>, in which she played the antagonist. This time, Joe is hoping viewers can see a different side to Priscilla.

The 38-year-old star shared, “Joe has always said that he doesn’t want actors to stay comfortable [playing the same type of characters] because they should always be challenged. That’s why each actor will be playing a role that differs from their true self in this drama.”

As for Priscilla, she will be portraying a strong-minded lawyer who is very calm and collected when faced with difficult situations and always compelled to win. The actress thinks it is incredible that she gets to try an experience that differs from real life. At first, she found breaking out into arguments with others to be uncomfortable, but now, she thinks it’s exciting.

Priscilla began preparing for the drama three months prior to filming by reviewing the script and taking on her character’s personality, which is not the friendliest. Priscilla first practiced by mimicking her character’s lifestyle habits and actions.

She said, “I usually talk a lot through body language, but I have to stop doing that. I have been changing my habits to match the role; even my mom was confused by my bluntness since I have been more direct in conversations and less cute. Since I am not a very good actress, I need more time to prepare than the average actor so I can take on the role with confidence.”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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  1. Ehh… another Priscilla drama. I know this won’t air for a while but still, I need a break from her. I can already visualize how she talks and acts in serious roles. I can’t take it. Not right now at least since we just finished her other series.

  2. I enjoyed her acting -I know it’s an unpopular view xD Caveat: the dramas I’ve seen her in are where she pretty much played herself. Where she was clumsy, ditzy, and bubbly. I haven’t seen any drama where she is serious or has head-strong personality, which I can see how she would struggle portraying those roles.

    She sure knows who’s tree to bark up though. She gets a lot of opportunities regardless of talent. She’s not all that fantastic hosting gigs either… Wonder who she knows or related to?

    1. @jjwong I like her too. She looks real. Ah well the Teh bao snake can’t act when she first started but was given many opportunities too which helped her to improve so I don’t why she can’t have the same given that she seems really genuine.

    2. @jjwong she did play the antagonist in Two steps from heaven.
      She knows Sandy since she debuted, I’m sure that plays a part, but she also seems like a very amicable person.

      1. @nigel True, Charmine was horrendous in the at least the first 1/2 of career. I’m watching Forensic Heroes 2 for the first time now, everyone was g-dang awful. Charmine is un-watchable, so are Frankie and Kevin. How the heck they ever make it back then and now puzzle me. Bobby included; stoic role doesn’t suite him on hindsight lol. TBH, the one with Wayne has much better cast, acting level wise. Now thinking back, not sure why there was so much hate toward Wayne’s installment.

        @bubbles23 I didn’t watch 2 Steps. The premise didn’t entice me. How was Priscilla as the baddie? She looked pretty on the poster, lol.

      2. @jjwong I took a decade break from HK series, so only mostly only saw Charmaine from those awful performances. Then saw her in Line Walker which is such an improvement. But it is hard for me to embrace her because of those bad performances.

      3. @potatochip My mum is the same. She can’t let go of Charmine early day, especially the one with Felix Wong (literal translation is Tomorrow’s A Better Day). She played a wife of a character named Alex and the cringy, nails om chalk board, way she called his name is ingrained in my mom’s mind. She can never watch Charmine without looking pass that, lol.

      4. @jjwong I felt like in certain episodes she fell out of character but overall she did okay. Imo I thought she was the worst in LW Prelude. The way her character was set up was weird.

      5. @bubbles23 Yea, I thought she felt flat in LW2. On one hand, her acting wasn’t bubbly enough to fully be an effective comic relief. On the other, her acting couldn’t bring the seriousness to be fitting. So her character seemed out of place. It was a poor written character to begin with anyways. I did like a few scenes between her and Pakho character though. I thought their rom-development was cute, if you suspense everything else in the series lol.

      6. @jjwong @bubbles23 agree, Priscilla was horrible in Line Walker. I didnt like Moses either. The whole drama was bad. I hope the new upcoming Line Walker with Raymond Lam is good

  3. She is good in “cute girl next door” roles, probably because that is her in real life. I do like her because of her charm but it works be nice to see her in something new.

    And can someone get her a new wardrobe to match her character? Every role, she wears the same type of clothes. It’s like they don’t have a wardrobe designer for these series.

    1. @potatochip I agree! Her clothes are an afterthought in her dramas and always looked like they just grabbed whatever sweater or dress they could find ie. Swipe Tap Love. even when she played an heiress, her clothes looked way too casual.

    1. @conan2209 Ali would have been much better. I am actually a fan of Priscilla despite my comment above. I really like her personality and I think she has great people skills. But her acting is still not up to par. Many times it’s hit and miss. Mostly miss.
      Even in happy dramas. But especially in serious roles. So I’m not excited about her portrayal of a cut throat attorney in this series. Just don’t think her acting chops is there yet to handle such a character. Ali would have been great.

      1. @gnomageddon I find that even Ali was a bit weak in her earlier lawyer/tough executive roles, but her acting has improved so much that it would have been nice to see what she would have done with this role.

        But Priscilla did very well in Life after Death, she’s going to be quite a draw in this series. I like the female centric idea, but am a bit wary of how Tvb handles things.

      2. @gnomageddon i like Priscilla too, when it seems many in HK doesnt. I like Edwin too! Just that she is not a natural in acting, Ali’s acting caught my attention within minutes and none in TVB can do the same now. The last person whose acting that immediately caught my attention was Tavia and that was way before she became popular

      3. @luye I follow both Pris and Ali and yep, you’re right. Sometimes, it’s just onscreen chemistry that no one can explain! Pris can’t act very well but you just can’t help liking her ;0

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