Fennie Yuen Falls for Personal Assistant After Lesbian Heartbreak?

Above: Fennie Yuen and ex-girlfriend, Yuen Ka Yan.

Fennie Yuen (袁潔瑩) was seen cozying up to her new female assistant, who was then photographed going back to Fennie’s apartment late at night. Fennie reportedly sought comfort in her assistant after failing to reconcile her broken romance with ex-girlfriend, Yuen Ka Yan (阮嘉欣).

The 44-year-old actress suffered a rollercoaster love life with various men, most notably with music composer Alan Tsui (徐日勤), before settling down in a long-term relationship with Yuan Ka Yan in 2005. However, they parted ways last year, and Ka Yan immediately found a new girlfriend. Fennie focused all her energy on her new Chinese beauty salon. When her beauty salon flopped and closed down, Fennie eventually turned to her assistant, who provided continuous support.

Even though Fennie’s current schedule is not busy, she is often seen with her assistant. The woman dressed in a masculine manner and brings Fennie lunchboxes on filming sets. She did not mind riding in the van with Fennie despite her smoking habit.

The assistant, dubbed as a Yuen-Ka-Yan lookalike, was introduced to Fennie through a mutual friend. The pair got along very quickly, and Fennie eventually told the assistant to quit her current job and work for her instead.

Although Fennie failed to respond to the new rumours, she stated, “My love life is currently like myself – it’s taking a break, and I’ve been on break for two years already! I don’t know if it’s because I’m older now, but I’m not as invested in a relationship anymore. Every time I begin a relationship, I think it’s for a lifetime, but it always ends as a breakup. Breakups are really painful, I like the dating experience, but I’m scared of the consequences of parting ways.”

Fennie’s Business Slump

Together with a doctor of Chinese medicine, Fennie invested roughly $2 million HKD in her Chinese beauty salon. Acting as the salon’s spokesperson, Fennie confidently stated that she wished to breakeven within two years of business operations. Unfortunately, the business was not successful and closed two years later.

Since the salon business ate away a lot of Fennie’s savings, she had no choice but to return to filming. However, Fennie refuse to acknowledge that the business failure affected her life. She had invested in real estate in her early career and profited nearly $10 million HKD after she sold the property. Fennie said that she is satisfied with her current lifestyle.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. They are lesbians but why one of them has to dress like a man?

    1. Dk, it’s a lesbian thing? Like look at Ellen degeneres and her partner, one dress like a man, one dress like a lady. It’s what they are comfortable as I think. You can be a girl in a lesbian relationship, or a guy in a lesbian relationship. Anyway, it’s not strange to see this sort of thing lol

    2. Because that’s how she wants to dress, she feels comfortable that way, and she likes how she looks?

    3. I am not a lesbian but I like dressing in suit and pants and hate makeup and wears glasses. I just feel more comfortable and warmer than in a skirt when walking down a windy street.

      I think some women just don’t like dressing up.

      1. U are just like me haha, except that I wear glasses cuz I am a four eyes girl 🙂 I don’t feel like wearing dresses nor skirts, a simple shirt/sweater and a short/pant/jeans satisfied me already. I hate wearing make up, so much work!! I like to shop but not for purses and heels like other girls wanted. I’m a girl, no hom* or anything. Just ppl likes to wear things they feel comfortable in wearing.

  2. yeah exactly u are totally right @woo if they’re
    lesbians the the other person should wear like a lady
    LOL whatever>>>>>>

  3. so let me get this straight Fennie Yuen is a lesbian that with tvb and she allow to date other lesbians in public without getting criticized? Huh interesting very interesting… what about sire ma?? isnt she a lesbian too?

    1. I have also questions like you? I guess that regarding Sire Ma, she is criticized for being the third person, greedy for money, and liar to her girlfriend. Maybe it show the fact that regardless of who you love, it doesn’t affect your image in public?

      1. Well, Fennie is a not an investment of TV so she can what she wants. Plus, she is not a 3rd party and is quite low-profile.

        Whereas TVB have invested lots of $$$ in promoting Sire Ma and she goes smooching other women in the middle of Shanghai and stealing someone’s GF in such a high-profile manner. The smooching is still acceptable, but where hetero or hom*, stealing someone else’s partner is a nono.

    2. I think it’s more cuz Sire can be replaced with any young star, but Fennie is older and there aren’t many older actresses with TVB anymore.

  4. Lesbians will dress up whatever they like. Of course you can’t see if that’s a lesbian if she’s in a dress, right?

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