Eric Tsang Favors Carman Lee and Ousts Flora Chan from “Never Dance Alone” Movie?

TVB drama, Never Dance Alone <女人俱樂部>, received positive reception since airing. The drama follows a group of high school friends, who are now middle-aged women, search for happiness and reconnect as friends again. Executive Producer, Eric Tsang (曾志偉), is thrilled by the drama’s success and hopes to make a movie version. Although he wants the female cast to resume their roles, Flora Chan (陳慧珊) was reportedly so difficult to work with that she will be left out of the new movie.

Carman Lee (李若彤) shined the most in her role as a meek housewife who repressed herself to please her husband, mother-in-law, and daughter. Eric was reportedly most impressed with Carman’s natural acting, ageless beauty, and fit figure. Due to Eric’s preference, this led to Rachel Lee‘s (李麗珍) reported jealousy.

Eric treated the cast to a recent trip and spoke about upcoming plans to make a film version of Never Dance Alone, which will be released by his newly established production company. He openly praised Carman in front of everyone, while Gloria Yip (葉蘊儀) glued herself by Eric’s side hoping to increasing her onscreen time. Fennie Yuen (袁潔瑩) and Alvina Kong (江欣燕) downed too many drinks and ended up in an argument, which still left them upset the next day after.

As an award-winning actress, Rachel did not want to have less screen-time and remain in Carman’s shadows in the new movie. Angie Cheong (張慧儀) is uncertain whether she will have time to take on the new filming project, as she will be busy taking care of her adopted son, Hanson, and managing her business in Mainland China.

When Eric reached out to discuss the movie plans with Flora’s husband, Mike Chung ( 鍾家鴻), he allegedly asked for an outrageous filming price. Eric decided to drop Flora out of the project since she was also repeatedly absent from promotions for the TVB release of Never Dance Alone.

Carman Lee Hopes Original Cast Can Return

Currently enjoying a boost in popularity after returning to television screens, Carman is swamped by a host of job offers. During a radio interview, Carman said she is uncertain about the details for the Never Dance Alone movie, but would be interested in the project and hopes that the original cast can return. Asked on rumors that Flora Chan will be ousted from the movie and her relations with Rachel Lee, Carman said, “Flora is a work colleague, but I’m very friendly with Rachel! When Eric organized an celebratory trip to Taiwan, Rachel and I went too!”

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  1. I hope there is a movie. Just for the sake of seeing the cast together again.

  2. NDA… a good series but behind the screens are they really having a cat fight like it sez on the news Hmmmmmm I wonder or is it just another stunt to promote the series

    1. I think it’s another stunt to promote the series since the ratings are bad right now.

  3. Wo else love this series? I have not been so into a tvb series in a while. Its even got me listening to the 80’s hong kong music again..infact I spent the whole weekend doing so! Where can I find more fans like me on the web so I can share the love?!!

    1. Me too. I am an 80s child. The 80s are very special to me in every aspect.

  4. I like this drama…watching it everyday…pretty entertaining….good job!

  5. I love this show, haven’t enjoy a TVB drama for many years. I wish more TVB shows can be more like this, the writing, casts and directing are all excellent.

  6. Is it just me then? I am not a fan of this series at all. The music is great but for some reason, I cannot stand Lawrence Ng and some of the other M Club ladies. Fat Veggie is not cute at all. She’s got a cute face but when she purposely acts cute, I cringe. Fiona’s story is pretty well written but I barely get to see her story. Flora portrays her role well yet again, her scenes are rare. I like Carmen but don’t love her like some folks around here. Alvina was never a fave and I’m glad she’s the nutty one. Angie’s story with her mom was really touching and I hope they continue to bring her in.

    1. Regardless of how good or bad any series is it cannot be liked or hated by everyone.

  7. There’s something attractive about this series, kinda reminiscent of old TVB nostalgia so it works. Somehow the current young TVB actors can’ have the same effect nowadays. The characters, both the younger and older versions are interesting and music is good. I hope we can see more of Angie too cos she doesn’t appear much. She looks so gorgeous in the photo above. In the series she had no make-up all the time.

    1. no makeup but still look nice! i hope she have more scene too.

  8. Golden age and classic beauty of these ladies love them.

    1. She currently owns a store that sell herbs. Not sure if she has other franchises.

  9. Yes i love Carman and i hope Angie can join the movie.

  10. Angie cheong gives off a marilyn monroe vibe..pretty. onething I dislike alot about this drama is carman lee’s daughter, wong ho. So rude to her mum, I hate it when people take advantage of you just because you lack confidence and is scared of this and that

  11. I read the original article which actually said that Fennie and Alvina were the ones who stopped the argument from escalating. Not sure whether it’s a misinterpretation on my part.

    1. U are right. According to the article, Alvina and Fennie are the peacemakers. They always ease the tension at the film scenes and even at that dinner that was spoken of.

  12. i love M CLUB THIS TV FILM is…………….AWESOME
    and i just love it so sos os much and plies the actors
    >.< XD

  13. Enjoying this light hearted drama. Love the retro feel. And great to see all these actresses back on screen.

  14. Such a great drama… Thumbs up to all the ladies and to Eric Tsang of his ability to bring back the ladies to the screen. Personally admire Flora. Miss her a lot.

  15. This article seems like it is written to generate interest for the drama. This series is good, it got kinda draggy in the latest episode, and sadly, the other leading women that I like such as Flora, Fannie,and Angie are not even on the screen much, even though Flora’s story and Fannie’s story is SOOO much more interesting than Carmen’s story. I really think Flora is on spot with her role. Fannie’s role, I don’t like her character in this series, but I am a fan of hers and Angie, I loved watching her when she was the bratty sister of Cha Siu Bing on “Jun Ching/ Real Love” Hope they give Flora Angie and Fannie more screen time. Although, all three are probably much busier than Carmen and Rachel in real life since Flora and Angie have a kid and other stuff and Fannie said she didn’t want to do too many late night shoots.

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