Fennie Yuen Admires Bosco Wong’s Charming Aura

While viewership ratings for Never Dance Alone <女人俱樂部> are still hovering in the mid-twenties, viewers who are watching the drama are given a rare opportunity to see many semi-retired artistes from the 1980s perform again. Although the drama features an ensemble cast, each of the leading ladies have a chance to shine in individual captivating stories. Fennie Yuen (袁潔瑩) and Rachel Lee (李麗珍) find themselves back in the limelight again and discuss the roles they play in the drama.

Fennie portrays a government official who has an affair with her married boss, Patrick Dunn (鄧梓峰). Her suggestive scenes with Patrick raised eyebrows. While her character is divorced and has two sons, Fennie is certain that she does not want to have any children in real life as she can barely take care of herself.

At 44-years-old, Fennie jokingly revealed that it was love at first sight when she saw Bosco Wong (黃宗澤). Fennie feels that Bosco exudes a very attractive aura that instantly captivated her interest. However, Fennie disclosed, “Just because I admire him, doesn’t mean I like him. I can’t accept that big of an age gap, but I’ve had a boyfriend who was two years younger. I don’t need a little brother to serve me.”

Similar to Fennie, Rachel Lee has maintained her youthful looks despite being 48-years-old. The former sex siren maintains a fantastic physique through a combination of proper dieting and exercise. Rachel said, “If I overeat for a day or two, I’ll keep checking my weight. Then, I can discipline myself to eat less later on. Right now, I roughly weigh 104 pounds.” She tries to sleep ten hours every day and takes frequent walks. Her efforts paid off as Rachel is in fine shape and even has the flexibility  to do leg splits in a scene for Never Dance Alone.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I thought Fennie is gay? Ok so she’s bisexual. As for youthful looks, well… no comment.

    1. Funn,
      Fennie is bisexual. She has dated people from both genders, so she would still find men to be attractive.

      Older women seem to find Bosco Wong to be attractive. Aside from Fennie, Carina Lau has also praised Bosco to have a certain charm.

      1. Bosco did exude a certain charisma and charm. I already notice it when he was still in Olympic 6. So, not only older women find him attractive.

    2. Oh so Fennie’s bisexual.

      I don’t find her aging well. Certainly not a *.

      1. Not to mention skinny and just an unattractive looking lesbian.

  2. I liked Fennie she looked cute I liked her with long hair

  3. She probably saw his nude pictures! :-D…Every time I look at her I think of Swordsman with Jet Li and Brigitte Lin! The good old days of HK movies.

  4. Well I think she looks great for her age!!

    1. I don’t know what people are thinking, I think she looks great for her age as well…though I think he might want to put on some more weight.

    2. I also think she looks great. Obviously she’s not young anymore.

  5. who doesn’t admire bosco. he’s got many admirable features and is so handsome. both my mom and me think he’s hot!
    i remember carina lau said she liked bosco too. he’s so attractive!

  6. In terms of facial features, I definitely don’t think Bosco is that good looking, but I do think he is quite handsome. Maybe it IS his charm that makes him more attractive.

    1. agree, his facial features aren’t exactly perfect. it’s i guess everything about him that makes him so super attractive. btw, he’s got a super fit body.

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